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The devil worshippers used to be real secretive, going down in the basement. This

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is what we're gonna do. I'm at your house we had a lot to talk about. Tyrese yeah oh god right because you know we should as believers we should go the rest of our life trying to figure out God that should be an everlasting hunt. I just feel like we're in competition right now because they are trying to normalize the devil they are trying to populate. The devil is on the main stage at award show

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in every video with the signs and symbols just Perley and that's where I began my journey but I always had a very healthy respect for Islam because I understand that to a degree we know there are many benefits to the use of black seed. That's why use the black seed by tesni. Use promo code the deen show 15% off Indonesia and all of this we're going to get into it with my next guest

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and his final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo.

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behalf of the faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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with Matt, how are you?

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On the line but I got to tell everybody out there all the believers Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Now, what do you say for many people tuning in, like, we want to hear what these Muslims have to say, but now we got to take an Arabic class, this is the greeting of peace, we say As salam, the peace or a come upon you, Warahmatullah and the mercy of God, some would consider you a Bible scholar, because you spent a lot of time and you got actually your Bible right there I do. What was the greeting of Jesus? How would he say it in Aramaic, or in the Hebrew, I mean, you will translate it, you will find the same greeting, even amongst Jews. Today you will find Shalom, and you will

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find Jesus peace and blessings be upon him. We love him as the prophet of God, we respect him, and he had the same greetings, and you will find him also praying as those that are interested. As you see Muslims praying, he will see Abraham and Moses all using the similar greetings of Peace upon the believers and praying in the same way that the Muslims pray today. unpackage that for us now for repeat for some people hearing that for the first time you said we love Jesus. Yes. What does that mean? We love Jesus I mean for us How can Muslim people are thinking Come on now? What do you guys just trying to like you know, when favours with us, Christians

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are Muslim. Now, say we love Jesus. That's wonderful to explain, because for us as Muslims, we're on trying to win favors from anybody we have God, that's enough for us. But the fact of the matter is that in our religion of Islam, we love all the prophets, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon all of them. You will never see a Muslim, burning pictures of Jesus. Even though we don't agree with making pictures of Prophets, you will not see a Muslim burning even the Bible, you will not see a Muslim making disrespectful cartoons of Jesus peace and blessings be upon him. In fact, when non Muslims when when atheists disrespect Jesus by making caricatures,

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Muslims are the ones that get upset more than Christians. Because we love Jesus, we love Moses, we love Abraham, we love Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon all of them. Just like when we say the name of our Prophet Muhammad, we say the name of our Prophet Jesus and say peace and blessings be upon him. Allah, The God, the Creator who inspired the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him is the same Allah that Jesus peace and blessings be upon him was sent by with his command. And this you can find in the Bible, if you look in the Bible, if you're a Christian, you can follow with me, and you can open up to

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1249 in the Bible, John 1249. It says For I, according to the Christian Bible is the King James Version New King James Version

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1249 In the Bible, John 1249 It says For I, according to the Christian bye

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Bible is the King James Version New King James Version.

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Four, I have not spoken on my own authority. According to the Bible, Jesus is saying that I don't speak on my own authority. But the Father who sent me, gave me a command, John 2017. This is John 1249 49, John 1240. And we'll continue in 250. So John, if you're watching, and you're a Christian, open up your Bible, take a look, John 1249 54, I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent Me, He the Father, He gave me a command, what I should say, and wish I should speak. And I know that his command, that of the Father is everlasting life, therefore, whoever I would ever I speak, just as the Father has told me, so I speak. Now, interestingly, when we look at the word

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Father, it's repeated in the Bible, many times the same word, and I can show you some of the Greek later, is used for other than God, meaning it's a term of respect. Just like the word son, people talk about the the verse in John also mentioning Jesus being the begotten Son, is used for other than Jesus. So these terms are not to show literal relationships, rather, their Terms of Endearment, right, we do not believe as Muslims, that God has a son, or a father or uncle or brother or a roommate, or any of those kinds of relationships, who was never married. You know, we believe God's above all that. And that's something you find in the Bible, if you look in Exodus, and this isn't

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the Old Testament 422, this is an Old Testament, in your Bible, you can look it up. If you're Christian,

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then you shall say to Pharaoh thus says the Lord Israel is my son, my firstborn. So now if this is to be taken, literally, that sun here means the physical sun, then Israel would be the firstborn of God, and he would be the older brother of Jesus. In fact, in the same old testament, this is now in Second Samuel 713 14. Second Samuel, chapter 713 14, he shall build a house for my name, this is talking about Solomon is a reference to David about his son, Solomon, he said, he shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever, I will be his father, and he shall be my son. Now, obviously, Solomon is not physically the Son of God, he's the son of David.

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And here, it's made very clear, that son is a term of endearment. This is not a physical relationship. Now, many Christians may come back and say, Well, Jesus called the begotten son, and that's different. Well, if you're a Christian, open up the Psalms of David, the book of Psalms, two, seven, chapter two, verse seven. Again, we're not in the New Testament, here in the book of Psalms. Here, it says, to David,

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again, pre Jesus here, peace and blessings be upon all the prophets, I will declare the decree, the Lord has said to me, You are my son, today I have begotten you. Right? This is here. And you can find tons of others, like, like, one of the dogs in the past said, There's sons by the tons. In Jeremiah 31. Nine, it says, For I am a father to Israel, and for him is my firstborn. So, we would say that none of these are physical relationships, rather than our Terms of Endearment. Now, many Christians may be surprised when we say that God above is the greatest, and the rest, whether it's the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, or the Prophet Jesus, peace and blessings be

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upon him, or the Prophet Abraham, peace and blessings be upon him, or the Prophet Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, our true righteous servants of God. They're the ones that are sent by God, but the greatest is only the one God above. When we say this, Christians can go to their own Bible. In John, you will find chapter five, verse 18. Therefore G the Jews sought all more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but he also said the God was his Father, making Himself equal with God. This is where the people

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made this accusation. But in the same chapter now, if you go further down, it will say that Jesus said to them, I can have myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge, My judgment is righteous because I do not seek My own. He's clarifying to them. I'm not clear, I'm not putting myself at the place of God. Jesus is saying, My righteous My judgment is that of God, because I do not seek My own, but my own will, but the will of the Father who sent Me.

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Again, Jesus is saying that I'm not when you're making these accusations against me. And this is interesting, because many Christians claim the same today that Jesus said He was God, when He never did in the entire Bible, you'll never find anywhere that Jesus clearly says, I'm God. And sometimes people take the verse about I am and we'll discuss that. But here he makes it very clear. He says, I do not seek my my own will, but the will of the Father who sent Me if and this is verse 31. Now, if I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

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This isn't the Bible. So we say, Jesus was sent by God by the Creator, as a prophet, as somebody, who would be the way to get to God to get to know God. And if we were if we were alive, meaning you ready, in the time of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him, we would be from his followers, we love Him, we would follow him. If me and you were alive in the time of Abraham, we would follow Abraham, peace and blessings be upon him, we love him. If me and you were alive in the time of Moses, we would follow him, as he's the prophet of that time. We love him, peace and blessings be upon him. But we are in the last prophets time, in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and

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blessings be upon him. And that's why we are the followers of the Prophet Muhammad. But we love all of the prophets, and we say peace and blessings be upon all the prophets. Absolutely. I want to ask you about this before we get into Tyrese here. You have three possibilities. If there's a fourth, let me know when you use the word son.

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In the English language, you can have adopted son, a physical son, or it's something that it left to be a metaphor, a term of endearment, right? So it's metaphorical, right? What in this case, would we say? Is this term referring to adopted physical or a metaphor? This is we would say for sure, it's a metaphor, a term of endearment. Yeah. Because like I mentioned, that makes sense. Yeah. I mean, look, for example, if somebody says Jesus didn't have a father, right, born miraculously, we would say, neither did Adam. Neither did Eve. In fact, in the Bible, if you look at the genealogy of Jesus, right in the beginning, and you have it in Matthew, and you have it in Luke, right, if you go

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through the one in Matthew, it begins with Abraham, if you go through the one in Luke, and again, I don't claim to be a Bible scholar, I'm just somebody who actually reads the Bible. So if you go to the genealogy in Luke, it will say, Now Jesus himself began his ministry about 30 years of age, being as opposed to the son of Joseph. It goes on to take each genealogy. In Luke 338, it ends with the genealogy going back to the son of Enosh, the son of sets, the son of Adam, who is the Son of God. So here, just like, Seth is called the son of Adam. And Enosh is called the son of Seth. Adam is called the Son of God. Well, that doesn't mean Adam is physically the Son of God, even though

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Adam had no father and had no mother. But this is a term of endearment, right? So we would say that, just like when you walk up to somebody and say, Son, let me speak to you. Come here, son. If somebody is close, you're showing endearment. You would say, Son, just like somebody goes to a preacher or a pastor or a priest in the Catholic Church and says, Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. What doesn't mean literally, that's their father. It's a term of respect.

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Some people can take this the wrong way. Some people can really take to it in a loving way and be very thankful that you're pointing these things out. It's kind of like the person is a fair assessment. Who does the DNA test if because you could be invested in a person. Let's say you have a person and he grew up. You grew up believing he's your father, and then someone comes and brings a DNA test. He's actually not your father. He is not the father. So now, it's like, do you shoot the guy who just brought this information to you?

