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He claimed to him because he's Canadian

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policy as well. So as JCF is Canadian by birth and upbringing, Egyptian heritage and Turkish through merit so he is just so different that they use like, I'm going to spread myself everywhere and everyone gets really crazy. So I as a Canadian lay claim to him as well mashallah JKF is so what I've been listening to since my my journey and seven younger, he's a registered teacher, a qualified qualified mediator, mashallah with classical Islamic theology and training coupled with decades of pastoral care service to the Western Australian community who chaplaincy at the University of Western Australia. And Michelle is internationally recognized as an Imam, a teacher and assistant

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principal, to generations of Muslims. And she Kefka is the first Muslim to sit on the human research ethics committee at Sir Charles Gordon hospital, mashallah and US reflecting his dedication to these goals, and was awarded the Western Australian MultiCultural Community Service Award for individual excellence and when they were putting together this retreat, one of the first names that really did come out to me was shakey if you're not just Marshall for his disbanding traditional knowledge, but really, who how he implements this in his own personal life. So he's been a guest and a presenter for us, um, some of our other programs. We've done programs, the marriage that led to Jenna, you're

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talking about couples and family and mashallah Kim walking that path and being very vulnerable. He's sharing some of the ways that he implements them in his personal life and so it's really enriching to the conversation. So we're gonna get started with our first session for today with shake, get down. We'll have inshallah right after so you get a really special announcement and then we'll have our second speaker. So with that, we'll begin to shake your head and I'll hand it over to you. Just like a little head for that sister, Razia said Imani Kumar Mottola, who will occur to Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa ala early or saw him he was Selim to Sleeman

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Kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala aplicable Rasool you can never you know me you either early wasafi were Salim ala Hama alumna Murgia he know me now Quran and Ali with a kidnapping whom and Sina Allahumma Felina the novena coolly had kabiri hat was really high our camera he mean, Allah homiletical NFPs marry now what I'm sorry now a karate now I will add in a while as well, you know or hammer Raha mean, always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers upon our Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prayers that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah show His mercy and His greatest love for our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that we prayed that Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah by this sada and salaam that we send upon him, makes us worthy of his Shiva on the Day of Judgment. We prayed that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants a strength and knowledge that Allah allows us to learn from the Quran, what we have not yet learned and to remember what we may have been led to forget that Allah subhanho wa taala, sends light into our homes, into our hearts into our communities, makes us conduits of good and people who are Imams and leaders unto others in all that which is righteous Allahumma Amin it's an honor and a privilege that hamdulillah to join with discover you. Now of course, those of you who are familiar with discover you you've had

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wonderful experiences in the past. And that's something that you know, I can't talk to you more about, but what I can say is that when I was approached by the discovery team I mashallah it's a team effort, there's so many people are going to contribute to you. And there's so many more people behind the scenes, whether in research or preparation, or the video graphics and all that kind of stuff that puts this package together. It's such a professional state, that all of that kind of comes together to give you something that is unique, and my job today in sha Allah, as one of the presenters and one of the

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collaborators and facilitators of this, you know, aptly named program, right parody a paradise under our feet, we never really reflect on that, right? We always are told paradise is under the feet of your mom, there's a hadith of the prophets, I send them where he said that to an individual. So hobby, and that's important. It's not all mums, because there are some moms who didn't do their job. And they didn't take that reality seriously, that paradise is under our feet. And as much of a responsibility it is for our children. It is also an important responsibility Subhan Allah for ourselves to do the other half of that. One of the most difficult questions that I get answered

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whenever I present about the Islamic stance of honoring the parents, is that I will always without a doubt whether it's a video that has been shot and then goes on social media, the first barrage of questions that come well what about if my mom was toxic? What about if my

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Dad was a deadbeat. What if they didn't do anything good for me? What if, what if what if? And subhanAllah it's almost as if you have to qualify it all the time, that there are instances where the general discussion of honoring our parents being obedient to them being kind to them, is something that yes, there are exceptions and that is a major issue for you and I as parents Subhanallah

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I'm blessed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala maintain this near Amma. I have my eldest is my daughter, Shittim 15 years old, Mr. MashAllah is heading towards 14 in December, and my youngest, Adam, he's 10 years old, 11 years old. And moving forward my shot law. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala protects my children, my offspring, and yours Allahumma Amin, but the one thought that always comes to mind is what can I do to make them love me more and make me love them more? There's this false notion that, you know, it's by default, you will always love your children, or you will always like your children or you will always be able to forgive your children,

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you will always be able to overcome any challenge that comes between you and them. And subhanAllah The reality is no.

