The second most sinful act which invalidates the fast

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doses IQ, which is the second most serious and sinful act, which invalidates the fast during Ramadan. The second most serious thing that breaks the fast or invalidated the fast, it is masturbation. And this we get from the death of a beloved partner masala solemn, just mentioned in Cebu Howdy. We're number three in the book of fasting, how did number 1894 where the Prophet said that

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unless Mandela said

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that all the deeds of the son of Adam of himself except for fasting it for me and everybody and for the disease that the person he leaves he abstains from eating and drinking and his desires for my sake, Allah says the person abstain from eating, drinking and his desire for my sake, this desire from you ever come to know it includes even masturbation. So, when a person masturbates or ejaculates, whether by touching his wife or looking at his wife or other reason or looking at the woman, and if object relation takes place, then the fast gets invalidated yesterday pinned to a last minute Allah and complete that they are fasting and he should compensate for this fast keep the fast

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later after the minute so, but here there is no fara there is no penalty. Well that penalty is only for a sexual intercourse. Yeah, because intercourse hasn't taken place. There is no penalties will depend make up that first. That first year complete and then make up for the fuss later on.

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But if a person does not ejaculate, and if there is muddy which comes out fluid, then the fall does not break. Similarly, this is the prosthetic foot, the muddy and if the body comes out that is after invasion of white foot, then to the fastest not break. Only thing has to do with a stranger he should watch the private part and do do the file does not break. You can complete the fast and continue the fast