Scientific & Logical Reasons for having Non-Veg Food

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Let's analyze the scientific, as well as the logical reasons for having non rich food.

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Today science tells us that in non western food,

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it is a wholesome food. It's rich in protein,

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and the body requires amino acid. There are eight amino acids which are not created in the body. It has to be given by the external diet, it's known as essential amino acids.

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Only in the flesh food, do you have all the eight essential amino acids therefore, the meat is called as a complete protein, there is no vegetarian food, which has all the essential amino acids in it.

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Furthermore, meat is Richard Nixon, vitamin D. And it's the wholesome food

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there are many non Muslims especially the Hindus, they say that why do Muslims have non veg? Indians besides India, the present throughout the world 20% population of the world you go to any part in the world, USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, you will find in India, so it has become a common question throughout the world.

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I tell them that if you analyze the set of teeth of the herbivorous animals, cow goat sheep don't only have vegetables. If you see the set of teeth, they have a flat set of teeth, called as herbivore a set of teeth.

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If we analyze the set of teeth of the carnivorous animals, who only have flesh food, lion, tiger leopard, they have pointed set of teeth, they have the canine set of teeth.

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If you analyze the set of teeth of the human beings, if you're going to mirror and see we have flirted as well as pointed teeth, if Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables, why did he give us the point it did the content for what

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to have done which.

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Furthermore, if we analyze the dice the system of the herbivorous animals, cow goat sheep, they can only digest vegetables. If they take flesh food they will not be digested. If we analyze the digestive system of the carnivorous animals, the tiger, the leopard,

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the lion, they can only digest fresh food, they cannot digest vegetables, but the digestive system of the human beings can digest veg food as well as non veg food. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables, why did he give her the digestive system it can even digest non veg food but natural to have it we have a small interest time as well as a large interest time for having both veg food and not much food. We need the herbivorous neither carnivores we are omnivorous.