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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and importance of the Prophet sallavi's teachings, including the use of the symbol "has been revealeded" to avoid losing power and the use of the symbol "has been revealeded" to avoid losing power. They emphasize the importance of speaking affirmatively about the Prophet's teachings to avoid losing power and avoiding misunderstandings. The conversation also touches on the importance of following the Sun statement and the use of "med strict" to describe the way in which the royal family follows the statement. Finally, they discuss the importance of love and loyalty in Islam, as it is a natural process and not recommended.
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city to city will Hartman and via le heliski I was having an affair another

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103. In the recitation we recited Surah

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Surah najem was a pseudo that was revealed entirely in mocha mocha Rama. And after it was revealed, this is the very first sutra the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited openly in front of the people that macoco and this was their first exposure to hearing a sutra from beginning to end. And the weapons that allamani was sent him he recited the verses of suta unnaturally. And in these verses Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He first talks about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a blessed person that Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even his speech, what the prophets of Allah wa he was sent him said was a form of Revelation. And then after that it allowed in the middle part of the

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suta Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentioned that anyone that you think will intercede on your behalf on the Day of Judgment, will not be able to intercede until Allah allows them to intercede on the Day of Judgment. You cannot expect anyone to come into your seat for you unless Allah allows them. All right, except for the one Allah gives permission to intercede. Then after that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Those who do good, they'll be rewarded those who don't do good, there will be no reward for you. And on that day, you will not carry someone else's burden and no one else will carry your burden. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that summary of all of this is one eight out of

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that one day, your end, the end of your journey will be in front of the throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's where your journey will end. That's where now you have to answer a lot of you're held accountable for everything, and a lot of showers his favorites and says, Look, I am the one who gave you the ability to smile. I'm the one who made you cry. I'm the one who gave you life. I'm the one who gave you death I gave you existence. So it is worse than a lot he he takes pride in all of these things that Allah subhanaw taala has given us now as the Prophet said a lot of money was sent on recited and as he recited finally the verse came for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he

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said, Allah subhana wa tada says first jeu de la Huangpu that after hearing all of this, right, Allah is the one who gave you everything.

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You know, piccata tomorrow, which one of the favorites of your Lord, will you doubt that tomorrow? Will you continue to doubt? How do I know they don't mean that we don't know the rule. Now what I'm warning you is exactly what the people before me came to warn you as well, as he put it as that which was quite boring to come in, in the attachment. It's as if it's already here. The Day of Judgment sits around the corner. They said I'm into the law, Shiva. And there is no one in the road that can remove that judgment from your life. It will come one day from and how that has detachable is all of this. What I'm bringing to you in pseudo najem it doesn't bring amazement to you. What are

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the Hakuna Matata food and after hearing all of these verses, you're still laughing you're not crying it so because the people don't muck around when they were hearing this sister giggling a lot Look what kind of revelations so a lot of them revealed an IR direct to them. What other Hakuna Matata code after hearing all of this, you still lie, you don't cry, you still laughing and you don't cry. And a lot some kind of without it says first July you do such that a lot and worship Him. So when the Prophet said a lot of money was sent every side of this verse, the second to last verse and had such a powerful impact on the people of mocha mocha Rama, that everyone that was listening

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became frightened, and they stopped laughing. They were shocked. Because Allah dressed them directly without Hakuna without a clue that you're laughing and you're crying it after hearing all of this. So they went quiet. And when the Prophet then recited the verse that Allah instructs everyone to do such that like we decided that our prayer, everyone in mocha mocha that was there they all fell in such though, according to one narration, not only the muslimeen, but also the machinic team. They became so frightened by that verse that they all fell into. Such though according to another narration, not only the Muslim Muslim meeting, which should have been not only the inside, but also

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the gym, not even the gym. So Linda says it is virtually revealed, according to a third narration, not only the inside and the Jannat, but even the ash job, even the trees found in the search though such a powerful verse, however, in a narrative tradition, that when everyone was in such that there was one man of Mocambo karma, he picked up soil from the ground and he put the soil on his head, instead of lowering himself down out of pride. And his name was what may have been called. And that person, he died outside the fields of Islam. And he was a person who used to torture belonged to the loved one. And his pride was such that he didn't want to bow down when the law told him to. So

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that's why he picked it up. And he's put that's where the scholars say when you're doing such that even if a person is modeling, even if a person is exclusively sitting on their chair, if they need you to say that they will lower down as much as they can.

