Abdullah al Andalusi – I’m back! A much needed apology, and my upcoming projects

Abdullah al Andalusi
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'd like to wish everyone a belated Ramadan Kareem, for which we have been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala to be able to witness another year. I know that more than a few months ago I published the first video on this channel and nonsense. So I suppose I do owe somewhat of an explanation. Since the publishing of the Oxford debate on Islam and atheism between myself Mohammed hijab, Dr. Colin Bruner, and Alex O'Connor, better known as cosmic skeptic. There's been continued renewed interest, which only a few months ago kicked off again, despite having been over a year since the debate itself, leading to new videos and arguments being created

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about the debate by some of the debaters themselves, I thought I would chime in to set the record straight. And I noticed after some background research, that there was so much more to be said than could be fitted into a quick video. And in order to do justice to it, it would need more of my spare time than I initially estimated as one of the earliest uses of YouTube for videos relating to dour. I had been planning for some time to return to doing vlogs. Again, along with my other work. Don't ask, however, last year, my spare time was a little bit in short supply. And I put most of my efforts into preparing for a course for the Quran Institute call the DAO masterclass. Now, the beat

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review I promised has been somewhat slow in production to say the least, which I do apologize for. But to be fair, I'm not the only one who promised the review of the arguments used in the debate and hasn't yet produced one. So I'm going to do a debate review, or a go through the video is going to be really, really long. And I'm going to go through it. And I'm going to review the entire thing. I'm going to talk about all the points. And that's one of the reasons why I'm like desperate to do a debate review. But I really because we didn't get to get into the discussion. We've got some forward to which is your own review of the debate. So yeah, I'll do it. At some point, I'm sure Now that I'm

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done with exams, I've also been meaning to make a video for all this time, about the debate with Muhammad hijab I've been I just haven't had the time that I've been wanting to go through it not just to talk about the, the the content of the debate, but also the process of the debate. During the Oxford debate itself, I made a rather bold claim, namely that Islam isn't just a better explanation of reality that metaphysical naturalism or atheism, but the only possible explanation of reality that avoids contradictions, I came to the conclusion that Islam was the only possible explanation to explain reality. Welcome into Islam in the first place wasn't me, looking at the

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claims or trying to go back in a time machine to find out if the problem existed, or the angel Gabriel came to him, I looked at the message itself. And the consistency of the message itself with the universe led me to a conclusion that they both come from the same author, and that's why I became Muslim. This is certainly a bold claim to make. And not only was there not enough time in the debate to explain it, but it wasn't related to the bait title anyways, which only had to show that Islam made a better explanation of reality than atheism. However, the crime Institute actually helped me set up an entire course, just to explain in painstaking detail point by point, looking at

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every possible belief system, counter argument, or pseudo scientific position, that indeed, Islam was the best and only possible explanation for reality. This will give students a solid basis for certainty in their beliefs in Islam, as well as give them the ability to demonstrate the truth of Islam to others, and this course became the DAO masterclass course, now that I've finished that course, it can act as an online resource for people to access and benefit from. And now I can turn my attention to publishing a large number of videos I've been quite excited to do on this channel. I'm also pleased to announce that the krein Institute as part of their dour outreach program has

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very graciously lent me video making equipment to support this work. And I want to announce an exciting project Buttercup, which is a massive fundraising campaign by the cryonics Institute to expand both Tao and Padma education and community service for both teaching the Muslim community through various teachers and courses to levels of quality and accuracy and quantity not seen before in Sharla. But also as well as providing community resources, including the much needed Alma that helpline run by trained experts, counselors for Muslims suffering from faith crisis, like doubts about Islam, mental health and domestic difficulties. It is because of their support with dead

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outreach that I'll be releasing a huge backlog of videos of lectures on nationalism or hindutva. liberalism colonialism and never seen before unpublished debates that I participated in. And of course, to be sure, an explosive documentary style review of the Oxford debate with me cosmic skeptic and mohammedia job. There was so much in that review it inshallah will be as thought provoking as it is hilarious. All this will be on my YouTube channel in support of this much needed campaign in Ramadan. I'll also be releasing bite sized concept breakdown videos on different topics such as proof of God, including my new argument, the ultimate

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from space time and answering atheist arguments and all Western schools of thought of the Enlightenment, including liberal conservative socialists and post Marxist arguments, and much much more, again all this on my channel. So please join me and support the project Baraka campaign. Find the link in the description, as someone who cannot afford to live better cattle

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and inshallah our aim to respond to more atheists. I'd hope to continue this discussion and keep it on a sincere, rational and intellectual level.

Project Barakah

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