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The reality is no and Allah evidences this in the Quran. So I wanted to begin

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to see we're going to talk about spiritual parenting. And we're going to talk about parenting with, you know, with the Sunnah. And I want to focus more about courage,

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and about how to build courage in our children, because they see it reflected in our behavior, and in our mannerisms, so courage is going to be a central topic, but I want to take us into the Quran. And if you've ever been with me on a journey of knowledge, such as what we're attempting today, it's always centered on the word of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's the basis of these programs with discover you you you know, you can read other books written by psychologists and sociologists and others. But what I can say to you is that always the foundation comes back to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophets. I said them as it relates

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to us as Muslims. And when you blend the two, as you will see with mashallah the therapists that are on on our team, the incredible authors and pastoral care providers and psychologists that are on the team. It's something that becomes a blending of all of the information that is needed. I want to first begin talking about the fitna of children. Allah is the one who tells you, you know that word fitna? It's a powerful word right? It has many contexts in the Quran. Fitna, Allah says well fitna to Asha luminol cuttle fitna, a type of fitna can be greater even than death than the loss of life. So fitna is one of those things that you and I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us from

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the prophets. I seldom is the one who taught us, Allah Humala. Tegile fit net and FVD mean that Oh Allah, do not let our major test in life be our children. Now one of the major tests that Allah declares you and I are going to face you and I are going to see in them in m where leikam was Where do you come in one verse, Allah says, from your wealth, from your spouse, from your wife, from your husband, and in another area, I will add the comb fitna, I will learn the comb fitna, from your children, from your progeny from your children from your grandchildren, your great grandpa, there will be though that major test for you in life, when you look at the Quran.

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One of the books that I've written is called love stories from the Quran. And it's about the family relationships that are found in the Quran, the good love and the bad love and there's more bad love than good love in society and in life in general. But one of the teaching mechanisms of the Quran is a family social structure, and one of the most powerful fitna that every prophet, and every messenger experienced was in their relationship to their parents and in their relationship to their offspring and children. So let's look through the Quran. There's Adam Ali Salam Adam and Hawa and they're down on Earth who's the first murder?

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It's his son.

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You know, the first could you imagine this is this is the first son of a man who was in Jenner, who was created by Allah. This is the man who built the first house of worship in Mecca. This is Adam Ali. Them

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Will Abu NAS, the father of all humanity, and in that moment, I want you to reflect that his first son to his first offspring from them are those who commit the most heinous crime that there's no worse crime then murder in in one who murders especially with disbelief in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so pay attention to that. Right Adam it is said um, who was in Jenner who can describe it, who was there who can who can give testimony of it, who everything you know, the angels are a part of their life. And yet Subhan Allah Adam is tested by his son, killing his own brother.

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If you look at another messenger of God, the next prophet the next message new Alayhis Salam.

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His father is a messenger of God calling generation after generation of mankind. And Noah has summoning people to toe heed, and yet his own son disbelieves in him a major fitna and walks a path immorally away from the path of Allah takes a path that goes beyond where anyone would go, let alone the son of a prophet and a messenger of God who's just 10 generations from Adam it is sent him and not pleased with his son he says yeah boy night your cab man and my son come upon the ship ride with us in the ship but it's conditional it's not ride with us because you're my blood it's not ride with us because I love you it's not ride because I can make an exemption for you it's not ride with us

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because I can make falsehood that you're upon. I can you know, just just just overlook it.

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He says yeah, buena your cabana will attack a mild caffeine. Don't remain amongst those who are unbelievers in Allah. Allah say, Oh, we illegible I'm gonna climb up that tall mountain. Colella. alsi milliohm I mean amarilla he lemme Rahim. Nobody will be protected today except the one who's Urashima of Allah has entered their heart. The knowledge of God has entered their heart and they've submitted to it. Well, hell of a no matter which and the waves crash between them. For Can I mean Elmo Rakeem. He was of those who drowned, drowned in front of his father,

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major fitna.

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You go a little bit further. So there's the fitna of trying to bring your children to that which is correct. You see the fitna of the one who is a messenger of God, a prophet of Allah, informed by God, one who is loved by God who is going to be the father of a nation, a whole nation, that they are referred to as the children of Israel, the children of the one who fled by night as Surah belaid is sobre el, you know, he traveled by night, he traveled in the order of Ilhan by Allah's order to take that night journey Yakou Valley is Salam. Imagine Prophet yaku raising sons, 1257 10, subhanAllah, 12 sons.

