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So don't worry, come on up until ever to catch

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up with us American Ministry of Finance Mr. Menara Mr. Heyman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever Guan Illa Allah line Amin with our people to Mutsuki in LA masala was in robotic and avocado Sudha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was off, we use LM to slim and cathedra

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I think many of us would say in the last month and a half, you experience a sudden emotion of sadness that strikes you in the middle of a moment of joy and happiness, meaning Subhanallah you might find yourself in a situation where you're enjoying something the way that Allah subhanaw taala program due to enjoy certain things, you're enjoying the company, a family, you're enjoying the company of friends, you are smiling, and then suddenly, an image comes to your mind and you start to think about what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Reza, may Allah subhanaw taala free them and give them victory, Alana Amin, and suddenly sadness overtakes you.

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And there's a term that I heard a few times and that I've thought about over the last month and a half called survivor's guilt. If you look up survivor's guilt, and I'm not going to give you an overly technical term, because the term is actually pretty self explanatory. Right?

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It switches the y ni paradigm to y them meaning some How long before October 7, I think that a lot of people would have been asking questions about why are certain things happening to them, and maybe that was causing them sadness. But now a lot of us are looking towards what is happening to our brothers and sisters and thinking, why is this pain being inflicted upon them and not me? And the why here can come from a place of doubt, doubting Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that, or it can come from a place of why me as in What does Allah subhanaw taala expect of me why has Allah subhanaw taala not tested me the way that he's tested those people.

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And I wanted to actually read into the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions with this concept that is being spoken about so often now survivor's guilt. And I want to begin with the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. years after the Battle of hurt us, hello, we just came back from Agra, and it was very emotional to visit, because it's so relevant to the moment that we are in right now.

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And every single companion that lived or touched or heard in some way, whether they were present on the battlefield, or they lost someone in the battlefield of hurt, whether they saw the scenes themselves, or the scenes were described to them. Decades later, when Islam was victorious, and they started to see some of the goodness of this world that their companions had or did not see. They will reflect on that. And so you find multiple narrations that have to do with this one of them is a narration of the amount of an overall the allotted time. And we know who the Rockmount have been overall the Allahu taala. And who is he's a man who Allah Subhana Allah blessed with ease and

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comfort and wealth before Islam during Islam and after Islam throughout his entire life, what are the Allahu Tada and he generally lived a life of great wealth and a life of great comfort. And he is one of the national bestiary and one of the 10 promised paradise precisely because he wasn't distracted from his pursuit of Paradise by the doors of this dunya that were opened up to him. And one day of the amount of an Aeroflot the Allahu Taala and who is eating, and suddenly in the middle of his food in the middle of his meal, as the narration says in this in this Behati he starts to weep. So again, sometimes it hits you at a random moment. This is years later, and in the middle of

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a meal, suddenly he starts to weep. Now Allah opens up the doors of height of goodness to have that amount of money Oh, for all the Allah Tada and who all the time, but at that moment, subhanAllah it just clicked.

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And as he starts to weep,

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the people around him are wondering, what caused him to cry. So he says a lot the Allahu Taala and who Katina Musab, Musab Radi Allahu taala, and who was murdered? What kind of hyaluron Mini and Musab was better than me. Musa was murdered and Musab was better than me. I want you to pay very close attention to the sentiments not just the sadness, the sentiment that has been conveyed Musavat all the alarm on who was martyred and Musab was better than me. Salaam, huge Allahu Allah, you kept Sanofi inner border, and the only thing that we could find to cover him on the day of our herd after he was murdered was one cloth.

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If we covered the top of him, then his bottom was exposed and if we covered the bottom, then his top was exposed. Then he said what could either Hamza and Hamza or the Allah Tada and who was murdered, what kind of hate a mini and he was better than me. Salaam huge Allah who my UK phenol V in LA border and the only thing we had to cover hands on all the Allahu Anhu with was one single garments. Now here's where it all comes full circle to him, and what's on his mind, as he is thinking about how some of his companions who he deems better than him did not have the circumstances that he has in this dunya and on top of that were murdered in gruesome ways. He says look at the Hershey, two in

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your corner cut the original Atlanta toy Cuba to Nafi HYAH Tina duniya.

