Salaah is Programming towards Righteousness

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The second pillar of Islam is Salah, and normally people translate Salah into English as players

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to pray, means to beseech to ask for help. I personally don't think that prayer is the correct translation of the Arabic word Salah. Because to pray, Mr beseech to ask for help in our Salah. Besides asking for help from Almighty God,

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we are also

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praising him. At the same time, we are getting benefit from Allah subhanaw taala from Almighty God.

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We are getting guidance that there isn't, I personally prefer calling prayers as a sort of programming towards righteousness.

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For example, if after Surah Fateha

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the Imam may recite Jeremiah chapter number five was some 90 which says yeah, are you a lesbian? Or you believe in the Malcolm role my most certainly intoxicants and gambling, what am Zavala Islam, dedication of stone divination of arrows ritual minimally shaitan these are surgeons handiwork first enable them to abstain from this handiwork during a prosper year we are being programmed we are being guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala. that alcohol is prohibited. Gambling is prohibited. fortunetelling is prohibited. The worship is prohibited. We are being programmed

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towards righteousness.

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah

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chapter number 29 was from 45 to Maria la Camila kitabi waka salata, Edna salata, Nan is

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that recite of what we have revealed to the My inspiration

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and establish regular prayers For verily prayer restrains you from shameful and unjustice. The Quran says that prayer restrains you from shameful and unjustice. Therefore, I prefer calling Salah, rather than prayers as programming towards righteousness, or in layman's terminology, it's called as brainwashing. But normally when you hear the other end, somebody asked Where are going and if you say I'm going for brainwashing, it sounds a bit odd. So I've got no objection if someone uses the English for prayer for the Arabic word Salah, but I had to remind them it is not the proper translation. Similarly, when I say that Allah is the correct word, God is not the appropriate

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translation. But if someone uses God, for Allah when they're speaking to non Muslims, like what I'm doing today, when I use the word God for Allah, I've got no objection, but I like to remind them that God is not the appropriate translation of the Arabic word Allah. Similarly, prayer is not the appropriate translation of the Arabic word salah

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and V Muslims have to offer Salah minimum five times a day. As mentioned the Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 17, verse number 78 and Florida, chapter number 20, verse 230, that we have to offer Salah five times a day, like how for a healthy body, the doctors tell us we should have three meals a day. Similarly, for a spiritual soul. We should offer Salah five times a day.