Zakir Naik – The Abrogated Verses of the Quran can be Alleged as Contradictions

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A non Muslim sister asks about the cancellation of verses in the Quran and wonders if it can be viewed ascotagious. The representative explains that the cancellation can be viewed as abro god awful, and the translation of "has been revealeded" means that Islam is giving more information and people will not be forgotten. The speaker also discusses disputed statements and references, including inaccurate verse positions and criticizes those who say they cannot pray when explicitly stated.
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I've got a question from a non Muslim sister she's asking a number of verses in the Quran are canceled out by others. Can these not be viewed as in consistencies or contradictions? For example, chapter four verse 15 abrogated by chapter 24 verse two,

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question, the enormous thing, sister that there are some verses of the Quran, which are abrogating or contradicting, it's canceled. So does it mean that how can they be contradiction?

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If you read the Quran, there are no two verses in the Quran which contradict I challenge anyone to point out any two verses in the Quran which contradict Allah says clearly in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 82. Allah says, For Allah, Allah Quran, Allah Karna, meaning the gorilla laughing casita? Do they not consider the Quran with Kay Had it been from anyone besides Allah, there have been many contradictions. Now in the Muslim Ummah, I'm aware, there is a concept of abrogation theory of abrogation, known as mansukh and naskh, based on the verse of the Quran of Surah Baqarah chapter two was the 106 and Surah Al chapter number 16, verse 101, which says, that

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Allah subhana wa Taala does not cause any of his, any of his science to be forgotten. He substitutes it with something better or similar to based on this was, there are many scholars who have propounded the theory of abrogation nust and mansukh. People talking about don't know what is going to take the Quran for the worst will not contradict it, we're not going to do any scholars anything I'm not bother Allah number one. Now if you read the verse of the Quran, you can analyze the verse of the Quran in two ways. One way is that the is talking in the Quran or referring to the earliest scriptures, maybe, Torah, maybe engine, so Allah says, I do not cause any of the ayah the signs of

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Allah the previous was of the previous revelations to be forgotten, but substituted with something better or similar. something better and similar is different.

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Now, if you agree that I had mentioned the word, if I have the Quran, then to have an answer. It means that Allah subhana wa Taala has revealed one verse of the Quran, what was relevant for that time, and after that, he revealed another verse, but that was is not contradicting it is giving more information and the two verses given by the sister of Surah Nisa chapter 415. And renewed chapter number 24 verse number two, though she has a mission the translation and by lossless I know the translation of this verse is not the half of the Quran is our training. It's not half of the Quran. It is practice that I know what questions I'm gonna come to me. So we know the verses Mashallah.

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It's very easy. It's not difficult. You know, the verses and even our children Mashallah do the same. Under Linda Surah Nisa, chapter number four, verse number 15 says that, if anyone is caught in fornication, if any woman is caught in fornication, then keep her

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in custody in house arrest like seclude her until she dies, or Allah ordained something else. And then Sue renewed chapter number 24 verse number two says that as for the for Nikita,

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person who commit fornication,

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give them punishment of 100 lashes.

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Now people will think is there a contradiction? If the first Quranic verse of Surah Nisa chapter 415 said, that put the woman in house arrest and a full stop, then renewed of 100 lashes would contradict, it says that keep them in house until the day or until Allah gives something else. Now for this allows you to options in the Quran for a fornicator this 100 lashes and in the hadith of Bokhari for the adulterer, the punishment is thrown into that. So this was the Quran does say that Allah will give some other punishment later on. If that part wasn't there, there would have been a contradiction. So there is no contradiction. It says that this punishment is temporary.

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Later on Allah will reveal something else. Similarly, there are scholars who have written that there are 1000 verses contradicting some scholars then came to 500 soutien came down to 22 and other scholar came down to five, I verified the 2025 or so I've answered those Arambula and one of them is this,

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what we realize in mansukh and nust what happens that Allah in some prohibitions he has bought in stages, and the best example of use of alcohol. The first verse to be revealed regarding alcohol is Surah Baqarah chapter two, verse 219, where Allah says, In intoxicants, there is loss as well as profit. The loss is more than profit.

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This was of the Quran does not prohibit alcohol. It only says in intoxicating

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There is loss and profit. The loss is more than profit. The next verse to be revealed of prohibition, or Surah Nisa chapter 443, which says that do not pray with your mind before when you're intoxicated do not pray. That means there is a higher degree now, previously did not say it was Haram. It only gives you guidance in intoxicant, loss and profit losses more than profit. Next one is do not pray with your mind before when investigated, you can pray now since a Muslim has to pray five times a day. Indirectly you can have intoxicated the full day and night. Option is not anything you should have. The final prohibition came in from either chapter five verse seven it

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says, Do you live in amanu? Or you believe in animal control my food most certainly intoxicated and gambling, what Anza bowl Islam dedication of stone divination of arrows, Richmond, Emily shaytan, these are Satan and evil. First enable them to abstain from the handbook that you may prosper. You're the final prohibition game. Now when this verse was revealed, barrels of alcohol, intoxicants thrown in the streets of Medina never to be filled again. Then the final haram came. Now if you analyze many people say that the last verse of surah chapter five of sama 90 has overruled Surah Baqarah. Chapter Two was 219 is contradictory. It's not contradicting. It is giving more

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information. The first verse only told you there is loss and profit loss is more even today the verse is applicable. That verse is even correct today. Even in intoxicants today there is loss and profit. We are medical doctors know there is profit, but the loss is more than profit. The next one says, don't pray when you're intoxicated even today that is applicable. today. You cannot pray

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when intoxicated. But the last final prohibition doesn't contradict it encompasses. For example, I say that I live in UK.

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Fine. Then next day I say I live in London. Third, I say I live in Harrow a moment I say hello, London and UK is understood.

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But my first answer I live in UK was a general answer. Then more specific, I live in London. When I say live in Harrow, it is more specific. It's not continuity, my first answer. So the last preparation that I called is prohibited is not contradicting that in intoxicants there is loss and profit. It is yet there. It's not continued. Chapter Four, verse 43, that you cannot pray when your mind is before when intoxicated. So this means there is more information, the last verse of the Quran, if you follow that, the earlier two is automatically followed. It's understood. So therefore according to me, and according to Allah subhanaw taala. There is not a single contradiction in the

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Quran. If there were any contradictions, this book cannot be the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So I disagree with anyone let him be the greatest color in the world. And I challenge anyone, whether Muslim or non Muslim to point out the single contradictions of Iran. They will never do it and never will be able to do it.

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