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You or I know you're heavily invested in it? Or do you go ahead and open your mind and say, Hold on, this is just the first part of the quest of the journey for truth. Let me dig a little bit deeper. Let me ask the Creator, God Almighty to guide me throughout this confusion. And many have done this, and they have grown. But some people, they get stuck on certain traditions following their ancestors and parent people blindly. And they just want to be stubbornly holding on to things and we're just bringing this to light, respectfully we got into it. And I want to I want to get into, I do want to mention one thing before we go forward. If you're a Christian, and you're watching, understand, we

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mean this with the utmost of respect. We mean this, having studied the Bible, as you can see, my Bible is filled. It's not something we do out of ignorance of the text. If you're a Christian, go to Matthew, take your Bible out. 2639, Matthew 2639. And it says, He went a little further, and fell on his face and prayed, Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. According to the Christian Bible, he prayed, saying, Oh, my father, is it possible to let this cup pass from me? Nevertheless, not as I will. But as you will? Just think about that?

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If Jesus was God, right, which is what the Church tells us, fully God, while on earth, according to the Christian doctrine, today, the standard defining Baptists and Protestant churches and so on, including Catholics, Jesus on earth, was fully God, fully human, fully God, which makes no sense to me anyway, but but just think about this. Why would God be praying to God? He didn't pray to himself. And why would he tell God that? Take this cup away from me? I mean, if you're Christian, just think about this. Who was he praying to? Meaning? Take this cup away from this hardship? Whatever? Um, so now, how would that know? If the plan was for Jesus to come to the earth and be

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killed for the sins of mankind? Then why would he ask God to take it away from him? Take this test away this trial, but but that would be the plan there. Why would he tell God why have you forsaken me? Who was he praying to? Do you ever see in the Bible, the father praying to the Son, or to the Holy Ghost? You do see Jesus, many times. Now, if you say that's because he was on earth, then you would have to then admit that at that time, he was no longer God. Now, now, that was so uh, Matthew 2639, right? Yes. But can you use the same, same thing? And when he's on the cross, and he's saying Illa, Illa. Sebastian, oh, my God, my God, why have You forsaken? Exactly. If you're getting into,

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okay, this is a plan that he's coming to die for your sins, but you just gave one example you can connect it with this doesn't seem like they're on the same page. And what a plan. Now, I'm gonna mention one more, even though I wasn't going to but just for fun. And this is Mark 1332. If you're a Christian, pull out your Bible read it. But on that day, an hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the sun, but only the Father. Now that's a very important point to take here. It doesn't mention the sun on Earth. It doesn't mention before after resurrection. Generally, it says of the Hour of the return of Jesus. That's what it's taught referring to. Nobody knows not the

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angels. And it specifies nor the Son, but only the Father.

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If you're a Christian, and your church is telling you that Jesus is God, He is the same God, the Father, the same God above. Think about that. How can God know and not know at the same time?

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Either God, as we see in the Bible knows everything. That's a quality of being God, that He knows everything. Or he doesn't know. And he did clarified the Son does not know, only the Father. And if the church tells you that, oh, he hid that knowledge away from himself when he humbled himself, okay. But then he wasn't God. At that time, he did not know. And if the father knows He's superior, he is greater than Jesus. They cannot be the same. We as Muslims, love Jesus, we respect Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. You will never see a Muslim disrespectful towards the Prophet Jesus, but we don't worship Him. We worship that same God that Jesus worshipped, and if US

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worshiping the God of Jesus,

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The god of Muhammad, the God of Abraham, peace and blessings be upon all the prophets makes us wrong, then Jesus would be wrong, if that's what people say, because we're worshipping the same God that Jesus worshipped. We're praying to the same God that Jesus prayed to. So if you're a Christian, why not pray to that one great creator, that God above that Jesus prayed to, that Abraham prayed to that Moses prayed to that Muhammad prayed to peace and blessings be upon all of them?

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Yeah, this is a very common sense. A lot of the points you're bringing up and you're bringing the evidence. And can you say that before we go into the Tyrese here, because he talks about Jesus also. And we wanted to touch upon that is the point that when you translate things, you heard the term lost in translation. True. I remember when I had a guest on he was a deacon, former Deacon and Dr. Gerald Dirksen, have you heard of him, he finished from the Divinity School of Harvard. I think I saw him on your show. Yeah, he was here with us. Mel Grantham, Jana has passed away since and when he went into the language. And looking at Son, Son of God, when you get into the Aramaic and

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whatnot, he said, and this was a Bible scholar, he's an academic, he said, that you can actually translate this and they translate it to son but slave or servant of God. Hmm, very interesting. Yeah. So right, lost a lot of these things now developed, and now we're translating things from a language. Now you mentioned were most that most of these were in the New Testament. As we spoke before, this is now in Greek, in a language that Jesus didn't speak. He did not he spoke Aramaic and the followers of Jesus peace and blessings be upon Aramaic. How much does it play into Greek being with all the pagan culture and they're taking, they have already sons of Gods also, one thing I find

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interesting is people, most pastors and preachers should Christian, and you go to a minister asked him if he speaks can a Greek and if he's fluent, and reading and understanding, most of them are not Muslim scholars and students of knowledge and people who study almost all of us, the first thing we do is we learn Arabic, myself, I'm not Arab. But I learned Arabic and our own sort of in Bulaga, I studied Arabic language, because I wanted to study the Quran in its original language. Now, interestingly, I have a interlinear Bible, Greek and English as a very interesting one I got it's four volumes. The first three volumes are Hebrew, English for the Old Testament. And the fourth

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volume here is Greek and English, in the, in the for the New Testament, because the New Testament and connect Greek. Now there is a verse we find very commonly used to say that Jesus is God. And there's something many Christian preachers, they will, they will come out and say, You know what Jesus said, I am, and this is something

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kind of a play on the language, as you were saying, being lost in translation that they use, where they will say that, in, in the Old Testament, God says that He is Yahweh, meaning he is or I am, right, but that's a Hebrew word. And they try to bring out

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Eagle AMI, Greek word, the Greek word now and make them to make it say that eagle AMI means I am. So Jesus is the same God of the Old Testament. And what the verse that they use here is in John

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859, right 859 Where, then was the took up stones right before that 858 is where it begins. Jesus says, Truly I say to you, before Abraham, was, I am ego me.

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Here, the Greek and this I have with the Greek and English lining up, is used to say that this is a special name of God eagerly, me. I am. And because Jesus said I am that means he's claiming to be God. Of course. Now, the word God, as used for the father repeatedly could have been used, but it's not. They make up this idea that this is a clear statement. But if you just read the same chapter, same John, you just go about 10 verses further. You go to chapter nine. And you go to verse nine, it talks about the blind man chapter nine begins talking about a man who was blind. And

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through the the the out of this application of the Prophet Jesus Allah granted him sight.

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Well, interestingly, the same discussion goes on when the people ask about

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who he is, who was the blind man because he can see now. And that man says, He gave me the exact same Greek word. I mean, if you just go a few verses further, you will find the exact now, if that's a special name of God, as Christian preachers claim that I am, eager me in Greek, is a special name that God had for himself, than the blind man must have been God, according to that logic, because he sees exactly and he stops there. This is a full stop, you got me. That's it.

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The mistake made here and again, I can show you many others who have used the exact same name. For example, if you go to Luke, and this is a New Testament, if you go to Luke 119, you will find Gabriel, the angel Gabriel, he will say equally me, and this is in Luke 119. You will say that Gabriel says that I am exactly the exact same recording Angel Gabriel is saying, I am I am exactly. And you will even find in Matthew, same thing being used by Judas. When he's saying that not I am Judas, Judas the betrayer of Jesus, yes, when he's when he's trying to be cunning, that he's not the one he uses ego in me. I actually looked up many Greek dictionaries. And I went back and I spoke to

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people who are scholars in the Greek language. And what it is, is eagerly me is a statement that I am the one you're referring to, I'm the one you're referring to that the subject matter is me. So when they talked about who's the Messiah, Jesus is saying, it is me. I am the one that was sent to you. That before Abraham even was, I was assigned as the prophets have been given their jobs. Prophets have been chosen by Allah. Right? Not that he existed at that time, even the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, salam, he said he was given the prophet hood, when Adam, even Adam was not created yet. Right? So it, what it's saying is that I'm the one you're talking about. So it's

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like God Almighty, Allah, in his ultimate knowledge, infinite knowledge, he's prescribing thing before even the creation, everything was laid out, and no doubt to that. Now, if this was a special name, as Christians claim, then when it's used by the blind man, about himself, does that mean that the blind man is God? When Gabriel uses it for himself? Does that mean that he's God? When Judas is saying, not me? Is he talking about not being God? No, it is saying, I am the one that you are talking about. I am, I am the subject matter that you are discussing. And that's why it's the exact same word in Greek is used repeatedly. But the problem is pastors and preachers and ministers,

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to try to support their own dogma. They hide the actual verbiage from the people. They say, God had this word Yahweh, which is Hebrew, and then they try to translate a Greek name into this is a special name. And Jesus saying that I am means that he's saying he's God. No, he's not. He could clearly say, I'm god, that's not difficult, right? He's never, never, never, ever. In fact, he continuously says, The Father is greater than I, right. I show you something very interesting in the Greek.

