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Brother Ahmed from our own community asks, and he came to me personally. So this is a question I'm not doing from email this from our own community. He says that of late, more and more Muslim families are beginning to acquire dogs as pets. And they say that it is allowed in some schools of law. So is this true? And is there any concession? And he says that how do we answer when our children say, why would the Shetty prohibit owning a cute little puppy? Okay, so what do we say to our children in this regard?

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So no doubt, this is a very interesting question. It has been discussed in our books since the beginning of you know, scholarship. And it also shows us the differences of cultures because I speak for most of us above the age of I think 3035 where we are accustomed to culturally looked down upon dogs, I have never in my life, wanted to touch a dog. I have never went to to pet a dog. Every time I see a dog, I turn around and go the other way. I have no desire to interact with dogs. And I think most of us from that generation and older are of the same way even though I was born here, but still, I'm kind of sorta called the old vibe if you like. But our own children are saying they're

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the cutest creatures. I don't think they're cute, but our kids do. Our children are saying why can't we have puppies? Why can't we have dogs, right? It's a cultural difference that we need to take into consideration. Now there's no doubt that culture sometimes plays a role. There is one of the Maxim's of 55th on earth for more haccombe that are for culture plays a role, but culture only plays a role where the Shetty is silent. When the Shetty has explicit matters then culture is put aside right. So the Shetty obviously the Quran and Sunnah where it is explicit, then we do not so sometimes culturally speaking certain cultures might think certain animals to be beautiful other animals to be

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ugly. That's not a problem no problem. But if the Shetty comes and says certain animal is haram, certain animal is nudges that changes the entire paradigm. So does the Shetty say explicitly these types of issues and what is this controversy? What exactly do our roadmap say? So this will be a fairly any detail but still, I always have to make the disclaimer it's still intermediate level but it's not advanced level but it will be a fairly detailed lecture about this issue. By the way, just out with Yanni FYI, you know your own curiosity. A number of books were written by our tradition about dogs. One of them has been translated to English and it is a very interesting book it was

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written by one of the judges of ancient Isfahan Abdurrahman even early Eben model zoo van and it is entitled guitar boo FOB Lil killaby Isla cathedra Melissa Thea kita boo fog, Lil killaby, Isla Kathy, dim mement Luisa, a Thea, who's going to translate the superiority of dogs over many of those who wear clothes. This is Eben Moto, Zubaan. He wrote a book, okay, the superiority of dogs over many who wear clothes. And the story of this book is actually very funny. I'll just summarize it that him and his friend were lamenting, this is 300 Digital 1000 or two years ago, how society has become corrupted SubhanAllah 1000 years ago, they're saying the good old days are gone. Can you

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imagine how they live to our times, and there's no such thing as a good person and loyal friends and whatnot. And even Mozu man remarked, he will law he will law he I think some dogs are better than some men. And his friend is started up he found this problematic, because no, I'll prove it to you. And he wrote a book. And in this book, he proved in according to him that so what he's talking about here is that dogs are loyal. Dogs are happy with very little, you know, even if you're angry with a dog, he'll forgive you. You know, like all of these types of things. And he has all of these share out to be he has a thought of the Sahaba he has a hadith as well. I'm just quoting from this book. I

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have in your face said that. If you wanted to have your own, if your dog wags his tail at you, then you can be sure that his tail wagging is genuine. But do not trust the tail wagging of people. Many of those who tell why go Choo are in fact treacherous in their hearts. Okay. Okay, interesting point. A shabby says, a shabby is the great scholar 103 Hijra.

