Setting Boundaries for Your Paradise & Inner Peace

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So first and foremost just a programming note in sha Allah Tada. So, tomorrow there will be no virtual footbaww which were just the Friday reflections that we would do every Friday because of COVID-19. However, inshallah tada we will be live streaming the ultimate from the lawn of Valley rent Islamic Center in Charlottetown, this Friday and we'll see what happens with the Fridays to come. But this Friday inshallah tomorrow we'll be streaming from the lawn of Valley Ranch Islamic Center in Charlotte on 2:30pm. Central but the nighttime so you can tune in at 3:30pm Eastern 2:30pm Central in sha Allah Allah for that holds it in the nighttime.

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Now tonight, inshallah tada I wanted to continue to reflect on just some lessons that really tie into pseudo Brahim. And I find myself going on tangents more and more. So I don't know how much of pseudo Ibrahim we're actually going to get to. But I wanted to talk about this concept that speaks to that first page of sort of Ibrahim. And as we said, it really, it really does tie into the story of Ibrahim, it has set up a lot of talks about a people who seek to divert others from his path, who seek to divert others from his path. And if you remember, we spoke about this profound heartbeat from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, where he told us about the straight path and then all of these

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side paths, these divergent paths where you have a shape on on top of the door, that calls you to that path. And the goal is to get you away from a loss of hundreds and away from the pleasure of Allah, and away from the paradise of Allah. And it doesn't matter which divergent path you take, it just has to take you away from Allah, the goal is to distance you from Allah distance you from his pleasure, distance you from his paradise. And we talked about the importance of not going down those paths. And if you think about it, what the prophets lysozyme is talking about is maintaining the boundaries of our agenda, the boundaries of our paradise, are the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala

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in regards to his obedience, and not crossing those lines. And so we put up these fences around our garden. And what that means is that we do not let the shape on, take us away from any of the, from anything that would bring us closer to Allah subhanaw taala from anything that would eat into our share of Paradise and eat into our pursuit of pleasure. And so you have to put up boundaries, you put up these fences shaitan will try from this direction, and he'll try from that direction. And the point is going to be that he wants to take you away. And if he fails in one regard with tempting you to one way then he'll try to tempt you with another way. for him. It's not about how he gets to you.

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It's about him getting to you so he can get you away from Allah get you away from a less pleasure, get you away from a loss paradise. Now I wanted to talk about this in terms of a methodology for how we also guard the agenda and our hearts, the paradise that's in our hearts, which is, and I'm not just making this up with the self referred to as agenda to the appeal, the paradise of certainty the certainty that you have in your heart, where you do not allow anyone into your heart into the paradise that you have in your heart, which is a sense of certainty, and a sense of inner peace, where no matter what happens in the world around you, no matter who comes at you with what you have

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an anchor in that certainty and allows promise His pleasure and his paradise and that is what gives you a paradise in the heart. The very famous saying of Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah, He said what can my enemies do to me because my garden is in my heart, so if they kill me, it's martyrdom. If they if they imprison me it's seclusion with Allah subhana wa tada it's a chance for seclusion. And if they deport me, then it is a chance to travel and to contemplate the signs of Allah subhana wa Tada. So they cannot do anything to me because my garden is in my heart, I've put up the necessary boundaries that do not allow for that garden to be accessed with any form of taunting with any form of insults

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with any form of humiliation, whatever it may be. There's a garden in my heart that my oppressors cannot access. And you have to think about sheltering it's human devils and the you know the prophets lie Selim is told about them in in the Koran, right? They wish to cause you to follow us licona can be above him, they wish to cause you to fall with their mean stairs they wish to cause you harm with their sight and whether that manifests itself actually an aim in the evil eye or you know, just the