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And this was why, again, I don't claim to be a scholar of anything. I'm just a student of knowledge. But I do like to read. So I went and I looked at a verse that comes in first Corinthians, chapter eight. And this is verse six, where they talk about what they said, they said, but for us, is only one God, the Father, the above the one above, to whom all things and we have for him, one Lord Jesus, they clearly separated. Theo's being used and Krios as Lord. So they separated a different word, saying, There's only one God above, and one representative or a lord or somebody that was sent, that is Jesus. And there's something you can if they're the same, if Jesus God and the Holy

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Spirit of God and the idea of the Trinity are the same. Why are they clarifying two different words, right. Now look,

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even if we just go to the very basic, simple English, you will find that repeatedly Jesus says, There is only one God, this is eternal life that they may get to know you. The only true God right?

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This is something that we find that John 17 317 Three Exactly.

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That is such a powerful verse right there. Yeah, it's a very common sense verse.

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It's a verse that you don't have to kind of do. Thinking about, it's straightforward. If you're a Christian, open up your Bible, and go, John 17, three, and this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. I call this the shahada, the shahada verse, right, it sounds like this is exactly what we say. We say that there is one true God, the one above, the one that's created everything, the one that's always lived, the one that never dies, the one that knows everything, the one that was worshipped by Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus, and Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them, and that God sent Jesus that God sent Muhammad, peace

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and blessings be upon both of them. Now, some of the Christians will come back, and they will say, Well, Jesus said, Me and the Father are one, right? Now, if that is taken to mean that they are physically one, then the same chapter, John 17, keep reading two verses 2021. John 1720 21, according to the Christian Bible, and if you're a Christian, take out your Bible read this. According to Christians, Jesus says, I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they all may be one, as you, the Father are in Me, and I in you, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. You see here,

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when Jesus says, me and the Father are One, this is referring to the same mission being on the same page that God sent Jesus, not with his own ideas, but they're one just like, for example, Edie, we might say, we're one nation, under God, right? In America, we say this, we don't mean that we're all physically the same person, one family, or one family, or one purpose, or one nation, one tribe, One People, One love, all these things that we use, just like Jesus saying that just the same as me and the Father are One, the disciples are one, and those that believe in the word are going to be one in Us. That doesn't mean they're physically the same.

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These are things that we hope that our Christian neighbors and our Christian co workers and others that are out there will think about and many people are today you see brothers like and rotate and sneak or and others that come from that Christian background. When they realize these things, they've accepted Islam, and there are many more inshallah our brother, young Don, who's studying right now we're having conversations Inshallah, you will see, I hope from Allah that Allah guides him to Islam, that today, young Dawn even has rejected the idea that Jesus is God. He's not the one God above. He's making that progress. And we hope that others that are watching this, will think

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about that. The one God that has always lived, can't be killed. He can't not know. He can't be tricked, he can't be fooled. That is the creator of everybody. That is the God that knows everything. Saying God was fully God. And fully human, is like saying, there's a square circle just doesn't make sense. People are like, can God do everything? It's not that we're restricting God. But think about that, if you're a square, you have four corners. That's the definition of a square. And if it's a circle, you have no corners. That's the definition of a circle. If you put corners, it's no longer going to be a square circle. And if you put it to be with no corners, it cannot be a

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square, it's going to be a circle. God knows everything. And if he doesn't, he can't be God. Because that's not what God is. God is ever living. If he's killed, he's not God, because that's not who God is. And if somebody doesn't know, they cannot be God. If somebody is killed and tortured and beaten, they cannot be God, because God is above that.

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Yeah, and if the mind is open, if someone's really trying to get to ascertain the truth, I mean, this is brought to you with love, because we love for humanity we would love for ourselves. So we're trying to go ahead and share. Let's get into Tyrese. He was someone who brought a lot of tension when he was visiting the Dubai and it seemed like he was really close to accepting Islam in Allah

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data. I mean, so something came up recently and we wanted to go ahead and maybe reassure that invitation to him and also kind of break down and get a reaction to some of his statements from this video here. Yeah. Oh God, right. Because, you know, we should As believers, we should go the rest of my life trying to figure out God, that should be an everlasting hunt. I just feel like we're in competition right now. Because they are trying to normalize the devil they are trying to populate. The devil is on the main stage at award shows.

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In every video, and yeah, man signs and symbols. And I said, You know what, we need to stop treating our relationship with Jesus, like the little buddy that you talk to you before you go to bed at night, and not be more vocal about all the things that God means to us and all of the things that God has brought us through Yeah, they going above and beyond promote the devil, and it's * me off. Because they use the devil worshippers used to be real secretive, going down in the basement, this

00:36:06 --> 00:36:50

NAT agent on the device to you What do you think I like how we started to start at all being in an everlasting hunt. Yeah. If somebody wants to know what the purpose of life is why they've been created, they gotta seek to like there's Hadith. I'll paraphrase that. God Almighty, Allah is saying that all my slaves servant, they're misguided unless I guide them. So ask me of my guidance starting there. That's beautiful. Yes. Now, I think that's a great point to make here. That those that worship the devil, whether they do it openly or secretly, or whether they do it explicitly or otherwise, have been coming out of the closet, you could say you saw more ways than one becoming

00:36:50 --> 00:37:02

more evident. You've seen it all over, and we're seeing it everywhere. And you know, in fact, what I'm, I'm not surprised with Hollywood. I'm not surprised. I think Hollywood and a lot of other such

00:37:03 --> 00:37:58

institutions were meant to misguide people are meant to, to dilute the masses. What I am most shocked about are the churches. You know, now today when I was driving over here, was, you know, I saw a Methodist Church, and it was a huge Methodist Church and had a huge rainbow flag on it. And you know, it was it was there supporting that LGBTQ XYZ infinity sign, whatever, lifestyle. And that's something shocking to me, because that is something we could not have imagined. But those that want to promote such a lifestyle, have now tried to normalize it to the point that even churches, even the Pope has become soft on these issues, and is accepting and because of the church

00:37:58 --> 00:38:48

not having a backbone, not having enough guts, enough courage to stand up what's in their Bible. Now you're seeing devil worshippers, as mentioned by Tyrese, they're out in open you see them, flaunting their disrespect for God, disrespect for religion, disrespect for anything holy. And they're telling you very clearly, we're coming for your kids. No, no, there's a clip you can play. I'm sure that yeah, you can see where he talks about. We're here we're queer, are coming for your kids. They're saying this in pride rallies openly. It's not something hidden. And there is a kid you can see that one from Kentucky 11 year old kid being given a book in his school that is promoting and explicitly

00:38:48 --> 00:39:36

pushing such immoral, homosexual behaviors, that even if that was a heterosexual behavior being described, that would not be acceptable for an 11 year old to be given from school. But this is an agenda that has now come in full focus. And we as Muslims, Alhamdulillah are the ones standing up against it. You see churches falling, I want to read to you something from the Bible about this. And if you're a Christian, and you support the LGBT flag, or your church has it on there, or you tried to say that this is their business, I want you to go and open your Bible. Now again, I'm going to read from the Old and the New Testament. And before anybody says, Oh, the Old Testament, this is the

00:39:36 --> 00:40:00

Old Testament, if you're a Christian, and you believe in the God of Jesus, then he's the same God if you believe Jesus is God, then these are the laws Jesus ordained. If you believe in the God of Jesus, this is the laws of the god of Jesus. This is in Leviticus 2013. Leviticus chapter 13, Chapter 20, verse 13, if a man

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

and lies with the male, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them is the Bible. This is the Bible. It's not the Quran. This is the Bible. Old Testament, Leviticus 2013. No.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:52

I do want to clarify something, that I am not saying that this is something that people need to take into their own hands or anything like that. I'm just reading scripture from the Bible that Christians do give out and claim is the words of God. Now, somebody might say, oh, you know, that's the Old Testament. Well, even if we go to the New Testament, if you go to Romans, you will find the same penalty being used in the New Testament.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:36

And before I bring it up, I do want to make a point, that if you're Christian, live by your text, you know, either you can say that this is the words of God, this is what we live by. And this will, we're going to stand by fine. Or you can say, you know, I'm not Christian, I don't believe in the Bible, fine. But you can't claim to be preaching the Bible. You can claim to be living by the Bible, and at the same time, violating the rules that are in your book, we as Muslims, we live by the Quran, we're proud of the Quran, we love the Quran. We don't, we don't compromise in the Quran. We're not apologizing about anything, we're not compromising on anything, we're not watering down

00:41:36 --> 00:42:28

anything. That's how we are. Now, this is the New Testament in case somebody tries to say, oh, that's Old Testament. This is in Romans, chapter one. If you look at verses 27, through 32, and 27, it says likewise, also the men, leaving the natural desire and use or the natural use of the woman, burnt with their lust for one another, men with men committing that which is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error, which is due now what is that penalty, you will see in the same chapter going down in verse 32, who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same, but also those that approve of

00:42:28 --> 00:42:36

that practice. This isn't a Bible. This is the New Testament, Romans 27 to 32.

