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Alhamdulillah Muhammad who wants to enter Hornet still fiddle one out with the villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina Woman sejati Medina, manga de la HuFa la medulla woman you'll Dinho for LA Hadiya LA. Watch her do Allah Allah illallah wa ADA Hola, Shadi Cara what a shadow under Mohammed and I will do what a pseudo yeah you Hello Xena I'm an otaku Allahu Akbar. Ducati Walter moto Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah Johanna Soto Cora back como la de Holika comin FC Wahida wahala coming Huzzah. Jaha Weber salmon Houma de Jalan Kathy Iran one is what Allah Allah de Tessa Ilona be here well or ham in hola her Kana either you can rock Eva about my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. We are about to enter

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upon the final 10 And these final 10 days of Ramadan are the most significant and important days of the entire year. There is no parallel to any other timeframe than the 10 nights of Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the customer an oath on these 10 While for God while Ayala national Allah swears by the 10 knights and there is an afterlife amongst scholars which of these will add an actual and one opinion says the last 10 of Ramadan is this well they add an ASHA. And we learn in a famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim that our Isha says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would exert himself in these last 10 Nights, as he would never exert himself throughout the year, can he

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who will actually walk and he would make the most effort in the last 10 that he would not make for the rest of the year. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well It is narrated from my Isha can either the halal Usher once the final 10 entered a higher level, he spent the entire night awake while a Allahu, and he would awaken his wives and family, which stood them at Zara, who and he would tighten his belt and the expression tightened his belt is is a connotation of basically doing hard work, you know, even in English, you're going to tighten up, you're going to make it a very, very tough race to finish up, you're going to put in everything that you have, and some have even

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said that tighten his belt is an expression that indicates that he would not be involved in anything of a physical nature with his family even though it is halal in those days, but the last 10 Nights, even that would be gotten rid of and there's nothing wrong with both interpretations. So the point is in the last 10 nights, the prophets Assam would spend the entire night awake. Now, by the way, I should also narrates that the prophets have never spent the whole night in worship, which means he would spend the night awake but this means he would take breaks he would eat. He never spent the entire night in tahajud without taking a break. But in the last 10 of Ramadan, he would spend most

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of the night into herget most of the night in a bada and of course with breaks and that's really the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu either he was setting him and not only that, but he would awaken his family as well. What a acaba Allahu so he wouldn't even allow his wives or the children of his wives because he had some stepchildren as you know, from his wives, all of them would awaken and they will pray the entire night and therefore it is a sunnah established by our Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them that we as well try our best to stay these nights awaken. Of course, Allah knows our situation. Not all of us can do that for those that have to go to work the next day, but

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no doubt, these are the nights of exertion. These are the nights you give it your max whatever you're able to do. In fact, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala has blessed these nights with perhaps the greatest blessing of time that we have been given as Muslims, and that is Laila to each other. There is no timeframe that is more blessing than the one night of Laylatul Qadr. That is the the pinnacle the queen of all timeframes in the whole year. There is no timeframe that is more blessing and more holy than that one night of lay that will huddle and Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned multiple verses about Layla to the other of them is the beginning of Surah Doohan hammy wolky tabula Mubin in

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Anza. Now houfy Leila Tim MOBA rocketing in Coonan with varying fee how you from Coco Lumina and again, I'm Ramona andina in Kona Morosini Andromeda Mirotic in the homeless semi or the IDM six verses about Laila to other we all jump to sewer to cuddle and that's valid, but we forget in Surah Doohan the first paragraph is all about that.

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either to cuddle. So there are in fact two paragraphs in the Quran about Leila to cover the beginning of surah. Doohan and of course the entire Surah that we have all memorized and that is Surah Al Qaeda. And in the beginning of Surah Doohan, Allah azza wa jal gives the customer an oath by the Magnificent Quran and he said we have revealed this Quran in a blessed and holy night and we are the ones who shall do so. On that night. Every single matter is decided fi hat on the letter to cover you Franco Kulu Ahmed and Hakeem every wise matter is decided Amara Mina and Deena This is our command. This is how we have legislated this is what we're going to do that on lay let's we'll cover

