Sunnah and Dua During Breaking the Fast

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Did the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam refer to eat? Breaking is fast. It's mentioned the hadith of sadhana without worm number two in the book of fasting Hadith number 2349. It mentioned that Prophet mussel or seldom managed to break a fast is to have fresh dates, first date. And if you did not find fresh date, history of dried dates, and if that wasn't available, he is to have water. So the best is to have fresh date, that is one of the profit. If you can't find fresh date, then you can have dried dates. If you can't find it, then of water. If you can't find water there any food that's available, you can break your fast. And if you can't find any food, or if

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you're midway traveling, then at least you break the fast with the intention you intend in your heart that it broke in the past. And as soon as you find food, you can have it behind Allah hopefully we won't be in that situation. These days. One never knows, Doctor is what's the best thing to announce whilst you're breaking the fast the door or the prayer or any announcement which is specific for breaking the fast. Many Muslims they say many doors before they put the food in the mouth and all these doors that is they have breaking the fast most of them they are very for their unauthentic the model the authentic door while breaking the fast is of soon enough without volume

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number to book a fasting Hadid number 2350 in which the Prophet decided just mentioned zabba sama what the lady ruku What's about the ledger inshallah, which means that the thirst has been quenched, the wane have been boyfriend.

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And the reward is certain.

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If allowables now, don't just do as attending some of them here this dua before they put their foot in their mouth. Before the break the fast which by meaning itself doesn't make sense. This device is supposed to be said after you put the food in the mouth.

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The right thing is before you put the food in the mouth, you're facing Bismillah there was a practice of a beloved professor of film and after he ate the dates and water I ate food and had water then the Diwan makes sense as harbor sama, wapella Dooku waterbottle inshallah, which means, my thirst has been quenched only when you have water again it has been quenched. How can you say this? Well before you break the fast only after you break the fast and you had dates and you had the fruit. So you had the food and then you had water and you say that my thirst had been quenched and my veins moistened and the reward is certain inshallah, and there are various other added upload

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problems so seldom, so I started the dua immediately before bringing the first say Bismillah. And after breaking when your thirst is quenched, you're free to do but there are other Hadith. It's mentioned in every major volume number 300 number 17522. The Beloved Prophet said that the dua of three people are never unanswered, with the always answered, that is the dua the supplication of adjust ruler, and Imam, the dua of a person who fast until big fast and the door often oppressed. The same message repeated in every major volume number three, how did number 1753 that a person who fast is due I accepted when he breaks as fast? So before breaking the fast you can do any do all you

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can pray to Allah subhanaw taala your own language in the Arabic ribbon Athena feduni hasna TOEFL webinar any way you can ask them Allah ask for forgiveness, after supplication. Whatever you feel, you can ask. This is the best time before breaking the fast