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The dog's best characteristic is that he is never hypocritical when he shows love. When he loves you, he's real. Unlike people of men or women, even a boss said, a trustworthy dog is better than a deceitful man. And he goes on and on in this manner that I'm trying to prove to you he is saying that some dogs are better than some anyway, that's even better. Zubaan I'm not saying this. I'm merely quoting. Another famous book that was written about dogs in our tradition is by one of the great icons of the hamburger school. Even Abdel Hadi who was also one of the students of the students even Taymiyah. He's also known as YBNL Mubarak, he died 902 Hijra and Abdulhadi wrote a 300

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page book called earlier Rafi camel Keylab. Or the interesting rulings about dogs 300 pages. It's a whole volume of focus printed on Arabic obviously. And I just quoted in tweeted today rule number 72. Who So rule number 72 online? Anybody saw rule 72? What is wrong there and say why don't you tell us rule number 72 to?

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Rule number 72 in even Abdel Hardy's book on dogs 100 rules. If a person's dog defecate on the path, the owner of the dog is obliged to pick it up. So poop bags are shuttering.

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We can prove this ribbon Abdulhadi anyway, FYI. So I'm serious note now what does the Quran mention about dogs? The Quran mentions dogs in three places. One of them is relatively neutral, factual, neutral, factual. One of them is somewhat praiseworthy one of them is somewhat disparaging of the places the Quran mentions the dog is of course, as Hamilcar have factual, okay, that the people of the cave had a dog walker bomba Satomura Hibben Wall Street, so the guard dog is sitting outside of the cave and Allah azza wa jal seal that cave, and we are Odonata thelotter Ah, boom, boom, boom, certain side do some curl, boom. Right. So this is a factual statement that the people of the cave

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have a dog, it was what if somebody were to say, Aha, Allah mentioned the dog of the people of the cave. This shows that having a dog is halaal response, the people of the cave and our prophets, number one. Number two, they are people in a previous generation. And the Shetty out of the previous generation is not something that our shedding is necessarily, for or against, it's neutral until we find evidence in our sheds. But it does show that dogs were domesticated by people for many, many millennia. And this is well known by the way, archaeologists and biologists know that dogs are the earliest domesticated animals, okay, there's only how many domesticated animals tend, there's only

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like literally 10 or 15 domesticated animals in this world, the majority of animals are not domesticated. And they were all domesticated by humans eventually, over time. And the first domesticated animal was that of a dog or the dog species, and we have remains of civilizations with dogs that go back 15,000 years. So dogs and humans they are they have been together since the beginning of even recorded history and the US habit of proves this that people have lived around dogs for very, very many millennia. So this is one time in the Quran. As for the somewhat negative connotation, it is of course, the parable of the Dog in the Quran. And the one who rejects the truth

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is compared to method Luca Masselli. Al kalbi. His example is like that of the Dog in time in LA, he L has out through Koyal has, whether you shoo him away, or whether you don't, in both cases, his tongue is going to be hanging out and he's going to be panting. In other words, what Allah is saying is, the dog has no sense, whether you're angry or whether you're not is going to be panting and looking at you. Right? So Allah is comparing the Quraysh to this time and it's not a very positive connotation, right? So this is one the second time the third time in the Quran, where Allah mentions dogs is where which is somewhat positive.

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The third time was where

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Allah says the Quran Yes, Aluna Kamada or Halal home they ask you what is halal for them? What is permissible for them in food, so within my either pull Oh, hello. Hola, como te Bert, all good food is permitted for you. One I love to middle Jawad he mocha livina to Allah Muna Hoonah mimma Allah como la for Kulu MIM secondarily Komatsu, small La Jolla, LA and it is also allowed for you to eat all that your beasts of hunting Djawadi are all beasts that hunt such as dogs, and Falcons. And

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what else hunts? What else hunts? Cheetahs?

