Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-008C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 31-34

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the name of certain things and the meaning of them. They stress the need for humility when faced with similar questions, and explain the history of the use of "will" in Islam. They also touch on the concept of a "has" or "has" in a situation, and how it can be used to express one's thoughts. The speakers emphasize the importance of being great in one's life and the value of being great in one's life.
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So let's look at the next idea. Allah subhanaw taala says Why limit Adam l USMA? Akula. And He taught Adam the names, all of them, meaning Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam already Sadam the names of all things. Okay. Now, what are these things? What are these names? What's happening over here? What we can see very clearly is that Allah subhanaw taala gave Adam Alayhis Salam certain knowledge, okay, certain or ill. And this is one of the first blessings that Allah subhanaw taala gave to Adam release and the blessing of the blessing of knowledge. You will notice how other money Salam was given that you know, his spouse later, right, Jana and its foods later, all right. But before any of

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that, Allah subhanaw taala give Adam really Sadam the gift of knowledge. And this shows us the virtue and the importance of knowledge that how it is superior to any other blessing of this life. So why lemma Adam l USMA Akula. Now, with regard to these names, you see, to know the name of something means that first of all, you know what the word is, right. And you also know what the meaning of that word is. Because you cannot know the name of something unless you can make that connection. Like for example, book, what is book, if you see a table, you're not going to call it a book, right? When you see a book you will call it a book. So you know the word and you also know the

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meaning. And the names of different things is what is basically you know, language, because it is through the names of different things that you are able to communicate. So somebody might say that these things were certain things, certain objects, whose names Allah subhanaw taala, taught to Adam or a Salam, some orlimar say that this was actually every single word that ever exists. Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam already his Salam, all languages, all names, all words. Okay? Even like microphone table, every language, every word. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam and he said I'm the names of all things. They need all language, all speech, and this is something we learned in

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Surah, Rama and also our lemma, who will ban that Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam and his sunnah the expression, right? expression. So yes, exactly. Language is not necessarily just socially constructed. No, Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam already Salam, the names, okay. So again, it could be certain things or it could be all languages, all words. Now what happened Sumatra Bahama Island Mala Chica, then he presented those things before the angels Adela is to present to put something before another to display. So Allah subhanaw taala displayed those things before the angels and then for color he said, I'm the only be a smarty hula, he tells me the names of these things in quantum

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Saudi clean if you are truthful, truthful and what? Where's that coming from? Meaning if you were truthful, in your opinion, in your assumption that you are better than this Khalifa. Right? You said that this Khalifa is going to cause corruption on the earth and you glorify and praise Allah. Right? This Khalifa is going to cause bloodshed and you purify yourself for Allah. So basically, what you're saying what you're implying is that you angels are better than this Khalifa. So if you are truthful in your claim, then show that superiority by telling me the names of these things. Now, the angels of course did not know. So they said call us superhuman and they said, Exalted are you Kalu

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Subhanak ya Allah You are Exalted, meaning we glorify you. You are perfect. larell Milena in llama alum Turner, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us in NACA until our lemon Hakeem indeed it is you who is the knowing the wise question, why do the angels glorify Allah over here? They glorify Allah because they did not know the answer. So this means that when a person is asked about something which they don't know, then what should they do? They should say this super Hannah Carla il Milena Illuma Olympian and they should glorify Allah. And secondly, it is said that the angels glorified Allah over here in their response as humility and apology. Any they're expressing

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humility and they're also apologizing that we should not have said what we said

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it right? We should not have asked that question. Because while we are allowed to express wonder and curiosity, etcetera, that's permissible even when it comes to the things that Allah subhanaw taala does. There is a way we should always do that with humility and the angels realize that perhaps the way that they spoke was not humble, it was not appropriate because you're not talking to an equal here you're talking to Allah azza wa jal, who is Knowing of everything who is wise in his actions. So immediately they express humility, and they realize that we were wrong. And they say that we have no knowledge except the knowledge that you have taught us, you truly Oh Allah or Aleem, and Hakeem

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any any knowledge that we have is from you. And you know everything, and you do everything with your wisdom. So Eileen is the one who has all knowledge, and Hakeem is the one who does what he does with hikma. haircalf meme as the root hikma is to put something where it belongs in the way that is appropriate. Okay. So Hakeem is the one who is ever wise, meaning whatever he does, he does it with wisdom. He does it with perfection. And whatever he decides, happens. So in Intel, Arlene will Hakeem. So what happened over here, the angels realize their limitation, the fact that they don't know everything. And Allah is the One who knows everything. Did the angels not know that already? Of

