Zahir Mahmood – Racism in our society – 02.11.18

Zahir Mahmood
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No Pakistani has any virtue over any Bengali, no Bengali has any virtue of over any Indian. No Indian has any virtue of any Somalian or any Arab or any African unless you have Taqwa.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah me

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for salatu salam ala CD mursaleen Alana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Woman, Tobia Humbert sign it you know, yo Medina, about respective brothers, elders sister so

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I thought we'll touch on a topic, which really impacts all of us.

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And that is the topic of racism.

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And what is the Islamic perspective on racism?

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out of

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the 6 billion plus people walking on the face of this earth,

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each one of those people, each one of those individuals emanates from one big or one person and that is la salatu salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala states in the Koran.

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He says, Your au and NASA pura bircham alizee Hala Kaku meanness in wahida

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said, O mankind. Fear your Lord, who created all of you? Every single one of you come from one origin, one man and that is ultimately salatu salam.

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And then in another verse, Allah subhanaw taala goes slightly further, and he speaks about people's language. And he says from this His Signs is how to sumati will.

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What work they love el Sinochem el synoptical. Alberni. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that from His Signs is Hello Kusama, what you will earth that he created the heavens and the earth, what they love, it was the Luffy l synthetical. And the differences of your tongues and your languages. What I learned.

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So this is very interesting, because see, this is really what makes the world rich. Not everybody speaks the same language people actually speak a different language. Not only that, from the size of our last panel, Darla is that you can have

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every single person that you know in front of you. And if they spoke and you had your eyes closed, you would recognize that person.

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So a je Allah subhanaw taala not only has given people languages, but he's given him such languages that when they speak, and such, you know, you can differentiate to the degree that if one of your friends was to speak any of your friends were to speak and you had your eyes closed, you would know who that person was. And then Allah Wa Alaikum and Allah subhanho wa Taala has then given you a one, he has given you different colors, different collections. One is not better than the other. This is just for a loss to show last month Allah to show his power and his Padilla. And then in another words our last panel done I'll go slightly further.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you had nurse in Lucknow come in the current

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world jalna CompTIA Oban wakaba elita rafiu in a Chroma come in the light calco it says oh man, we have created all of you You just need to believe as he says to man, oh man, we have created all of you for one male, one female. them and how

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would you Allah come Siobhan wakaba Ella, and then we made you we turned you we created you we made you into shrub means large clans will kabyle you could have it as the meaning of sub clans. Why Allah say Lita, so you may recognize each other, you know, he's from my clan, you're from that clan. That is the only reason Allah subhanho wa Taala has made you such. So let me give you an example. You have 10 children, you name one alley, you name one Muhammad, you name one, man, you name one, Abu Bakar Why do you give them these names for so you may recognize them later.

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So when Allah subhanho wa Taala has made you different clients, different tribes. The only reason he's done this is so that you recognize each other. Not that one clan is better than the other or the other one is less no because you may recognize each other and then

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Allah subhanaw taala says right at the end of this verse in a coma come in the light kakum But remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't look at your bank balance. Allah subhana wa Taala doesn't look at, you know the cars or the house that you live in, or your looks, because these are all from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah says in a chemical in the light at koco.

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The most honorable in the eyes of Allah is the one who has the greatest taqwa The one who is the most God conscious, he is the most honorable in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You may not have a penny to your name.

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But in the eyes of Allah, you are honorable, because you are a person who is God fearing God conscious. Now, if you look into the the history of racism, it's very interesting. Who was the first racist ever?

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The first race is ever was shipbob

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala created our de molay salatu salam, and he said to shaytani set the Shipman bow to the Malays, lat slum. What was his first Joomla was his first statement, he says, and I mean, who said I'm better than him? Hello, Dr. Nieman naryn wahala COVID-19. He said, I look at his Swan Allah. This first statement is I am better than him. He's in janma.

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Imagine this, imagine this. He's in Jannah. He's standing in front of Allah. And Allah is telling shaitaan, Prostrate to Adam. And he said, I'm better than him.

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And this is the very interesting thing. Why? Because he every group, every tribe, every nation, every goal has this amazing ability to justify to themselves that they're better than the other.

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Every single one.