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The degree of you know the degree of humiliation and the degree of harassment that comes with their stares, they wish to rock you, oh, messenger of a loss of weisel. And they wish to get you off of your foundation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving the prophets lie, some of them the fortress, and we have the fortress, which is that victory, that remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we protect our paradise, and we protect our inner peace by keeping our sight on the goal and not allowing anyone whether it is the shale clean from the Djinn, or the shale theme from the ends, human devils or gin devils, we don't allow them access to our paradise and we don't allow them

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access to our paradise that's here. And that is essential for us that we always maintain that in everything that we do. There's a very beautiful saying that's attributed to mama honey, follow him holla peace said no, yeah. Not monarch monarch, no fee, if the kings and the children of the kings knew the happiness that we were in La Jolla, dooner, la, he, the CEO of they would try to fight us for it, they try to attack us to get it out of us, what we have in terms of inner peace, what we have in terms of genda, cannot be taken away from them. And that's the beauty of it, that your enemies can take everything away from you, except for your paradise and your paradise. Okay, your

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agenda and the hereafter, which is the manifestation of a loss of pleasure, or your agenda that's in your heart, which is the certainty in a lost promise and pleasure and paradise in the hereafter. And you have to be able to put up boundaries. And that means not allowing your enemies in your head, not allowing your enemies in your heart, not allowing those who tried to distract you with this to succeed in doing so. But maintaining a sense of certainty and a sense of consistency. And I know that usually, you know, when you hear about putting up fences and boundaries, you know, it, it's usually in a negative sense, especially when you're talking about in terms of, you know, the

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psychology of, you know, some who would like to guard their vulnerabilities and do not process their emotions in a healthy way. So they put up boundaries, right, but that's usually talking about unhealthy boundaries and putting up boundaries between you and the people that you love. This is talking about putting up boundaries and fences between you and those that wish you harm. Again, whether it's from the human devils or from the shell theme from the gym, putting up those fences, putting up those boundaries and not letting them in Lisa, Kimberly Metcalf, there is no entrance here. This is my heart, this is my paradise, you cannot access it. And Subhanallah as I was thinking

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about this example of putting up that those fences and those healthy boundaries to where you protect from all of those that would seek to get you out of your garden, all of those that would seek to get into your real estate. If you think about it, they'll always say that you need to learn how to process your emotions in a healthy way. You need to learn to, you know, to express your negative feelings to express your hurts. And that's the beauty of this all is that we are taught to channel as much of this as we can into in supplication in the Ibrahim it is Salah lizer just as in Ebrahim aware that Ibrahim alayhis salam is someone who is frequently grieving but he turns to Allah subhana

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wa tada Helene a wa muneeb he bears a lot of pain, he takes that pain to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so basically, by putting up boundaries between those, between you and those who wish you harm, and then expressing that pain to the one who only wishes you good and Will's for you, good Allah subhanho wa Taala, you gained the healthiest way of processing that and you protect your paradise. So again, the boundaries here that I'm talking about are the boundaries that you put between those who between you and those who wish you harm, whether it is from shale, theano, gin and Shelton. It's the human devils and the jinn devils. And it's the same methodology, the same methodology for

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protecting your paradise in the Hereafter is how you protect your paradise in this world, right? Do not let them in. Do not let them in. Don't let them distract you. Don't let them hurt you. Don't give them too much real estate in your thoughts. Don't give them too much real estate in your feelings and process as much as you can by calling out to the one who never puts a boundary on you a loss of parenthood to Allah who's whose line of communication who whose path of death, or whose access to him through through sincere supplication is never shut off, never shut off until the moment of death. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our paradise to grant us the paradise of

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the heart genda to the screen, and to grant us the paradise in the hereafter which is the manifestation of his pleasure We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to protect our hearts from all of those things that are displeasing

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to him and all of those things that distract us from the pursuit of pleasing Him a llama I mean Zack mellow Hayden Chela Tyler once again tomorrow. The ultimate should be live streaming at 2:30pm Central and shadow 330 Eastern in Las Vegas and it comes down to why he will get a cut.