The Fiqh of Salah #11 – The Sajdah of Forgetfulness Part 2

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who is holding her mother in a room and walking away from her. She is praying and doing a small amount of walking, but she is not answering the phone. The speakers discuss the allowed amount of walking in the Sunless playoffs and the importance of not overestimating walking. They also talk about the use of "has" in the verb "has" to describe actions or actions that are not allowed in the sunless playoffs. The segment emphasizes the importance of not overestimating walking and the need for a search detain after a Tefila slim usage. The speakers explain the clapping for the woman and the hesitation to say "just tell the operator" during the act. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a tour.
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and he gives two examples straight from this era

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The first of them could fit in into B Sallalahu. It was selling feet Hemley he Obama as his holding of Obama. Who is Obama?

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Who is Obama?

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Who is Obama?

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Been to who?

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No, it's his horn granddaughter guys. You should know this. His own granddaughter, his own granddaughter

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Xena, Oh mama Binti, Xena and Zeno's husband was up what else have another beer. I will also have another beer. Okay. This is his granddaughter, Oh, mama, from his eldest daughter, Xena.

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Xena, I've had married but I also have another beer. And a blouse. I mean, their their, their daughter was Xena. Their daughter was Oh mama. And it is narrated as a Bacardi. That one day the process of them came out for Serato acid, and he was holding Omarama in his hands.

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And he led the Salah with Omarama in his hands, and he would put her down when he did such that, and then he would pick her up when he went up for the salah. Now this is in the form of Salah, he's the Imam

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if we ever had anybody lead with a baby over here. Hola. Hola. Hola, Dobler, honey, they would just lose it. But this demonstrates what I mean it offers demonstrates the love of the process of his grandchildren. And in reality, it is impossible to imagine that there was no woman at home that could have held her mama, it is impossible to imagine. There any he had much others botica love, no matter movement in Xena was there. I mean, somebody would have been there. Still he is carrying her why? Maybe she was asleep. Maybe he just felt he loved me and wanted to be loving with his grandma. At that time. We all have we all know what that feeling. And so he wanted to just hold her at that

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time, which demonstrates

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a small amount of actions because you can imagine when he's holding his granddaughter, there's no doubt his actions are going to be affected. And when he goes into court, so he's holding like this, then when he goes into such that he has to put Obama on the ground, then pick Obama up. All of this is the seed.

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Because if somebody were to see somebody doing this, you can tell he is praying with a baby.

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Unlike the guy answering his phone is saying Hey, yo, what's up? Right? There's a big difference between the two. When he's picking up Obama and putting her down, he's in the posture of Salah. So therefore, you see al Amel Slidell actions.

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And he gives another example of foot hill babbling Isha and his opening of the door for Artesia. So the process was praying sooner in his house and the door was closed. And our issue begins knocking on the door. She has gone for a reason she's come back, she's knocking on the door. Now of course the house of the process was not like our house and he's the living room. He has to walk 10 minutes to get to the front door as we would have to do his house is one room and he literally had to walk two steps, open the door, walk back to his masala area. Okay, so he walked open the door and came back in. Now, this is actual walking in the Salah.

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But two things, number one is sunnah or Nuffield Salah and our scholars say what is allowed in the Sunnah is not allowed in the forum. Many scholars say this, but many would argue and I agree with this, even in the farthest would have been allowed. Because it is not appropriate to have Aisha wait until all the way she finishes, and the amount of walking is one or two steps. If the amount of walking had been the entire hallway, then no it cannot happen. Then if it's so narrow enough and a nice to break, you will break and if as far as Historia finish and then go unless there's an emergency in which case obviously, everything is allowed to be broken at that time. So the point

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being he walked a little bit. So this is what even Kodama is saying that if he does a large amount of of actions or something that is totally against Asada, the whole Salah is about there is no such the simple, that's the point. And if he does a small quantity, the Salah is so high and there is no such the so clear. In either case, there is no such the so now there are

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A lot of scenarios in our times, which is a judgment call. It's not something that is that is, you know, clearly mentioned in the books and whatnot. So for example, if the phone is ringing

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irritatingly and annoyingly and the entire Masjid is getting irritated at your ridiculous music tones that are coming off in the Salah. Right? Not only is it allowed, it is wajib maybe for you to take your phone out and turn it off. Okay?

