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We know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we are to be best with the ability of loving

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the lover remains true.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek the protection of Allah from the evils ourselves, and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever leads to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that non has the right to be worshipped, but Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today, we are going to deal with a very important and very crucial secret that has to do it has to deal with the heart, something one

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of the most important secrets about the heart. Because people always ask the question, How can I tell what are the signs through which I can tell if my heart is healthy or not?

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How can I tell that my heart is pure on my own my heart or the purity is tarnished with sins and innovations? And this is a very legitimate and very important question. And because the answer to this decides where we are going to spend the rest of our lives, especially in the next life,

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it decides where we are going to dwell eternally. So this is why it's really important to understand the answers to this question. First of all, we say the heart is one of the creatures of Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. It's like any other creatures like any part of your body in certain respects, for example,

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any part of your body to be able to say that it's healthy, and it's in a good state, as long as this part does its job, the job for which it was created, then this part of the body is healthy, and is sound. Now, if it does not fulfill its duty properly, there is some problem with it, there is some illness, some disease that you have to address. This is a general rule that applies to almost everything in this world, and the heart is no exception. Now,

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what was the heart created for many people would say the heart was created to pump blood to the rest of the body, pump in and pump out

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blood to the rest of the body. Now, this is a very material kind of explanation. That's true. But we don't say this is the duty of the heart. This is actually one of the duties The heart is responsible for. And we, I believe, we've made it quite clear that the heart is also responsible for comprehension, for understanding for decision making. So the real intellect is in the heart. Yes, it has connection with the brain. But the brain is not the center. The brain is not the center, the brain works as a secretary for the heart.

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it executes what the heart commands and what the heart decides. But what is the main theme behind the creation of the heart? What was the heart created, really, for? Now these are duties The heart is supposed to execute or to fulfill. But what about the main reason? The main wisdom behind the creation of the heart? Now this is the question whose answer has been, I can say, most humanity, most of humanity have been misled away from the reality of this answer, because it's the most important question. What was your heart created for? If we asked about the rest of the body, what was for example, your eyes created for people would give you a material answer your eyes are

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created. So they can see they can detect light and vision. And then you interpret that and you see things. You perceive things through your eyes through the Faculty of Science.

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The ears are the same, your hands are created to do physical work, your legs and your feet

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are created so that you can walk. Now this is a very apparent duty. But to say that this is the duty of these parts of the body, this is totally, you know, incomplete and incomplete answer. A mammal, or even one of his books, he said, If you contemplate the creation of human beings, if you contemplate the way your knees were created, the way your joints were put together, the way you were designed as a human being, you would realize that all of these parts of the body were created to help you worship Allah, prostrate, bow, and frustrate before him. That's a deeper insight. That's a deeper insight. And we said, people live their lives, there are different levels of life. Some

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people live only in the material world for them, you know, they've come here, they've been put in this world, just to eat, drink, grow, work, marry, have children, enjoy yourself and then die. This is we said, The animalistic level and the lowest level of life. But there are higher levels of life.

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There is something with a deeper insight with a deeper understanding, more profound understanding.

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that these are things, the physical things, or the material level of life is very inevitable to every human being, you're going to live this life. But there is something deeper than that, which is that you were created for a purpose, the whole world was created for a purpose, and everything serves this purpose. So you have to find out what you were created for especially allies put in the heart, the curiosity and the inquisitive nature that always asks you questions, it pushes you to search for answers. For these questions about the wisdom behind your creation, what's the main theme in this life? And you're supposed to search for the right answers from the right sources?

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So what was the heart created for? Was it only to pump blood? And that's it? No, the heart has been created, as stated by the scholars of Islam. And this is an understanding that you can detect in the Quran and the Sunnah. Your heart has been created, to recognize Allah, to acquire knowledge about Allah, to love Him, to be to dedicate to be dedicated totally for Allah.