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we will decide all matters. Now of course our scholars say the decision is not made on data to cover but the decision is announced on data to other for the upcoming year and it is announced to the manna to the highest group of angels it is announced to the creation of Allah that is in the upper world that's the angels. So they are told of Allah has covered for the upcoming year, not that Allah azza wa jal will, as they say make up no Allah azza wa jal doesn't make up his mind. Allah knows from eternity what's going to happen, but on Laylatul Qadr the announcements are made the the responsibilities are tasked out to the angels for the upcoming year, as the Ben Abbas said that on

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the little cover, it is possible that a person is preparing his bed, and he doesn't even know that the announcement has come that he shall die that year. As they've been Abbas said, It's possible he's preparing his bed he doesn't even know and on that day, Allah's decision will be announced that so and so will die and he is oblivious because he's not worshiping Allah on that day. So the point is because it is the time of announcement, we should engage in the worship of Allah subhana who went to Allah and Leila to cuddle The Night of Qadr is something that Allah has blessed our Ummah with no previous OMA has been given later to other this is a blessing given only to our Oma. It is mentioned

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in a hadith that is not fully authentic, it has weakness in it, but it shows that the concept is valid. And that is that some of the Sahaba said O Messenger of Allah, the Quran tells us of stories of people that live for 950 years or the previous generations lived for so long. How can we compete with them? When we only have 6070 years? How can we compete when they used to live for so long, and we have such a short period of time. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed the OMA with Laylat will cover that on this night. The worship of one night will give you more than the worship of a full lifetime. We all know 1000 months is more than 83 years, and who amongst us worships at three years.

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Even if we live at three years, one half isn't sleeping and earning money. Another third is in wasting time with this and that we actually actually worship less than 5% of our time. But if we worship on a little cousin, we get a boost or a bonus that is simply unimaginable at three solid years in our lifetime of worship will happen if we worship Allah subhana wa Tada on that one night, and of course Surah de Haan mentions that it will cover and of course soon it will cover mentions later it will cover in Anza now who feel a little further warmer, Adorama Laila to another layer that will call the hieromonk Alpha SHA, Allah mentions the word later to the other three times in

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Surah, two other and whenever Allah repeats a word it signifies. It's important, its blessings. So even the word later to cover or the phrase Laila to cover is mentioned three times in Surah two other and also the phrase one madaraka Man a little cutter, it occurs rarely in the Quran, woman Draka but wherever whenever women Draka occurs, it signifies how great is it and how can you possibly understand how great is it WOMMA Draka what will make you understand what his Laila to other means? It's beyond even the blessing is so big, Allah is asking you won't appreciate it. You will not appreciate Leila to other women other aka Marlena to cuddle and then to give us one

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blessing later to other hieromonk artificial now what does little further mean? What is the meaning of other there are four meanings given in the classical books and all of them are valid all of them are valid. The first meaning of Laila to other father here means the first meaning is significance other even in other languages and all the other means Shannon is a great person of great rank. So Leila took other than night of significance, the night of glory, the night of that is very important. So the one night of the year that is more important than all nights is Leila will cover so the first meaning of Leila to other the night of other night of shotgun the night of

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significance. The second meaning of Leila to cuddle is the same meaning that it is a night of significance but the one who worships Allah will be the

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One who will become significant. So Leila, Takada the night of significance, but now it doesn't apply to the night in the second meaning it applies to the one who worships Allah. You want to become significant in the eyes of Allah, you want to have other in the eyes of Allah you want to raise your ranks, then on this night worship Allah and you will be of those who have other so Laila to other than night to get an upgrade. The night to reraised up, this is a little crowded. The third meaning of other that is mentioned in the books and all of these are valid is that other also means to be tight and restricted. woman could era either here is whoever's risk is constricted, it's

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tight. So it a little harder the night of tightness or constriction. Why is little covered call the night of tightness or restriction because the quantity of angels that come down on that one night makes the entire horizons packed with the angels, there is no space for them. There is no space for the angels. So it is called Les little puzzle. And of course Allah azza wa jal mentions, then as an American to a roof we have all of the angels come down, or we shouldn't say all because some angels do not. But a lot of the angels they come down and Gibreel himself, and Gibreel himself comes down. And this is a very significant point. Because Gibreel is the greatest of all angels, like our