00:42:37 --> 00:43:14

The Bible says, Now again, if you're a Christian, and you believe this is the word of God, then why do you not live by? So you're asking the question is, why don't you adhere to the book? That's it. The Bible says that those who commit such actions and also those who approve of it is an abomination, deserve death. This is in the Bible. This is in the Bible. Once again, for political purposes, I'm making it clear. I'm not giving my own views. I'm not telling anybody to take into their own the law into their hands. I'm just saying this is for educational. This is educational purposes in the Bible. That's what it says. So

00:43:15 --> 00:44:07

what Tyrese is mentioning. And what I find disturbing, is the followers of the devil are now coming out of the closet. They're coming in the open, they're pushing their agenda, and people are not standing up to it. Except for Muslims. Alhamdulillah, the Muslims, we're open, we're clear about our stances about condemning the practices that are devilish, the practices that are unnatural, those that person support or promote and, and push this LGB TV on kids. This is something that we condemn. Churches are putting up rainbow flags. Churches are out there in the pride parades. You see pastors and preachers marching with those that are wearing leather outfits, and they're taking little kids.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:50

I mean, you can see these videos online. If heterosexuals were doing such disgusting things. I wouldn't put kids in that parade. But having people who were practicing the practice of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah that were cursed by God in the Bible, those that the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly condemn would death. And pastors and preachers are out there dancing. Pope's are out there trying to soften their stances. Why? Because these churches have sold out. They have been bought with money by the by the people who have their devilish agenda. And that's why people like Tyrese are upset. They're seeing that the people of God are not taking a stand. But we as Muslims

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

are and our brother and rotate. As you know, one of the reasons he came to Islam is he said this is the only religion left today. This is the old

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

The people that take the religion seriously, they're the only people that stand for anything, will hamdulillah and we ask Allah to protect us and keep us firm and not let us sell out like those that want us to sell out. Do you think something like

00:45:14 --> 00:45:56

a way of life that is accepted by God is in the Quran? It's in the Bible? Do you think they would promote it and as ton of evidence for it via, like they do these? What's against the Bible against the Quran polygyny. For instance? What do you think if they were educating humanity, on how a man can have multiple families take care of them for sexual or anything, but just show how it actually worked? How can benefit society? Well, that's the funny thing. If you if you look at polygamy, you will find it throughout the Old Testament, you You will find reference to those same prophets like David, in the Old Testament, you see him having many, many wives, see, Solomon, for example, and

00:45:56 --> 00:46:43

you'll see others. And you will find the same people praised in the New Testament, for example, David, he's called the prophet in the New Testament. So that lifestyle was the natural lifestyle of the people of God. It was not condemned until you see Romans and their influence coming in. So that they're being something that would help humanity to be honest, right? Meaning, if you look at it, just from a perspective of nature, take it back, right, we're not even talking about religious text, if there is a man, and he marries a woman, and they have children, the human species, furthers it goes on. Now, whether he has one wife, or he has two or three human species goes further, it moves

00:46:43 --> 00:47:31

on. Now, if a man marries a man, or a woman marries a woman, what happens here, they don't have children, the human species doesn't procreate, it doesn't go forward. Now, if that becomes a trend, if that becomes common, the human species ceases to exist. And this is a very dangerous thing. I mean, people don't realize this, but many European countries are having loss of population. And even though they speak bad about immigrants, they're only surviving because of immigrants, because one, the heterosexuals of that society are not having children there to worry about partying and living it up. And the homosexuals obviously cannot have children. So society is starting to fall apart, you

00:47:31 --> 00:48:19

know, you need as some studies have said, 2.3, or, you know, two and a half or whatever, but more than two children, per man and wife, for a society to to survive, just to survive, we need more than two because some children will die, you know, and so on. Now, if you start to say, men are marrying men and women are marrying women, here, those cannot now reproduce. They can adopt, but then they're adopting from a heterosexual right? So you look at the fact that humanity is in danger. If these lifestyles become prevalent, it's something people don't want to talk about, when polygamy, for example, would help humanity grow, right? So people don't use the same standard. People don't want

00:48:19 --> 00:48:33

to talk about the Bible. They don't want to talk about religious sects. They don't want to even talk about the betterment of society and the survival of the human race. They just want to ask you, what are your pronouns? And, you know, this is something insane.

00:48:34 --> 00:48:47

If you're heterosexual or homosexual, you need to think, heterosexual because you're even here. If it wasn't for us, who have the natural way of life, humanity wouldn't be here.

00:48:49 --> 00:48:55

We don't even get to the point where we're dividing people based on their sexual preferences in Islam, you notice that?

00:48:58 --> 00:49:13

You get what I'm saying? That that now, I mean, these are your obviously there's what's hot on what's Hello, what's gorce now Islamically? Are they are there these categorizations about the way they've divided people into

00:49:15 --> 00:49:59

Islam? We don't have any of this insanity about trans and what gender Do you think you are that no, we know that Allah, The God, the Creator of the universe, created us as men, women. That's right. And there is a natural method if you're alive right now, if you're alive right now, it's because a man and a woman came together, right? Yeah. You You could not be served alive right now. If it wasn't for that, that will be go by this is the natural way. Now. Some people may have feelings or inclinations or desires that are not the same meaning somebody might be a truck

00:50:00 --> 00:50:49

Did to a wall or a monkey or their sister? You know, and if you say love is love, then why is * strong? Right? We say no, there is a moral code, there is a natural way that was ordained by the Creator, above. And that's what humanity is left by whether you go to the Old Testament or the New Testament, or you go to Hinduism or this or that, you will find that men, women, get married, have children. That's how society works. And these are not our opinion, this is from divine revelation. Once again, we are simply this is a freedom of religion that the Constitution was for people, I mean, the first off, we are simply reading from the text, not just Muslim texts, but from Christian

00:50:49 --> 00:51:41

Jewish Old Testament, New Testament texts, what those texts say, we have to, as people have conscious, as people of morality, at least be able to state our view. You know, if people have the right to insult others, and burn Quran and make cartoons, inciting hatred, why can't we as Muslims, just state quote, what, not just our text, we're in line here with the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Quran with the Christian texts and the Muslim texts, but we but they want to scare us by being canceled, they want to mute us. And we cannot allow that the First Amendment of the Constitution, United States allows us to have these views and express them. Yeah, just moving along

00:51:41 --> 00:52:20

to what he was saying a few other things. It's interesting as a musician, him also pointing out the symbols in the music, and the messages that are in there that are dangerous, the satanic messages, I recently did a breakdown of a documentary that really goes into deep the black magic behind all of the the music, how they use these musical instruments, and, you know, these musicians, and then they put the poison in there. And they put all this to get into because naturally, if you're listening by to the lyrics by themselves, it's not going to get in you. But then next thing, you know, you got the woman singing, she's a whole naturally, normally she wouldn't, but the beats got into her. And

00:52:20 --> 00:53:02

now she's like, degrading herself. So you know, I mean, if you look at the music industry, and I know many brothers that were involved in it, or to some extent, or the other, that got out of it, it is a very devilish industry. And some are very open about it. I mean, we have a brother that used to be with us in San Diego, that was a professional model. And he spoke about himself and his interactions in Hollywood, and also his wife, who used to be a makeup model, you know, on I don't know, on tick tock or Instagram or something like that. And she was offered some opportunities in Hollywood. And I have a interview that I did with him that's on our one message foundation channel.

00:53:02 --> 00:53:38

And he talked about where they took her to go to worship the grave of other people to to do satanic rituals. These are not things that are hidden, but people outside the industry may not know about it. But these are well known. I mean, from very early on Jimi Hendrix and so on, you found relationships with the devil, if you look at Ozzy Osbourne and so on, you saw the relationship with the devil. Tupac spoke about it. He spoke about the industry and their devilish tendencies and how he was, you know, kind of on the outskirts because of it

00:53:40 --> 00:53:51

is a comedian Katt Williams, he spoke about a lot of the rituals that they have homosexual rituals that he witnessed himself. David Chappelle spoke about it.

00:53:52 --> 00:54:30

You know, a lot of these people who run Hollywood who run the music industry, are involved in the LGBTQ XYZ lifestyle. They are people who clearly and openly worship the devil. They're involved in satanic rituals, whether they're doing it through the Mason temples or whatever else. I mean, I'm not a conspiracy theory guy. I'm a facts guy. And these things are facts. I mean, there are people who will tell you what they saw people that were involved in that lifestyle. You know, even if you look at professional wrestlers, you know, usually called WW II or the that was called WWF WWF. Frank.

00:54:32 --> 00:54:53

You know, there's Roddy Piper. I believe he was Roddy Piper. Yeah, we grew up watching him big buff guy, you know, class and people around and he was molested he was made to do homosexual acts to be I mean, you wouldn't think you would look at these big strong guys, but that industry is such a devilish industry. And he gives an interview and he talks about it, you know,

00:54:55 --> 00:55:00

which tells you we need to be very careful as Muslims or you know,

00:55:00 --> 00:55:39

Even if you're a Christian or Jewish or just a person of conscious, you need to be very careful what your kids watch what you want, what you listen to what your kids listen to, because there is an agenda there. And that agenda is becoming more as Terry's mentioned here is becoming very out in the open, they're becoming more and more aggressive with that devilish agenda of you've had a lot of musicians also come out that and talk about how with the different beats and everything that they use, that these are tools that the devil uses to bring him to his way. Yeah, to put you in a trend to put you in a different way. There was a concert just like you have the Quran. People heal the

00:55:39 --> 00:55:56

hearts with the Quran. Yes, I saw the words. She thought, yeah, it's yes, a healing. But with these instruments in his music, and he symbols, all these things. These are the tools of the devil, the shaytaan. This is where many of these musicians are even coming out and saying, yeah, there was a concert. I forgot the name. He was a rapper.