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Make it break it, throw it in the ground and break it, yes, before somebody breaks it for you. Okay. So this is motion, you are taking the phone out and you are pressing a button or something, this motion is for the Muslim of the prayer and it's a small amount you are turning it off, you're not answering the phone. Okay, so in this case, we say you should take the phone out and you should turn it off

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because it's for the muscle or have the prayer. And then there are many other things that can be that can be also you know thought of and there's gray area and again the point is not to get into the the gray area the point is clear cut black and white, a lot of actions not related to the setup, trivial actions that are done for a reason. These are the two we understand in the middle. There's lots of things here and there. We'll leave those inshallah for the time being okay. So this is the first adding adding or can adding non or can clear the second a bonobo Thani and Nakatsu The second is omission Can you see any wajib and this is like the forgetting of a wajib in fact it is not like

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a forgetting of Awaji it is only the forgetting of a watch because the only thing you can bracelet so for for forgetting is a watch if you do not pray such at this level for forgetting a sunnah

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and if you for you do not praise yourself for for getting a sunnah

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you do not pray so to the zone for for getting a sunnah okay. So if you forgot and the only thing you will forget that you will have to make up through says oh is a wajib then what should you do your prey says it the vessel says detain a cell. So what are some of the YG but other than the Shahada? What else is Awaji remind me what else is a wajib? We did this last week guys

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sent me Allah has given me the tech via wichtiger

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all the tech bits in between and not the not the the guilty the haram. Okay, so saying Subhanallah Bill Alvim. So he went into court, his mind got distracted by the football game stop for Allah. And then he stands up. And then you realize oh, I forgot to say somehow did a bit of money. And I was thinking of the scores of whatever. Okay, so he now moves on to the next record, he forgets a YG what do we just say? When you forget to watch him and you move on to the next row can you do not go back to the watch app?

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There is no reversal. So now he realizes I forgotten to watch him so he has to do such a thing. So okay. And

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he then gives the specific example for inequal my Natasha who did a one if he stands up from the first Tisha hood, for that Cara Avila and yesterday Macaw Iman, Raja Alfa Tabby and he remembers before he stands up straight so before he reaches the next rockin he immediately goes back down

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and he brings that the Shah hood and in this case there is no such that Dana settle because he did not forget the watch IP is that clear? Before he stood up straight once he stands up straight he's gotten to the next rockin which is standing up pm

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so before he physically and it's happened to all of us that we just get up and then while your back is getting up while your knees are rising, you remember oh this is the second record. If you remember at that point in time, you just go straight back down and that's it there is no need for says that they know so because you did not start the next record and you did not miss the watch. Okay, however, if he did stand up, we're in this data makan Eman, limb merger. If he were to stand up, he does not go back. Why? Because he has crossed over to the next. We're open. Okay. And the same applies if you go into court, okay. Then you start going up, and then realize, Oh, I forgot

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this valuable theme. Before you get up. You can go back down and you say some horrible outcome, then you come back up again, then you're fine, because he did not reach the molder or the status of the next broken. Okay, is that clear? You are allowed to go back to the wajib until you reach the next location. Once you reach the next rockin colors, the bridge has been built you need to move on and then you make sense detain us so we're in Nursia Rokinon

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So this is for forgetting Awaji How about forgetting a broken? This is forgetting what we just did. How about if he forgets a broken? We're in NESEA Rokinon further Cara who? Cobla sugery Heafy para Atira Karten Ohara Raja Tabby he will be back there who were in dakara who BARDA adic bathala to raka Letty Taraka who mean her? Okay, this is the humbly madhhab very easy. So

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what can you forget? One of two things, you either forget a wajib in which case

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if you move on to the next record, you appraisers detain if you don't move on to the next record, and you remember before that, you do the watch, and you're fine. Okay? Or you forget a rockin now, if you forget a record, what nscl Rokinon for that Cara who Coppola Sharifi para era Catherine O'Hara. So the rockin the rockin it is at intervals, you look at the entire raka you look at the whole unit of the Raka. And the unit of the raka begins with the fact they have every Raka.

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So if and this is the humbling method, the others have theirs and let's not worry about those. I don't want to confuse you right now let's just concentrate on one method. So what is the humbling method say if he remembers the rochen before beginning the Fatiha of the next raka he comes back to that rockin and continues from the broken and the Raka is so here. So simple example. Simple example. He

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does such the Okay, one such though. And then he comes up and stands up. As soon as he stood up. He realizes Oh, I forgot the second such day.