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Prophet system is the greatest of prophets. God is the greatest of angels, and Gibreel no longer visits this earth because there are no more prophets. But there are there's one night that he comes down. There's one night that he comes down, and that is the night of other the entire year God it has no need to come down anymore. There are no more prophets. But the one night that the very angel who communicated with our prophets, Allah Sallam he communicated with, with isa with Jesus with Moses with Abraham with Noah, he communicated with every single prophet, that great angel, the mere witnessing of gibril was given as a miracle to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says he

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has seen our magnificent miracle lucha de Rahman AR Euro bill Cobra means the prophecy some saw God seeing God it was a miracle that the process was given. That angel is coming to Earth on the night of other what have magnificent night and the whole horizons are packed with angels 10 00 am Allah eager to Arroyo via the ignorable him and coolly unburden Salam on here had McLaren fudged the whole night the angels are coming down and so lay that will other the night of no space, the night of jam packed angels. That's what other means. And then the fourth position or opinion of other is the most commonly understood one. And this is the most obvious one as well. That other here is the sixth

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pillar of Eman we believe in other Haida he was shattered he predestination Laila to the other the night of predestination why, because on this particular night of Laila to Qatar, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala announces the color to the angels and so we want to be in the best state hoping that our prayer and our dua will impact our mother. And this is the whole point brothers and sisters, that dua affects other. Our prophets have said, IDF isn't Buddhahood

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nothing changes other other than dua, nothing changes other other than to memorize this hadith, nothing changes other other than dua. So when the cover is announced, we want to be into, we want to be in such depth, we want to be in prayer, because we want to have the best year that's going to come up so we prayed to Allah on that night to give us the best of this world and the next and that is why it is called Laila to other Laila to call that has many specialities many blessings of the blessings that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah for the other number one is that the Quran itself has been revealed on that night that Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that, that hammy and will

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Kitab number mean in Anza now who feel at that in mobile raka we have sent the Quran on a blessed night and therefore it was this night that Allah chose to reveal the Quran to the lower heavens of the blessings of Allah to other is that it is better than an entire month. Allah azza wa jal mentions, as we all know that the worship of Allah on this night is better than 1000 months, how you don't mean elfish ah, and that is at 3.3 years of the blessings of Laylatul Qadr is that Allah has called it the blessing night lay let him MOBA raka Leila Timo baraka and there is no other night in the Quran that has been called annually laid out in mobile raka other than the latest will other and

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bless it here means Mobarak here means Baraka is to extend the usefulness of something is

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To increase the good in something, so it is the blessing at night meaning the worship of one night equals the worship of 80 years. How blessed is it. That's what blessedness is that a small quantity suffices for a large or a small quantity is magnified to a larger amount. So this is the greatest blessing that one night of worship will give you 1000 months. So it is Laila Tim mobile raka of the blessings of this night, as we already mentioned, is that it is the only night that Gibreel added his Salam comes down, and it is reported from one of the setups that he would dress up and he would get ready and wear perfume on Leila to the other. And so his family asked him Why are you dressing

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up so much? And he said, Why would I not dress up? When it is the night that Gibreel is coming? And he might be visiting on on this particular night? How could I not dress up or later to cuddle to basically honor the coming of Djibouti? So this is the night that Jubilee is coming to this world. It is the only night of the year that Gibreel visits. And of course by the way, the meaning of the angels coming and Gibreel coming is that Allah's Mercy is everywhere, because the angels are synonymous with Allah's Mercy ie wherever the angels go, there is Allah's Mercy wherever the angels go, there is Allah's forgiveness. So the angels are everywhere Gibreel is going around this world,

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so we need to prepare for that night and welcome that night. This is of the blessings of Laila to other of the blessings of Laila to cuddle is that Allah subhana wa Tada has characterized Laila to Qatar as being a night of peace, salam, he had them applied for gem Sanam just one noun Salam. This is the night of Sudan. This is the night of peace. Why is there so much peace are Salam on this night, because with the overwhelming presence of the angels, the shayateen cannot do anything on this night. The angels are everywhere. And so there are no evil Shayateen that are going to harm mankind and any evil that takes place is coming from man and not from the west suas of the jinn and

