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AI: Summary © The success of Islam is measured by fame, success, and money. The agenda of Islam includes the legalization of sex and the need for a culture of sex. The importance of finding a culture of sex is emphasized, and avoiding time wasting and bluster are encouraged. The segment also touches on the agenda for women to live in a home and men to be rewarded for their actions.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Allah Al Mustafa, while he was a woman that I'd be happy to meet in my band, dear participants of learn the deen daily. Welcome to the special episode, specially designed for the 10 best days of the days of the ledger.

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The topic assigned to me is success, or deeds, which lead to success. We live in, we live in an amazing time. Everyone wants success. So we get life coaches, we get career coaches, we get peer coaches, we go to universities and do MBAs and

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you know, even when your parents send you to school, they send you to succeed. And they say go study hard so you can become successful go to university, so you become successful, get a good job, so you can become successful and everyone is chasing the success. And no one seems to know what this success looks like.

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to a lot of people success is money. And yet you look at some of the rich people and Allah knows they need help. They are very far from success, they are suffering, and we are no people to judge, but you know, people are going through serious difficulties. So just judging a person by his bank balance is not sufficient the criteria for success, and to others its fame, you know, how many likes do you have on Facebook? How many people follow you. And again, if you were to judge success by this notion of fame alone, you will see that a lot of the famous people in my a lot of blogs, the ease and the burden of all are going through great difficulties in dealing with this with this fame.

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So trying to find this elusive success we go back to what the Creator said and there's no definition better than the one a lot of bullets like I've listened to it My dear brother so that you want and understand and engrave it in your hearts in in your minds. A lot of bluster says listen listen femen zozi hein in every word audiophile janitor.

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Whoever traverses over jahannam whoever is saved from john and Enders, Jana, that person is indeed successful.

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So success, my dear ones,

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is to live a life that would lead you to gentlemen.

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And no one understood this better than the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam no one understood it better than the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you know, I tried to explain through through stories. So, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came to Medina, the inhabitants of the Medina of this Blissett city of Medina, are called the ansara the helpers because they open the houses and their hearts and the doors for the immigrants that came from Africa. And they, you know, they sacrificed everything so Pamela you look at the stories are Sahabi comes from Makkah. And the people of Makkah, the disbelievers of Makkah, took everything from him, they took

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his you know, his animal, his mound, they took his money, they took his kids, they took his wife, they took his wife and he walked through the 450 kilometer desert and in an acute heat alone and he arrives in Madina, munawwara and de la Sol salatu salam, O Allah has just come out of the masjid and he sees this man who he knows from Makkah, you know

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Quraysh of Qureshi from his own tribe and he looks at him and normally when you travel, you know you, you bring luggage and you bring a camel then you bring some money this man is just lone man and you can imagine his lips have cracked in the heat and his feet are blistered. And, and so the lawsuit looks Oliver Toby was Salam O Allah, He goes, so what did you bring? So he says nothing for profit, I lost everything. So the soul said no, you gain gender. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called on Ansari, in you know a citizen of Medina

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says come you are brothers with this Maharaja.

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And I want you to see how the unsought open their hearts and their homes and their lives to the what hospitality they extended to the immigrants that can so he tells them he goes come my brother, look, I have two houses. see which one you like. I will vacate it for you. It is yours. Take it come

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Look, I have two businesses. Look at which one you like, I will hand the keys of that over to you. And to the extent supanova mind boggling, look, I have two wives, look at which one you like I will divorce, wait for her to finish, then marry her. They showed an example of hospitality and not to be surpassed in history. These were the ansara Islam was indebted to them, the companions are indebted to them. And at the same Not only this, when it came time for campaigns and battles that had to be fought, and you know, in the defense of the dean, it was the Assad it was they men and they arms and then you know, Subhana Allah, and the Prophet, watch salatu wa salam, O Allah, and these ansara and

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there are battles there campaigns in Islamic history in which there is not a single muhajir in it. The onslaught he went by himself, finish the job in combat.

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So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is longing for an opportunity, you know, that somehow I should repay the favor somehow I should you know, in the Prophet is was he

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subpanel Han. So he's looking for an opportunity to repay the unsolvable downside, never ask, they never say you know, give me this or give me that. And eventually one day, this blesses individuals the answer or the people of Medina.

