The Deaf, the Dumb, the Blind, they will not Return to the Path

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Allah says, In the LA policia in Cadiz For verily, Allah has power of all things. And Allah says in Surah chapter 85 was the most 16 that Allah is the doer of all the intentions, whatever he intends you can do, for it does not intending ungodly things like telling a lie, like making a mistake, like forgetting, like doing injustice, like becoming a human being.

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The Quran says in Allah, Allah, Allah Shane caddied For verily, Allah has power over all things. Allah can do whatever you intend, but it does not intend doing ungodly things like making a mistake, like forgetting, like doing injustice, like becoming a human being, that there is an almighty God will not become a human being. And the Quran clearly mentions in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the mighty Sumo Bookman, Moon formula June, the deaf, dumb, the blind, they will not return to the true part.

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A similar message repeated in the Bible and the Gospel of Matthew chapter number 13, verse number 13.

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They see, yet they see not hearing they are not neither do they understand. The famous he repeated in Brigade, book number 10. him number 71 Mantra number four, they see the word yet they see not. Some people hear the word yet they are not all the scriptures, the Quran, the Bible the way they are seeing, seeing they see not hearing they are not needed to understand they are telling clearly that the scriptures are explicitly in clear terms mentioning that Almighty God is one he has got no images worship Him alone yet there are people some Bookman commune formulaire June, the deaf, dumb, blind, they will not come to the true part yering they are not, neither do they understand, regulate

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book number 10 him number 71 worse than before that some see the word yet the other the other word, yet they are not. All the scriptures are saying that the definition of Almighty God is given so explicitly in the major world religions, yet people behave like blind people like deaf people and do not follow the scriptures.