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No, we don't we can't train lines. In some some cases we have trained cheetahs. So certain animals are able to hunt very rarely we can do other animals as well. These are Joe

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Okay, these are Jawwad now, mocha livina even above said, trained dogs more qldb This is one interpretation the other interpretation, mocha livina means that which you have sent out to catch your prey to Allah Muna Hoon mimma Allah como la, you have trained these animals, these dogs from the knowledge Allah has given you. So the fact that we are able to train dogs, Allah is saying this is a knowledge you have, it's a blessing you have that you're able to take these beasts and then train them to be your servants in this manner. They're gonna hunt on your behalf. That's a blessing you have been given and the block Iam also mentions that look at how knowledge even raises the

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status of a dog to Allah Muna Hoonah mimma lemma Comala. The train dog has different rulings than the untrained dog. Right? So this is the third time that dogs are mentioned in the Quran. These are the three places that dogs are mentioned in the Quran. From the Quran all the weekend extract is that it is halal to have hunting dogs. That's it. That's the Quran. It is halal to hunting. The Quran does not tell us anything else. By and large, we can use hunting dogs and if we're allowed to own hunting dogs, and Allah is praising the fact that we have taught them from the knowledge Allah has given us. This shows us it is halal to AX ourselves trained dogs and training dogs takes years

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by the way, it's not something that is overnight. Dog Training is a speciality. And Allah has allowed it explicitly in the Quran and praised it think about this to Allah Muna Hoonah Mima, Allah como la you are teaching these animals from what Allah has given you knowledge of so the Quran explicitly allows and the dog trainer I want you to think about this maybe even watching educational video, the dog trainer has to be extremely friendly with the dog earn the trust of the dog physically interact with the dog and this is clearly that much is explicitly allowed by the Quran. Okay, and then when you train the dog then the owner has to have a strong relationship because dogs

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are very loyal to their owners, and they especially guard dogs, they must know who is the family, they must know who is not the family. So the Quran is allowing one category explicitly. As for the a hadith, the Hadith bring up the more detailed issues and there are multiple aspects because of time we'll only mention the two main ones that we should be aware of number one than adjuster of the dog and number two, this the opinion of the roadmap about owning a dog and the two are not the same. Okay? Something had been noticed but you can still have it or see it or own it. So the Naja is one thing and owning is another thing. As for the digestion of the dog. Note that we're not talking in

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this lecture about the urine or the stool of the dog by how Kate says and I know we caught some on this a Jamal Muslim Moon Adonijah Sati bolillo kalbi workaholic Haha, it's so there is a Juma according to obey healthy, that the urine and the stool of the dog is now just footnote. There's a small dissenting voice in the mighty school. But basically the bulk of the OMA says it is notice we're not talking about the stool or the urine, we're talking about the animal, we're talking about physically, the touching of the animal, or the hair, the fur of the dog, or the spit, or this the saliva of the dog. That's what we're talking about. Okay? With regards to the Naja Naja of the dog,

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there are from the beginning of Islam three very famous opinions. There are three primary opinions that our mazahub have adopted. The first opinion all of these opinions by the way, center around and deal with the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim symbol tuffa Hadith that Abu Hurayrah said that if a dog said the Prophet system said, if a dog slurps water in one of your canisters, then you must wash that canister seven times the first time would send Okay, so you must wash that canister. You must watch that Potter bowl seven times. Hola Hoonah bit to rob the first of them with sand by the way our scholars say the meaning of seven and 12 is extra washing in our times of use soap where you

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put in the washing machine it does the job the point is an extra washing needs to be done. That is more than just rinse and put some water on you need to scrub to rob here the purpose of throb is the scrubbing you need to scrub it and then use the pot or the pan so if the dog licks a pot eats from a bowl you cannot use that bowl. You have to wash it an extra washing and severe washing before it is pure to us this is the Hadith Motavalli Okay, from this hadith three opinions. The first opinion is the Shafi school and the the majority or the default or the mature of the humbly school two out of the four schools. They said if the saliva

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The dog is nudges by this hadith, then clearly the entire dog has a special ruling. And it is nudges. So the dog and the body of the dog and the fur of the dog and the saliva of the dog, all of it is nudges. So if a dog brushes against your pant, you are not allowed to pray and that pant until you give it to severe wash, change your clothes before you pray. Okay, this is the SHA fairy opinion. And the default or the mature of the humbly school shall freeze and humblest by the way, generally speaking, herbalism chapters are generally overlap in many of these issues. The second opinion is the opinion of the Hanafi school Ohanian was explicit on this point. And it is also the