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the evil that might take place on that night. This is coming from the inner nature of some evil men, otherwise, the presence of the angels is everywhere. So Santa, it is going to be peace until the coming of Fudger and of the blessings of Laylatul cuddle is that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that whoever prays the entire night of Laila to other man calm elated and other the Eman and YT sab and ofera Allah Who Mata dama min Thembi, all of his previous sins will be forgiven. And there are only two simple conditions. You stand believing in Allah and wanting Allah's reward. You're not standing to show off, you're not standing to impress people. You're standing because you

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believe in Allah. And you're standing because you believe in what the process that I'm said about later to cuddle. And you're standing because you expect those rewards of being forgiven. Whoever does the simple conditions. Simple for those who make it simple. Man, karma Laila tell Kadri Eban and YT saben who fear Allah humatrope At the moment them and that one night can forgive a lifetime of sins, of the blessings of labor to Qatar as well is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed an entire Surah about Laylatul Qadr Surah terracotta, an entire Surah has been revealed to tell us the blessedness of this night. And that significant that signifies how blessed this night is. And there

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are other blessings as well of Laila to Qatar. And it is authentically narrated that our Prophet Salah Salem in the beginning of Medina, he would perform air takeoff and takeoff means to basically

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put yourself in the masjid and never leave unless you have to leave for the daily routines or for the restaurant if there is no restaurant or to get food. Otherwise, you keep yourself in the messages that are processing and we'll do our tick off for the first 10 nights of Ramadan first and then the next year he moved it to the middle 10 of Ramadan. And then the year after that he said that Djiboutian came to me and told me what I am seeking is in the last 10 So whoever wants to do air takeoff to search for Leila to Qatar, let him do it in the last 10. So Leila two other therefore is in the last 10 nights and this is well known that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to

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how related to the other revelation or could even Ramadan search for Leila to cuddle in the final 10 of Ramadan. So in the beginning of the process, um, did not know he thought it might be the first 10 Then he thought is the second 10 Then God came and said, No, it's in the last 10 So in order to maximize the time, in order to make sure that he caught later to the other, he would, in fact as a regular sunnah basically lock himself up in the masjid. By that I mean, he would stay in the masjid and not stay at home and take off as a sunnah for those who are able to do it and for those who cannot do it

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It's obviously not watch him Whoever is able to do it that is good. Some aroma by the way say that it decaf can also be done for one night, which means that every time we enter the masjid on the last 10 days, we just make the NIA I'm in Attica, there is no timeframe for it to come. Yes, the ideal is 10 but many other must say there is no minimum. So even one night can be a tick off so if we entered the masjid we make the NIA I mean, tick off and when we make the NIA then we better cut back socializing because you have to golf no socializing, tick off you worship your tech off means he basically applied himself to he cut himself off from and applied himself to one thing and what is

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that one thing the worship of Allah, vicar Quran, you know, do whatever but minimal socializing and don't leave unless you need to leave. So going outside of the masjid to get food does not break the article. But going outside for socializing breaks the article so it take off is that which is done in the masjid, it can only be done in the masjid, by the way. And it is a sunnah for those who are able to do it. So the last 10 Nights, as we said, Our Prophet says, and we'll do it together because primarily because he wanted to maximise on finding later to the cover, and we all know as well, that it is not just the last 10 but especially the odd of the last 10 that a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, in the Hadith in Bukhari, that find lay that will cover in the odd, of the last 10 of Ramadan, and so 2123 2527 29 and of these three, in particular, the Final Nights of these three in particular, sorry, over these five nights, in particular, the final night's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, try to find a little cuddle on the 29th and the 27th and the 25th. So then in one Hadith, he narrowed it down even more to those three. And then of those three, the one that has the most probability is of course, the night of the 27th. And this is authentically mentioned in one Hadith, in Sahih. Muslim that our process and I'm said later to Qatar is the leader

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of subversion, it is the night of the 27th later to because it is the night of the 27th. Now there's a long discussion in the classical books about which night is later to the other. And in the end, we do not know for sure, but the highest candidate is 27. And after that is 29, and 25. And then after that is all of the odd nights. And then after that is all of the last 10 Nights, And subhanAllah it's only 10 nights and of them, especially five. So if you knew you would get so much reward Wallahi if I told you that somebody is giving $10,000 for somebody who does something every night for 10 Nights, we would all do it, we would all do it $10,000 Is what compared to a lifetime of