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They won't pick up something and lift it to their forehead. You guys understand that even if you're sitting and praying, and you can do something on the solid, on something solid, you won't pick up the book in front of you and lift it or pick up the bench in front of you and lift it to your forehead. No, you bow down as much as you can, even if it's one inch, that's enough or two inches, that's enough, but you don't lift anything to your forehead, your forehead goes downwards, and many scholars that basically have this narration how this person was doomed because he refused to assess them for the loss of power and went out. Now, in one narration, this

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one says that we prayed along with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he made such that he made such that sort of imagine after the after recitation at the end of the he made says that and when he made the such that he prolong the size, though, that was a longer so that's it for those of you who realized today in the session that sort of imagined today, we stretched it a little bit extra, more than we would others to do towards it and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet so long, it was sort of a stretching that now I want to discuss the first few verses of the first few verses that sort of says that as soon as I mentioned today,

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Allah subhana wa tada says, One nimita Hello najem is a star either holla at that Baba, that and a lot of takes an oath by the star when it disappears. When is the star used to disappear when the morning time comes, when the morning light rises, that's when the stars begin to disappear. And it's such a beautiful thing because it's reality and then it's gone. When the sun comes to the stars actually disappear. They're still there, but you are being covered from seeing them. That's such a beautiful, such a powerful phenomenon, that the reality is there, but sometimes there are certain things that stop you from seeing the reality, but in reality that is still there. According to some

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scholars they say when you have a one for Allah sticking old Bible Quran because the Quran is like a star as well. They say a lot of doctors taking an oath by the Quran, either Haha, when it disappears, meaning when it reveals down to the prophets that allamani he was sent him. Then Allah subhana wa tada says, mavala Sahaba masala, your companion referring to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mafada he was not misguided. Well, not a lot, neither is he on a wrong pathway, right? He isn't lost. And then Allah Subhana Allah says regarding the purpose of allow to sell them well now young people on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not speak from his desires and

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whims. Everything he says is a form of Revelation. Everything the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said was a form of Revelation. And the companions they say that the statements of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam were revealed by Allah subhana wa

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sallam just as the Quran was revealed.

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It was sort of he told us that I only speak revelation, whatever Allah tells me to speak, is what I speak. So once the hobby was sitting there, he said, a messenger of Allah, but sometimes you're joking with us too, is that revelation? So the Prophet said a lot of money was said and said, What a fool Illa haka. Even when I'm joking, I do not speak with the truth. There was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu it was sent by the name of Allah, Allah, and Allah Azza, the Allahu taala. He was a person who used to write down how do you know people they talk about preservation of how do you how do you it was preserved from the profits time, not 200 years later, it was preserved from the

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profits time because men like it now I'm gonna nominate loss of your loved one used to actually write it down. And he's just sit in the corner and write how you felt. One day someone said to him, why do you write down the Hadith? Sometimes a prophet is happy sometimes he's sad. Sometimes he's angry. Sometimes he's joking. Are you writing everything down? So he was a young man. He said, Well, the guy's got a point. He stopped writing. Next is the purpose of the law of audio sudden came to the gathering and he saw up the law, and also the law, one wasn't writing anymore. He said, Why did you stop writing? So he said, our missing number love this is what the people told me that sometimes

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we joke sometimes you're serious and you're angry, I shouldn't write everything down. The promise of a lot of them said, No, no, no, write down everything I say. Because everything I say, it is the how it is the truth. And it is a revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why scholars when they categorize revelation, they say, I want you this month that revelation is of two types. What you must do when you do that first revelation is that which is recited meaning the Quran, this is what we recite in the salon. And the second type of Revelation is that which is not reciting meanings for the purpose of the law, the life of the purpose of a lot of audience. Today, we live in a time where

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Unfortunately, when someone presents a Hadith, we don't give it value. We don't respect it the way it should be. And we hear people people come to me all the time and they say, can you please prove this? prove this through the Quran? Show me that, you know, homosexuality is not permissible in Islam and prove it to the Quran. Well, you can do that all day. But nonetheless, you know, the point is that the Quran isn't the only source. Along with the Quran we also have

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the traditions from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an explanation to the Quran. His day his night is in his interaction with his spouse the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ate everything about him was

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on only gives us guidelines. Give yours like how much do you give

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When do you give it who is deserving of it who isn't deserving of it? Now all of that is explained through

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the practice of law it was set up, sometimes I'll put on will use verse words that are very vague. I'll also title without a, for example, the whole issue regarding three divorces, when three divorces are given. And if a husband and wife wish to get back together again, the process that they must go through, which is not a recommended process. But that's the natural process and the only process that they can get back together again, it's called holla. Now the word use in the eye of Allah is nikka. What is it?

