Surah Al Ikhlaas – The Touchstone of Theology

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Let's analyze the concept of God in Islam.

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The best reply that any person can give you regarding the concept of God in Islam is quote to you through a class. Chapman 112 was number one to four we save all haula who

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say he's allowed one and only allow summon Allah, the absolute and eternal

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love mula. mula mula. The biggest not noisy forgotten wollombi aku. loco fanad, there is nothing like him. This is a full length definition

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of Almighty God of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Any person saying that is Almighty God, if that person fits in the fall and definition, we Muslims have got no objection and accepting that person as Almighty God.

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The first is Paul walau. say he's Allah one and only. Second is Allah ha summit. Allah the app switcher eternal. Third is la Millett, Allah mula. He begins not noisy forgotten.

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And the fourth is, while I'm your co loco fun fanad and there is nothing like him.

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This for a class, Chapter 112

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is the touchstone of theology. To means God lodgy means study for a class, Chapter 112 of the Glorious Quran is the touchstone of theology, anyone claiming to be Almighty God, if that candidate fits in the fall and definition, we accept him to be Almighty God.

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And for the universal better to prevail, it's compulsory that you believe and worship only one Almighty God. So anyone claiming to Almighty God, if that person fits in the fall and definition, we have no objection in accepting that candidate as Almighty God.

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You know, there are many people who claimed to be Almighty God, let's analyze whether they passed the test or not. And one among such person is Bhagwan Rajneesh. You know, there are some people who claim that your Almighty God

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during one of my lectures in the question answer time

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there was

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a Hindu friend of ours, who told that the Hindus don't believe in biguanides dish Ascot. I told him, I do agree. And I've read the Hindu scriptures. Nowhere does the Hindu scriptures say that Bhagwan Rajneesh is God, what I said some people

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say that Bhagwan Rajneesh God, I know very well that Hinduism doesn't consider Bhagwan Rajneesh to be God.

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Let's analyze the claim of such people who say that Bhagwan Rajneesh Almighty God, the first test is called haula. say he's Allah but it only is Bhagwan Rajneesh one and only.

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We know that there are several human beings who claim to be Almighty God, especially in this country. There are several such people claiming to be called if you want an only,

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but as far as I know, he is one and only. Let's go to the next test. Allah Subhan Allah the absolute eternal was Bhagwan Rajneesh absolutely internal. We know from his biography that you are suffering from trauma from chronic backache from diabetes mellitus.

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And he says that the American government when they arrested him, they gave him so poisoning. Imagine Almighty God being so poison.

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The third test is Lumley's, Bala mula, he begets not noisy cotton. And we know from his biography that Rajneesh was born in Madhya Pradesh, he had parents mother and father, who later on became his own disciples. And in the year 1981, Rajneesh goes to America and takes 1000s of Americans for a ride.

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And in the state of Oregon, he starts his own village known as the Rajneesh Purim.

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Later on the American government, they arrest him and put him behind bars. And in 1985, he was deported. He is sent out of the country. He comes back to India in 1985. And the city of Puna. He starts his own center, no show commune. And if you go there, it's mentioned

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on the stone there, that Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho Rajneesh, never born never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December 1931 to the 19th of January 1990. They forgot to mention that he was not given visas to 21 different countries in the world. Imagine Almighty God, he's visiting the earth and required visas

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and the last test while America

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Local fanad there's nothing like him is so stringent that no one besides Allah subhanaw taala Almighty God can pass the moment you can compare Almighty God to anyone in the world to anything in the world. He's not God. For example, if suppose someone says that Almighty God is 1000 times as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know, unfortunately, the person who was given the title, Mr. Universe, the strongest man in the universe. If someone says that Almighty God is 1000 times as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the moment you can compare Almighty God to anything in this world, whether it be honest watchmaker or King Kong, or whether it be 1000 times a million times, the

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moment you can compare Almighty God to anything in this world. He is not Almighty God, what a miracle aka finance, there is nothing like him. This is a full length definition of Almighty God given in the Glorious Quran, which is the touchstone of theology.