The relationship between the months Rajab, Shabaan & Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the preparation process for seeds to be planted in the fall, including burying seeds, watering them, and harvesting fruits. The preparation process is crucial to achieving success in the fruit industry, as it is the month when harvesting is complete. The speaker emphasizes the importance of these steps for obtaining success in the fruit industry.

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was seller for him Muhammad Allah they used to say that Shahid OraSure which is the month we're in now is shahidul brother. It is the month in where we plant our seeds and the next month which is Shaban is the month of a superior, it's the month in which we water the seeds. And so you know this process of burying seeds into the earth, and then watering the seed. What's that? That's preparation. This is preparing this is how you prepare a tree in order for it to grow. So this is preparation. What a seller for hammer home Allah who has seen that the month of Rajab and Shabbat are months of preparation. This is where you put serious work hard work and effort. And then they

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said the Ramadan is the month in which we harvest the fruit. This is the month in which the fruits are now ripen and they're perfect to harvest and eat. And when you eat fruit, what happens? You enjoy the experience isn't Ramadan is not the month in which you prepare. This happens way before Ramadan is the month in which now you're enjoying this worship, you're enjoying reciting the Quran. You're enjoying praying, you're enjoying the fasting because you've been used to it now for two months, you've been on a trend and on a routine and on a specific lifestyle so that when Ramadan enters you sit back, you relax, and you just continue that which used to do of preparation in this

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month of Rajab and Shaban