The Name and Attribute of Allah should be Unique and should Only belong to Him and no one else

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Quran says in Surah chapter number 17 was the 110 COVID de la vida Rahman Al Motta do follow as Moses now say call upon him Allah of a man by whichever name you call upon him. To Him belongs the most beautiful name.

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You can call Allah subhanaw taala by any name, but it should be a beautiful name, it should be a name given by Allah subhana wa Taala it should not conjure up a mental picture and there are no less than 99 different attributes given to Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, or Rahman r Rahim. Al Hakim, Most Merciful, most benevolent, most wise, no less than 99 and the crowning one is Allah

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and this was to Allah belongs to most beautiful name besides Torah, Israel, chapter number 17. Verse 110, is also mentioned in Surah. Raff chapter number seven was femininity and so at the hijab number 20, verse number eight, as well as Surah Al harsher chapter 15, verse number 24 to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names

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and there are certain criteria, as far as the name and attributes of Allah are concerned,

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it should be named given man self. And besides that, it should be a unique name. For example, most of us know that the first man who set foot on the moon, he was Neil Armstrong.

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I have to give an attribute to Neil Armstrong. And if I say that Neil Armstrong is an astronaut

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is Neil Armstrong is an astronaut, but it's not unique. There are 1000s of astronauts, if you reverse it, who's an astronaut? The answer will not be Neil Armstrong, it can be 1000 people.

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If I say Neil Armstrong is an American, there are millions of people who are American, who's an American, you can give a million names. It's not unique belonging to Neil Armstrong alone. So if I have to give a unique attribute to Neil Armstrong, I have to say, Neil Armstrong is the first man who set foot on the moon, if reverse it, who's the first man who set foot on the moon, that applies Neil Armstrong,

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to similar similarly, when you give an attribute to Almighty God, it should be unique.

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If you say Almighty God created a building,

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who can create a building, they can pay 1000 people who can create a building, but if you say He is the Creator,

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or the creator of the universe, who is the creator of the universe, Allah subhanaw taala

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Rahim, Most Merciful, who is the Most Merciful answers only one Allah.

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So that tribute to give and the name you give should be unique and belong only to Allah and no one else.