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position of shareholder some Ibn Taymiyyah and the show Kearney and other scholars of the that strand. And they say that what is not just is the saliva of the dog and only the saliva. Asked for the fur and the body. It is not in adjusts. So if a dog brushes against you, you don't have to do anything. You can pray in that cloth. But if the dog licks you, or your pant, then you cannot pray until if it's your hand you have to wash. If it's your pants, you have to change or wash. Okay, so this is the second opinion. And this is the opinion that we've been taking, as we said, and the and the Hanafi position had been to me and much more if it's our volume 21 page 530. He says that. The

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third opinion is that the fur of the dog is pure, and its saliva is notorious. And this is the meta of Abu Hanifa. It is one of the opinions of Imam Muhammad, and it is the most correct opinion. So if a person's thobe touches the body of the dog, even if it is moist with with sweat, it doesn't become nudges and quote, even Taymiyah. So even Taymiyah says that even the sweat of the dog is not nudges. So a wet dog is not nudges. But the saliva of the dog is nudges. Is that clear? That's position number two, obviously what is left the third opinion which madhhab is left, the Maliki school and the Maliki school said nothing of the dog is notice. The dog is not nudges. And it's for is not

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nudges. And it's saliva is not nudges. Nothing is not just about the dog. Okay, Imam Malik, great Maliki scholars, what do you say about this hadith that

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seven times has to be washed or whatnot, the Maliki say they respond to this in a number of manners. And by the way, there's a famous scholar in Morocco, Chef Seidel, Al Kamali, he can come up to you can everybody out of his knows him. He's very world famous. He has a number of good videos about this issue. You can listen to him. And he's also beloved by the authority school as well, because he's a very erudite scholar of that tradition. And so he brings evidences that are very in that genre. So she aside says I'm taking from his video, actually, that, in his opinion, the correct opinion is that this is again his opinion that there is nothing there just about the dog. And he

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goes, what about this hadith? How do we respond? He goes for responses, and this is from earlier Maliki school. Number one, he says that washing does not necessarily necessarily mean that it has to be nudges. We should wash that which we might find disgusting, but it is not nudges. So for example, mucus, it is not not just by unanimous consensus of the dilemma, but it is something if we find it, we're gonna wash it. So he said, Just because we have to wash doesn't mean it is natural. That is the first point. Secondly, he says, By explicit Quranic testimony, the train dog is allowed to hunt, and how does it hunt with what does it hunt the mouth, and its mouth is going to have saliva, and

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the saliva is going to be right on the animal. And the Sherry I did not problematize that. And we don't have any text in the Shetty eye that says that, oh, make sure that you watch seven times the body of the event though your key none. There's going to be saliva on that animal and by text of the Quran, that animal is halal. If you say Bismillah when you send the dog by the way, you served as a Bismillah. Right? It's very explicit in the Hadith. Okay, for the Kuru, small law here, it is very clear. So the test Mia is mandatory. Okay, so behind me too, and whatnot. So this is point number two, and that is that the fact that the train dog is allowed to hunt, and the saliva is going to be

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mixed up. And the Sherry I did not problematize that indicates, according to the Maliki school, that the saliva is not nitrous

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Point number three. He said

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Bukhari and Muslim have a hadith, or even a motto, the Allah one, that kind of tequila that the dogs would come in and out of the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and no one would do anything about that. Now, this might shock many of us here, we have to understand rural Medina, very different society. It's not like closed doors and air condition and five doors to get in and out is just very primitive. And dogs were everywhere. And even Omar is telling us that dogs would come in and out of this authentic hypothyroid Muslim well known dogs would come in and out of the masjid and nobody stopped them put a barrier they would be seen regularly inside the masjid of the Prophet