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worship. So these are the 10 nights of ibadah. These are the 10 nights we do whatever we can, and no doubt 27 is the greatest candidate. But Wallahi how lazy is the one who only chooses 27 And then does nothing on the other nights? Yes do the most on the 27th. Nobody's saying that, especially if you're working every day. And you can only take one day off, let's say or maybe change your schedule one day, no doubt make that the 27th night that you can worship. But the other nights do whatever you can, whatever you can do to squeeze in extra amount of worship at night, and especially on the odd nights. And by the way, some aroma have said that 27 is the greatest candidate for other reasons

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as well. For example, it is mentioned from Ibn Abbas that he said Allah created seven heavens, and Allah created seven Earths and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala created or made the throw off seven, and he made the sai seven and he made the throwing of the Jamaat seven. And so Laila to Qatar is also on the 27th. So even Abbas, who is the greatest scholar of the Sahaba, he would like be categorical, later to further is on the 27th. But that's an opinion of a companion and we respect it, but it doesn't become the final opinion. Some have even given a very mystical interpretation, nothing wrong with saying it. And that is that if you read surah to other Indians and affiliates call that the

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27th word in Laylatul Qadr is fee her on that night. So it is as if this is a mystical interpretation on the 27th fee here on that night, the 27th word if you counted in Zen, if you count 27, you will get to fee her. This was again, mystical interpretation nonetheless, out of all of the days 27 is indeed the greatest day. And what of course, there's an opinion that must be said as well that some ruler must say later to other changes from year to year. And there seems to be good evidence for this that in one year, it might be the 27th the next year might be the 29th then it might be the 25th So Allah varies it throughout the year so that people show their enthusiasm in

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different Ramadan's different years. And Allah knows best in the end of the day, seriously is 10 nights of those five especially really we should try our best to worship Allah to Allah on all of those nights and what should be done or later to other what should be done on data to other well many things. But all of the standard rituals there's nothing there's nothing unique extra Salah extra vicar extra door

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especially da da related to COVID is of the greatest times of Da charity tried to give charity on digital clutter. Whatever extra you can do Quran recitation, and of course, the queen of all dramas on the other issue says, or messenger of ALLAH, if I happen to find myself worshiping Allah on that night meaning if I'm worshiping on that night, what should I say? And the process of said say, oh, Isha Allahumma in Nica, I flew one to hit bull alpha five one, Allah my Nikka I flew one to hibel Alpha 510 Allah you are the one who erases all sins, and you love to erase all sins, so erase all of my sins. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those who are fasting this month and worshipping

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its nights and who worship on data to other Baraka Allahu Allah. Want to find your way? Yeah, come be my femur. It was decadent. Hakim acordo. Mata Simone was stuffed with a lot of humility, welcome polysatin misdemeanor calls them in first off row in no more affordable.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hello helwa had a had a summit a lady limited. While I'm you that while I'm your caller who phoned ahead whereby you can have everybody squeezed in as much as possible. It's raining outside. So we want people to whatever space you have, especially in the back if you can squeeze in. Brothers and sisters, there are three

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signs for related to color. And it is good to know them. But sometimes we don't see these signs. The point is that we should be aware of these signs of a little other. The first of these signs it is reported in Sahih Muslim that over had been corroborated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them, that of the signs of Laila to the other is that the sun will rise on the next morning without any rays on it last year at a fee. So the sun will rise without any rays on it. And therefore, a lot of people they tried to stay awake till after frigid and they see if the sun is coming out or not. And by the way, these signs their signs. I mean, sometimes you could misread the

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signs sometimes you you don't see them. So they're just you know, you you take some comfort in them, but you don't base your religion on what you think is one of the signs that you've seen, these are signs you should be aware of the first of them that the sun will rise without any bright rays the next morning of the signs of later to clutter, it is reported in Ibn Hosea and muster the reality that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that later to other shall be a moderate night, it's not going to be too hot, it's not going to be too cold. And and the same sign is given in this hadith as well that the sun will rise that in a dull yellow, it's not going to be bright

