Riad Ouarzazi – Story of Prophet Ibrahim

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker describes Abraham as a woman who destroyed idols and killed them with a knife. When they tried to kill him, the woman they killed killed him and they threw him into a blazing fire. The woman they killed killed him and they threw him into the fire, leading to a war of pride and evil behavior from the woman.
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I've changed history. I'd like to start with Abraham and he set up

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a young boy, Ibrahim, Abraham, peace be upon him.

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Abraham had a vision.

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Abraham had a mission.

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He had a vision, what was his vision? He did not like the fact that his people were worshipping idols.

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He did not like the fact that his people were worshipping idols. So what did he do? He went and he destroyed those idols.

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When they went, asking us to whom

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destroy their idols, Allah subhana wa tada describes it nicely in the poem and they said, God who submitted your guru whom you know who he bought him.

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They said, We have heard of a boy Fatah further in Arabi in Arabic fetta means shot means a boy. We have heard of a boy by the name of Ibrahim,

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And they tried to kill him.

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They tried to kill him. But look here, ladies and gentlemen.

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The one who harms is a lot. And the one who benefits is a lot.

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What did they do?

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They lit up this place in fire

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for weeks, if not months, leading up this blazing fire. And then they came and they took you blow him and he said and they threw him into the blazing fire. What did the fire do?

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Did the fire Bruni blah him?

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What did Allah say? Or tell the fire?

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So much so that the angels they came one of the angels came to him and he said Oh, Ibrahim. Judy, any health department says law has to be a law when

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a law is sufficient for me. I don't need your help you Angel. I'm only seeking the help of a law.

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And then Allah subhana wa Jalla addressed the fire and said, ya know, corny

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for him or fire be cold and peaceful on Ibrahim, that the fire burn, not the fire didn't burn. Why? Because the fire is nothing but a creation of Allah. It burns with the wind and permission of Allah.

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Ibrahim wanted to start with his son, his smile.

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What he saw the vision to sacrifice his son, he took his son so mad. So that is my said, or father, if you want to slaughter me, if you want to sacrifice me, put my face against the ground. I don't want you to look at me when you slaughter me.

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For if you were to look at my face before slathering you may feel some pity towards me. So I want you to put my face against the ground and slaughter sacrifice me.

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So he did. So he did. And he took the knife and moved

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trying to sacrifice his son.

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Did the knife kill the son?

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No. Why? Because the knife can only kill with the permission and the will of Allah.

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It can only hurt with the will of Allah. It can only Trump with the will of permission of Allah. Nothing can happen if Allah does not willing to happen. If only the Muslims can understand this, if only you and I can understand this, that nothing can happen in this universe without the will and permission of Allah. Not even a single leaf from the tree can fall without the knowledge of Allah. Not even a single rain drop of rain can fall without the wind.

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