00:55:57 --> 00:56:24

And they I mean, I don't listen to him. So I don't know. But what I read about from the news was, people got into this trance like, devilish mood, where they started stomping and killing. And many and he continued, people were getting killed with these mosh pits and stuff. It was a rapper. I don't again, because I don't Okay. Yeah, I said on the news. Yeah, yeah, little NAS or one of those. somebody new.

00:56:26 --> 00:56:57

Yeah, like a shoe brand after him too. and stuff. But, but uh, but very interestingly, he continued playing the music while people were being killed in that crazy frenzy. And when I was reading the article, the people were like, We were out of our minds, the devil had taken over our body. These were statements by some of the people. And there was a lot of criticism that he continued playing, even though he could see people were being hurt. And you know, people can look up the article.

00:56:58 --> 00:57:46

It's quite, it's quite dangerous. And it's very scary. Yeah. Let's move on to last thing I want to talk about. We had it scheduled to have just purely on the program, actually. And we ended up ended up on there, adjusting the dates, but we wanted to talk about because there was some controversy. And people respect the position that she comes out kind of talking about some traditional values, nice and kind of crushing the feminism that's really gotten infected a lot of the minds of even the Muslim community, Allah, male and female. Yeah, a lot. Yeah. So but then she ended up having some questions. And they turned into kind of insults. And we wanted to see how we can address those

00:57:46 --> 00:58:23

shortly, maybe get her to shift if she has some questions, because she's had agitate on her program quite a while on this. She doesn't want to offend her guests. Also, I'm sure. But hopefully, we can address this issue, because you've talked about it a lot. Someone actually sent to me, sent us a message regarding this question here. I sent your video that you just recently did. The person replied and said, Wow, it was cleared up. You said brah. This really put a different perspective on it. So she said she goes to say, Did Muhammad

00:58:24 --> 00:58:31

date a nine year old or not? Why is everybody arguing about this? He either did or he didn't?

00:58:32 --> 00:58:43

She was here she would have been here. How would you? Answer is he didn't? Because there's no such thing as dating and Islam. Right? Well, let's just be very explicit and clear. He never dated.

00:58:44 --> 00:58:48

peace be upon him never dated. Never had a girlfriend never went out.

00:58:49 --> 00:59:22

On a date dating is not something in Islam. Yeah. And I don't know her. Well, I mean, I only use an enormous because you mentioned her. And few other people mentioned that, you know, she is kind of the female version of the red pill, meaning that she's going against a lot of things and a female version of the red pill, red pill. Audience, what does that mean? Red Pill? Well, so there's, again, I don't support the movement, but there is a movement, your green pill, I'm not any. I don't touch pills. I just, I just drink tea Islam, Islam pill.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:33

So basically, there is this push for feminism and feminism. And I just spoke about this in one of the lectures at much of the luck here in Chicago,

00:59:34 --> 00:59:51

where this idea originally feminism was to promote things like women's right to own property, women's right to be able to work or women's right to, you know, be able to have their own money in their own

00:59:52 --> 00:59:59

lifestyle within bounds right. And that's something that Islam already granted.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:46

inheritance property, money on businesses. It's not an already granted women more than 1400 years ago. So feminism would never have been a thing. If people lived by Islam, those rights would have already been given. Later on, feminism became what I would say feminism, one crack, and it kind of went off hat. You know, I started to say things like, women shouldn't be at home, which women shouldn't be raising children, women should go out there and be the same as men not equal but the same, right? And that's why feminism has kind of fallen apart. And feminists today are kind of infighting, because you have these trans women who are actually men. And now, some feminists would

01:00:46 --> 01:01:29

say, well, they're women, because they, they they identify as women, and they should be playing sports with women. And other feminists are like, no way these guys are guys. They will destroy women in sports, because physically they're men, right? So now feminists are fighting amongst themselves, because instead of being about equal rights and things, it began to be a movement about women not no longer being the traditional role of a woman starting to be a man right, where they would encourage things like taking hormones and thing to make a woman more manly. And again, that's wrong, because you're offsetting the natural method of things. And people in a reaction to this extreme feminist

01:01:30 --> 01:01:34

movement was the red pill movement, trying to make men

01:01:35 --> 01:02:18

back to being leaders and manly, but at the same time going to an extreme sometimes in their ideas. We as Muslims, we're not feminists, we're not red pillars. We're not we're Muslim. We don't have to worry about these kinds of things because we have a divine truth. We have the Quran, we have the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, peace and blessings be upon the prophets. This tells us how to live. What's the role of a man? What's the role of a woman? What's the role of a child? What's the role of the father, what's the role of a neighbor, we don't have to guess at anything good or to argue, we go back to the Divine, our Creator knows best how we should live. So we go back

01:02:18 --> 01:02:27

to what our Creator has told us, and we live by that. So the red pill was kind of this movement. And we see some, even some Muslim brothers kind of caught up in it.

01:02:28 --> 01:02:31

But just poorly or poorly things or whatever.

01:02:33 --> 01:03:04

You know, from what I've heard from you and others, you know, she had a good influence to try to do away some of this toxic feminist ideology that was out there. And we appreciate that. But again, she may not be educated about Islam. So let's educate her. And again, you can welcome her to your show, and she can come and speak to you as well. I have a video if anybody wants to see more details, like you said, if you put off the man had been Farrokh age of Ayesha, you can see the video and I give a lot of details and things without getting into all of that.

01:03:06 --> 01:03:09

I shout out the Unha Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her.

01:03:11 --> 01:03:56

She was of age to be married. Right according to the society and customs of the time, there is no doubt because she was already engaged to be married before a woman came to the Prophet peace be upon him and suggested her for marriage. This was not something that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was going out and trying to find a wife and look know, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him as a prophet of God. He was married to Khadija Khadija was his first wife. And as long as he was married to Khadija he never took a second wife. He was happy. She was happy, great husband, great wife. And no doubt she was older than him. He was married to a woman that was older

01:03:56 --> 01:04:09

than him. Now, some people said she was 40, which is not mentioned authentic narrations. Most likely she was around 25 to 28, at the time of marriage, to the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. But again, even at that she would be older than him.

01:04:10 --> 01:04:56

So he was married to woman who's older and they were happy. When she passed away when she died. Then it was suggested to him that there is a woman named soda. And there is a woman named Aisha and these are women that are there at marriage age of the customs of that time. Now, here, I don't know where she got this idea of dating. There was no dating at that time. There are some narrations that are in Bukhari and Muslim and so on. That mentioned ages one of them mentioned that before before marriage, that she was at the age of six, another one from her mentioned that she was seven. Now again, this is not a time of marriage. This is at the time when she was suggested. These are from her herself

01:04:56 --> 01:04:59

right. Now what I will point out first thing that

01:05:00 --> 01:05:18

This is not mentioned the Quran, the age of Aisha is not in the Quran. Secondly, it's not mentioned from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, meaning, what we consider ye will be divine revelation whether Quran, or sahih. Hadith from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it is not mentioned either one of them.

01:05:19 --> 01:05:51

Rather, this was something that she mentioned. And she is an incredibly intelligent, amazing person, great, narron Hadith, very strong and narration. But again, she's talking about something that she didn't witness, she didn't witness her own birth. I mean, if I asked you at how old are you? You don't know, other than going back to your passport, or your birth certificate, or asking your parents. Now, imagine a society where you don't have any of those, you don't have a birth certificate, you don't have a passport, you don't have

01:05:52 --> 01:06:31

even the system of yours. Right right now is 2023. Right? So if somebody is born in the year 2000, how old? Are they? 23 years old? How do you know because of born 2000? I imagine if we didn't have those numbers? How would you know? You'd be like, well, you know, that year when it rained a lot? Well, 10 years after that you were born? And then it's been another five years? I think so you would kind of figure that out in a roundabout manner. Right. My own grandmother had no idea when she was born, you know, you know, she was 14 when she got married. But, you know, she really didn't know. You know, we're guessing. You know, many people today, if you go to like, you know, many of our

01:06:31 --> 01:06:37

brothers from Somalia, that came to the US, if you look at their their passports, they're all born on January 1.

