The Biblical Verse I and My Father are One Explained

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My name is Ernesto sables from TI armas. I want to ask is it is inevitable that

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joint entity imi Farah, one, I don't understand

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our GSP explain it to me. The brother has coded a verse of the Bible Gospel of John, chapter number 10, was the mortality Jesus Christ be upon him said, I am my father and I

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know most of the Christian missionaries. They claim because these guys please be upon him said, I am a father of one it means he claimed divinity. To understand the verse you have to know the context.

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If you go earlier Gospel of John Chapter number 10, verse number 23. It says that Jesus can speak be upon him, and third, the temple in Solomon's porch.

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Verse number 24, the Jews surrounded him, and asked him, How long does make us doubt it Thou art the Christ, tell us plainly, was number 25.

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Jesus Christ upon him said, I told you, but you believe it not the work that I do, bear record of my father.

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Most number 26, you do not believe because you do not believe in me, verse number 27.

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My followers, know it me. And believe in Me, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him says in the Gospel of John Chapter number 10, verse number 28. I give them eternal life, and no man can pluck them out of my hand, was number 29. My father is better than all, no man can pluck them out of My Father's hand was number 30. I and my Father oven, one in purpose, not one in person.

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If I say, My father is a doctor, I'm a doctor and my father of one, that means both are doctors. It doesn't mean we have one human being. We are two different human beings. But we have one purpose, like in verse number 20, it says, No man can plug the followers out of my hand. No man can pluck them out of My Father's hand, and my father, Mr. Devon, in purpose, that means the message with Jesus Christ be upon him, what was the message of Almighty God? That does not make him God? And if you say no, it mean the theme. If you read further in the Gospel of John, chapter number 17, verse number 21, Jesus Christ be upon him said, My Father is in Me, and I end it as the apostles, My

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Father is in Me, I'm in the end we all are one, that means that our 14 Gods Father in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, Jesus in the 12 apostles, we become 14 gods, two verses later, Gospel of John Chapter number 17, verse number 23, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him tells the disciples, I am in D, and you are in me. Does it mean that 13 words? No, they have been in purpose. That means they have to deliver the same message of Almighty God, Almighty God sent a messenger Jesus Christ, please be upon him. He tells the apostles you have to carry forward with the same message we have been in purpose. So your one means purpose doesn't mean one in divinity. Hope that answers the question.

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Yes, sir. Brother, do you believe that there is one God? Yes, sir. Do you believe Jesus is God? No. Do you believe Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is the messenger of God Yes. Mashallah, if you believe that the Vanguard, and if you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, that means you're a Muslim.

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Would you like to say it in Arabic?

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Yes, sir. much as anyone forcing you to become a Muslim? No. Are you doing out of your own free will? Yes, sir. Is anyone giving you money? No. Okay, I'll fit in Arabic and you repeat it? I shall do. I shall do. Hola. Hola. ILAHA ilaha IL Allah Illallah what I shall do or I shall you Anna and Mohammed, Mohammed, Abu Abdullah Vasu

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I bear witness I bear witness that, that there is none worthy of worship, there is none worthy of worship except Allah except Allah and I bear witness and I bear witness that that Prophet Muhammad Prophet Muhammad is the messenger is the messenger and servant of Allah and son Masha Allah.

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Like be

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like be

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May almighty God Allah subhanaw taala grant you Jana give you paradise and may give you the best in this world and the hereafter our request you I'd like to give you a translation of the copy of the Quran. You're most welcome to come on the stage.