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They had a well, which was, you know, outside the city and for the irrigation of the land and feeding of the livestock, they had to go out and get the water it was it was tedious. So a young man had a dazzling idea, legendary idea and he comes and he tells others, he goes, listen, there's an easy solution to this. We go to the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah when we say Rasulullah, make dua, that Allah, Allah is open for us water in the middle of the city, like the same Lord that brought out Zamzam in the middle of Makkah, he will bring out water here in the middle of Medina, you just make the law.

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So they said brilliant idea, all the problems will be solved over you know, there will be ease and so now they enter the masjid in the group. And on their faces, you can see that the government to request the they you know, this, this that light, this little twinkle of, you know, request is gonna come in the lawsuit. The lawsuit knows people so when he looks at them, he tells the people he goes more haben Bill ansara

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glad tidings to the answer. Welcome to the answer.

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Today, whatever they ask me, I will give today, there's nothing they will ask that I will not give. So they heard as they're walking the word of the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, Ali, that whatever we asked today, he will give an all of a sudden the world became too small. Like, everything else wasn't guaranteed that Hamas will ask for this. But now anything in the heavens and earth is guaranteed of the world will cover. If the last rule was to ask for author to turn to gold alpha would have made a foray into gold. So they realize that it's a blank check. Anything we ask it will it will be given? So they

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so they haven't been says, a prophet of Allah give us a moment. So we can discuss.

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So they discuss with one another. And he says, you know, what should we ask? The Prophet has given a blank check. Anything you want will be given. And what do you think they asked for? So they said, Listen, forget about the wealth. Let's ask, let's ask the prophet to ask Allah to forgive us. So they come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Xiao rasulillah ask Allah to forgive us. So total Sood raises his hand, Allah homophilic ansara Oh, Allah forgive the answer. Well, abunda Lancelot and the sons of the Ansari and the children of dancehall, Urbana, Urbana, Illinois, and the children of the children of Ensenada and they shout out and look at the goodness of their hearts

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while my wife Nina Rasulullah, Mamma mia, mama Lena Rasulullah and our servants are prophet of Allah and our servants are also set in their servants. Do you see that they understood that the greatest success is the success of the Acura because they could have asked for anything. What would you have asked for? And they go No, no, I asked what is the real success Thurman's Natty would feel energen netta adfas the one who traverses over jahannam and

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into Jenga. He has succeeded and look at another another Sahabi so that you don't think it's an abstract incident.

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He used to watch the Russell salvato Robbie wasallam. Who are they? They used to see people gathered about him around him during the day they used to come and be at his Becton golden at his service. And at night and it wasn't like our world, you know, there wasn't light. So once darkness came, it was dark. So and then when the lights fell, everyone went to their homes, and he realized that who will serve the law school if he asks for something, he needs something. So you know, without making a fuss, he can sit by the door of the Prophet all night. And he did this one day, two days and

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then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out at night.

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And he saw him sitting.

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So he asked him, What are you doing here this hour? So the man explained the auto salomaa during the day you have everyone at your service? At night, there's no one I thought whatever the Prophet needs something. What if he wants to send something on someone on an errand, there should be someone so I have cabinets that here in the event that you might need something. So this this gesture unspoken, he's just quietly sitting he didn't come knock on the door. If you need me, I'm here.

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He's just seated and look at the class and the hearts. So there are so attached the heart of the prophets of Allah Allah He was Alonso de la Sol says, Sal Tata asked will be granted.

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the good fortune that they lived in a time where they laid eyes on the rustle.

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So he says, and their wisdom dazzles me, you know, we would have asked for a dozen things, just straight one after the other. But he says, Oh Prophet, I need to I need time, let me think about this. So then he comes back, and what do you think he asked for?

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And look at the wisdom. So he says,

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I want more authors to Garfield, Jana, I want your friendship and companionship in general, this is what I can you imagine a normal hour You know,

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being the Companion of the law school in general. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asks him Who told you this? Like what are the things to ask for? So he says, Allah put it in my heart. So then the Russell says, Halas now you make an increase in your sajida as in in your Salah. so that it can ease in the process of my dogs I will make the law to facilitate that you increase your bar in your I bother.

