The Most Important Common Term Between Islam and Other Religions in the Belief in only one God

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The foundation

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of the religion of Islam is the belief in one and only sole creator and sustainer. And this creator and sustainer Almighty God is the same for all the human beings. Only if you agree that our Creator sustainer and cherisher. One God is the same, then only can brotherhood be maintained in all religions. And this is the basis of all the religions.

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Religion, according to Oxford Dictionary means a belief in a superhuman controlling power, a personal God of gods that deserve worship and obedience. So according to Oxford Dictionary, religion means belief in God. If you understand God, you understand that religion in the right perspective. Quran says in Psalm one chapter three verse number 64 tala Villa Kalimantan Sawa in binary income come to come in terms as pitting us NGO, which is the first term

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Allah Illallah that you worship, none but one Almighty God. So the Quran says let the people of different religions come to common terms what is different, we can discuss tomorrow, let us agree to follow what is common. And one thing common in all the religion is to believe and worship only one God.

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To understand any religion, or to understand the concept of God in a religion, it is not appropriate to try and observe the followers of that religion. Because many a time the followers themselves may not be aware about the religion or the concept of the God and religion.

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The best and the most authentic way of understanding and religion or understanding the concept of God and religion is to try and understand what the authentic scriptures of that religion have to speak about. God