01:06:38 --> 01:07:15

I don't know what happened nine months before January 1, but somehow, you know, and that's because in Somalia, they didn't really care when you were born. So didn't record it. So when they came to the US, they just kind of made up January 1 first day of the year, solar calendar, and they went with that. So that tells you that keeping Ages was not exact science at the time. And that's why I had the honor herself. In one of the narration she said I was six and other one, she says oh seven. And those are authentic narrations. Again, this is not a criticism of the narrations or her memory. She was amazing. But she's just telling you what other people told her about something that happened

01:07:15 --> 01:07:29

before when she was not even her consciousness, right. But what we do know for sure, is that she was at the age of marriage, according to society of the time. And they didn't get married at that age, they waited until she was physically

01:07:30 --> 01:08:13

capable of handling a married relationship, which is past the age of puberty, when the body naturally tells you, you are ready for marital life. And then they got married, whether that was at nine or older or so on. That was the customs of the time. Now this idea that this wasn't a customer the time that some people have mentioned, his stupidity, they don't study why, first and foremost, she was already engaged. So if this was not a customer at the time, then how could you already been engaged? Secondly, nobody objected to it. All the enemies of the Prophet all those polytheists that were there fine as a single narration, where they objected to this being something against the

01:08:13 --> 01:08:58

customs of the time, we cannot use presentism in one presentism is when you use present days, exactly standards to judge the past. Otherwise, if you look at the age of Mary, at the time that she was married to Joseph, now, somebody might say, well, that's not in the Bible. Well, the age of Irish is not in the Quran, right? But if you look at historic documentation that discusses the age of marry, you can look at the Catholic Encyclopedia, you can look at many Christian writings, they will say she was either 12 to 14 years of age, marrying Joseph being 80 to 90 years of age. I imagine today, if a 12 year old Mary married a 90 year old Joseph, who would accept that that would

01:08:58 --> 01:09:20

be given all kinds of bad names and so on. But when we mentioned that people say, well, Whoa, easy there. That was a tradition of the time that women at 12 would marry 89 year old men. Well, okay, if you want to accept that being a tradition of the time, then the age of Aisha Dianna was in accordance to the tradition of the time.

01:09:21 --> 01:10:00

You mentioned also in your talk, there was her sister, yes, a smart about the Allahu anha and she gave other ages and inside and other historians, because again, people don't realize historian didn't really discuss ages like saying, okay, they're this age because they were born in the state rather what they will do is they look at the death dates, and they will kind of work backwards, because the death dates were better known, right? Because before Islam, there was no calendar. I'm gonna tab the second Khalifa. He's the one that implemented the Hijri calendar. And that calendar is start from when the Prophet salallahu salam, peace be upon him. Me

01:10:00 --> 01:10:41

Add migration from Mecca to Medina. So later, they were able to calculate their lifespans easier looking at the death dates, looking at that, there are ages given that put Aisha behind her teens at the time of her marriage. But again, I'm not arguing which one is more authentic and things. The whole point here is that according to the custom of the time, she was already engaged, and she was at an age that was acceptable for marriage of that time. In our time, even voice for example, don't get married young. Why? Because they have to go to school, and they got to go to high school, and then they gotta go to college, right? Get a job. But in societies where they don't have that

01:10:41 --> 01:11:00

structure, basically, when your body is ready, when a woman is hit puberty, and a man has hit puberty, they're ready to get married, right. And they waited for her, for her body to be mature and her mind to be mature to an age where she couldn't be married. And that is why they waited for the actual marriage, right?

01:11:01 --> 01:11:46

This is what is important. At that time, people didn't go to school, right? When a girl would, for example, one of the one of the ways that you know, a girl is ready for that type of relationship is when she gets her menses, right. This is the body telling you that you are now ready for childbirth. Now mentally, according to the society of the time, she might not be ready, that you don't have to get married. But this is a natural phenomenon. So when a woman is physically ready for her to get married, this is perfectly acceptable. Today, you have many preteens that are out engaging in sexual behavior, right? You see pregnant teen teenagers, and there is no law against that. There is nobody

01:11:47 --> 01:12:34

upset. And I used to work at a school called Twain as a Mark Twain in San Diego as a teacher's assistant. And there were girls as young as 1415 that had already had kids. You should have a daycare at the school for these, you know, teenager girls with kids. Now, if they're old enough to be having kids in order to be having *, why aren't don't have to be married? Right? In Islam, we don't believe in premarital *, right? So again, I shadowed Jana, in accordance to the customs of the time she was already engaged to be married. nobody objected to that. She was engaged to the Prophet peace be upon him and married to him in a age that was customary of that time. And people

01:12:34 --> 01:13:13

want details, we have a video on it, they can look at it for details. So the question is on what standards are you judging? So if you're judging by the culture, the culture didn't condemn it, if you're judging by the law, any religious law, there's no religious law that condemns if you're judging by her family, you already mentioned she was engaged to already be married. So any which way you go, and if you want to compare it to some close to modern times, and see the founding fathers were they people who now we're breaking some kind of laws, these terms, the derogatory terms, the founding fathers, first off, even if you leave that out, many of the kings in Europe and go back, I

01:13:13 --> 01:13:53

tried to go closer if you go back, so let's take it step by step. Many of the kings, married women, there were six, there were seven, there were nine, and so on. And this was accepted in Europe, right. Past that skewing forward. If you look at many of the founding fathers, if you find many of even the well known personalities, and in my, in my video, I go through details on these. They married women that were under age, according to our standard of today, many of the founding fathers were slave owners. If you look at George Washington, he owned slaves. But when we bring that up, people say, well, well, that was acceptable at the time. Well, if that was acceptable at the time,

01:13:53 --> 01:14:30

and you want to put them on the dollar bill on Mount Rushmore saying that, you know, he was acceptable by the time of today, it's not acceptable, then that's presentism, right to no problem. But then you need to use the same rule. If you look at the Bible, and if you can, we can do a breakdown of actual verses that will take you over the age of Rebecca, when she's married to Isaac, according to the Bible. She was three years old Rashi, the famous commentator of the Old Testament, He says that this is Jewish law, that a girl past three years of age can get married right. Now, again, I'm not saying that that's right or wrong. I'm just showing that if you're going to, if

01:14:30 --> 01:14:59

you're going to, if you're going to criticize, you better look at your texts, right? If you look at some of the states now, even to this day, I mean, if you go further back, I think it was 1890. Something around there. Delaware was seven, I think in the 80s in the 80s. They raised the age Yeah. But until then, but as low as 789 10. Yeah. And you go back in some states, I went over this in my video till today, and I think is 10 or 12 years of age. With parental consent. They can get married

01:15:00 --> 01:15:28

Yeah so the further back you go you had more traditional values being upheld you didn't have this whole institution of schooling University, and then not to talk about the lifespan all these things you take into consideration. And also the the maturity level was nowadays you have some women can't boil an egg. Well, I mean, some men, men 3040 year old guys are still playing sitting there playing video games, some some men and they're not they're not they're mentally less than 12 years of age.

01:15:29 --> 01:16:13

Mature these if you just can you imagine if you look at someone, you know, I was looking the other day. What was he 19 years old? Mohammed was in Mehmed. The Conqueror? Yeah, 90 was in 19 years old. He was a general opening up Casanova. Muhammad bin Qasim was 17. Osama bin Jade was 17. How do you wrap your mind around? Yeah, of course. I mean, not just that, if even if you look at earlier cultures, people by the time of 12 and 13 men even had already had children. Today. Today, I live in San Diego, we're right next to Mexico, right? If you go into Mexico, and you go to inner Mexico, not just the Juana and Juarez if you go inside, if you go to some outskirts of Sinaloa, and Guadalajara,

01:16:13 --> 01:16:57

you will find 14 year old girls that are married and have kids right. Now, that may not be acceptable by our standards in the US, you have to be whatever age, but that's wrong for us to judge them by our standards. Unless there is something in text or religious text or in natural development, then yes, but when a woman is at the age that she's having her menses, this is a body telling you naturally she's ready for that type relationship. And when people are okay, with children that age, engaging in sexual activity, but not okay with getting married. That's just hypocrisy.

01:16:58 --> 01:17:01

When you look at men, if you look at some of these,

01:17:02 --> 01:17:44

I'll take for example, the Mormons if you've got what was the Mormon, Joseph Joseph Smith, and many like him, who later when they get locked up, or things get revealed, you got women coming out, and they're talking about, of course, all of this, all of the different criminal things that he was doing, and then pasta he was and they turn on him basically. But that's the amazing thing. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. You don't have no such thing from any of his wives now, particularly Aisha, but when you look at her, she grew to be a scholar, somebody who would have been abused someone who took advantage of you would see traumatized, they would have a totally different

01:17:44 --> 01:18:26

mindset of clearly being a different position, but her you had the companions of disciples of Prophet Muhammad, they would go behind the veil, and get knowledge from her because she was a scholar who was a scholar, and then she she praised the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, saying that his o'clock his mannerisms were the best. He was a walk in Quran, Holy Quran, his mannerisms were like, as if you see the Quran in action, she she loved the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. She, she continued to narrate Hadith, those statements about from the Prophet peace be upon him, after his death, peace and blessings be upon him. And no doubt, she became a

01:18:26 --> 01:19:10

great example of a wonderful wife, a scholar it very educated, very eloquent, till today, if we go back to the books of Hadith, where we look at the narrations, or the books of Tafseer, about the explanation on the Quran, or the books or films about Islamic jurisprudence, I challenge anybody to find a single book of Hadith that doesn't have a narration from her, or a single Tafseer of Quran that doesn't go to the Quran and not depend on her opinions, or books or films that will mention her opinions, to show what a great example she was. And what a wonderful woman she was. She was our mother in the sense that we are the believers, she is our mother, we love her and we respect her.

