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Permanent while remaining MOBA, almost solely for him a lot of time if he gets heavy hit out of the sun the Hanafi Babbie for lickity would have flooding.

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And be thought another Allahu Alcala Sula, he sallallahu alayhi wa salam, a little bit had been kidnapped me in Allah. In a humble Konami in Allah Subhana Allah will be handy.

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Above ordinary that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah, He said, It is Subhan Allah will be handy which translates to mean Allah is free from imperfections and his is the praise and actuality the trends there's really no sufficient translation.

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For this we can say it's an interpretation or meaning, but really when we say translation of Arabic that even needs to be challenged in many occasions when wanting to get an idea from Arabic to the native language of English particularly. So the province a lot of Selim says a little bit of a bit of habit calamity and Allah should I not tell you the most beloved speech or statement to Allah subhana wa Tada

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and this is a question where the process alum is asking the you should antibody is really to get your attention to where you will obviously ask, what what is it? Within the process, I'm also using the superlative form, say a Hubble Kalam, so in the most beloved speech to Allah, but this again with Arabic, it is an expression to show the virtue of something, it doesn't mean that this is the only thing that is most beloved to Allah. Because there are other Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim where he says, the most beloved actions are humble a habit that man in Allah Duomo, however in the fall, for example, it doesn't mean that that is the only thing that is beloved to Allah, but it's

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showing the virtue of it that it is very lofty statement or practice. So he says, After that, in that habit of Columbian Allah, Verily the most beloved speech so Allah is Subhan Allah be handy. So let's break down Subhan Allah Subhan Allah can mean Glory to Allah subhanho wa taala. But if we look at Subhan it means if I had, it means if I were to, to distance something from something else. So when we say Subhana Allah, it is as though we are distancing within our hearts within our belief, which is expressed through our tongue and this is important. We're saying Allah is far from any of his creation and the scholars call this 10 Z

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is to separate Allah meaning Allah and His attributes from his creation, right that Allah subhanho wa Taala everything that he is and what he possesses is not like his creation.

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So when we say Subhan Allah, when we see anything that is magnificent, as soon as when you see anything Morphe anything that is magnificent, you Say Subhan Allah. Right? What was said when

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Allah mentioned that extra men were more than once in the Quran, when they said that Allah has taken a child will call to her man what are called Tech of Allahu wa ala Subhana. What did ESA respond when Allah s ESA and Takota Illa NASCI tacky they only were OMYA Illa Hanuman dunlea. This last page of sorts of mad I love to recite this to Christians that want to know about Islam and our belief in Jesus because they, many of them believe that we don't love Jesus, or we don't believe in Jesus. I recite this last page to them. When Allah asked Isa, oh, Isa, Jesus did you say, take your mother and me as two gods besides Allah, Allah is asking Jesus digits, did you say this? And what's Jesus's

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response? Pata Subhanak Suba Hanoch Glory to you. Meaning that it you are far from any imperfection to be associated with creation such as me and my mother.

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Right? Because he attributed ILA to creation.

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Allah is asking him Did you attribute godliness to the creation of God? Anything Subhanak all in this is an example that No, no, no, I'm free from that statement. But more importantly, I'm free from that belief. So when we say subhanallah in an actuality, is a statement of our creed as Muslims, that Allah is far from any of his creation, whether it is love, for example. Allah's love is not like our love.

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Our love is couched in emotion.

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We can lose love for someone because of actions that emanate from them consistently or something that is, you know, one form of oppression we can lose love for them.

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And that emotion of hate can lead us to do something detrimental to that person or even to ourselves. We can love someone beyond the bounds

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to where that love causes us to do something detrimental to them and detrimental to ourselves. I'll give you an example how can the love of a child your child will be on the bounce

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if he sacrifices yourself for your child

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I'll give you an example

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right yeah, I have evil right my Sunday when are we gonna see how quick you can say something what

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okay answer

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oh no, that's a praiseworthy sacrifice issue if you got kidnapped man I'm doing my life is on the line. There's no problem

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is the kid got kidnapped?

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Think about it. Take your time. You're on camera though. It's okay, sir.

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And then you kid.

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Got a random person with a with a weapon breaks into the house. Holding your child hostage. Okay.

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Either he does.