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I'm afraid that Allah subhanho wa Taala has hastened our blessings in this life of ours, some majority upkeep and then he started to weep once again. And so his sadness contains multiple components. The guilt contains multiple components number one, Musab and Hamza are better than me and they were killed in a way that I was not killed. Number two, I lived to witness the wealth of this world, and they did not even have a garment to cover themselves at the time of their death. Number three, I'm afraid that perhaps this is a sign that Allah subhanho wa Taala has opened up the doors of this world to us has hastened the blessings of this world to us. And we will be amongst the

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deprived and the hereafter whereas they have been deprived in this world and they have gone ahead to the blessings in the Hereafter. This of course will last transfer says multiple places in the Quran, send us the digital human heyfield AR and the moon that we will delay them and we will pull them in from directions that they do not anticipate. Well Yo my urato Latina Cafaro Allah na have Tompa EBRT confy hieratic and dunya wisdom TeraTerm be the day that the disbelievers are presented to their punishment to their chastisement. And it is said to them Did you already waste Did you already consumed all of your goodness in that passing life of yours and find pleasure in the end today find

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nothing but the effects of the evil that you put forth in this world. And so there is a fear that even someone like I did not have an outflow the low tide and who has compared that Pamela to hubbub, ultimately Allahu Anhu in a very similar situation. Now, before I get to the very similar situation with kebab, let's go to the most famous incident of rebuttal the Allah Tada. And years earlier when he was with the Prophets lie some and he is one of the most tortured companions. And so there was a time when other people looked at hubbub and felt sorry for him and said, How come we are spared and a man like kebab is tortured. There was a time where you were on the outside looking in and you saw

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the master of hubbub, putting him through all sorts of torture and terror and wondering, yeah, Allah, this man is so good. What did he do to deserve this? And why is he going through this and how come I get to comfortably walk the streets of Mecca? And I am not tortured the way the hubbub of the Allah Tada and who is and kebab says I came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was leaning his back against the Kaaba, and he was extending his legs. And I went to him it his salatu salam. And I said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam earlier today Allah.

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This is the actual words. Allah tender Allah imagine saying to Rasulullah sigh Salam, aren't you going to make dua to Allah? Allah to Allah? Does anyone in here think for a moment that the prophets lie some was not making your art for his Allah, the man who would go into St. Jude for so long it his thought was Saddam Almighty Almighty that you would think he was dead crying for his Alma. But this is human. This is real. This is in the midst of great torture in the midst of great torment. And so when he goes to the province like somebody says Ella Tedder, hola. As if to say you look a little too calm for the circumstances, yada sit allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And this is where

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he says, For Cara sallallahu alayhi wa salaam, WA Who am I talking about unwatchable that the prophets lie some sawed up in his face became red. He sat up in his face became red. And he said, look like Kanna men. Kubla Khan. Loon shots will be Misha till Hadid Medina Islami him in Nachman our slobin Now yesterday for who Daddy can Dini he, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there were people that came before you.

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And they used to be combed with iron combs.

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until all of the meats all of the flesh was taken off of their bodies, leaving only their bones exposed. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well you will not remain shouto Allah maffra T ROTC he for you shackled with nothing. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in a person would be put into the ground, and he would be cut into to prophesy, someone is getting very graphic. Now if you read the Hadith of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is not his habit. Right? It's not his habit. I want you to ponder on the Sierra and ponder on the circumstances a little bit closer. It wasn't the habit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to talk about the nature the

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graphic nature of the torture of people. Because the prophets I seldom used to have a message in which he would instill hope he would talk about the Jannah that they went to, not the hell on earth that they were taken out of. And I use hell on earth, because it's a term but of course, we know there's nothing comparable to hellfire. May Allah subhanaw taala protect this right but he wouldn't talk about the circumstances that were here, as much as you would talk about what they went to so that the Sahaba had eluded him, they have a higher ambition. But here the prophets lie some is saying to kebab because kebab is looking around at that time in his life.