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But he hasn't said Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen he immediately in this case, it's not a wajib he has to go back and build a bridge. It's not a wire that he needs to for a Rukh Khan he cannot drag his button without rockin so he goes back to the very place where he missed the broken

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and in this case, it's literally the previous thing. Suppose he missed the record. So imagine he fell into says detain did to search this then he stood up and before saying hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen he realized oh, I forgot to record so he will go back to the record then do km then to to such does then stand up?

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Is that clear? So in that unit, so the point is imagine you have four units for the her right if you miss a rockin you rewind to that rockin then you move forward to the Fatiha of the next one. Unless you got to the Fatiha of the next raka in which case that record that you Mr rockin false

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and your record that you're currently praying becomes the record that you messed up.

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Is that clear? It's actually very simple. If you just think about it, I'll go over one more time Sisters is that clear? Not clear. Okay. So you have

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you have the rocker that begins with the Fatiha so every Fatiha is the beginning of the raka Okay, every Fatiha is the beginning of the Raka. Now missing a rockin is not a trivial matter because the Salah is not so high when you miss the rockin. So the humbly say

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you have to look at when you remember the Recon inside of the Salah.

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If you remember it before the Fatiha of the next Raka. And if you just missed it in that regard, then you immediately rewind and you're still within that record. And you continue from where you missed the record. And that record is correct. So I gave the example of missing the record. So you go from the supposed to the second record, you forgot to the record, you fell into such that. So you're going to such that a lot of times we'll remember in the session.

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Remember in the sense that I forgot to record, you're still in America, what do you do?

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Go back to the record.

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You go back to the record, and you ignore that Senator that says that means nothing you will have to do search the tennis elbow for adding that one but it means nothing for the actual solder is just an exercise in that you made a mistake and so you go back to the core and then you fall and then you go clam and says the thing clear.

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If you remembered when you get to the next raka after you begin Fatiha.

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In this case, you cannot go back. You just drop the entire second record. It's as if you didn't pray it and what you are praying

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Now, which you think is the third raka becomes the second record.

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Because you messed up the second record, you didn't do the record of the second record. Now it's too late to go back because you've already reached the third bridge. So the second bridge basically falls in the third bridges and filled, you know, to become the second clear, okay, so that is what the humbly might have teachers and it's a very simple because it's a very simple reality that

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guess you will do so and so he has to do so is that so okay. So, um, so and then and then he says, And he gives an example of this, he gives an example of this. What a NESEA autobio Sajida 10 Min autobuy raka Arten. Further Cara Fisher who de cerca de fille, Hol for Sahaja, who raka familia TB Tara Thea raka T gives an example the most extreme example to demonstrate suppose in a four raka prayer,

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he forgot the second stage that in every single record, just a theoretical example suppose so in reality, therefore,

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in reality, the record of the first has been nullified the record or the second nullify the second or the third nullified the fourth because he's still in it.

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He can do one says the right then and there that will be the second one, but then that will become the first record

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all three Balton and the fourth becomes the first because he messed up the Archon of all three and each time he reached the Fatiha the fact that the Fatiha okay

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there is no need to

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there is no need to do that he's already in Dasara and so by saying the slim it makes no sense what has he prayed

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nothing he hasn't prayed a proper Salah so he should not make this name because he hasn't prayed a proper Salah he made a genuine mistake for whatever reason and he gives an extreme example so you get the point even if it's three record doesn't matter, all three will be bolted and he will go back and the other guy he's praying will become the first record that aka he's praying becomes the first record Okay, so this is the second reason this is the second reason why you would do such that a cell Okay, so the first reason was what remind me the first reason is what

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zyada The second reason is

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no axon okay. And the zyada can be either from the Archon or it can be from hydrogen suicide or something other than the salah Okay, the new axon can be from the YG bot in which case you just do says though or it can be from the Archon in which case we is described how okay then the third reason why you do such that the several adorable thalis a shock the third reason is when you are in doubt a shock. FURMAN Chaka fie Turkey Hebrew Canon for who okay Turkey healer, whoever doubts whether he's done a record or not, you should assume you have not done it. You're wondering did I do? Did I do the record or not? Pretend you haven't? Because for sure you didn't do it? For sure

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there was a time you didn't do it? Right? And you're doubtful whether you did it? The answer is you didn't do it because the record is an action. It's an extraction. Okay, so for sure there was a time you didn't do it. And you're doubtful whether you did it or not. So you remove the doubt you base it on the fact you didn't do it. Whenever there is a doubt he is saying when it comes to a recon not when it comes to number of a cat. When it comes to a recon when there is a doubt assume you didn't do it.