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course, they knew. But sometimes, you know things but you don't apply them at the right place. So when they were put on the spot, and they were asked to name those things, they realized oh, we don't know when the Allah knows will we only have the knowledge which Allah has given us? Allah is ever knowing ever wise. So they realized that Oh, yes, we don't know everything. Kala Yeah, then we'll be home be Esma him. Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh, Adam, now you tell them of their names. So what happened? Adam or Hassan was obedient. Immediately, he informed them for Lama Amba whom be Esma II him when he had informed them of their names. Allah subhanaw taala said Allah lm a Polycom in knee

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RLM labor summer YT will help. Didn't I tell you that I know the unseen of the skies and the earth will RLM will matter. We do know about quantum Dr. Moon and I know what you reveal and what you have concealed. So what's happening over here when Adam Alayhis Salam informed the angels of the names of all of those things, the angels were really impressed. And they realized that Adam has knowledge which we don't, because Allah subhanaw taala has given Adam certain knowledge that he has not given us, right, because if any creature has any superiority, any fumble, it's because Allah subhanaw taala has given that to them. And knowledge is virtuous, right? So either one is said, I'm having

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knowledge which angels don't have demonstrated to the angels, the status, the favor that Allah subhanaw taala was going to bestow upon this new creation, that this new creation is not just going to do evil things. Allah subhanaw taala has favored them with knowledge with privilege, and they're also going to do a lot of good things. So they understood now the wisdom of Allah in appointing this Khalifa on earth. Now, notice here that Allah subhanaw taala didn't just respond to their question with an answer, right? Yes, he gave the answer in the Arlo momella Tarl Aman, I know what you do not know. But then he also demonstrated to them he also showed to them that Adam is not just any

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creature, just anyone know Allah subhanaw taala has blessed him Allah subhanaw taala has given him unique gifts, unique blessings. And look at what Allah subhanaw taala said over here, I love a colloquium in the Ireland labor Summit, you will Oh, didn't I tell you that I know the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth. If Allah knows the Unseen, the hidden things, then of course, he knows the visible things as well. Why is this being said, because look at what's mentioned right after, I know what you reveal and what you have concealed. The angels revealed something, but there's also something that they concealed. Okay, what did they reveal? They express their concern

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about the facade that this new creation will cause on the earth? Right, they expressed that but then there was something that was concealed. There was someone among the angels, who was not

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actually an angel but he was among them because he was supposed to be, you know, apparently very righteous and very obedient and that was IBLEES he was hanging out among the angels. And he was actually jealous, extremely jealous of this human being. And he belittled him and had great contempt for him. So Iblees did not express any of that. Okay, we learned that when Allah subhanaw taala created Adam renesola you know, the just had the body when it was first put together it was left for some time any before the soul was put into the body. So Iblees came to observe the body and you know, looked at it and said that oh, it's hollow from inside. You know, there's a stomach in there

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any there's a way that I am better than him. So Iblees did not express that bliss did not express his jealousy and his contempt for Adam or a sinner. So what are the will matter? We're gonna we're not going to talk too much I know what you reveal and what you have concealed. And the next event that happened the next incident that happened exposed what he believes was concealing what it called Lurleen Mala ik it is Julie Adam. And mentioned when we said to the angels, what it called Nellie melodica when we said to the angels was Julie Adam, prostrate to Adam, make Sajida to Adam. Now why did this happen? This was to expose what was still hidden, right? And this Sajida that the angels

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were commanded to make this such though was a surge the off the heels of greeting of terylene of glorification, not a surge the offeree Bada okay, what is such that everybody has such love your brother is the search that we do when we're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala All right, or for example, someone goes to a grave and they make a search that over there, you know, prostrating the one who is in the grave that's not allowed. But yes, people do these kinds of things or they will make such that to an idol, something like that to another person that may be such that everybody servitude worship and remember that such that is only for Allah subhanaw taala Okay, there is

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another kind of such though which is off the heels of greeting, like you may see, you know, in certain cultures, when people meet each other, before they fight or after they fight, they will, you know, bow before they perform or after they perform, they will bow, right or sometimes people will bow out of terylene you know, to show respect to someone. Okay, now, what's happening over here. First of all, we should know that when the angels are commanded to prostrate to Adam, they're not worshipping Adam, no, they are prostrating in order to show respect to Adam or in order to greet Adam and this is in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala okay, because remember, such that technically,

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is only the right of Allah, we are not supposed to do such that to anyone other than Allah.