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sallallahu it he was selling them and if they were not just they would not be allowed or they would at least just like when the Bedouin urinated what they do, they cleaned it right even but Paul said that the fact that the dogs are coming in but Allah is a great author of Hadith scholar, Hadith died, don't quote me 300 something. Even Batal says the fact that the dogs would come and go to the masjid necessitates that they're going to be touching their nose because they sniff everywhere. And they're going to be drinking water and eating leftover foods because the masjid was a sleeping place for strangers and delegations, and they would eat in the masjid. And they would live in the masjid

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and the aloo sofa had an entire section of the Masjid. If the dogs were impure, they would have been prevented from entering the messages because Muslims unanimously agree you cannot allow a Nigel's to enter the masjid knowingly, right? And the fact that they would come and go, as it been Omar says, indicates the repetitive nature of dogs entering and nobody forbidding them, which means that they were not nudges, align nudges Lydda T and quote Okay, so this is another great scholar of early Islam saying this, Heidi shows that they didn't problematize dogs as being nudges. And fourthly

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sharpside says that the fact that the prophecy ism is saying wash it seven times the first with sand clearly indicates this is not because of an adjuster. Because which one is more notorious and disgusting. human excrement? menstrual blood versus saliva of a dog, which is more disgusting. It is the first. But we don't have to do that with the first Dewey. We don't have to wash a vessel seven times the first of them would turn it off for something which is unanimously more nudges, even if you said that saliva is nudges. What is more now just than that is, you know, you know I'm saying yet we don't. We're not commanded to do that. Hence, he says, And he calls even rush the famous even

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rushed, and even rushed is amalickiah winnersh, the famous philosopher, we're always even rushed. He wrote one of the greatest books of 50 died in which they hit the beginning of them which to hit this book if you master it, you're ready to do he had this book is without and which died. Even worse was what the great Maliki scholars have endorsed. He was the judge of under this as well under the More her doing the more the more heads and even rushed. No sorry, not under them. He would there was he was particularly them had been rushed, wrote this book. And in it he says that the fact that we have to wash it seven times indicates it's not because it is nudges. There must be some medical reason.

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And shiksa it says this is because of bacteria, that the only way to eliminate the bacteria is because of this. So it's not nudges It is disgusting. And not every disgusting thing is nudges. There's a difference between the two. Okay? Something can be disgusting to us, but it's not nudges. And he is saying where the Maliki school says that's dog saliva. It's not not just in and of itself. So these are the three opinions first opinion, everything is not just of the dog second opinion, only the saliva is not just and third opinion is the Maliki the dog is not just in the first place, okay? Nothing to do. Now, as you know, my position about the matter is is best to follow your own

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method. Otherwise, if we open this door, it gets very, you know, confusing, or you follow the share whom you trust in this regard. The second issue becomes what is the fifth or the photo of owning a dog because it's one thing about nudges. It's another thing about owning a dog, when it comes to owning a dog, there are two ahaadeeth that are used to discuss this issue. The first of them is whoever takes a dog, and except for one of three shall diminish the good deeds of his day. The amount of clear art what is the payoff is like a large quantity. Whoever takes the dog except if it is a dog of agriculture, or a dog of hunting or a dog of protection

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shall have his good deeds diminished by a certain amount of

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Every day. So this is the first Hadith that if you take a dog without one of these three reasons, if you own a dog, if you possess a dog, then your good deeds of the day will be diminished. However many you've done, you're not going to get the full amount there's going to be a deduction. Okay? There's going to be a penalty attacks for owning that dog. The second Hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was waiting for debrief to come. One day, he didn't come and he became

