Zahir Mahmood – The Sour Reality of Death Which You Are Asleep To

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of death and how it is impossible to judge when one is dying. They also talk about people who do not want to regret and regret the fact that they didn't earn enough money. The speaker emphasizes that everyone should have a natural fit for their partner and family.
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So this is the time this is the time in the hereafter where everything finishes, death is slaughtered. And then a person has these regrets. This is where a person sees with his own eyes,

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then there is nothing after this, there is no morning, there is no evening.

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It's just stretch. There is no end to this.

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And then he thinks, I wish I had spent my time more constructively. But let me tell you about people who in this world

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in this world, when this reality dawns upon you, you don't want that is when you are dying.

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That reality dawns upon you. And earlier the Allah who said, he said that people are asleep. They think they're awake, but they're asleep. Only when they die with their eyes open. Actually, even before that, before that, those people who are dying those people who are leaving the world, what is the greatest regrets?

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What is the greatest regret? regrets? What have the nurses What have the daughter doctors? See, what do they regret the most? None of them. None of them. regret the fact that they didn't earn enough money.

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None of them say I wish I'd done a larger bungee jump. Or wish I'd done this. You know what they do what they do regret?

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And is approximately nine sometimes that five, but nine, six. You know what is number one. I wish I had loved those who are the closest to me more.

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I will when your time's up. When reality dawns upon you, when the curtain is crossed a sender when you note that down the line very soon, a month, a week, a day, you're going you know the regrets. Not one person ever said, I wish I'd earn more money, what you'll see as you do the country, but I say we wish we wish we had showed more. We wish we had spent more time and shown more love to those who are the dearest to us. Today, we take it for granted, isn't it? You're gonna go home.

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And you're gonna do exactly what we do are normally your mother's day, your father's they're your children, they're your wife or your husband that no change.

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But that day,

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that day, when your time's up,

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nobody is gonna say, I wish I had more money.

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Because that's when reality dawns. That's when you know you're doing the you know, there's no tomorrow with your wife, no tomorrow with your children tomorrow with your parents, then reality dawns upon you, and then they say

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that we wish that we had spent more time we should have shown more love to those who are the dearest to it. Because this is should be a natural fitrah of people. The province Allah Salam said hey, Rocco,

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how you

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were and

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he said the best of you are those who are the best to their wives, their families, and I am the best to my family.

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