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Okay? However, if Allah subhanaw taala tells one of his creatures to make such that to someone. That is what that is obedience to Allah.

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Okay. And that is not mean that now you're worshiping that creation. No, it means that, you know, you're greeting them, but essentially, you're obeying Allah. Think about it. Is it okay to slaughter your child? Is that something that people are allowed to do? No, but Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim Ernie Sam to do that. Right? Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam to do that. So if Ibrahim Hassan were to do that, that would be what obedience to Allah. So remember, what this shows us is that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala can come in, you can instruct his creatures to do anything that he wants, whatever that he wants, it may make sense to us. It may not make sense

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to us, it may be logical, it may not be logical to us, it may seem beneficial, it may seem harmful. That's not the point. The point is, Allah commanded you to do something, and you do it, whatever it is, if the command is coming from Allah, that's all that matters. All right. Secondly, remember, based on this, I do not think that it's okay to do such that to others. Okay, this cannot be generalized. Just as you know, when Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim alayhis salam to slaughter his son, that cannot be generalized. No, that was a specific command given to someone in a specific context relevant to them only. And here also

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When angels are commanded to prostrate to Adam, this is a specific command given in that specific situation which can be generalized, okay? Because the prophets of Allah who are his and unclearly forbade us from making such that to any human being to anyone other than Allah, we were not allowed to do that. So even, you know, for example, after a performance or greeting people, we should not do such the, we should not be bowing before people, this is not something that we're supposed to do. Okay, some more to my explain that this kind of such they'll have to hear of greeting was permitted in previous times, but it's no longer permitted. So for example, in the story of use of RT Sam, we

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learn about how use of arrays Sam, you know, in his dream, he saw the sun, the moon, the stars prostrating to him, and then the interpretation of his dream, you know, when he was on the throne, and his parents and his siblings, all them made such the word such that is used over there, her ruler whose agenda so any that was, again, allowed in previous times, and it's no longer allowed. So to summarize, what do we understand from here, when the angels are frustrating to Adam, they're not worshiping Him, they're actually worshipping Allah. Secondly, while the such though, of greeting may have been allowed previously, it's no longer allowed. We're not allowed to do that. Yes, we should

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not be bowing our heads out of respect to people. Any there is a way of saying the Salaam and that is something that we need to do anyway, for such a duel the angels because they are so obedient to Allah immediately. They're frustrated because they don't disobey Allah, in that IBLEES except a bliss. He did not prostrate. So now what was hidden became exposed and Allah subhanaw taala already knew about it, but it became exposed. So what did they please do? Abba he refused was stuck Bora and he was arrogant to AcademyHealth caffeine and he became of the disbelievers there is a question now who exactly is a bliss? Now a bliss we learned in the Quran is actually a gin. Okay, and gin are a

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distinct they are a separate different creation from the angels into little CalFire 50 We learn for Sergio do Illa IBLEES catamenial Genie, a bliss was from the gin. So the first thing we learned about bliss is that he is a gin not an angel. Okay, secondly inserted out of i A 12 We learned that a bliss is a gin and he said Calacatta Neiman Neron you have created me from fire will Holika woman clean and you have created Adam from clay. So Iblees is not an angel because angels as we learned in Hadith are made of light jinn are made from fire and Adam. Humans are made from clay. So if the angels were commanded to prostrate and Iblees is not an angel, and he did not prostrate. Why is he

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being reprimanded?

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Because even though he's not an angel, he was among the angels. And he was of them, meaning he was with them, and the commands still apply to him. So in total Arafa 12 we learned last panel Tara said Mammon aka Alatus Judah is a multaq. What prevented you from frustrating when I commanded you? Meaning when I commanded you to prostrate? Why did you not prostrate? So Iblees on the external, he pretended to be like the angels I am so obedient to Allah, I worship Allah I glorify and praise Allah, I'm so righteous, I'm so pious, but in reality, he was not like them. So this incident exposed his reality. What did he do about he refused, Abba? This is from Hamza Bahia. And this word

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means to refuse harshly to turn down harshly, or shut down empty now. And you see, sometimes you have to refuse certain things because of a legitimate reason. Right? You're unwell you're not able to do what you've been asked to do. So you say no, but other is to turn down harshly any refuse and why did he refuse because it stuck. Bara? He was arrogant. He didn't have any legitimate excuse. He was arrogant. He thought it was beneath him to prostrate to Adam. He was thinking logically now and as we learn, in total Israel is 61 that when Allah subhanaw taala commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam, all of them frustrated except Iblees IBLEES said best Judo lemon Calacatta cleaner. Shall I