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Woman check Kathy either the Rukka T banner Irelia. Kane, and whoever is doubting the number of regard, you base it on what you are certain and certain is the lower of the two quantities. Whether you're in doubt whether two versus three, you're certain it's two, two has to be the case, your net worth is three and four, three has to be the case.

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Exactly if you if you thought you missed her record in the third, what did we say? The third record start just drops because you're in the fourth record, and the fourth record becomes the third record. And then you do one more record. Okay. So if you're doubtful and by the way, so our scholars say all the scholars say

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people who are habitual doubters don't count

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because there is a disease of the West suas

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Okay, and anybody who is suffering from this disease knows it. There is a disease of the suas. And in fact, medical science even as a term for it, right OCD, where you're obsessive compulsive disorder, you, you literally think all the time of something. And this is a disease and it is what swathes of shaytaan. So the one who has OCD,

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he ignores it completely. He does not pay attention to it at all. Because this person has a disease that is not going to be cured, ever or else he is going to be in Sudan for as long as he lives. We don't need him to do that. So this is about the one who genuinely has a doubt the one who does not suffer from OCD. That's the shock. As for the one who suffers from OCD, the shock is then worked out but it doesn't count in his case. So

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whoever has checked in the number of recart then he bases it on your team. Except for the Imam. The Imam is allowed to make an assumption based upon what he thinks. Why did even Kodama say this and this is a uniquely humbling thing. Why did he say this? Because he feels the Imam has backup plans behind him.

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If the Imam messes up, he's got 50 people behind him to check. So the Imam Okay, go ahead. The Imam is unsure three or four. Go ahead. If you think it's four, go ahead and sit down. If he's mistaken, what's going to happen spinalis miles well, so then he'll realize so and this is actually a logical exception, it kind of makes sense. So the Imam has more leeway and making mistakes, guys, you hurt him, the Imam has more leeway and making mistakes. Okay, cut me some slack here. Which Imam the hidden Imam stuff. So.

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So he's saying the Imam can go ahead and base it on whatever he thinks he doesn't have to go to lower number because the Imam has that backup plan, plenty of backup plans. So the Imam, Imam ha. So only the Imam is going to be the one who can go on the presumption of probability. Okay, so

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a shock.

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So basically, this is the third category, and then we'll finish with the final paragraph. So the third category is a shock. And what is a shock? You don't know whether you pray three or four. And if you don't know whether you pray three or four, what do you do, you go down to lower number, and you stick with a lower number. Then when you finish, you pray to raka two sides of the soul clear, because you don't know how much you prayed. And that's exactly what the process of them said, if you happen to pray extra, those two such does, it's as if Allah will bless it into a full rocker, so your old prayer will still be odd. And if you actually prayed the correct number of recart, those

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two sessions will irritate shaytaan that I caused him to forget. And instead he made two sets this extra for the sake of Allah. So I'm the loser. That's what she thought he's going to think. Okay, so, in either case, you're the winner when you do the two searches. So therefore, the three scenarios of search says says that the several zyada are not sign a shark, okay. And I went over the top seed of all three of them. Now, when it says that the Sahoo done, okay and how is it done? Now, we get to the humbly must have,

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while equally sad, when such the attorney herbalists, salami Illa and every single sir who has to search does before that asleep, except for so he has a series of exceptions. So the apostle or the basic premise is that every single session attain should be done before the Tasneem except for three scenarios, except for three scenarios. Number one, monsell Lemma and Noxon few Salah T, the one who makes the sleep too early, before actually finishing the prayer. Now,

00:24:03--> 00:24:34

in this case, this is totally understandable. So imagine your Turo card. Sorry, imagine your photo card versus tilaka. Okay, when you pray to Raka and you think it's the fourth one with the process that I'm did, you're going to make the slim orange shoe. So what's going to happen? You're such that pain will be after this second Tasneem you don't make the sleeve at the end of four and then you do search there and then you do another Tasneem

00:24:35--> 00:24:36

and we go over that again.

00:24:40--> 00:24:49

So he is saying when which scenario so understand the humbly madhhab says the default is you do such detail when

00:24:51--> 00:25:00

before Tasneem before Tasneem This is the default this is the hustle you you should consider this the basic default

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

Okay, by the way, this the humbly madhhab all of us Hana fees know the exact opposite. The Hanafi madhhab is what?