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But my point being that they realized that Furman Zoo they hand in now would

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advise that that that Jenna that is success. And how to get the My dear brothers and sisters How do you secure gender, a lot of people as the says, whoever obeys Allah, and obeys the prophet in the first fosun alima. One minute I love her work, Wallace who the who the

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father was an avid email, whoever obeys a law and obeys the Prophet. Indeed, he has earned the great success as engender meaning, live through this life, living in obedience of Allah, and then the obedience of the law school, do what they said

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to do, they commanded you do it. And they told you don't stay away from it. In that is your agenda in this world, in your agenda in the US era. Understand that gender of this world is the obedience of Allah and the obedience of the Prophet. Anytime you obey and do good, Allah brings peace and tranquility into your heart in your mind. You have clarity of vision and purpose, peace and solace of heart, goodness of your surroundings. And this is Jenna, this is what everyone is seeking in this world. And in the x era, it goes to the real agenda and you get it. But then you ask ourselves, but listen, give us some, you know, tangible things to do. This is 10 days of the ledger. So I found you

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know, looked at another verse and a lot of Blizzard says specifically

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me noon. This is for those that want specific things to do. So Allah says and I'll go through it quickly because my time is he has been very limited. So a lot of blazer says a flat hell me known indeed successful are the believers. So the first thing My dear ones, correct and

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To fix the man the belief in your hearts, make sure that your belief is correct. Make sure it is the belief that online is profit wanted and make sure it is at the level that the desirable to align is profit. So if Lohan may known second and living in a home fee salata him harsher on those who in their Sala they have horseshoe horseshoe is the fear of a lot of Blizzard coupled with his Tao v Min hlr meaning standing Sala, with your heart filled in all and reverence of the master. You know I stand in front of the King of kings and the master of masters, the one who made the sun and the moon and the one whom when I say Alhamdulillah Hello, beloved, I mean, he judged us ohana responds and

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says hamadani Abdi, and you say a Rahmani Raheem in the gentleness of harnesses ethna Ali Abdi fill your heart with that whole show and all when reverence of the master so a man who shoe and then a lot of blazer says when levena whom I need love women are a boon those who avoid silliness you know time wasting this game and that game and this social media and that social media and where it is for hire what Allah has been using it for that hour Allah bless it and increase it for you but where it is just unnecessary time wasting a lot of but as I says avoid time wasting and then a lot of bluster says jealous Aparna when levena home Lisa catify loon and you know i i look at the wording a lot of

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Blizzard doesn't say and those who gives aka he says and those who work for the car, it seems as though it is people are they are people who work to become or to have enough for their own needs, but then also have enough to give extra to people. So they work to be able to give zakah or another translation they work for zeca as in they promote you know they remind people to give zakah they give the car a role model it to people so my dear brothers first of all gives a card and ensure that the people around you are reminded about the cup and ideally become my a lot of blood the honor youth it becomes self sufficient become people that have enough for their own selves and then become

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people who are able to help others make a lot of but as a maker the cause of good for you. And then just quickly a lot of Vanessa says well does he know whom the Fuji him has gone and those who safeguard their chastity Illa Allah as well gee him oma Malika Amer know whom for in the home hi romelu mean, except for the wives and those, you know, others who they have rights over as in you know, they're allowed to exercise their desires with and in that case, there is no blame on them. And when levena home, Liam, Natty him Why did him wrong? Muslims never break your your promise. never break your trust someone gives you $50 to hear or 50 yard or 50 rupees or whatever says

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listen, my brother I am going away look after this for me. Don't even spend that 50 and replace it with another keep that same $50 as the epitome of of trust. So he gave me this one I want even spend this and then reflect the same in the rest of life. So don't break your promise. You know where there's where there's a reason it is different, but ordinarily, and don't betray your trust and those who safeguard the praise.

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Do ones

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organize your day around your Salah not your Salawat around your day

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do you understand organize your day around the praise don't organize the prayers around your day you know so for example fudger comes very early on in summer so you go but work starts at eight o'clock Carlos it's alright of sleeping or wake up at six all pray the Salah like that. No, no, no, my brother. wake up early. Pray your Salah. Do what is the logic and what is you know you're responsible to do organize your day around that might bless you, and then a lot of good exercise. Allah eco home will very soon these people who believe and do these righteous deeds, they are the ones who will inherit what will they inherit and levena uri Sunil Pharaoh those whom free half

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They don't, they will inherit genetic shadows and they will live in eternity when Allah gave me a new engine network for those My dear brothers and sisters May Allah bless you and guide you and guide you and protect you and reward you and increase the likes of you. My a lot of what I accept your TA in your iPad and keep this brother of yours in your door for Allah knows we are in need of Alton Appleton taco has an atom firm in a law

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firm enough to shaytaan odo law and democracy known ability Jabba was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh