The most sinful act in Ramadhaan which invalidates the fast

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Could you Now tell us, which is considered to be the most serious and sinful act, which invalidates the fast, the Act, which is the most sinful, and most serious amongst all of them, which invalidated the fast it is sexual intercourse.

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That when you have sexual intercourse, and when the two private parties meet, then you're fast invalidating,

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whether ejaculation takes place or not.

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And you have to plan for that. You have to complete the other day. And if you make it up later, and you have to pay a penalty, that's

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according to the site audit, in which our beloved Prophet said, it's mentioned in, say, Buhari, more than number three, in the book of fasting, Hadith number 196, where a man comes to the prophet and says, that I am ruined, or prophet am ruined. The Prophet says, What is the matter? The man says, I had sex with my wife, while I was fasting, for the Prophet says that, can you free asleep? The man said, No, I cannot.

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The profit loss, can you fast,

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consecutively for two months? Can you fast continuously for 60 days?

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The man says, No, I cannot. Then the Prophet says that,

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can you feed 60 poor people.

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And the man says no, and that this continues. In short, we come to know from the studies, that if any person does a sexual intercourse, and one of the major sins, it is the most serious and sinful, amongst all the things that make the first the person who does this sin, He should immediately repent to Allah subhanaw taala and ask for forgiveness, he should complete his past for the day, and make up for that fast later on after I'm done.

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And he has to pay a penalty. And the penalty becomes known from God says that he either frees a slave if he can,

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if he does not have the money to feed the slave

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or he cannot find a slave to free, then he should fast for two consecutive months.

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Fast for 60 days. If you cannot do that also, then should at least feed 64 people.

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And these are the three options that have been given for a person to pay as a penalty as a co founder. But if a person can do the first thing, he should not jump to the second or the third, the first step is freeing a slave. If we cannot do that, if he doesn't have the money, I cannot find a slave, then we can go to the next option that is fasting consecutively for 60 days. If he cannot do that, if he's unable to do that continuously fasting for 60 days, if he

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fast for a few days. And then Monday doesn't fast, it should start again. You should fast consecutively. For 60 days. If it doesn't have the capacity to do that, then what he can do is he can feed 64 people. And each person should be fed with approximately half a size equal to 300 full of are stretched and have it to have the person or the food that they have the land. So 64 people you should feed this is a fara the penalty for a person who breaks of us by having a sexual intercourse. The amount of food just to clarify that, for my own benefit, if you like

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do you think that that's equivalent to about a day's food, approximately, in short, it should be a day food that's normal in that land, it may change in America, it may change in UK it may change in India. But at that time, it was like one of these days that one Monday could have southmead and each self meters are stretched 200 mile stretch and the amount of weight that comes in that will do so half of three, the other day says that one month of meat that is equal to one or stretched kind of delta d says that equivalent to fill a poor man's appetite and stomach. So in short, you should feed a poor person 64 people who should feed

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approximately what is the food of that land that it should feed. And if you can't find people in your land who are poor, then you look for the nearest place or just anywhere. And that's difficult in today's world we cannot find 60 people to feed I don't know any place in the world, we cannot find 60 people to feed it may not be locality but if you just go to the next locality in your city surely no condition you can find I wish to Allah subhanaw taala that time Come come in harmony which will come inshallah inshallah, inshallah