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And to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah. This is what the heart was created for. Now, if the heart does not fulfill this duty, or this job, then as if you have no ha, this is what Allah says, In the few that he kind of decried him and Canada. Indeed, in this in the reminders of the Quran, there is a reminder, there's a lesson for anyone who has a heart, is there anyone who doesn't have a heart? Yes. When you don't use your heart, for the main reason for which it was created,

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then you don't have a heart. It's exactly like someone buys a car, in order to use it to go to, you know, to work and come back from work. But every time he parks the car outside his house, his son in law, takes it and drives away, and spends the whole day with his friends. And the father does not really have access to his car. So he doesn't use it to go to work and come back from work. So if someone asked him, Well, what happened to your car? He says, he could answer and this is a normal answer. And no one would argue objected that I don't really have a car, I don't really have a car, he can say. And that's his right to say I don't really have a car. And the same if you for example,

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buy a laptop or a PC, in order to use it for certain a job to do certain work. And then you don't have access to it. Or it doesn't really do the job.

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Because you bought the wrong piece

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of PC or the wrong machine. So it doesn't really help you do your job. So someone asks you, Okay, what about your PC, you say, I don't really have a PC, although you have one, but because it doesn't do the job that was meant for you have the right to say that I don't have one. This is what Allah says that in these reminders there. There is a lesson there's a reminder, for those who have hearts because there are people who don't really have hearts. They physically have hearts. But as long as the heart does not do its job and fulfill its mission, then it's just like being non existent. That's exactly the same

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So the

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main theme and the purpose behind the creation of the heart is that the heart is designed, the heart is meant to acquire knowledge about a lot, and to be totally and fully attached to a lot, to love a lot to fear Allah and to be dedicated totally only for Allah. This is what the heart was created for. And there is an indication in sort of an alphabet this last parameter that says whether it Johanna McAfee Raman engineered and so we have allocated for the Hellfire, huge number of jinn and mankind, human beings, long Balaban life, they have hearts with which they cannot comprehend.

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They don't comprehend with their hearts. So as if they don't have hearts, they don't use their hearts for what they were created nonpotable life for one,

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don't use the hearts for comprehension. What someone might say, well, there are many non Muslims, many disbelievers who have hearts, and they are the most intelligent people so they comprehend.

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But that's not the kind of comprehension the heart was created for. This is what Allah says, they have hearts with which they cannot. They don't comprehend. They cannot comprehend with this heart, they have eyes with which they cannot see. They have ears with which they cannot hear. But we can see physically they see things and they hear sounds. So what does Allah mean? Allah says these people are like animals, actually, they are more misguided than animals. Why? Because they have stoop to the lowest level of life, which is the physical life, material life.

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So they have to that the animals hearts were created, just for certain things, and they do their job. The eyes of animals were created for them just to understand the material world around them what they really need the ears as well, the same, but human beings were given hearts, eyes and ears, in order to fulfill these basic duties, and also to transcend the material limits, to a higher level of life, high level of comprehension, high level of perception, which is to understand through your heart, through your intellect, through your eyes, through what you see through what you hear, understand what everything is why everything has been put together in this way. What's the wisdom

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behind this existence? So you realize, what's the reality of this life? This is why the following verse, Allah Subhana, Allah straightaway says,

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when he left his smartworx has nothing to obey, and to Allah belong, the most beautiful names. So worship Allah, through them, worship Allah by means of them.

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You see, this is the reality. This is why we were created, the names of Allah so beautiful, because they contain the most perfect attributes, the greatness, the might, the power, of a lost penetrated, the overwhelming mercy, the vast knowledge of Allah, the great wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So,

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the heart, the eyes, the ears were all created for that. So if this these purposes are not fulfilled by these faculties, then as if they do not exist, this is a very serious matter that we have to understand. So, if we want to answer the question, is my heart healthy or not? We asked you the question.

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Does your heart fulfill the purpose for which it was created?

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Does it really know a lot? Does it recognize Allah? Does it love a las panatela? More than anything else? Is it so much devoted and dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala to his worship?

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Is it like that or not? If the answer is yes, then insha Allah Your heart is in a good state because it's doing its job. It's not ideal. It's not deficient. It's not malfunctioning, it's functioning well and properly. Yes, there will be some defects, but this is a human thing. So this is the criterion This is the gauge with which are through which we can know if our hearts are healthy or not. Is your heart fulfilling its purpose or the main purpose behind its creation? This is the answer so you can answer your question. You can find the answer yourself. And so we meet another time in Sharla with one of the secrets of the heart so we can benefit from them. I'll leave you in

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peace with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Our hearts dry out for our

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for you.

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far we know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we are to be best