Tawheed is the beauty of Islam

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No matter Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala philam Ba were Mussolini and Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was there was no does leave and girthier and Kathira for my brother. My dependence is just

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one of our

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very good friends sent us a

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something which was posted on some group.

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We says here when visiting the Prophet's mosque bossa nova Sharif

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you must ask like this, this is what the post is saying that the post is in all Messenger of Allah jasola Show kindness and mercy

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to the to this seeker to me, who is awaiting your gift,

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or Allah has chosen one, support me, for I rely upon you and return to you, or most noble in lineage.

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I want to say to you and remind you of myself,

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the thing that distinguishes Islam

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that sets Islam apart, that is the signature of Islam, that is the face of Islam, that is the meaning of Islam is a door hit.

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The hedonic of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what is the meaning of Tawheed? Though it means three things. Number one, that we believe that nobody, and by nobody, it means nobody.

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Nothing in creation,

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no wannabe, including Ross Ross, Ursula,

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no other human being. No celestial body, no sun and moon and this

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no river, no mountain, no tree, nothing in creation is worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala geological, this is called the Hades V, oh hit the Tar Heel of worship. The second part of the story is we believe a lie and what are your Ilala Nothing can harm and nothing can benefit except Allah.

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And that is God Tauheed or Robu Viet. Allah is Robert alameen and Allah subhanaw taala who was summon law merely to Allah Mueller will have your hula hoop on it everything needs him, he does not need anybody. We ask him and we do not ask anyone other than Allah. This is don't worry, don't remove it. And the third thing is or it is called Daria as far as Siva delay Dolla dolla Eid in the attributes and the qualities of Allah subhanaw taala meaning that something which belongs to Allah, we do not ascribe it to anyone to her Allah sterilize everything, including something that belongs to Allah, we do not ascribe it to Viola, something that belongs to Viola we do not ascribe to Allah

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subhanaw taala. This quarter we as long as the verses three branches of Torito it is one but just to understand three branches authority away to Lulu here though we do remove here, what are hadal as far as Eva delight Allah, this is the root of Islam.

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Therefore, to go to the grave of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam or to the grave of anybody and say, give me this give me that I need your help, I can rely upon you and so on so on, is major shake. If somebody is doing this, because they don't know they're ignorant jallat then we ask Allah to forgive them and they should seek this we should correct them, and they should make us the foreign doba and they should stop this. If someone is doing this knowingly. I believe there are so losses when you can give me an I'm asking him that this is major shift, that person has left Islam their personal no longer Muslim.

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And that applies to everything. For example, there are people who believe in Imams, and this is the Imam has got this tasar roof and that does the roof and the mom can do this and do that and so on. Some people ascribe all these to annual bytes of recidivism that also they select a little bit only by people not the other daughters of robots or seller, not the other way. Nobody, only five people. So all of this is major shift. Some people say what they call earlier Allah and they will go to the grave of this one and that one this is a state that is a saint, and they stand there and make dua I don't have children give me children. I'm not married get me married. I have I need a job. I need a

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promotion I need all of this is major

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Shelter. If you do it with belief, you have left Islam. So please understand very very clearly, this is a very serious matter. We have to understand for a person to enter Islam what is the what is needed one sentence that is

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La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah the person has become Muslim That's it right to believe in that does the will call to believe that in the heart chakra Melissa to say it with your tongue and our will our can to live according to that to act according to them.

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So our villa gang is we had another slate later on today will help is inside us. It cannot be Lisa. So somebody who was who was not a Muslim he was a you know who should cover whatever he was non Muslim for 100 years. He comes and says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah He has entered Islam she has entered Islam and all their sins 400 years wiped out and they are replaced by good deeds. That is the power of this one sentence is one caliber it musically method because you have to but anyway, that's an Arabic grammar issue, but

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one sentence just like that,

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just as easy it is to enter Islam it is equally easy to leave Islam.

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So let us understand this is leaving Islam not exactly the same way.

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Exactly the same way, which is you say the opposite of this colostrum algo.

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Supposing you say so and so can help me I can ask do from this one, I can do one.

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Now, on the face of it, if I'm sitting here, may Allah protect me and you if I'm sitting here if I was a non Muslim, and supposing I was just like this, so Lila has anything Jane, externally will you make? Will you see any change in me? No. I'm still the same person. If I say if I make a statement or share Corcovado, I would have left Islam but physically any change in me you will see no.

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But what is the destination? Somebody who who believes in something which is shirk, or cover and dies with that belief is in Jannah.

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Nobody can save them

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while they are alive, is the foreign Toba door is open. But if they believe that and they die on that they are in Ghana.

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And it doesn't matter who they're Allah subhanaw taala gave us the example of the close relatives of the Emir Abu Salah, the father of Ibrahim Malaysia,

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the wife of Luca lezana,

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the son of new Elisa,

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the anchor of Rasulullah sallallahu is literally like a father to him, I would call him

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right, nobody as far as Allah is concerned as far as the head is concerned, there are no exceptions, no exceptions.

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Even if you are the father or the son or the wife or the or the uncle or something of the navios makes no difference. So our you know, our connections or our relations are not superior to that right. I mean, if we can't say I related the relation of a rival is that I will not say which one of my relations as the level of revivalism nobody.

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So I remind myself when you let us stay far away from these things, right? We said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah stick to that. Stick to that stick to that hold on to that Mr. Hassan said bite it with the more hours put in the about bite hard hold on to it. Because of course I was the one who said Lila illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and dies on that will go to Janda

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they asked him what is the meaning of saying Lila has?

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He said it gives you away from haram

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what is the number one oh Haram

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is nothing more harm than good? And then after the other thing which Allah has privated her dealing in interest and alcohol and drugs and lying and cheating and murder and whatnot whatnot because we will not tomorrow but the point is that you know saying something which is off ship and I remind myself and you know the shutdown plays games, right shutter plays games, any place with people with their whatever is what they're susceptible to. So for example for somebody like you and Michelle will not bring us a bottle of Chivas Regal and say you know, have a drink? No, he knows you want that you won't do it. So what does he do? He plays games with our beliefs.

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So this was this person who mashallah he was such a big value of Allah why don't you ask him when he was going through difficulty marriage, I just do that.

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Here is this though is you know you I've written something in that tight on your hand and inshallah Imam Zamin.

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Please do not make your commercial in a Sharika Zalman Azeem Zaza Lachman first advice that says a lot Marissa I'm used to his son in a shirt colors Valbona D is the biggest of the sins biggest of the salon because you're trying to resolve on Allah subhanaw taala

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I remind myself and you please stay far away from this. Though here is the essence of Islam though it is the is a beautiful, the the beauty beautiful aroma of Islam. Right let us not corrupt that with anything that comes from Should we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from shirk and to keep us on the bad altar. It was Allah Allah Allah will carry why not? He was gonna have to go