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Okay, so in this situation, me sacrificing my life for this child is praiseworthy. This is good. But But this example of for example, like this morning, waking up for Fudger. If I say to myself, No, I love them too much. They're too young. That's going to mess up their circadian rhythms. And there are ATMs of their sleep, such as too early. And I'm doing that out of love.

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That love can be detrimental to them in the near future. Why?

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Because I'm raising them upon a value system that could possibly be

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let's say.

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I'm raising them on a value system that that is mixed in priorities. Even though you're 10 years old. It is important to raise you on those values to show you what is more important than sleep. And where do we hear what's more important than sleep? When do we hear this?

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A salatu hyaluron. I mean, I know.

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A salata height, I'm gonna know how many times do we hear them? Holly who saw her leave me he's lonely. He's gonna know. You have to raise him. You feel sad that he's waking up? No, this is Allah smart Allah has given him going to put him to sleep and the one that raises him so making the effort to wake them up out of love of Allah that is giving you the job. This is what it's all about. The Love can go beyond the bounds. We don't think of this example we think of the gender opposite gender loving one another and this, this type of love, is the essence of shirk.

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The essence of polytheism is love of the creation of Allah at the level of or other than Allah subhanho wa taala. That's the essence of shirk. And this is one claim that a lot of Christians make to Muslims, you don't truly love Jesus.

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If you don't truly love Jesus say, how do we not love Jesus? You did not say that He's the Son of God to use, he's got no we say, out of love of Jesus, we say that he is a prophet that Allah has chosen. So this is when we talk about the names and attributes of Allah. Love being one of them. Allah's love is not like our love, and all of the other attributes of Allah mercy. For example, what is happening around the world right now Allah it's hard to fathom and understand. But it's a manifestation of Allah's mercy on all of His creation,

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right on all of His creation, but it's in different ways at different levels. And that goes again to another name and attribute of Allah, which is knowledge. So if we go upon every name and attribute it is not like that of the creation, because the creation is founded on limits and Allah is Allah is without any limits, in his essence. Subhana so that's what we say Subhan Allah, just remember we say, Subhan Allah is Glory to Allah. Remember that he has nothing like his creation. When you see something that puts you in awe, remind yourself that the one that created it is greater than that. You say, Subhan Allah, right, Allah is greater than that, and then will be handy. And this is a

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result. When we think of that name or attribute that we say subhanallah you see a great mountain, the Grand Canyon, your new child, you think of alcoholic, how can Allah create something like this, this is amazing. And because of that characteristic of creation, he deserves what?

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something is praiseworthy because of their qualities that they possess.

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Right? If they possess, possess a quality that is good, that is commendable, that is light, that is helpful. You praise them on that. So Allah we say Alhamdulillah Hara Bella Alameen

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He's praised for all of his qualities without exception. So when we say Subhan Allah, we think of all of his names and attributes, and they're not like any of his creation, because of that existence and those qualities, he deserves all praise, all greatness. All perfection deserves all praise. So that is the process when we say that, and that's why the process I'm saying, it's one of the most beloved statements because it's very comprehensive in regards to remembering Allah subhanho wa taala. And the Muslim can say this at any anytime, except the places where it is not permissible to say the name of Allah. In for instance, the bathroom is not permissible. It's not recommended to say

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the name of Allah subhanaw taala in places that are not praise worthy, it is not praiseworthy, to use the name of Allah and anything that is Mr. Han that is something that is belittled, like on a doormat, you don't take the Quran in the bathroom, you know, because the name of Allah subhanaw taala is great. So that is a beautiful statement of the province of Allah and it was selling them a little bit of a bit of a habit. Konami, Alicia, and that tell you the greatest speech that Allah Subhan Allah loves and it is Glory to Allah, and he is worthy of praise. So may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that praise him, and they glorify him sitting in secret and an open yadda blah I

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mean, you're hiring a young black metal canister he should own a cooler Well, that's a killer in an unfortunate rougher terrain. uribl army like filling in the Rubina waka fill renessa Yet in our telephone Emma Alibre Allahumma jaaneman Al Quran Aladdin home alcohol so to cure Ebola I mean, ya know so you're also one and most of the afina feel has zero blood I mean, prematurely because I live in Makati Bihar era but I mean what made him be murdered him in indica yada yada yada Mateen yeah they're generally with a crumb or some Allah will send them a verdict and then it'd be in a Muhammad Ali he was up here as you may

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