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perturbed. Why didn't you believe to come? He went outside and Djibouti was waiting from outside. He said, why you said you're gonna come, why didn't you come up and said, there is a dog in your house. And we do not enter houses that have dogs in them, and the processing came in, and they found a puppy under the bed. So they got rid of the they put that outside. And so this shows us that according to this angels do not enter the house where there is a dog. Okay, so these are the two a hadith that are used now, from this a number of things first and foremost, by unanimous consensus, even the scholars that say it is nudges, they allowed these three types of dogs, okay? Meaning the

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dog that is used for a purpose that is muscular how clearly beneficial, okay, you need a dog to control the perimeters. Make sure you ward off any types of you know, beasts from your land, okay, you need a dog for hunting, you need a dog to protect your house, a guard dog, even the Shafter is Hanafi is every the Quran allows that nobody can deny it. The Quran allows Macaulay been by the way, a hunting dog can also be for pleasure. Doesn't mean you're dying if you don't hunt, right? Most people who have hunting dogs might do it for pleasure. And Allah azza wa jal allows hunting dogs think about this point here. Okay, so they said that if you're doing it for these reasons, none of

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the scholars said you have to be dying of hunger then you're allowed to own a hunting dog that's ridiculous. It takes years to train a dog. Generally speaking, you know the people who do this are already upper middle class anyway. Okay. Or there are people living in the body and these take years to train the dog point being by unanimous consensus pretty much it is allowed to own a dog that is benefiting your land or acquiring food for you. So that much is allowed. What then do we do about other than these three, the vast majority of scholars said that anything that is reasonable as upon these three should also be allowed Imam and no we said scholars have differed can we move beyond

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this three and the correct opinion is, if there is a need or a another need Musleh has not a need if there is a benefit to having a dog. That is other than these three, that we may pay us that there is some benefit coming back to you that that benefit is not the rule it is a Hajer Hijjah means it makes life easier. Okay? Boat ora means you cannot live without it. Hydro means it makes life easier. So imagine no we said any dog that is needed for a Hajer it is allowed and no way is Shafi and Cha phrase were the strictest when it comes to dogs still they said any dog that is for a hatter, and this is pretty much all of the other muda him as well. So from this, we can extrapolate

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that without a question. Without a doubt. A seeing dog is hella to have a dog that is used by these days we're discovering there are those that are mentally or emotionally impaired and having sometimes an animal it makes them normal mentally more balanced. It brings about certain you know, they made they feel more stable or whatnot. Some people they panic, and when they have their dog with them, they're there I met somebody that I had no idea I had no clue a few years ago, I met one of our

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converts and and he had PTSD from battle. He had it converted and whatnot long story. And he had a dog with him. And it was a special dog marked on he could see normally I'm like what is this dog for? So is that is my emotional comfort dog. Like what's that? And he explained to me that because of PTSD sometimes I hyperventilate, sometimes I panic, sometimes I something, you know, he loses control, and the dog senses the panic, and the dog comforts the owner Subhanallah I had no idea. No idea of this, you know, so, therapeutic type of dog. Yeah, so without a doubt this is a Hajer without a doubt, right? That if you're allowed to have a dog to go hunting, you know, luxury items

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like you know, rabbits or something like this nature. Clearly you can have a dog when you're hyperventilating are emotionally or whatnot, that there are people that are mentally emotionally there they need, you know, these types of creatures that brings about comfort, this must be completely permissible as well.

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generally speaking, the default of the Hanafi, Shafi and humbly schools is that a dog is only allowed for Hijjah how jammies as I said something you need it, but not life and death need, it's something that you can sense is going to bring a lot of east to your life. In the Maliki school once again, they are a little bit more open in this regard. And they lowered the bar more than the other schools and of their great giants is ibn Abdullah bin Abdullah bar writes in his term heat that

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when he mentions this hadith about the three, he goes that this implies that it is allowed to own a dog little Manna fear equally her for all types of benefits, whatever is going to be of benefit, you may then own the dog, if a person wishes to do so. And that if there is no benefit, then it is mcru According to them not haram Makrooh to own the dog, and if there is benefit, then there is no Graha whatsoever. Okay, so this is the Maliki position. And he branches a very interesting point. I'm just going to quote this too. This is even Abdullah ibn Abdullah Baba died in the year of 436. Ah, so 1000 years ago, and he's one of the giants every scholar knows him. And every Maliki loves him. He's

