Why do some People Abstain from Sins only During Ramadhaan and not after Ramadhaan

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Why do some Muslims abstain from sins only during the month of Ramadan?

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You know, whilst they're fasting

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and after the month of Ramadan in the other 11 months, we see them lying, cheating, stealing, and men doing many of the other terrible sins unfortunately, may Allah protect us from those sins. I mean, why is it so why do those be what possesses these people to do those acts during the 11 months and not this one, the reason is the same as the mission earlier that we should know the objective of fasting, if you know the objective of fasting, inshallah, even after a man is over, the person will get you on the straight path, as I mentioned in my example, that you should know the method of the Act and the objective. So people may know the method, how to eat food, they make a morsel of the

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food, put it in the mouth, masticated, chew it and put it down the throat, the Act, the method, they know very well, that they do in the month of Ramadan. But after that, if someone puts a finger in his throat and vomits out, so that food will not pick a melody, so that what is happening, the main purpose, the objective, they don't know objective is to increase the taqwa to make a person come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, if that if then the mind so even after the month of fasting, if it is gone, yet, the person will be on the straight but because they don't remember the objective from COVID Allah subhanaw taala. And once the sins are forgiven, if you repent truly one of the

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criteria of repentance is that besides saying they would have done is wrong, if no forgiveness stopping it, also saying that he will not do it again. So therefore forgive forgiveness in the right way, they will not go back to the old bad habits. So the follow all these will begin inshallah, even after I'm done goes away, they will be on the straight path for the full year. Like how we have to pray five times a day to be on the straight path. And I'm done once a month is overhauling of the full body, the mind and the soul also, so once a year is sufficient if you know how to do it correctly. Very good answer. And let's hope we can get much closer to a line this month in Sharla.