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He has always played on that if they wish to get back together, the only way they can do that is if they marry another spouse each, and then they come back, right? But the problem is that a lot while there was some further explains that here in Nika, isn't referring to marriage, it's actually referring to intimacy, that you have to get married to someone else, you have to be intimate with them, then a divorce will occur, the waiting period is over. And then after that, these two people can come back together again, if they wish to. So there are so many examples of this, where the properties that allow it instead of gives explanation to the put on the properties that allow while

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he was sort of he was at the seat of the foot on the property set along while he was sitting wasn't walking, but on I shall describe it. So we have to remember, especially in our young ones, or young men and women, and even in our adults, that the Hadith is an authority. Just as we are bound by the Quran, we are also bound by that, send them the proper sort of love when it was sent him. He said on one narration, that whoever follows my son got on my fifth agenda, he will be with me, he will be with me in paradise. And the opposite. Also, I'm sending the narration and whoever abandons my son now, then let that person be far away from me. Let that person be far away from the progress of a

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long audio sunset, on the day of judgment, there will be certain people who will be coming to me, Well, I will be standing up my pond and they will be thirsty, and I'll be wishing to give them water. And as they will be coming towards me, the angels will stop them from advancing towards me. And I will say oh angels, Why are you stopping? And that's my alma let me come. And the angels will say no, these people, they changed your son them. And because they change your son now we won't allow them to come in the prophet will say, you change my sooner be away from me be away from me, Don't come close to me, then. Imagine that day if the Prophet was to push us away. So the first

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thing my friends, right, is we have to learn to understand that the Sunnah is an authority. And it's a science within itself. It's not something that you can pick up a book and start flicking through it and understanding it. It's a science, you know, and we have to be respectful to that science as we would be respectful to any science. If I came to your field, whatever it wasn't, I pick up a book, a dummies Guide to Being a doctor book, and I started giving, you know, medical fatawa. From there, you guys would laugh at me. It was a shift the school does not otherwise I will sue you. You're lucky in Islam. We don't sue people for doing the same crime that if we did, they will sue us

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for so we have to be respectful to the sciences of the deen. At the same time understand that these sciences are very delicate. The problem is that a lot of a sudden tells us mankind

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Macondo whoever ascribes a lie Jimmy intentionally let him find his place in the fire of *. He has nothing to do with anymore. Yet at the same time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he teaches us to follow his Sunnah. Align the Quran again and again tells us follow this another profit center long audio setup. So in our lives following the Sunnah of the Prophet Salaam audio center, we have to view it kind of like a desire, we have to view it as a passion. I want to discuss one word very quickly. And then after this, I'm going to end

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when we talk about following the Sunnah. Anyone know what the common word used for following in the Koran is? What's the Arabic word for following?

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It developed?

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In conjunction with a lot of Iranians, Allah says follow it develop the word devout. It's derived from a try literal word, Tabby. What's the word there? w one.

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W one is called a baby animal, you know baby animal called W and you know why they call it a W one. Because the baby animal when it learns to walk, because it can't verbally communicate with his mother like you and I would or the mother can explain. Especially with animals that can't speak. The baby follows the mother wherever the mother goes. So if the mother jumps over the pond, what will the baby do?

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It's gonna jump over the pond, it won't think whether I have the strength to land on these feet or not exactly what the mother does is going to do it. So the mother has to be careful not to run. Because as he runs down, what's the baby going to do? It hurt, the mother has to be careful not to do anything crazy because the baby will get hurt. Same exactly as a congressman allamani was set on the progress of law. While he was setting he did not make the beam difficult for us where we couldn't practice it. There were so many instances where the Prophet said a lot of it was someone's praying for me. And then he stopped praying. He doesn't have a note that I was and they said why was

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the prophets his reasoning for that? Anyone know?

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He said I fear that if I continue to pray everyday with all of you guys, it might be compiled on you. And then there are some people who may be who may find it difficult because of the long fasting hours in America.