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one of the great giants of the Maliki school. And he wrote the most voluminous commentary of ima Malik's workplace in like 25 volumes, okay, he actually wrote two commentaries of the Multimatic and he writes in here that

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purchasing not purchasing owning a dog for benefit, I do not think there is the slightest cut off from our bonus sheet and without a camera crew, there is nothing mcru about owning a dog for benefit, because people have been owning dogs generation after generation in every single land and in every single region. As far as we know. And throughout these lands and regions scholars have seen this and they did not prevent them from doing this nor did they go to the soul ponds and stop them even though they had the power to do so. However, he says I do not like that a person own a dog, except for a legitimate reason do not like me as I think it is mcru Okay, so even Abdullah burrows

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position which is fairly standard in the Maliki school is that it is Makrooh to own a dog for no reason. And for any reason for Amantha not to Hajer which is lower than hagit for any benefit. Owning a dog would then become any law bus or not mcru This is even up the bar. Now. Okay, even after about what do you say about the Hadith, the angels do not come inside. That's also there, the angels of common sight here we don't just have ibn Abdullah, but we have quite a number of olema even before even Abdullah bar, we have even hybond Who's even hybond is one of the original scholars of Hadith, who narrated the Hadith they've been had been is basically of the giants of Hadith. He is

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not a scholar of fear of the fifth 10th century of inhibin is the compiler of the saya like there are four so hey books, by the way, so hey, Bahati, Sahih Muslim. So haibun Hosea, as I have been a headband user for Sahib books, even hybond is one of the side inhibin has the chapter heading about this hadith. And so he has the original Hadith he's not like commenting, he actually has the added with is not and he then has the chapter heading that I'm just summarizing that you can look this up that this hadith is specific to the house of the Prophet where where he comes down.

00:33:56--> 00:33:57

This is about God.

00:33:58--> 00:34:11

Because it is impossible that the angels do not enter any house in which there is a dog the to help them the cattlemen, cattlemen, he goes are with them.

00:34:12--> 00:34:18

The cattlemen cattlemen are always with the people, even if they're the dogs they're so this hadith is not unconditional.

00:34:19--> 00:34:31

And he brings about the another Hadith that the Prophet system said, Any caravan that has dogs or bells will not have angels with it had been hybond says

00:34:32--> 00:35:00

this is the caravan that the Prophet system is in the angels will not be in such a caravan because it is impossible that the caravan of her judge and more attend median, which always has dogs or these types of things in it, that the angels will not come around them because Allah has said these are my delegations. What's the law? So even hybond is saying this is Gibreel who has the highest standard and the promises that it's not Sharia for the rest of us that's his position.

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

From this ibn Abdullah but also and others of that they also brought forth here is that even Abdullah comments as for the Hadith that the angels do not enter the house where there is a dog, he says, this Allah knows best is why the prophets of Allah who either he was send them himself did not like having a dog in his house, and some have said, this is cause for Juba deal and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:35:32--> 00:36:21

Eben Abbott says, and some have said it applies to all others. So the point being that this hadith has not been interpreted unanimously in the same manner. Other scholars have added some other points about this hadith that from this hadith, the max that one can derive that the angels do not come to such a house if we were to apply it to to all houses which is an if not everybody applies at some say only God that the prophets ism is that the angels do not like this animal. However, you cannot extract the Hareem from it because what the angels do not like does not make it haram. For example, the angels do not like any strong odor such as garlic, strong garlic, the angels do not like it is

00:36:21--> 00:36:21

it haram.