01:19:10 --> 01:19:52

And no doubt that she herself praised the life she lived with the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and how wonderful it was and what a great character he was. If just pearly if she now I mean she probably agrees would agree with a lot of because people when you explain Islam about worshiping the Creator, not the creation, bit living a morally upright life, all the principles and all the the basics of Islam, they just make sense. Now people get stuck on some of these things. I need a little more clarification, things that might like we explain something as a cult, something that's going on 1400 years ago, that's the norm and now you want to bring it into today. So if

01:19:52 --> 01:19:59

someone like pearly she's like Okay, I just can't wrap my mind. I agree there's only one God to be worshipped. I believe Jesus is not God but he's a

01:20:00 --> 01:20:34

messenger of God, I believe that like she does that a woman should be feminine A man should be masculine. All those things she's like, yes, yes, it but now she's stuck here you talk about this not being a theological thing. It's not a creedal issue. And if she's looking at you, and she's like, You know what this whole calendar thing, maybe she could have been 12. And it's interesting. She says, I can accept 12 Well, why can she accept 12? So if she says, Look, I want to keep it at 12 I'm gonna if I can I be a Muslim? And I just want to I want to believe that I show is 12. Look, what do you do? The age of eyeshadow, the Unha is not a credo snappy days. Yes, right. Like I said, even

01:20:34 --> 01:21:16

though authentic narrations mentioned, for example, engagement when the first happened at six, and seven, and other scholars, like I mentioned, whether there are strong and weak narrations, and so on, point, have given different ages and so on. So that's not really a point of contention to stop somebody from being Muslim. But my question to her would be, why would you accept 12? And not 10? Are not nine are not 11 are not 14? Where did you What who draws that line draws that line? If you mean, nature, in the sense of I'm leaving any religious values out of this, in the sense when the body has those signs of maturity, the no doubt the Prophet peace be upon him, as mentioned in the

01:21:16 --> 01:21:59

Hadith, waited to consummate the marriage, and to choose physically ready, as natural signs of maturity have come? So then if that's your issue, then you should agree, right? Now, if you make up some number, then where did you get that number from? What's your like today? We say, 18. Where do we get 18? From? And if somebody is 17 years old, and 11 months, are they suddenly not ready for marriage, and the next month, they are you see, these are arbitrary numbers we've made up. And like you said, and like I mentioned in my video, if we look at our own history in this country, and also in other European countries, and other Chinese and African traditions, and South American

01:21:59 --> 01:22:38

traditions, earlier times, when they didn't have schools, they all got married young, that when your body was ready, you got married. And that's exactly 1400 years ago, we're talking about, that's exactly what they did in according to the customer that time. And nobody objected to that, because that was the custom, she was already engaged. This is something that people don't think about the fact that she was already engaged to be married according to the customs of the time. And the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him waited for confirmation until she was physically and mentally ready for marriage physically and mentally. So these are the criteria, of course and

01:22:38 --> 01:23:23

Islamic jurisprudence, if those that study Islamic faith, you will find like in the books that kind of move in your favor, Nick Kodama and Marcia remonda, with another we and others, Abraham dilbar, they talk about how what is the age, and they never give just a break point. Rather, they say that a person who is physically and mentally ready for marriage can get married. And there would be women in the past, as they've been a Kodama talks about alimony, who would be kind of the physicians of the time, we didn't have doctors, or gynecologist and so on, that could even go and check to see if a girl is physically you know, with mentors and so on, and mentally ready for her marriage. And then

01:23:23 --> 01:24:05

they would permit her to be married. Because if we, if we put like an age, you know, women in different parts of the world get their menses at different ages, which is a physical sign of being ready for childbirth, right? So if we set an age, how would we use that one number across the board in different cultures and different time periods. That's why Islam is such a beautiful religion. It's not a religion just for our time, or 1000 years ago, or 1000 years from now. Rather, it is the truth, from the time of the Prophet peace be upon him till the Day of Judgment. So it has to facilitate all these different time periods in different places. So Islamic jurisprudence, Philip

01:24:05 --> 01:24:16

tells us that there is no magic number here. Rather, when a woman is physically and mentally ready for marriage, according to the earth, the customs of the place, she can get married.

01:24:18 --> 01:24:56

So we'd ask, if you have any questions, ask them be respectful about it. Sure. And if you can add a link to my video, which gives you more details and references all the books in the description. People can go look up at the bottom and a photo of a device and Google or YouTube as well. And we'll give you all the details there so apparently has any other questions feel free to ask, feel free to ask we're here to help you along your way. You were recently also visiting Indonesia. Yes. And it was interesting. You had an experience where people you starting to see this here, you know people it's a shame you know, the parents bringing their kids and you got grown men showing genitalia you

01:24:56 --> 01:24:59

know here busting but now you talk about that.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:40

In Indonesia and ascertain what village and yeah, so I had a very interesting experience. I mean, I went from here, I went for ombre. And then I went to Malaysia. The people of Malaysia are wonderful people had a great time there. Then I went to Indonesia and the people of Indonesia, wonderful people had a great time there. I stopped in Thailand for a day, or a brother Bobby accepted Islam. May Allah protect him and keep you on the right path. And then I went back to Saudi Arabia Dinamo again, and then came back to the US. But one thing I was going to discuss that I found very interesting Indonesia, is there was an area that we went, and this is a very, very long drive away

01:25:40 --> 01:26:26

from Jakarta, I landed in Jakarta. But I mean, we used to drive like 12 hours, seven hours, sometimes 20 hours in a day, to get to different places. Indonesia is a huge country, a beautiful country and wonderful people. We went to an area that was a very far drive. And in that area, you couldn't go any further and cars. The rest was jungles, right. And we met some people. And these people live, the area they live in is a four day hike. There is no cars and there's no roads that can go there. You hike to the jungle. And there is about 800 of the population that still lives like this, but they're not Muslim.

01:26:27 --> 01:27:07

Some of them, the missionaries have come out there. And people talk about oh, and Muslim countries, missionaries aren't allowed. I mean, Indonesia, they said there was about 3000 Christian missionaries from different factions, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics and Protestants that were active at the same time that I was there. And they have open missionary stand, or they give out Bibles, and so on. But they were out there. And they they've also been reaching out to these people. But these people still live, like what you would think about Tarzan. And we have footage we're going to be posting as well, on the one message foundation channel. What you will see

01:27:07 --> 01:27:53

that these people, they're cannibals till today. And this was shocking to me. In a country like Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim population, you still have people living like this, they have insist, they have no laws, if you go in their area, just as you are, they could just shoot you with an arrow and take your stuff and eat you. So Alhamdulillah we met some of those people, we gave them the our will have the videos up Inshallah, and many of them had already become Muslim, and some of them did become Muslim. And when we spoke to them about their lifestyle, it was shocking to me that in today's time in day and age, modern present day, there's still people living like this where they

01:27:53 --> 01:28:41

live in trees, or they don't even have houses, they just make little huts and things within the trees, and they live there. And they don't have a concept of marriage, whoever is forceful can just take a woman. And you know, what's interesting to me is, when I was looking at that, I found a shocking similarity to where our society is going. Now these people were primitive like that they've stayed like that from the old days. But as people became more advanced and more progressive and more developed and more educated and more civilized, they started to clothed themselves, right. So these people till today, they walk around naked, naked, they have some things they tie, but they could

01:28:41 --> 01:29:21

walk around for *. Right. And they had no morals of okay, this is insane. This is wrong. This is homosexual. This is federal, this is you shouldn't kill, you shouldn't steal, right. As people developed, we got away from that and we came to a moral code. No, you need to dress up, you can't walk around naked. No, you can just sleep with anybody you want, you should get married and this and this, right. But today's society is going back to being primitive. We're getting you know, we're not, we're not getting better. We're getting worse. Again, worse. We're now we're going back to people walking around naked, we're going back to people not having morality, we're going back to

01:29:21 --> 01:29:59

people trying to justify stealing and killing whether, you know, it's capitalism or big fishes, little fish or whatever else, justifications that we give, and promiscuity, you know, infidelity and all those things are being justified today, through people trying to take us back to a primitive age. Islam brings us towards being the most civilized. And this is why somebody came to me and said, Oh, you know, you guys are real primitive, because your women cover and I mean, we cover as well. You don't see me walking around and, you know, tight shorts and things either. So I told this lady, I told her well, what were the cave people

01:30:00 --> 01:30:34

And she was like they were naked. And I said, Okay, well what happened when people became civilized? She said, when people started covering up, I said, then that means we're the most civilized. Our women are the most covered up, our men are the most covered up, and you walking around, you know, practically naked, you're going through your primitive, your backwards, not us. And you and you see that's happening more and more. You see, what was at one time not too long ago, in the 20s 30s, women had more even even even men. And then what happens now the skirts from below the knee to the ankles, now it's

01:30:36 --> 01:30:41

just below the knee. Now it's above the thigh and it just keeps getting less. Yes, it is now

01:30:42 --> 01:30:47

May Allah protect us all? I mean, you look at society, especially in Europe, you see it even worse than the US.

