Why is the Sunnah Prayer of Fajr Better than this world

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wish to pray to God sooner than failure. And remembering the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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fishery, hydro Mina dunia on a fear that the two are kind of solid are better than this wall than everything that can offer. This is the reward of the sooner, let alone the selected font itself. How much how much we want is already person gaining from the very beginning of the day, the day hasn't even started to Pamela

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domina dunia on a fear you might ask, how is the tour guide of selected visual? How is that better than this woven everything that it contains. And he literally the Hadith is saying that these two are God that you will be praying for so long as you are better than this world. And it's gold, and it's silver. And it's jewelry. And it's castles, mansions, houses, cars, whatever it is if you took the entire world, and everything that's in it, these two are God that you prey on going to the better than all of that, you know why? Because this worldly life and everything it contains, it's only temporary. The time you die, everything is finished for you. It won't come with you on the Day

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of Judgment. Whereas the tool of God that you pray, its reward is permanent. It will keep on following you until it's placed on the scale before Allah and then maybe that's the difference for why you enter the paradise. This is why it was better than that. So as you prepare to like have some little vision, make sure that you are cognizant and make sure that you are certain of the fact that there is nothing better you can be doing right now. There is absolutely nothing better you could be doing than offering these tools of sooner and fresher. Don't miss them. Even if you did not have time make them off to solid