00:25:08--> 00:25:11

After the slim, okay, and the Shafi method is what

00:25:12--> 00:25:13

Shaeffer is

00:25:15--> 00:25:54

before to slim the shafr is before to slim, to humble is don't see Sorry, the Maliki stuff seen sometimes before sometimes after, and the humble is all sorts of see, and this is the autopsy. Okay, so just for FYI, the Hanafi is after this name, the Shaffir is before to slim, the Maliki's have a detailed chart and the humbly said the default is before but in some scenarios afters. Okay. Is that clear? What are those scenarios where afterwards Okay, number one, which is the most obvious one it you don't even need to think too deeply about is very easy. Suppose you made a wrong Tasneem.

00:25:55--> 00:25:56

An early to slim

00:25:57--> 00:26:10

suppose Valhalla, you pray two rakaat instead of four. And you did that asleep? That is an incorrect Tasneem. But you broke the salah didn't you? You stand up and you start again with the salah.

00:26:12--> 00:26:26

Now your search detain are going to occur after that the slim, isn't it? Obviously, because you did it in the middle. In this case, your search detain will occur after that Tasneem that's fine.

00:26:27--> 00:26:46

So you do that as the search detain then you will have another Tasleem to finish what you were praying the tour guide, is that clear? Okay, so it's understood that in case of an accidental Tasneem usage, the Dane will occur after those accidents. That's the first scenario.

00:26:47--> 00:26:52

But before the second testing, but before the second testing, okay. And the second scenario,

00:26:53--> 00:27:25

the Imam, if he follows his presumption, and they base this on the Hadith of the prophets of Allah, why do you send them that only for the Imam not for the moon, if you follows the presumption, and the third scenario, one Nursey, the suju, the popular salami for Indo US to search the tiny, baddest salami he, the one who forgets to do the search, detain, and he finishes the whole salah, now, simple example, you forgot the Tisha hood.

00:27:27--> 00:28:04

You sit down for the Jelsa, you do the you do your final Tisha hood, and you made the Tasneem then you realize, oh, I forgot that the shareholder and I forgot the search that didn't work out. Right. You understand that happens sometimes. In this case, as well. You immediately offered the tool says detain is that clear? So in reality, in reality, these are exceptional scenarios. The Orcel for the habila is that the search detain is done before that the Sneem in all scenarios, that's the lawsuit.

00:28:06--> 00:28:22

And these exceptions are very rare and you don't even have to memorize them. And in reality, for us just memorize an accidental Tasneem because both of them are accidental, you shouldn't have done them at that time. In this case, you are forgiven and you do the search detain after the Tasleem

00:28:23--> 00:28:35

Okay, in this case, you are forgiven you do that that says detain after the Tasleem then if you happen to do the search detain after the Tasleem you have to do the Tasneem for those search detain as well.

00:28:37--> 00:28:37

Is that clear?

00:28:38--> 00:28:42

If you do a search detain after a Tasneem

00:28:43--> 00:28:50

you forgot to do the search. So you have to do it, then you have to do with esteem for those to search the terrain.

00:28:51--> 00:29:18

And the humbly madhhab you make Tushar hood in that extra to humbly mode hub, you should but not watch it is Mr. hub for the humble is it is not wajib It is never wajib to do to Tasha woods. Okay, the Hanafis have their own and that's a different method and we're not talking about so to summarize. To summarize says that assemble to summarize at the sell

00:29:21--> 00:29:59

Oh, sorry, one line we have to finish it while a saddle movement moment. Suzu says when and never does the moon have to do says that so never any mistake the moon does. The Imam carries it for you. You have to humble who any mistake you forget a rockin Awaji behind the Imam you are forgiven behind the Imam never alone. You're figuring behind the Imam. So in and yes who are imamo who for yes to do ma who the only time the moon will do such a thing. So who is when the Imam messes up? In which case the whole Jamar

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I will do such detained because of the Imam. Okay clear. And we all know this and this is all of them who are like this. All of them are like this never does them more than pray says that Dana said who on his own never clear that's all the medina when you're a mom, you are not responsible for a mistake the Imam is going to carry your mistake and one year the Imam all of the moon will carry your mistake with you as well. Okay, so one mistake of the Imam and the entire GEMA will make sense that so with the Imam clear, okay. Woman Sangha imam or who?

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Woman sa imamo owner who amorolfine sadati he fit this be hula rigidly What does fuku Lin Nisa and whoever's Imam make some mistake or something happens that he needs to alert to the Imam

00:30:56--> 00:31:06

then that men will Say Subhan Allah for this beautiful ritual, and the women will clap and the clapping is done.

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Like this. Okay, so the clapping is done like this, on the back of that. So, I thought and this is a Hadith of the process of them

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in nematodes, Fiocco Denisa. Clapping is for the women, meaning inside of the Salah, right copping is for the women. So when the Imam makes a mistake, the men will Say Subhan, Allah Subhana Allah, and the women will clap because there is no need for the woman to raise her voice inside of the Salah without a reason. And some of the scholars say if she were to Say Subhan Allah, it does not make the salah battle because she's just doing vicar. But this is what the apostle or the basic is, is that the men raise their voices Subhan Allah Subhanallah and the women will clap and the same when a matter happens that deserves the Imams attention. Okay, when there's something happening that

00:32:00--> 00:32:39

deserves the Imams attention, so if there is a danger if there's anything that needs the Imam needs to be told, so Subhan Allah Subhana Allah in this case, the Imam is allowed to look around and see what's going on. The Imam may even turn around and see if he knows he's not making a mistake. And congregation is saying Subhan Allah Subhana Allah so in this case, he is even allowed to turn and see what is going on. So if there is a need to alert the Imam even in this case, you will say Subhan Allah SubhanAllah. And if the Imam has made a mistake, you will say Subhan Allah. So this is the summary of such that the Sahel once again, simple simple understanding for the Hungary's there are

00:32:39--> 00:33:18

three times that you do search the Sahel, when you add a token, when you add a token, you will do such too so when you miss a wajib, you will do such at this level, when you miss a record, you will go back to the MR token, and then resume your Salah from there. And then do search that a circle. And when you're in doubt as to how many records you have prayed, you will do so as a disciple. And the basic ruling or premise for the humble is and also the Shaffir is and even most of the Maliki scenarios is that the search detain is done before the Tasneem. Before the testing you literally at the end you just say Allahu Akbar and go into such that. And then when you get back up for the

00:33:18--> 00:33:23

Hamleys, it is Mr. Hub, but not wha job to make the Tisha hood again,

00:33:24--> 00:33:45

it is not watching, it's good to do so to make it through again. And for the Shaffir is there's no need to make the shahada at all for the 100 fees, they should make the shahada as well, okay, so this is in a nutshell says detain assemble, and insha Allah Allah with that. Very quick questions. I know there's a lot of questions, but unfortunately, the time is limited Go ahead.

00:34:08--> 00:34:36

So the question is, how come the we're saying that there shouldn't be too much motion, but the Prophet system stood up and walked to a place and then he spoke to the people. So the humble and most of them had him say that if it was done through indicia and through accident, and it was for the sake of verifying the mistake of the Salah, then the Talking is forgiven.

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

So he didn't give a lecture. He didn't go into a tangent. It was just about the Salah, and it was immediate. So the humbly say that if it was immediate, and the talk was linked to the fact that he's verifying that it is over the

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

looked whereas if it was a prolonged gap

00:35:04--> 00:35:14

or the talk was not related to verifying the Salah, so suppose just suppose I gave a halter then somebody's a chef you prayed Aisha three Raka

00:35:16--> 00:35:30

and then everybody said oh yeah actually you did pray to Dragon now remember to regard in this case we will pray the whole saga again. Okay because I gave a whole talk and a long time elapsed between the two okay, yes good

00:35:49--> 00:36:02

so wait let me answer your first question. So that the Shah hood typically means only adhere to the law this is the humbly position and the salah upon the process is not a recon we just went over that is over the watchI but okay

00:36:13--> 00:36:16

yes, you have to because your Tasneem broke the salah

00:36:17--> 00:36:20

your Tasneem broke the Salah, so it would take me it has to restart the salah

00:36:22--> 00:36:26

you all take the rot haram have to be done standing up

00:36:28--> 00:36:33

if you begin a new Salah This is not suited as a whole so the several you don't have to stand up.

00:36:34--> 00:36:53

But if you're beginning a new so you pray to the council before you have to stand up. If you forgot the shahada, and you said the slim and you just have to do so is the thing so you don't have to stand up right then and there sitting down Allahu Akbar and go into such depth because you don't have to stand up for the says the thing is I will only okay

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go let me start here hatin doll Seanie.

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me what to feed.

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