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with this with the rays coming out. So later to powder is a temperate night. Now, whatever other falls in the summer or in the winter means that particular night will not be as hot or as cold as the ones before and after. So relatively speaking later the weather will be a temperate a cool night is not going to be too hot, it's not going to be too cold relative to the other days of that particular season. And of the third and the final sign of later to further that is mentioned is that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith report in October Ronnie that on that night, no shooting star will be seen, no shooting star will be seen anywhere in the world. So this

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is the third sign that is given of later to the other. And of course, this also makes sense when the angels are everywhere, then there were there is not going to be any shooting star because the Quran tells us the purpose of those stars is to to basically talk to the sheltering, or to get rid of the sheltering. And so the bottom line, these are three symptoms. These are three characteristics if we see them and hamdulillah and we take comfort, if we don't see them, then 100 It doesn't really matter. It doesn't change the fact that there shall be a layer to cover and indeed brothers and sisters, the final point that I mentioned here is that Subhan Allah Look at the beautiful Hadith we

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began this month in with our process and I'm said, the three blessings of Ramadan. Whoever fasts Ramadan with iman and expecting Allah's reward will have all of his sins forgiven. And that's what we're doing every single day. Whoever prays every night of Ramadan shall have his sins forgiven. And then all of the month of prayer and all of the month of fasting. There's one night that does it all as well. Whoever prays on lay that will cover the one night of later to cuddle with Eman and with this out will have all of his sins forgiven. We're now about to enter into into the final 10 Nights. This is the time of the year, the time of the year that our prophets of Allah who I knew he was

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setting them would demonstrate the greatest would exert the most we see the finish line. The first 20 days were meant to get us into the spirit. The first 20 days were meant to get us into the routine. Now we see the finish line and that is when the Sprinter that is when the person who's running he really gets the energy he sees it and he does the most and this is the purpose of having the the

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It also occurred in the last 10 Nights. Unfortunately some Muslims they kind of tire out and by the middle of the month they kind of lose the when they lose their their their their enthusiasm. That's not the point. The point is for the first 20 we get into the spirit for the first 20 we master the fasting, we master the pm now we're up to even a bigger a bigger and a higher level. And that's what's going to happen beginning three nights from now four nights from now we're going to be entering the final 20 The wise person is he or she who takes advantage of that the wise person is the one who realizes Allah knows there's going to be a final later to the other for me, there is

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going to be a final Ramadan for me, let me make this Ramadan, the best Ramadan and the next Ramadan even better, and then the one after that until finally the best Ramadan that I've ever had is the final Ramadan. I am on this world and the only way we can do that is to keep on striving extra every single year. And on that night Dear brothers and sisters realize your other my other is being announced. So let us make dua to Allah on that night in particular, let us be in worship for having the best year for having the best other that's the whole point that we want Allah azza wa jal to see our determination, our dedication, our worship our servitude and that is the spirit of Islam. May

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Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who worship imperfectly Allahumma and NIDA and for aminu, Allah Allah Allah Tada and then if you had the yummy them and in love about Wanda Herman Illa for Raja while our deen and Allah Kobita while I'm on Elektra feta, when I see it on your CELTA Allahumma fildena wali one in a Latina saba COVID-19 Iman Walter Jaffe, regularly Latina Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Hama, Taco Bell cm Anna Allahumma Taco Bell Siyam Anna Allama Taco Bell, Sam Anna Allama Taco Bell km and Allah MOA Phil kinetically yummy and a little cuddle Qadr Allah azza wa jal Kinetica yami Laila to Qatar Allahumma fictionality yami Laila to Qatar Alana Jana

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fi human alpha is in Mira Magica or hamara Haman Allahumma is an Islam old Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allama and Aradhana out Islam on misdemeanor is so infringed he'll have been upset without at minimum fee to be here cool yeah as he is a bad Allah and Allah to Allah Amara, Eminem better be he BNF say within the Malacca the Odyssey was a letter become a U haul moment when M and G were insane for call as an anima in Allah wa eco you saw Luna Allah Nabi yeah you want Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdic or Sudha Mohamed while he was a big marine everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Morbi loudly with so

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anyway tidal Korba while Yun Hanifa fascia it will Moon carry well belly your ego Camilla commentator karoun With Cotulla and now the man of the Kodachrome wash Kuru he has come what are they called? Allahu Akbar wa la masala