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Surah Ikhlaas is the Touch Stone of Theology

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Surah Ikhlaas is the Touch Stone of Theology – the Study of God

Episode Transcript

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It's nearly mentioned the front end for a class. Chapter 112 was the one to four. It says full who allow, say he is allow one and only

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allow summon Allah, the absolute and eternal law mula. mula mula. He gets not noisy forgotten wollombi akula coupon ad, there's nothing like him.

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This is a full line definition of Allah subhana wa Taala of Almighty God given in the Glorious Quran, if any person says so and so candidate is God, if that candidate fits in this full line definition of surah class, we Muslims have got no objection in accepting that candidate as God. The first is called who Allah say he's allowing only second, allow summon Allah, the absolute and eternal amulet. While I'm Mulan, he begets not noisy forgotten, wollombi echo local finance, there's nothing like him. This four line definition of surah class is called as the touchstone of theology. To me is God. Logically study theology means the study of God to a class is the touchstone of

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theology, any person seeing that so and so candidate is God.

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Any person is worshiping any god, put that God to the test of surah class, if he passes the fall and definition of for a class, we Muslims have got no objection in accepting that candidate has got

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the similar message is given in the Bible.

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It's mentioned the Bible in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number six was number four. Moses peace be upon him says, Shema Israel ello Adnan.

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It's the Hebrew quotation, which means your Israel, the Lord, our God, is one God. And when Jesus Christ peace be upon him was asked, which is the first of the commandments. He repeated verbatim what was mentioned by Moses peace be upon him. It's mentioned the Gospel of Mark, chapter number 12, was number 29. Jesus Christ peace be upon him says Shema Israel. Hello, hi not naked, Euro Israel, the Lord. Our God is One Lord.