00:36:22--> 00:37:11

So a number of Malema pointed out the wording of the Hadith does not indicate to him the max that you could say which was even Apple versus Kara that is best to avoid these things. Now. This is even Abdullah bar and a prominent Danny strand of moleculer Sunni Islam. But to be factual it is a minority opinion. The majority of the OMA have said that these are Hadith mean that it is sinful to have a dog without a Hajer. And according to the majority opinion, to play with an animal is not to Hajer you understand this point. So I'm being factual when I say the majority of the OMA would not allow a dog as a pet just to play with. But a strand of the Maliki school would not find it

00:37:11--> 00:37:54

problematic. Some might say it is mcru. And mcru does not imply sin it's best to avoid. And this is why some cultures are Muslim world have permitted this and others have shut the door. Me personally, I think it is definitely best to avoid simply because there's a number of a hadith that are quite clear in this regard. Before we conclude one final point, that there are two a hadith that also we need to very quickly mention that there is a Hadith that the Prophet says some at one point in his life, commanded dogs to be killed wherever they are found. And then later on, he said, Let them be. And even Abdullah interprets this that this is because Djibouti refuse to come into the house. So

00:37:54--> 00:38:36

the Prophet says on his own accord, wanted to get rid of them. Then Allah subhanaw taala told him No, you shouldn't do that, because the Hadith says that dogs are one of the owners of all of the Omus. So I'm not going to commend them to be killed Lola and Killa, OMA to melanoma, that the fact that the dogs are one of the OMAS, then I cannot kill all of them. So this hadith indicates that he was not allowed to do so. And the final Hidetoshi conclude on just because the majority opinion is that dogs saliva is notorious. And because of that, even if we have a dog for Hajer, we should be careful about our prayers. So even if you have a dog for Hijjah, a dog is guarding the house. Okay,

00:38:36--> 00:39:15

a dog is hunting a dog is any type of hija you must make sure by the way that you have an area in your house that the dogs do not enter so that you can pray there, and that if the dog licks you, because in my opinion, dog saliva is not just if the dog licks you, then you cannot pray until you change your clothes or you wash your hand whatever it has licked, so there should always be that place here. But just because the dog saliva is notorious. This does not mean that the Shetty has told us to be harsh or mean to dogs. On the contrary, people have entered Jenner by being kind to the dog and will conclude on this famous Hadith and SIBO Holly that we're all know that Allah

00:39:15--> 00:40:00

subhanho wa Taala forgave a prostitute for her kindness to a dog. This is in the Hadith, that she was walking in a land and she became very thirsty. And she saw a well so she went into the well and drank from the water. She came out and she found a dog that was so thirsty, it was licking outside of the well to get some water. She felt pity on the dog. She went down she said to herself, that this dog has felt just as thirsty as I was. So she went into the well and she filled her shoe and she had nothing else so she put her shoe in her mouth and climbed out to feed that dog. This one imagine so by the way, the hadith is very profound, not just the dog, but what

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

The lady does and her career and her shoe in her mouth think about all of these like, the type of things she's doing to help just to beast unknown nobody sees this Allah is watching. And

00:40:13--> 00:40:58

Allah has the the promises and said for Shaka Allah hula hydrolic for her for Allah. Allah thanked her for that one deed and forgave her. One of them said, yeah rasool Allah, will we get adjure for being kind to animals? And the promises of them said yes, in every living beast, there is a GIF. So this hadith shows us that we are not commanded to be nasty or mean or cruel to dogs. And it is completely permissible to if we see a stray dog feed it or you know, whatever. And if you ask me personally, even if you pet it, not that I'm encouraging I personally don't premises my culture or whatever I'm not but if you want to do it, I don't think it is not just at all, what is not just is

00:40:58--> 00:41:14

what is the saliva and if we are kind and merciful, Allah azza wa jal will be kind and merciful to us. With that inshallah hope that we have answered this question in somewhat detail and until inshallah next Tuesday, we'll continue with new italic Zachman Lawhead. Salaam Santa Monica.

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