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And those sons, sons of a prophet and messenger of God, grandchildren of a prophet, message, great grandchildren or great grandchildren of a prophet of messenger of God, they collude together to nearly murder their brother Yusuf, on account of their misplaced love and seeking attention from their father and Subhan Allah, what a fitna

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what a fitna that must have been to have to have children who lie to your face, who present a shirt soaked in blood that is not the blood of your Son, although they nearly murdered him. What a fitna that must be to have children who had such hatred in their heart for one of their own, seeking the love that you have Subhanallah

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imagine the fitna of growing old and being unable to conceive. Both you and your wife and you make dua and da da and the DA isn't just for you. It's not at a vanity out of pride. Imagine your Zecharia Salam you worry about your nation you worry about your tribe, you worry about where they're going, where they're headed, what's going to happen, and you're saying rob your heavenly men legend Kathuria Thumper, yerba, oh Allah give me a righteous child. Oh Allah, Yeti thuney, Wyoming Alia COVID gift me this child who can inherit me and inherit the children of of Israel who can be a prophet after me. I don't even need to live while he's alive. Let him take over the command of any

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leading them back to you.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I have entered user Korea. I'm going to send you the gift of a child is Moo hoo Yahaya lemenager Allah Humann kaaboo semiya this child's name I named him Yahia and none before him were given this name it's it's a way of Allah saying to him Yes I can. Although your Do I look at the fitna look at the fitna of this father of these parents. They've wanted a child their whole life. And Subhan Allah, Allah names that child Yahia meaning the one of long good life, but as long good life is not for the dunya it's for the Asherah it's for the next life. Yeah, is murdered before His Father in front of his father. And the prophets lie Selim says in the hadith of

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Imam Ahmed Yahia Shaheed IGNOU Shaheed yeah Ali Salam is a martyr, who is the son of a martyr and after they killed Yahia they killed his father is that he said, I'm ending the lineage of vinyasa eel and therefore the Prophet, the only prophet that could come had to come from itsma Elijah Salam, our NABI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Jesus was raised up into the Heaven. Imagine making your art your whole life being given what you asked for, but it was not in how you asked. We'll come back to that as one of the great fitna with our children, perhaps to the aims and the hopes that you have the the everything you dreamed you wanted, it doesn't get accomplished. Supanova

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the fitna of knowledge and authority. Allah subhanho wa Taala says well when he said Suleiman no that would, Solomon inherited the position, the knowledge of his father, that would Ali Salam was a messenger, a prophet, one who received a book visit Abu Allah says, we're cool and at the inner hookman were in both of them that would instill a man I gave wisdom and knowledge and authority to rule. But in an instant, soon a man's knowledge exceeds his father. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in sort of,

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saw than other places. Allah says, as is also in a reading the hadith of Imam and Bahati from an obese I send them that a question was put forward to that Buddha Salam, he gave a verdict in it and his son said, my father, I believe the correct answer is this. And he understood it and Allah says in the Quran, were for him nah, ha. Suleiman Suleiman was made to understand it better as if Allah, Allah is giving us this evidence in a better way than his father understood it. And subhanAllah we live in a time where our children may exceed us in particular forms of understanding technolog technology. In particular even religious tradition they might learn and study in a way that we have

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not been blessed with growing up we may not have been connected to the deen of Allah and SubhanAllah. they outgrow us in that regard fitna after fitna as shown in the lives of the prophets, Musa alayhis, Salam had to mothers, he had his adoptive mother who drew him out of the water and that's where he gets his name Musa the one taken from the water. It's a description of his name Subhan Allah, and he had his own mother, who Allah returns him to her and Subhan Allah look at the blessing of Musa Musa was surrounded by strong women, Musa who's strong so mighty that he can bring a man's life to an end with a single blow and open him blow. His greatest strengths were the women

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that surrounded him, hey, you know asiyah The wife of your own imagine the strength that woman had. Imagine what Musa could learn from her. His mother, who was an intellectual powerhouse so connected to Allah spiritually, that she devised a plan to save his life and and send him with such courage into the water current of the Nile, his sister, Miriam, who followed him and had the courage to approach the castle of Pharaoh and say, I know who can feed this child for you, watching them and observing them from a distance, the courage of his wife, Sephora, Alia Salam, who approaches him with higher Fauja to the Houma Alister here, those two young daughters of the elder of the people of