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And hubbub is the scary image. He's the one with no skin on his back. Why? Because his master has taken burning hot coal and poured it down his back while the low tide went to where the skin has melted off of his back. So he's the graphic image that people look at and say, Why, what's happening to him? The profit slice on him is giving him a very graphic image even more than the one that he has suffered. There were there were people who had every single part of their meat taken off of their bodies that were sliced in the two mile sleeve for who the Alika and Dini and none of that took that person away from his religion.

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None of that took that person away from his religion. They died upon faith even under the most grueling of torture.

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Now, why do I mention this here? Because fast forward to hubbub about 50 years later,

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about 50 years later, as we're approaching now the golden age of Islam and Obi Wan and all the Allah Allah and who says, the retina hubba that we went to visit kebab or the Allahu taala. And it's like he was sitting and reflecting.

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So he's talking to the tambourine. Now, who didn't live those days? They see a very different circumstance. They see kebab Radi Allahu Taala and who, and he looks like he's doing okay for himself. Right? He's one of the elites of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The tambourine adore him the Sahaba adore him. He's doing pretty well for himself now. And so we went to visit him and you sit down with abdominal the allot of time and hope. And hubbub says hey, Donna Marie Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nuri, the word Hala. I remember when we made hijra with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we were seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah to

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Allah, for what our Adzuna Allah Allah, and at that time,

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the reward that we had was certainly due upon Allah subhanaw taala meaning we knew that there was absolutely no worldly benefit for this moment that we were making his law. But we knew that we had the edge of from Allah subhanho Tirana from Enam and MOBA Lam yet hoodman Eddie he shader. He said some of us died. Some of us died, because he's speaking about the Companions like a fraternity like a brotherhood, some of us passed away, and they did not take any edges, any of the goodness that this world had to offer. And he says minhang Musa we've never met, they always go back to Musa why because most of the Allahu Anhu had it all and he lost it all in front of their eyes. If you saw

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Musab in Mecca and you saw Messiah and you saw a man with everything in this world, and then a man with nothing in this world, all the Allahu Taala and only expecting from Allah subhanaw taala what he expected and he said that Musa bro the Allah Tala and who went from this world and he took nothing from this dunya and he and he went and he said the same thing for all the Allah Tala and who said that when we covered his head, his legs were exposed, and if we covered his bottom half done, his upper half was exposed. And he says, and at this point, we're Minna men Aina Atilla who Samarra to who for who? Yeah, debo, he says, and there are amongst us those who lived pasta.

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And we've seen the fruits of our efforts in this dunya come to fruition

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and he said you

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that we are collecting those fruits right now, almost to say, I'm afraid for myself because we lived past the most difficult moments. And now we're very comfortable. And we're wondering Subhanallah This is a man who used to be tortured so severely that everyone else looked at him and his torturing, saying, We're wondering now, if there's anything left for us to consume in the hereafter. So he went from if you think about the paradigm shift,

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he went from being the one that everyone looked at and said, Why is he going through this, and we're not going through it to being someone who went on in life, to now look at others in the same way that passed away before him, which shows you Subhanallah that the circumstances can completely flip your perspective. And that is one of the wisdoms of Allah subhanaw taala making this life so unstable, so volatile, that one moment you feel like everything is great. And the next moment you feel like everything has been taken away.

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There's a hikma to that. There's the wisdom to that, because it shifts your perspective in a certain way. Above all, the alarm I know had the light of iman faith in his heart the entire time. But now he's seeing things different because things aren't different for him right now.

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And so what is the survivor's guilt that's happening with the companions of the Prophet slice Allah?

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They saw, if they live long enough,

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the best people go through the worst of things. Now, what's the difference between their survivor's guilt and some of what you hear in the words of people right now? At no point in the undertones is their questioning of whether or not Allah has been fair to those people?