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You will see them sitting in groups, and they are somehow you know, the chosen people from Allah subhanaw taala. So sure, Tom says,

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I can't do it. The reason is, because I'm better than and it's very interesting. What's the second segment? It says her luck, Tony may now

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or her luck, the human theme. He's saying, look, you created me. So he said the meeting Allah You're the one who created me. But somehow his warped perception of reality made him justify to himself that although Allah you made me I'm still better than him.

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I am still better than him. So then, so they say that the first racist ever was shut down. There was no racist before shit done. And really, you know, you look at the evil nature of racism. One life, I think is the greatest plague which is ever one of the greatest plagues, which has plagued this ummah. Even if you don't move to racism, you look at this ethnicity, how people, they're the same ethnicity, but how divided there. So approximately in the world today, there is approximately 366 million Arabs.

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In the Arab countries 366 million or two gather, they say there's approximately 384 million Arabs 22 countries in the world are Arab countries, same ethnicity, same language, same religion, and you look how they divided.

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You speak the exactly same language. You have the same ethnicity. You have the same religion. But look how they divided from the Gulf states to North Africa. They all have stereotypes regarding each other.

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You know, the monster bees, the Moroccans are like this. The gold fees are like this. And this is Pamela the E and this is the same ethnicity. Imagine when you go into wider combs and wider nations, then imagine the sickness of racism. And the amazing thing about the progress of La la la wa sallam was that he bought this armor together. There is no man in history. Who ever eradicated last week I said there was no man in history wherever eradicated. Alcohol, besides the Messenger of Allah will lie there was no man in history who eradicated racism like the prophet SAW like

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you had the people of the same ethnicity in the time of the Prophet salaallah slaves of the house and the hustle that you have a Medina house was a brother, and cousin It was his they were two brothers.

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They children they lived in Medina, the children ended up fighting killing each other.

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The woman is Allah Allah wa salam came to Medina and he made the oath and the husband he made the brothers he

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bought the hearts together. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran for years for decades, these people had been killing each other

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and allows $1 record in the Quran. Allah says what's good, what's good, Allah, Allah with good to other and for Allah bainer kulu.

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Juana it says to the ultimate cause, he said, Remember the favor of a lot upon you, when you were enemies of each other and Allah autoharp together, Allah and that Allah made you brothers. This was amazing. He bought the house and the husbands together not only that, those

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who were the lowest in society who are nobodies in society, you know, today, we have no slavery.

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There's no Muslims who are slaves. But we still look down on other people, just because we somehow deem ourselves to be better than them for one reason. Oh, they're on a lower cost. They've have a lower home than us, therefore we look down upon them. There was no there's no sleeves. The problem is our last miracle was that he made those people who are the slaves equal to those who are from

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below are the Allahu anhu.

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Look at beloved slave, you know, when in those times if you are born a slave, you live the slave you die this leaf that's all it was, beloved was a slave one of the things that the people the machine said to the professor last summer, they said, Look, we are ready to accept your message we'll accept it. But one condition we don't want to sit with these slaves. We don't want to sit with these people of lower caste. But if you remove these people then we will sit with you Boris Allah Salaam did accept it because Allah was not ready to accept it.

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Below the Messenger of Allah saw him being persecuted and the role is Allah Salah went to the Sahaba of the unknown, and he said who will free belong for me?

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So who Abu Bakar as a member of the Alliance, a canister bucket always the first to do good actions. So I'm not going to the alarm send me a message of Allah. So then he goes to may have been helpful and he says to me, you sell me Bilaal. So it may have been harvested I'll send him to you because you're the one who you know corrupted him in the first place. So he says how much he says 10 gold coins.

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So Baccarat goes home he brings 10 Gold cones, you give it to Amelia and we begin to laughs So we're gonna do lots of what's making you laugh. is a by Allah. If you had haggled with me and offered me one gold coin for Bilaal, I would have sold it for one gold coin that's always worth

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the alarm who said Oh, may I swear by Allah. If you had haggled with me, and asked me for 100 gold coins for Bilaal, I would have given you 100 gold coins for Bella.

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This is the best man to walk on the face of this earth after the MBR labx salatu salam.

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He is saying after he buys Bilaal, he would say CD beloved beloved by master

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Papa would say the second best man after the mbls locks on to walk on the face of this earth. He would say, Abubakar say you don't know. Casa de la abubaker is our master and he freed our master. Look from where, from where from being the slave. The prophets, Allah Allah made him to the level of Abu Bakr and Omar are the, the Messenger of Allah never tolerated. Any racism Oh, there are so many generations in this deep. When a Buddha they were having a Matura they're having a discussion and a Buddha. Bernardo de Landa said, I disagree with you, a Buddha. Buddha was an Arab, he looked at Beloved, beloved, was a slave. And he said, Yeah, Vanessa, Vanessa, are you son of a black woman?