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Medion who are out there in the desert working feeding and watering the flock because their father did not have a son incredibly strong women that surrounded Musashi is Salam. And it was not just his own doing and how rune Alia salaam, but there are so much complexity

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In that you find the power

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of that sons relationship and adopted sons relationship that you see in the Quran. You see

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the power of a single mother,

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Maria Amalia Salah with Isa, peace and blessings be upon all of the prophets and messengers of Allah. What an incredible fitna. What an incredible testament for that which we see as an epidemic happening within our communities as Muslims, and beyond us. Of course, one of the trends that we see, of course, is that the ties of marriage are no longer as tight, knotted as they used to be, as they should be. And as they were meant to be in the command and in the covenant before Allah subhanaw taala the prophets I send them says in authentic hadith, there is no me fap there is no tie of covenant and bond and contract that has more right to be fulfilled than the right that brings

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together a man and woman in relations in that which is halal, and in marital harmony and matrimony. Subhan Allah, may Allah allow us to live to that. And of course, that just quickly because we are going to run out of time, our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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I want to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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wa was blessed

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to grow up under the guiding care sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of many luminaries all of them even had names that were fitting of caring for Mohammed Salim Halima, the one who has compassion are the Allahu Anhu. His mother Amina, the one who is a possessor of faith, right? You know, you know all of these, all of these powerful women around the prophets lie Selim, his best friends and the people who joined with them those who kept Company A with our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. All of them were powerful, but you see that? The prophets Allah Allah Allah wa sallam was a major fitna was in a major fitna and test where he's father passed away before his birth, his mother passed away

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by the age of four or five or six Subhan Allah, he was set out into a caravan by his family to grow up for his early years in the desert. He was a person who was not fortunate enough to learn to read and write, unlike his cousins, who were favored by their own families and SubhanAllah. As much as you will look after an adopted son, you will always by nature, look after your own children first or your wife will necessarily it's her children. So the prophets of Allah I said was such a fitting example I'm finally Ibrahim Ali salaam, that Allah subhanho wa taala, juxtaposes the scenario of Ibrahim's father as being willing to sacrifice his life to appease his false gods, his false idols.

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So then Ibrahim, in his maturity, after long years of not having a child is ordered by Allah to sacrifice his son. And it's almost as if Allah is saying to him, your father was willing to sacrifice you for that which he worshiped, which was false, would you do this for me, who is a Hulk and real, and Ibrahim Alia Salaam and his son are willful and intent on doing that which is righteous, and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, except, of course, their intent a new year, in that regard, powerful, powerful motives, powerful images that we see

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in the structure of our prophets and messengers in the Quran, there is so much more that can be delved into and one of the things that I discuss in my module as we, as you will see in sha Allah when you're a part of our program, is I speak about parenting by the pseudonym, because everything that we take from the Quran every take we take from the Hadith of the prophets I send them is something that's valuable to us. And I kind of structured in a way my intent was to speak about particular pseudonyms of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that were relevant to how we treat and how we involve ourselves in our children's lives, to a degree of seeking to further them in

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their maturity and in their connective maturity with Allah subhanho wa taala. So I speak about the myth of the ideal family that there is in this one box that's that's significant. I, I have a section about the power of

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love loving our children, loving our our spouses in front of our children, honoring your wife in front of your children is one of the most powerful ways of you setting their life in order of you making a pattern of love for your spouse, even when you're upset with other each other in front of the children. That Islam Eman and Zen are the healing to our mind to our body mind and soul Islam, Eman and sad, body, mind soul. We speak about the importance of practical wisdom and having our children understanding what it means to make effective choices. And what wisdom actually really is. And it's to not wrong anything or anyone in a way that burdens burdens themselves and others. And

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then we begin speaking about essential soon as the sooner of being of those who show Rama and of connectedness and developing habits and patterns the sooner of being practical in our approach of life the sooner of being inclusive and and diverse in our community, that suna of being just and that Justice leads us in life, the sooner of restorative behavior, where we're always attempting to come back and restore that which may have been adulterated. It's not about punishing. It's about restoring the order and the sense of justice, the sooner of being consistent of bravery, the sooner or being adaptive and being intuitive, the sooner of healing and increasing and the soon as a prayer

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and penance and the Sunnah of regularity of function leading to discipline. There's so many other discussions, of course, that become really important. And I wanted in the last, you know, five or 10, you know, 10 minutes that we spend together, I wanted to speak about things that we extract from the sooner that can help us leading a lead our children in that which is good and protect us from bad parenting, and SubhanAllah.