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prostrate to someone whom You created from clay? Why would I prostrate to someone who has been created from clay instead of sod is 76 We learn he said a hydro mineral

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Who I am better than him Kolak Dyneema natten You created me from fire will lock the human clean and you created him from clay. Fire is better than clay. So I should not prostrate to Adam. Whereas if you think about it, clay is actually better than fire fire is destructive and clay, mud soil is so productive, right? It's so cool, and it produces so much benefit. Anyway IBLEES believed himself to be better because of what he was made off. So he was jealous, he was arrogant, what catamenial caffeine and he became of the disbelievers. What does it mean he became of the disbelievers or he was of the disbelievers. So, one interpretation is that he was off the disbelievers already. And

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remember, we learned about hypocrisy, that a person hides disbelief on the inside, and they're trying to deceive Allah on the outside they say we believe so this incident exposed his hidden coffee. His hidden coffee is hidden enmity that he had came out what catamenial caffeine, he was already of the disbelievers and his disbelief came out and what category no caffeine can also mean he became of the disbelievers because you need this incident became a fitna for him. Right and his jealousy and arrogance led him to denial. Now, one thing is you know that we can notice over here is that IBLEES refused and he was arrogant. Now what is the Kabbalah is thick bar is to consider

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oneself to be great, and then to act accordingly to assume that one is great and then to behave accordingly. Now, there's two types of stickball Okay, one type of stickball is that when someone is truly great, okay, they're actually truly great. And intrinsically, and if they express greatness, then that is praiseworthy for them. And this is only for Allah azza wa jal, which is why one of the names of Allah is Al Mata cabbage, I'll cabbies because he is truly great. And if he expresses his greatness that befits Him, because He is worthy of that, whereas the creation, if you think about it, the creation is thick bar does not benefit us. Because if we have any greatness, it's not

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intrinsic, it has been given to us by Allah subhanaw taala he gave it he can take it away. Right? He gives a privilege and he can take it away. And even if he has, you know, for example, if he said that, you know, collect and even now you create me from fire, well, you didn't create yourself from fire, right? Allah is the One who created you. So anything that we have comes from Allah. So this is why cubed is not something that befits the creation. And it's something extremely dangerous. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained that Al Kubra Bata will help wantonness that pride is to reject the truth and to belittle people. And this is exactly what the police did. He rejected the

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truth meaning the Command of Allah which was very clear, right? And he belittled out of money Salam well Academy no caffeine Now Iblees as I mentioned to you earlier, he was a gin who are the gin the gin are another creation of Allah that are also hidden from our eyes Jana same group dream noon noon, we cannot perceive them and remember that there's different kinds of gin. Okay, there's different kinds of gin. There is first of all it bliss and his progeny who are all evil. So in total I have I have 50 We learn ever that we don't know who want to react or who earlier I mean Dooney Well, hula Komodo that do take a bliss and his children as your allies, while the fact is that their

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enemy to you, so there's a bliss and his progeny, they're all evil, and what's their goal to mislead human beings to misguide human beings? Okay? There's other types of gin also, among whom are those who are good those who are righteous and those who are not so intuitive gin is 11 We learned that the gin said we're anomalous highly honed women now Donna Dallek among us are righteous and among us are those who are different surgeon if 14 we learn what nm in NL Muslim una or mineral casiotone that among us are those who surrender and among us are those who are different and if they don't surrender to Allah. So katomina Jin, we learn in Surah Alkaff IBLEES was not an angel. He refused

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over here and he became of those who are disbelievers. And what did he do? He vowed at this point, that he is going to lead people astray.

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Hurry into the hairdryer 32 onwards we learn Allah subhanaw taala as to Bliss Why did you not prostrate? He said I am never going to prostrate to a human being whom You created out of clay from an altered black mud. Any I'm not going to prostrate to someone who has been made from something so despicable Palafox, Raja minha in Nicola Jeem Allah subhanaw taala said get out of here. So indeed you are cursed. We're in our lake Alana Ileana, Dean, you will be cursed until the Day of Judgment. IBLEES said Robbie for a litany Eli Yomi UberX. Assume that Oh my Lord, grant me a delay until the day that people are resurrected meaning let me live and give me freedom until that day, caught up in

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the communal monitoring. So Allah said you have been given respite, meaning you have that freedom. You will live until the Day of Judgment, which is why bliss is still alive, and you will have freedom to do what you want. And what is bliss doing with his freedom. He has vowed to mislead people. And he didn't wait for Adam Arneson them to inhabit the earth. He got to work immediately.

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