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One day he was considering the purpose of lesson was very considerate, you know the properties that allowed him said, I fear that miswak will become obligatory upon you

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I fear that the Libertarian Party so so many things that he said a lot of sin was considered for the oma. Now just as that baby follows its mother does it ever question them otherwise doing anything? No. And when it follows it what's the pushing force of the baby to imitate its mother? You know, imitation could be a different kind of different reasons. You can imitate someone that a mockery as well. You know, you could try to copy someone making fun of them. You know, you can dress up like someone like that, you know, people that dress up on on Halloween, sometimes is that a mockery sometimes because it's humor sometimes because it's a joke. Very few people take their dress

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serious, like, you know, this is the person I want to be like, okay, so when do we the child follows its mother, the purpose the foundation, there is love that I am following my mother because I love my mother. It's kind of like my son one day at home, he was sitting and he put a hijab on.

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I said, Why did you do that? You're a boy, boys don't put him on. He said mama wears hijab. For a child, that's good enough. And that's the beauty of children. When I look at children like this, well it my heart melts, I find myself crying. I think to myself, if I was as loyal to Allah as this child is to his parents, I would be a friend of Allah subhana wa, Tada. You know, there was once a story of a shift, this young man came to visit a shift and he had his child with him. So when they were there, the shift he offered the kid a candy like this. So the kid he for taking the candy, he turned to his dad and said that if you work with ice, can I take it? So his dad been given the

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gesture with the head Go ahead. So when he went forward and took the candy, the shift started crying. So the student has to shift shift, why did you if you threw that attached to the candy you should have offered him

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more movies are attached to sweet things, you know that right?

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in the stomach, there is a emptiness.

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And the only thing that fills in that emptiness is dessert. So Mojave Desert, you cannot, you cannot invoke. That's another person for another day. Okay, so he started crying. He's a chef, if you love the candy so much you shouldn't offer it, you shouldn't have offered it to my kid. So the ships are crying. He said, I'm nuts. I'm not sad at the separation of the candy. Well makes me cry is the loyalty of this kid to his father is that when I offered it to him before taking it, the first thought his father's permission, he said only if I can learn this lesson from this child. And I can learn to ask a lot first before the world offers me something. You know, there are lessons to learn

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within your own kids, just like he was my teachers teacher. He used to have this gathering after Ocelot It was called images. Everyone would gather together after all set and they would be given one cup of tea, tea, everyone would get one cup of tea. And the principle to that gathering was no talking. Everyone would sit there quietly and drink a cup of tea from us. And until literally no talking. They could read a book if you want to read something, no talking. And that's the whole heart that would be in America that that model wouldn't flourish at all. No one would turn up that kind of seminar. We're so used to talking too much but was so here

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to Jackie Moses principle was almost a quiet, drink tea and stay quiet. So people used to come to visit him at that time, there was a very famous movie actor they used to come regularly at that time to visit if you guys ever heard of Dilip Kumar, he's upon he used to come at that time to visit shift.

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Jessica mentioned that many times and many of the students they say that we had seen him come and ask him to shift and make the offer and so on. So anyway, there's a one day What happened was that my teacher told me this. He said I was there that day. And one day What happened was it was a quiet gathering. And there were a lot of people that were coming to meet the shift one by one. This one man had a baby with him. He was holding his baby in his head. When it came time to when it came time for him to make the shift. His baby started crying. So now it's a quiet gathering and as a baby crying obviously as a parent, you're going to feel so sad rather not sad but like a little

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humiliated. A little shy. Oh my god.

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Baby to go quiet. So she has a lot of luck with liquid he said. He said but Chico Ronaldo, Jr. Moroni was able to come in and

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he said let the baby cry. There are a few people in the world who still cry for this who still cry. Let us hear crying too. We don't hear cry. We hear laughing too much. Well, Hakuna Matata, when everyone's laughing when's the last time we heard someone crying for the sake of Allah. So the reason why I discuss all of this right is to bring it back to the original point that my dear brothers and sisters in Islam revelation is something that's very serious. And not only revelation in form of buckhannon, but it's also in form of a pseudonym, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have to learn to our catch ourselves to the sooner the pub sells them. Teach the sooner

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treat the sooner the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as an authority and keep that at the top of our list as well. Are there lessons that allow us all to take us to another province that a lot of some seriously and he allows us to follow the Sunnah just as that baby animal follows his mother and allows our foundation following the somenath to be loving passion, not force for prayer that allows that acceptance gathering

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