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bad parenting is a reality. It's something I fall into, and you fall into, and I will fall into. And I pray that Allah rescued me from it. And that some of the words that I share with you, maybe testament for me, and a reminder to me and you now, of course, when we speak about this, we're not speaking about old children, some children, they have

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issues with their blood chemistry, some children, they have, you know, particular ailments and mental health issues, some you know, they've been through trauma, we're not speaking about those who have special needs, we're speaking about those who just as a general group, that we can say these are effective things that we can take from the sooner and there will be special topics that are discussed in dealing with those children who are uniquely advantage and and have unique needs.

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From some of the you know, the mistakes that we make and that you can take from the Sunnah as a lesson.

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If your child you know, bad parenting, one on one right now we're going to talk about the things we shouldn't do, and relate it back to the suddenness so that we can find clarity and what we should do.

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If your child and I'm just going to talk about fi and there's many others, but I'm going to talk about five of the big ones that we see within our children. If our children find it easier to lie to us than be truthful.

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It's usually because we've overreacted too harshly to they're wrong and inappropriate behavior. And I want you to pay attention to that.

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If if your child finds it more convenient, easier to look you in the eye, look you in the face and lie and I'm not talking about not telling the truth. I'm talking about lying because there's a I want you to separate between the two. Your child may not tell you the truth, but they may be quiet. They didn't lie. And you might even find that admirable in certain situations. Right.

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But I'm talking about now where they are duplicitous.

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Intentionally deceptive and deceiving. And if this is something that's happening, often I'm not talking about the isolated incident or in things that are I'm talking about this is becoming the norm. You need I need to look within ourselves and understand that what our child is seeing is that our reaction is more destructive. Then

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constructive for them to want to speak the truth. They would rather lie to us be caught in the lie. Then tell us the truth in the first instance because you're gonna blow it out of proportion, and you're gonna, you're gonna you're gonna make a big deal out of it anyway.

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Where do we get this from? Well, no simply Malik are the Allahu Anhu. He says that the prophets I seldom asked him to do something. And as you know, he took the the parcel that the Prophet wanted him to deliver. And as he is on his way to delivering in a manner the amount of Rasulullah sai Salem, he sees a subarea some of the young men yellow baboon playing he's a child he was like seven 810 years old. So he put down a man of the Prophet iron began to play with them and running around and hide and seek or whatever it was, and a few minutes later, a little bit of time later the prophet comes by he sees the amount that was given to us to deliver on the ground and and is playing

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with the children. So he summons Ms. And he says, Yes, have you it's right there. He knows he hasn't. Have you fulfilled the Amana I gave you? And Anna said no oh messenger of Allah. Now that's a lie. That's that's such an incredible moment. Right? He doesn't just hang his head in shame and just doesn't answer you know, sometimes our kids they, they're like too scared to even say yes or no. So they're just like quiet right? Now. He says, No, I haven't Oh, messenger of Allah. The Prophet I sent him says, Well, why don't you go do it now. And then NS ends this hadith by saying, well, Allah, He, I swear to God, I swear by my Lord Allah, that never once did the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, raise his voice at me, ridicule me, discipline mean me publicly, or put me down ever. For any reason, when I was wrong, when I was wrong, are the Allahu Anhu. While he of the Losada Waitemata slim, if your child is duplicitous, in general, as a default, the problem is not necessarily them. It is a character trait that is being pushed forward, because they feel that there will be an unreasonable response to their truthfulness.

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Back bad parenting. Number two,

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if your child lacks poor self esteem, if your child lacks poor self history, esteem, they don't value their self worth.

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They are

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always kind of second guessing themselves.

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It is likely that you are advising them of what to do,

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rather than encouraging them in what they're doing.

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And I want you to see the difference between the two because the difference is night and day. Subhanallah at times, we assume that we're helping our children by giving them advice. Right. And, you know, we kind of even even some of the verses of the horror and one of the poor aspects of it is the translation. You know, Allah subhanaw taala says, what are called Local Manu leibny He were who I know who

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the word malware Eva is translated as advice. That's not what it is.