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You have you have the audacity to disagree with me. You were a slave yesterday.

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And he went to the province of Allah, Allah He was alone.

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And the province below complained to the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, Allah Buddha, the Buddha, did you say that about his mother?

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Did you say that by his mother's? He said yes on messenger of Allah. He said indicating rafiqul Jamelia. He said, Oh Buddha, you are a man who still has the traits of ignorance. La ilaha illAllah. You are a man who has the state of ignorance. This is not Islam.

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A Buddha walked out of there. He was crying. He went to Bilal he lay in front of Bilaal, he put his cheek on the floor, and he said by a low below, I will not stand from here

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until you put your foot on my cheek. Because you are Kareem and I am this honorable

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beloved began to cry a beloved bent down

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leech kissed him on the cheek and he raised him up. But the message of Allah never tolerated this. And so Pamela you look at this plague haha you know it's amazing those people who believe that we came from apes

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eradicate racism more than those who come from other Malays salatu salam, those who the Messenger of Allah you know spoke about this issue day in day it the best of Allah you know he instilled in the Sahaba but of the Allah I know that everybody is equal in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala the various Allah Allah was set to this habit, this is how he instilled it. He said to the Sahaba the alarm said Allah has removed from you that you boast about your forefathers. And then they said there's only two types of believers. He said, more men or Tolkien, were far, far God fraudulent Chucky, you said there's only two types of people regarding this issue. More men on Tolkien and more

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men who is pious and he will never regard himself better than others of forgery, Shaquille or open transgressor, who is wretched that he regard himself better than other people?

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Only two people in this issue, momentum Tolkien you see today Subhana Allah, people boast about the fact that somehow that they are better than somebody else. How are you better than somebody else? When the criteria used by Allah is taqwa piety? Allah created you in the clan that you belong in? Did you Did anybody create themselves?

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Nobody created themselves. Allah created you that club. Allah created you that nation.

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And you regard yourself better. Let me give you an example.

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How this racism works, and how we get involved in this. You have two nations argue with each other. So let me say let me say, Somali the Pakistanis

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somehow the Somalis can justify to themselves how they have better quality than the Pakistanis. Exactly like shaitaan justified it for himself.

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Somehow the Pakistanis can justify it for themselves, how their qualities are far better than the Somalian. Exactly Rajasthan, Anna Hiram Minho, I'm better than him.

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And then let's go back to Pakistan itself. Karachi can justify how it's better than Lahore, Punjab better than sin and sin better than Punjab.

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You're now in the same country. But now you justifying one province is better than the other province. And if you go into Lahore, the people are Lahore those who belong to this tribe are better than those who belong to this tribe, and belong to this tribe. Why? Because that's the son of shutdown and a halo Minh who somehow you can justify to yourself, but Allah subhanho wa Taala his criteria is this. Allah subhanaw taala. His criteria is taqwa. Nobody is better than anybody else. The Messenger of Allah in His most famous ever, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood on the day of arafah there is no hope tomorrow in the life of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah was a little

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more popular than this well known than this. It was his final major hookah that he gave in his life. There were approximately a two up to 140,000 Sahaba standing there, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said in Arabic Why?

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What about why he said your Lord is one.

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Your father Adam is one. Love for the lolly, Arabic Allah jabeen whether they are jahmene Allah Allah bien

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Allah Allah, Allah taqwa. He stood on the mountain on the day of arafah, the largest audience that he ever had in his life, and the province of La Sallam said, your note is one.

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Your father is one.

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I am telling you today. For you Arabs, there is no virtue over the non Arabs and your non Arabs there is no virtue for over the Arabs.

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And for you white there is no virtue over the black and for you black there is no virtue over the white, elaborate taqwa unless you have Taqwa and I am telling you today, no Pakistani has any virtue over any Bengali, no Bengali has any virtue of over any Indian. No Indian has any virtue of any smiling or any Arab or any African unless you have Taqwa that is the criteria which are

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Lost Planet Allah used, the next time you decide to look down on somebody, because of the race that they belong to, or the color of the skin that they belong to. Because for some deluded perception, you have adopted the criteria, the chaos and the analogy of shape. Then let me tell you one line, when you judge a person by this color of the skin, you are taking no mistakes out of that person because he didn't create himself. Allah created him. You take your mistakes out of Allah, you do a better job than Allah. Now when

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you look at somebody's tribe, you look at the world today. Look at the Muslim world today.

