Yasir Qadhi – Do You Support the Political Rights of the LGBT Community? Shaykh Bakeer Asks

Yasir Qadhi
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When it comes to LGBTQ issue, do you support LGBTQ political rights? This is just direct question because the criticism

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is Jay, that you are supporting these people, JF, but we just wanted to clarify it from you, and I will give you

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so I have given multiple lectures about this issue. And honestly, I speak I say respectfully, I don't think anybody who has listened to my prepared lectures, I have three or four prepared lectures on this can have any, you know, misunderstanding about what I'm saying, We do not believe that acting upon same * inclinations is permissible, we think it is a major sin, it is haram, we are very, very sad and to be honest, and even morally disgusted at the level of promiscuity that we see in our societies and our culture, we feel that it is not healthy for us, our children, and even for broader society. Even if the people are not Muslim, we say to them, that this is harmful to you and

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to your children. And it is sad that legislation is being passed that has normalized this and other types of fascia. Now, what the misunderstanding is occurring? I'm very clear morally, we are against this. And politically, we don't want it now, the questions that, again, have been, you know, read into because I don't think what I have said is

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misunderstood if you listen to it within the context, and I repeat it again, suppose a politician has certain good in them and certain evil, and you think you think the good outweighs the evil, by you allying with this politician? Do you automatically affirm the negative and evil? This is a separate question of whether it is evil or not. Now, you can say that I don't want to ally with this politician good for you. But can you say that a Muslim organization or group that supports a politician for the good becomes evil for their evil, this is what you're calling guilt by association. This is making political loyalties into theological issues. And this is where I said,

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as a person of knowledge, who understands aptly that in theology, don't open the door to make tech field or to make to be based upon politics. You know, there are tyrants in the Muslim world, right. Some are Allama. May Allah, you know, forgiven guide them. I don't agree with this. Personally, they have decided the lesser of two evils is to work under the tyrant and to at least preach and teach. By the way almost every Muslim government and alone was downright somewhat rude, I make this decision. Now, those are never who make this decision. All we're going to say and they're not saying it as * to kill and what they're just saying, for the lesser of two evils. We're just going to

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accept this, or we're going to say that they are supporting the tyrant. By the way, we're not talking about the one who gives a fatwa that is halal to kill. We're not saying the one who gives a fuck about that LGBT is halal. Clearly, that is haram and it is Cofer. But the one who says I'm going to have political alliances for other causes, not for LGBT, not for so again, is there any politician that is saying that we're going to shut down? The pubs and alcohol? No every politician? Is there any politician that is saying that we're going to ban Zina and make Zina something that is illegal. No, it is the default. So when you ally with the politician for cause X, and that cause X

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is good, ie foreign policy, stopping the invasion of Iraq, boycotting AIPAC or whatever else you're doing, and you think cause X is good and positive, and Islam says it is good and positive. But this politician also has caused why and cause why is evil, whether it is LGBT, whether it is any other evil that they might have, and you weigh X and Y, right. And in your opinion, why is more than x, that's your opinion, my position is you cannot make this person a cafe or multimedia. Because of this assessment will lie. My speech is very clear brothers and sisters, political alliances can be mistaken, don't read in theological affiliations, we do not support the political rights of drinking

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alcohol, but it is there. What are you going to do about it? We do not support the political rights of we don't think it's good, but what are you going to do about it in the world that we live in? If somebody says it's the lesser of two evils to ally with this politician for a reason for a cause? That is not haram, then it's their opinion. As for me, by the way, and again, to be clear, I have never supported a political candidate. I have never endorsed a candidate. I have never told the Muslims to vote for a candidate. And anybody who says otherwise Yanni, they have to, you know, find the evidence for this. It is simply not the case. All I'm saying don't conflate political alliances

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with theological opinions and that's very, very clear at Allah azza wa jal knows best

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