Suzan Asks , “Quran Mentions that One of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad (p) gave him Poison.”

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Brother, I'm Susan and my Bible student. And my question is, in your lecture you said that, about the death of the prophets and in that Moses and Mohammed are often natural there. And I came across the Quran that Muhammad was given poison from one of his wife, and she gives in such a way that if he is the right Prophet, he must be able to discern that he's been given that poison. sister said that I said, Prophet moment of the natural that peace be upon him, but she knows that the Quran mentioned that one of his wives gave poison.

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Sister years the Quran, I challenge you to show any of us in the Quran, we say that one of his words give poison.

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Nowhere does the Quran say is poison. There is no such verse like that. Maybe where you're getting this from check your source. Whoever told you ask him for proof. See, whatever I said sister I gave references chapter number was number chapter number was number chapter number was number. I quoted the name of Prophet mama source in the Vedas, I can again repeat in Hindu scriptures, Christian scriptures, I gave references so that you can go home and check if you think I'm pulling a fast one. You can go and check where is the reference, I challenge you to show me in anywhere in the Quran. In any one of the 114 sutras. Nobody's mentioned someone is misleading you sister hook down. So the

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