How to Educate the Extremist to Follow the Quran and Sunnah

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AI: Summary © The head of a pharmaceutical company discusses his hopes to educate extremists and their use of the Quran, as well as his involvement in the political process and the use of language and symbols to signal extremists. He emphasizes the importance of protecting people's lives and criticizes the actions of some people in London.
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Assalamu aleikum. Mr. Chairman, brother, Nick, I will explain who I am. But first, thank you very much for your talk. And just let you know that you and Ahmed deedat are always in my prayers I will always make up for you. And when it comes to public speaking, I always try to emulate you and that Medina has helped with the Dow. My name is Hassan. I am a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company. I'm also involved in the political process. I stood for Parliament last year, and inshallah I plan to go further in my career. My question is relating to educating extremist extremist use. There is one organization headed by a well known scholar who branded myself

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as a carfare and other Muslims who got involved in politics. As coffees, they use a Quranic verse, which says that if anyone legislates other than Allah, then he becomes a carfare. They use these Quranic verses, they also glorified the 911 attacks. The question to you, Dr. Nick is how do we educate these extremists who claim to follow the Quran? And the Sunnah was a question that is extremist and the head of an organization who has labeled him coffee. They will verify the bombing and suicide bombing even 911. So how do we educate these extremists? See if we're talking about Muslim extremist, then whether I call myself a Muslim extremist. I'm extremely kind. I'm extremely

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honest. I'm extremely just, I'm extremely merciful.

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What's wrong in being extremely kind? Quran says, be extremely honest, I can be partly honest. So I'm an extremist Muslim.

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We don't have to go with the label the Western media puts.

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When they asked me I said, Yes, I'm an extremist, extremely honest, extremely kind, extremely, just extremely muscular, extremely kind words wrong.

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And no Muslim can tell me that being extremely honest, is wrong. The other people are partly honest, partly just so what we have to do that if you're an extremist Muslim, every Muslim should be an extremist, but extremist in the right direction, not in the wrong direction. We can be extremely unjust, extremely dishonest. So if the media is telling that there are some Muslims extremists, I say every Muslim should be an extremist, every Muslim shouldn't be a fundamentalist. If you are not a fundamentalist Muslim, then you're not a good Muslim, you know, a practicing Muslim. So what the media gives labels on us vegan apologists are more fundamentalist, I'm not an extremist. So I'm an

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extremist, what you may be talking about fanatics, the difference between a fanatic and an extremist now, I don't know who you're talking about, whether x y Zed, so my answer may be applicable to that person may not be but our beloved prophet masala Sallam said that if any Muslim, cause any other Muslim or coffee, then that comes back to him.

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That means he becomes a cafe who said a beloved prophet masala. So if you are a Muslim, and if someone calls you a coffee, the person calling you becomes a coffee masala

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unless you have done act of poof, which you can really prove it, etc. Otherwise, the coffee comes back to him come into the question, then how can we educate those people who glorify these attacks 911 London bombing etc. Allah says in the Quran in surah majda chapter number five verse number 32. If anyone kills any other human being, unless it be for murder, or for creating mischief in the land, if any person Muslim or non Muslim kills any other human being Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for creating mischief in the land, it is as though he has killed all of humanity. And if anyone saved any other human being, it is as though he has saved all of humanity. So killing

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any innocent human being is haram. It's prohibited. We know that in 911. And the bombing of the neoprene towers more than 3000 years and people were killed. In London bombing. More than 50 people were killed last year. Just last month in Bombay 11th of July 2006, more than 200 people were killed, killing innocent people from anyone having even little bit knowledge of Islam cannot condone these actions be condemned Haram in Islam.

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but there are many Muslims who have said this, especially in England and USA, in front page, but while putting a full stop there. We also have to condemn the 1000s of people have been killed in Afghanistan. The 1000s of people have been killed in Iraq, the 1000s of people have killed in Bosnia in Gujarat.

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Why do we stop there?

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When asked about in America, then why would you full stop but exactly the situation is such we can continue

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what is it what are you afraid of? I live in Bombay Mashallah. A city and a country which we know that the life is in danger, but Allah Masha Allah

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To protect me, and I'm vanilla.

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And why do you put a full stop isn't a full stop? why more people have been killed in Afghanistan in London? More people have been killed in Iraq. weapons of mass destruction. Did you find it? No. So why so why are you keeping quiet? Who are you afraid of?

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Why? in the same breath, we have to condemn it. No other time is not right. All the time is not right. So we have to realize what is wrong has to be condemned. What happened in Gujarat has to be condemned. And if the people were responsible for any evil act, if you catch that person and punish him, no problem, you can't get into sin person. If someone has killed in Gujarat, you do a bomb loss in Bombay. Why? Because the same community Islam doesn't permit that. Imagine those innocent people who have been killed in the bomb loss in Bombay, or London or New York, those innocent people, their relatives, they'll become permanent enemies of those people who have done this. Yet, the British

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government has not found out who did the random bomb blast. Yet no one knows who did the bomb, a bomb blast. I'm not telling you Muslims or any anyone who has done it, whether Muslim or non Muslim has to be condemned.

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A true Muslim,

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a true Muslim, who believe that submits a will to Allah will never do that. If someone is caught with a Muslim name, he may be a pseudo Muslim. May having a name of the last stanza care, Mama, that's a different question. If it happens to be whether either Muslim or non Muslim, he has to be condemned. If suppose Imagine, if suppose certain Muslims it is right, the relatives of the 1000s of innocent people who have been killed, they'll become permanent enemies of Islam. How can we condone it? It's Haram. What wrong? Have they done? What wrong half the people who are traveling in the trains in Mumbai have done the people who are there in the marketplace, or in the tube as Obama took

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place in London? What wrong they do? If you really can catch the culprit and punish him No problem, do it. If you can't do it, then don't kill innocent people. If someone does not agree with that, and I gave a talk if terrorism, a Muslim monopoly in Birmingham, anything. And then I've told that if you go to the US cite US Department of Justice on info please. If you go on that site, there are many terrorist organizations, more than 50% of Muslims, out of which olfa India has been 749 attacks in the last 16 years more than any other organization that organizations are mentioned there. Why?

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Other guys as mentioned 28 attacks or suspects, none proved

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olfa 749 attacks, all proven, that is not the underside. These acts should be condemned. We cannot kill innocent people. So you have to realize that whoever's telling that these acts are correct. They are totally against the peninsula. Ask them for proof, no veto currency if the culprit is caught, and if he's punished, that's fine, but you can't kill innocent people. Thank you very much.