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And no point is there questioning of whether or not Allah has been fair to those people. In fact, there's a questioning of whether I have repaid Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, for the place that I'm in right now. Whether I have responded in the way that ALLAH SubhanA wa Asana has tasked me to respond, there is a Hadith that I have, what coolant what are the law? hasna and everyone will have their do. It's extremely painful to watch what's happening to our brothers and sisters.

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But But isn't it ly to Allah, Allah has customized the path to Jannah for them. We don't accuse Allah subhanho wa Taala of being unjust to them, while fighting the cruelty of man towards them. Never do we accuse Allah of being unjust towards them. They have a path, but Allah subhanaw taala has given to them. For us, naturally, we should feel guilty.

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And how do you reconcile this the same way the prophets like some reconciled when he lost Ibrahim his son and he felt sad, but at the same time, he knew where his son was going Salah Are you gonna send them the sadness was the natural part in the heart of holding your dead child.

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The certainty was that Allah subhanaw taala would embrace that child in a way that the prophets lie Selim could never do himself that no human being could give to that child. And so the sadness when we see our brothers and sisters and because and then we compare ourselves and he says, Pamela, what am I doing here? Why, you know, why is all of this open towards me so comfortable here? I could have easily been in their situation. Why me in the sense of the higher the goodness that's coming to me and the hardship that's coming to them, but you flip that, and you think to yourself instead, what's the responsibility? Now? Subhanallah you look through the companions of the Prophet, slice Allah,

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and you've got sons who lost fathers and a hijab or the Allah Tada and who, who wanted to go fight in a herd and leave his father back in order to take care of the family, but his father insisted otherwise, so Jabba will the Allah and who have been feeling guilt that my father was martyred. I should have been there instead, you have sadly been Haytham and Haytham, a father and a son who drew lots the day before bed that one of them, you know, and the son says that I would have given you what you wanted, had it not been Jana that we're seeking, and then he said there'll be a lot of time and who gets to go he's martyred in better faith and lives with sadness until ahead. Why is it that

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my son was lost embedded until it comes and then Haytham Radi Allahu Anhu was martyred and are hurt imagine the son martyred in bed that the father martyred and are hurt but he was carrying the sadness, Java.

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Mima aka moon casts Iran seem broken. But he carried that moment of overhead for the rest of his life. What about those who felt guilty because they knew they inflicted? Can you imagine being one of the 40 companions who came down from the mountain? Let me ask you all this question. Can anyone name one of the 40 Sahaba we know the story of our heads 40 of the 50 disobeyed the prophets I said I'm came down from Jabba Roma

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against the orders of the prophesy some because they thought the battle was over. That's essentially what left them exposed. Can anyone have you name one of those companions?

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Neither can I.

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I can't, because the Sahaba did sitter

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they concealed? It's probably imagine if my father was killed and because of you

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because of you, you 40

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Do you see a single narration like that? Suddenly the Sahaba go and they start beating up the families or they say, you know, you inflicted this pain on me. So I'm going to inflict this pain on you know, because they had that understanding of the clutter of Allah subhanaw taala that this was what Allah had decreed for my father. This is what Allah decreed for my brother. This is what Allah decreed for my son, this was going to happen. But imagine being one of those 40 carrying that guilt now Allah azza wa jal forgave them. The prophets, like some forgave them, they were reintegrated into the community, they weren't going out to clean. They weren't hypocrites, they got weak for a

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moment, but that moment was very consequential wasn't it?

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So imagine being one of the 40 and then being one of the family members of the 73 martyrs or 72 martyrs of Bullheads, looking at those 40, saying, You did this, it didn't happen. Because that's where the understanding

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that yes, guilt is a natural emotion.

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And we have to recalibrate and get better with the circumstances that we have. But at the same time, Allah azza wa jal has promised everyone a customized path to paradise. I want to end on this note, because I think Subhanallah it's always what we come back to.