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Look, I was broken look is how is torn because of this issue of racism.

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How is split, how you massage it? How you organizations, now even in the US, even in in the West,

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and you are meant to be an oma and you speak about the glory times you give examples of Bilaal and your life is totally contrary to biller, you give an example aboubaker and your lives are totally configurable. Baka you give an example of the teaching on the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and your life is totally contrary to that. It has nothing to do with the teaching of the prophets Allah Salaam, you know, in the time, this is how well

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the message of Allah eradicated racism after his time. It was just a hobby call, oh, by the time the assignment or the law, he was African in origin.

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So a lot of the hours in the time

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with the governor of Egypt, he sent a bother to an assignment to speak to my focus.

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Naco case was the leader of Egypt. So about him the summit and he sent another 10 Sahaba tends to happen Futaba in they go enter and avoid an assignment moves forward. Mako case was a racist, because racism was the norm at that time, because the vast majority of slaves were from the African peninsula at that time.

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So he said Who is this said this is our leader. He said, I refuse

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to speak to a black man.

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The rest who many of whom were Arabs, they said you will only speak to him. Because he's the best indeed, La Ilaha criteria, the best indeed, said he is the best indeed. He is the most knowledgeable and is right. And his opinion is the best. McConkey says this is a How could you make a black man your leader?

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They said because he's the best from amongst us.

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them or coworkers or eventually agreed and obey them the assignment or the law and who said to him, he said You You You think I'm black. He said I have 1000 men in the tents, and in my army were blacker than I am.

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And he said, I'm an old man now. But let me tell you, this black man will take 100 of your men anytime.

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This is look House of harmala from the province of La la la wasallam changed.

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You know how people perceive reality, how the Sahaba they became one, they became an oma and look how we have broken this.

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How we are exploited on a daily basis because of our racism. And this happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when they were returning from a battle, what happened is what they were returning from a battle. And one of the I'm sorry, he one of the muhajir he kicked one of the Tsar on the backside. So maybe just started from a joke.

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But then, you know, some jokes, they get serious. So the muhajir began to say, oh, how'd you come and help me?

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And the answer said I'm sorry, come and help me.

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And the barbarism Allah Alayhi Salaam came running out and then he mentioned he was he was pulling his cloak behind him. And he said this is the call of giant Leah.

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This is the call of jahi. Leah, how could you even call toward your people?

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And then there was there because many of them are Manasa T. They wanted to exploit the situation

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and an ability to badness to lose the leader of the minority. He said he said when we go back to Medina, LAN Rajaratnam Ll modality regenda

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so when we returned to Medina, the Honorable the unsolved, who they weren't solved, the answer will boot out the Maha Joon then he says some in kalburgi echo look. He said you make your dog fat one day we'll eat what you meant was that these I'm sorry, I had the muhajirs

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They came to us we took them in now today they become fat like your dog now they want to eat us

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rhodiola went to the province Allah Salah minister message of Allah let me strike at the neck of this prophet Omar was Omar and the province Allah said leave him for people will say Mohammed killed his own.

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But look at this. It's very interesting. Look, people will exploit your weaknesses like I've done live they obey me salute saw an opportunity. Today people will exploit your weaknesses. I asked you well I asked you how many of people will sell out the oma see will sell out other people of the Ummah, other nations if they were given money,

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how many times we see this, a group will come, okay, we'll give you this amount of money. So you separate from the wider body. You move away from the cause. And this is as old as Islam, the exploitation. So brothers, starting back from where finishing where I started

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shaitan justify to himself that he was better than Adam la salatu salam. And what did Allah say to him?

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For which minha

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for encouraging, Allah said to get out of Jannah

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you racist because there is no place for you Here you are, you are shunned. There are no man say from this, they say for those who are racist, there is no place in general.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala through shaitaan out because of his arrogance because he thought that he was better than others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst those, that whatever we do we do it to please Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Allah give us unity melas pantallas stop us from being shallow. You know looking at people's skin looking from where they come from, but have the criteria like the Sahaba had that was good character, God fearing loss, Pantone keepers united dunia reunited in general for those particular vehicles.

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