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People who revert to Islam

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and they come as a result of the approach that you've used as a result of them being able to relate to the way you've worded things Alhamdulillah they are in their 1000s. And so when I know that this has happened, it makes me ignore a guy who hasn't converted a single person talking about your method and the way you do things and so on. Like, he is a big, great successful day. You know, I think to myself, he they haven't studied and they don't know, they have blinkers. They haven't seen societies and perhaps they don't even know the role that the environment plays in shaping the methodology of Dawa.

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Because you and I know that the hikma the method, it all depends on your environment as well, the orphaned the people around you and what's going on at the time and so on. So mashallah, when you see people coming into the faith, and there comes a time when they would move on to some other Messiah who go into different types of details, different disciplines, someone who might be a little bit stricter, who might come across with a little bit more direct approaches, and so on And Alhamdulillah that's what we expect. I don't expect you to stay in grade one and two forever. You need to move on, but if you don't appreciate the primary school teacher,

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you're not going to appreciate anywhere else because you're not going to move on