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When we think of the difficulty that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam had in regards to us, we see people suffer in enormous ways. Today, the prophets lie some suffered in every way. And he is the best of Allah's creation. And there is a guilt, that some of the good things Subhanallah the one who is Mohammed, the one who loves the Prophet, salallahu Alaihe Salam, and their moments of happiness will remember that the prophets lie, some did not have some of those moments in this dunya you're totally alone. And I would cry, right? Because he would say, you know, when food was in her house, I remember we used to go months without food in our house. Now the

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profits like Sam's not here anymore, and there's food here.

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There is something to be said about this.

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That even in our moments of our greatest joy, we remember that the best of Allah's creation, did not get to experience all of that in this dunya. And we hope that that activates us towards experiencing that joy with the prophets I summon in the article a while back at a study called the law of China and what was with the prophets like some Infotech Mecca, the conquest of Mecca.

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Well, becquerel the Allahu anhu, had one family member that took a very, very, very long time embracing Islam. He's the only companion will the Allahu Anhu his entire family embrace to some will recklessly vehicle all the a lot of time. I know every generation of his family embrace the sun.

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He's the only one in that regard. But who is the last person to embrace a sign from his family?

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His father, his father, of equal halfa or the Allahu taala. And his father was the last person to embrace Islam.

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And it was all the way if that's

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the last years it's Palla, the very last moments and the prophets like some comes on that day of Mecca. And all that kind of study called the Allah and who brings his father abiquo half and he was all great, everything was great. There wasn't a single thing on him not great he could barely move. He was so old, as if Allah azza wa jal delayed him to that moment for the pleasure of Abu Bakr this vehicle will be allowed to Allah and how that will work and we'll see every single member of his family embrace Islam

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and the prophets I seldom even says lo accom to shake our tea now.

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You know, if you would have honored the old man we would have went to him like don't even bring him to give VR to me and the province lights I'm gonna sing total reckless legal on the lawn. I would have gone to his house. You didn't even have to make your father make this trip to come and give back to come and pledge to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So imagine Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Taala and

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this is supposed to be the happiest moment of his life. He's been waiting for his father to embrace Islam. And his father can barely extend his hand to the prophets. I send them to take Bian and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Taala and who starts to weep? Now Subhan Allah, the prophets, like some notable bucket and aboubaker knows him.

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Right? He knows that that's not a happy cry.

00:24:41--> 00:24:46

That's not the cry of joy. That was the cry of the Hizballah. This is the cry of sadness.

00:24:47--> 00:25:00

So the prophets lie some asked him. Why are you crying? Yeah. Beckett, what is it that's making you cry? Right now and I've been agile Rahimullah henries, this is a saga. He says that Abubaker said to the poor

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offered Salam, the anticodon or Yadu, I'm Mika McCann, a ye D. If only it could have been the hand of your uncle in the place of my father's, the hand of your uncle in the place of My Father's Will your slim, where you could rely wearing a hat bow ilium and unicorn,

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if it would have been your uncle jasola, who was like your father of all thought it was like a father to the prophets like Selim, who could have been here in this moment. And you could have been taking the baby out from your uncle Abu Talib, while he sang La Ilaha illa Allah and Allah giving you the coolness of your eyes, Allah so Allah and seeing this moment enjoying this moment with your father, someone who was like a father figure two.

00:25:49--> 00:25:54

He said that would be so much more beloved to me, than my own father's hand being in your hands.

00:25:56--> 00:26:36

Subhan Allah, what a beautiful heart. So it's not just death and mutilation. It's even when Allah blesses us with our moments of purest joy, that we remember that our messenger SallAllahu wasallam did not get to taste the sweetness of all of that in this dunya and that should cause all of us to long for Jen no more. And that is the end of this, that whether you're the persecuted or the one watching the persecuted, whether you're the deprived in this world, or the one who is blessed in this world with all sorts of things opening for you, that all of those things are meant to make you crave Jana more May Allah subhanaw taala unite us with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, with the

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shahada and Allah azza wa jal accept us as shahada and Unitas with the Prophets with the MBR with this vehicle and with the shahada with the Saudi Hoon, or Hassan that will acre Rafi Calama Amin was solid and was on work and Amina Mohammed while he was talking to him and he was still awake.