01:30:48 --> 01:31:27

You know, you have people that have naked run, like they run around the streets naked. And you know, you got little kids and he got things like this, and you look at the Pride Parade and the disgusting things that go on. That's what I can't understand parents actually bringing their children to this, you know, I think that should be criminal, really, I mean, you know, the human mind has certain stages that develops. And when you expose the child's mind, to think that it is not developed for you will have psychological issues in the future. Yeah. And that's something that psychologists and others will tell you across the board. And when you have people take their little kids to a Pride

01:31:27 --> 01:31:34

Parade, where you have men dressed up in leather like dogs and you know, doing things to each other.

01:31:35 --> 01:32:19

I don't know how any parent can take their children expose them to that. I don't know how that's not illegal. I don't know how that's not you know, against their own moral reality. And, and this is like the video you played earlier Tyrese, this is becoming more and more in the public eye more and more common. And Christians, Jews, even if you're an atheist, or you're a moral person, you need to start taking stances. We're Muslims are standing, you guys need to stand with us and say, Look, this is enough. We can't accept this. This is something that is going to destroy society. You know, you look at Sodom and Gomorrah and the Bible and as well in the Quran was a form of looting A salaam and

01:32:19 --> 01:33:00

the destruction that it brought. We see our society heading the same way. And we as Muslims want good for our society, who want to keep the society upon morality, the same morality in the Old Testament in the New Testament, in the Quran, and other texts as well are standing up for it. This is how to start societies of the past the Roman Empire and others. This is what happened exactly going down this direction. They were destroyed Greek and others too. One thing I want to touch upon, when you're talking to people, there's from one side, they tried to create this confusion and this suspicion of Muslims. So they turned they throw out this term. And when people hear this term called

01:33:00 --> 01:33:10

takia. Now they're like, no matter what you say, they're like, they're just lying. You know, how can we trust them? How would you address this? Well, first of all, people don't understand there is no such

01:33:12 --> 01:33:55

practice in Islam. takia is not an Islamic practice. You find this mentioned in some of the Shia, some of the raffle of some of the books that are mentioned by them in trying to protect their identity. They will say you it's okay to lie and so on. But that's the sheer concept that is not Muhtar. The temporary marriages, the PA the lying. These are not in Islam, they're not in the Quran. They're not in Hadith. You will not find this in the film and the jurisprudence of Abu Hanifa or Malik or Shafi or Ahmed and so on. These are concepts that certain sects may have developed but they're not mainstream Islamic concepts. You will not find them in the Quran or the Sunnah. Now, if

01:33:55 --> 01:34:37

people want to talk about lying and deceiving, you know what, before people get on a high horse, I would say that they need to read the text of their own book. If you look in the Bible, for example, in Second Chronicles 1820 through 22, this is in the Bible, Second Chronicles 1820 to 20 You're bringing this up now the Bible because this usually comes from not all Christians, right? But mostly we see Christian with some apologists bringing this concept they'll bring this up, of course, and this was brought up I had a conservative Christian I came on his talk show and he interviewed me he threw this at me, then I actually referenced it. No, this is nowhere in Islamic texts. It is not I

01:34:37 --> 01:34:47

went into what you're allowed to do, like let's say your wife cooks you have a meal and it doesn't taste good. Even the details that here you can go ahead and say it's great honey, even though you're lying.

01:34:48 --> 01:34:59

That's not here anyway, it has nothing to do that. That's basically that you know if there are certain situation like situations of war, well, obviously if you're a general in your war, and there's you know,

01:35:00 --> 01:35:34

enemy's gonna ask you, Hey, where are your forces coming from? You're not going to tell them? Yeah, that's I mean, if you look at any country that's been at war, they always want to keep their plan secret. So in that situation state secrets, of course, I mean, you know, Hitler, and Churchill didn't go around telling their plans, everybody, like when Muslims saved, actually, the Jews from Hitler from of course, they were hiding them. And they were coming. They were actually, right, exactly. When they would ask, Hey, do you have any Jews here? And they would say, No, this is because they're protecting their lives in the situation. Yeah, of course, or, you know, if two

01:35:34 --> 01:36:12

brothers are fighting, and you bring some salt, how you say, hey, you know what? He's really sorry. Why don't you go talk to him? You're just trying to bring two people together? Yeah. But the cons of takia is not this takia is where you're going to lie, to defend your beliefs to advance your belief. And that is not an Islamic concept. This is why if they're going to bring this term bring the Quran shows, where is it, you know, so there was a brother. He was new to Islam, and he was at the Dallas Center. He was getting educated. And he was like, okay, there was a Christian about the calm and they were going to do some Dawa, and have an educational session. He said, Let me even though he's a

01:36:12 --> 01:36:51

Muslim, he just start practicing. He says, Let me tell them that I used to be a Christian that might help. And the Muslim teacher said, No, we are not allowed to deceive. This is a true specific Hadith from the province of some so we don't deceive yet. We're not deceivers, exactly. You know, but if you if you go to the Quran, for example, even many of the verses that people misquote like Makoto Makara, Allah, Allah Quran marketing, you look at the context of that is when the people were plotting against the Muslims. And Allah tells them this as Baba Newzoo, of the ayah, that they have their plans and plot and that's why every transaction you will find that this is for plotting, if

01:36:51 --> 01:37:45

you look at, say international or most enhance all of those, right? And Allah is, is has his own plans. And Allah is the best of planners, no doubt to that. But if you go to the Bible, this is Second Chronicles 1820 through 22, it's very clear. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord for God here and said, I will persuade him. The Lord said to him, in what way? He said, so he saw the Spirit said, I will go out and be a lying spirit, in the mouth of all His prophets, meaning us, a lying spirit will be placed by God, in the mouths of the prophets. The Lord said, You shall persuade him and also prevail, go out and do so lie to the mouths of the prophets. Therefore, look,

01:37:45 --> 01:38:40

the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouths of these prophets of yours, and the Lord has declared disaster against you. So the Bible, according to them, is saying, God, the Lord, put a lying spirit in this mouth of their prophets, and destroyed a people. We as Muslims never would agree with something like this. Allah does not lie. Allah does not deceive, and he does not allow Muslims to lie or deceive. Debate is not an Islamic concept. What about this passage in the New Testament, where Paul is saying if I'm paraphrasing the the verse where he's saying if, by if, by if my lie, by gaining people to come to the truth, if my life by lying, I'm able to do that I'm justified by God

01:38:40 --> 01:38:51

so that is true. Right? You know, this passage? Yes, of course. I mean, we find in the New Testament where Paul justifies lying in trying to promote his belief this would be takia now that would be tough as a Kentucky, so

01:38:52 --> 01:39:32

right to try to but that's not in the Quran. Yeah. hamdulillah that's not in the Sunnah. It's not in Islam. That is something that Paul and the Shia can deal with part of the Shia. So wrapping up here with this part is is very important. Because Muslim samosas fell into the to the idea that okay, they have to defend this takia meaning that like these things that we mentioned, with fam trying to reconcile between people with the wife example, they think this is too cute, but it's not this. We have nothing to do with that. Nakia and Islam have nothing to do with the Quran and the Hadith. Not Not at all. Okay, I'm Muslim is one who is truthful. Yeah. And this is why I think people need to be

01:39:32 --> 01:39:59

educated what before they talk about Islam, when you talk about things like Mata the temporary marriage, this was a pre Islamic practice that was condemned in the Quran, when the ayat about getting married Nica came and who you can have relations with, and it was condemned and clear. So hey, authentic a hadith like that in the Sahih Muslim that is narrated by people from a halal bait that were sold by Elisa to salaam forbid

01:40:00 --> 01:40:37

The practice of MATA and even the Hadees. And so he was saying what he says he forbid till the day of judgment Allah, it used to be allowed in the earlier days because a please pre stomach practice through three stages it was forbidden in different ways, just like alcohol There were stages to it. And then the Prophet peace be upon him said the practice of temporary marriage is forbidden by Allah ha Ramallah ill Yokoyama until the day of judgment. So if somebody tries to bring these things they need to be educated. These are not Islamic practices, even if some sects, some breakaway groups may practice them, they're not allowed in Islam. Alright, thank you. We covered a lot here. Appreciate

01:40:37 --> 01:40:46

the time again, Edie it's always a pleasure seeing you hamdulillah I'm a big fan. So may Allah bless you and protect you and keep you on the right path. I mean, I was the dean center coming

01:40:50 --> 01:41:22

100 is our brothers and sisters we've acquired the future D center property and we want to get the masjid open first. It's all coming along we're installing the doors we can make wudu we've installed the carpets we have many details to finish up but it's coming along and Hamdulillah we need a new roof we need new windows and we need a min but that's right we need a min but for the masjid Now if all of you want to be a part of history and help build a house of worship, build a masjid for the sake of Allah so Allah the Creator can build for you a house and Jenna click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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were in phase 200 La la ha. You're watching you gotta support. We're gonna start doing some dollar trainings out there. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you very much. And thank you guys, if you are interested to learn more about what we're talking about. And the book that's changing minds hearts and giving you purpose. Go to the website to get you one for free the deen If you have any questions about what we talked about, call us tell them that I sent you one 800 662 Islam 106 624762 We'll see you next time here on the deed show. Until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum

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