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It's actually while he is mentoring him, there's a huge difference, right? I translate that verse. I don't say, Look, man was advising his son, like his son was sitting there in front of him and he was in it. I'm going to give you advice. You need to listen to what I'm saying, boy? He says, Yeah, Boonah Yeah. Bhulaiyaa that that word? Whoo. Allahu Akbar. Man, that word. That word. You can write novels about? Punia my beloved. The son who is yet you are you are my pride. My joy. Yeah. Boonah. Yeah.

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It's like is an incredible word.

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It's not advice. It's mentorship. It's walking the path together

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is that

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you are a part of each other's life.

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If your child has poor self esteem, you're giving too much advice and too little encouragement.

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And the self worth that is your job, my job as a parent, to magnify to make them feel like Superman to make her feel bulletproof and indestructible. That you know we will always have that we

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Well, you just try it don't worry about the result. What's important is the effort. What's important is getting out there and doing and, and living it. Yeah, buena. Yeah, it's amazing. Number three, bad parenting.

00:35:20--> 00:35:24

If your child doesn't stand up for themselves,

00:35:25--> 00:35:37

you know, they're, they're always, you know, something will happen and they just, you know, they just cower away, they're not resilient, they don't push back, they're not thick skinned, they're,

00:35:39--> 00:35:48

it's because from a very young age, you've been disciplining them regularly, and in front of others publicly.

00:35:49--> 00:36:33

And when I say publicly, I mean, even in front of their own brothers and sisters, and one of the failings Subhanallah that I have, and you have it, sometimes you'll raise your voice or your, you know, you'll say something to one of your children in front of their sibling. But what you you and I, we forget is that that injures pride. And that results in fear. And fear is one of the most powerful motivations that any human being experiences. May Allah subhanaw taala, forgive us. So when you discipline your, your son in front of his sister, older or younger, in front of his brother, older or younger, what it does is that it makes this child believe that I'm worthy of being spoken

00:36:33--> 00:36:35

to like that in front of anyone or by anyone.

00:36:37--> 00:36:40

And that is something that's unacceptable.

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

If your child

00:36:44--> 00:37:10

does things, and takes things that do not belong to them, it is likely that you are making their choices and don't give them options for them to choose from them themselves. I'll repeat that. If your child is, you know, taking things from a shop from their brother and their sister, it's likely that you're

00:37:11--> 00:37:12


00:37:13--> 00:37:24

the chooser, the one who's choosing things, rather than allowing them the opportunity to have a choice from what you've chosen. And then they can choose from it. And that's a significant

00:37:26--> 00:38:11

and important thing that you and I need to adjust. Because what it does is, is that if they aren't able to choose for themselves with your permission, eventually they're going to choose for themselves without your permission. And that's where those kinds of disasters kind of stem from later on in life, it's something that becomes a major factor that hinders the progress that we all see, and the happiness that we all want. Those are just a few things that I wanted to share with you. In these moments. I know there are wonderful presentations coming up and I know you're going to enjoy the retreat today and tomorrow. I know it's going to be an incredible amount of information

00:38:11--> 00:38:22

that's provided to you. I know the recordings are there for those who are a part of this program. And I hope it Chawla that we can reconnect in other moments in other times

00:38:23--> 00:39:08

with that, you know, as as as you're giving choice, it's that, you know, just say, when I just saw a question pop up in the discussion there. Just say, you know, you're going to buy something from the shop. And it's important for you to say which of these two which of these three shirts would you like, rather than saying this is the way okay, we're going to take this one, right. You know, though that kind of systemization becomes really important. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives us clarity and happiness and goodness, in all that we seek Allahumma I mean, mela subhanaw taala allow us to build courage and prosperity in our children, moving them forward. And I leave you in the good

00:39:08--> 00:39:47

and capable hands of our dear sister Razia and sha Allah to kind of consolidate this together to tell you a little bit more about the program, please. Sister Razia do share a little bit more about it. I want them to kind of be able to conceptualize what it is that we planned and why we planned it. And you know who it is that's collaborating with it. I know Sister Manal and sister Sala sort of THON and you know, obviously, the nation builder chef Muhammad, Sharif, all of us are, are hand in hand in such a powerful and important cause. And may Allah Subhana Allah make it worthwhile. Allah hum Amin, so I'll hand you over to sister Razia. Insha Allah, I could see she's already

00:39:47--> 00:39:53

screensharing and I bid you adieu I set out modicum what not Allah He was about a cat.

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Is that

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were you so many gems Marshall dropped in

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This session and I'm sure as you guys are in the chat I've typed in there and that's kind of like screen sharing and kind of see what you guys are typing in as well and humbler sheets