Hatem al-Haj – Revival of the Deen

Hatem al-Haj
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Had the you get

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I have the safer for the monopoly. The chef was saying monopoly and a slab is limited to the

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provision of Monopoly was limited to the things that the civil civil olalia mentioned in the Hadeeth. So now, we apply

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our perceived monopoly in general to be absolutely

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not monopoly in general to be firm, but it has to be determined by experts, we have to understand that the world is different. And the world is different meaning that

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we're not saying that our religion is not suitable. But we're saying that religion has to be read and understood. Every time there are major changes in the world, that our rulings, you know, you don't have to understand our people, you don't have to understand the morals, manners of their religion, but all of the genre effect has to be accepted, particularly in to churches, two thirds of the effect, the downtime,

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and in rulership and, and other types of issues that

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are of our party that

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it needs to be understood. This is the so called it's the habit kids DD, which they have empathy, PTSD,

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revival is this they have, or it is the revival of the deep inner renewal of the need through HDR, because the new of the D, some people think that notion of the theme is basically only to renew the salon of the province of Southern Nevada.

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And on the other extreme, some people think of a better notion of the dean is basically to toss out all of the mazahub and everything, and to bring in your own set of,

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you know, values and rulings.

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But the correct understanding is that the scholars that are well founded and that they do need to re examine the need for new age they have, you know, new words. So, for instance, when a loss of data and the product of the arm says

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that one should give,

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one should emancipate the rapida.

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First, prefer for VR expiation for VR, what do you say to your wife,

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or for anything that has this in the same way when you when you have * with your wife in Ramadan, or something? When it starts by emancipating, the slave

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what is the next one for CRM? Bi first in three months, three months, consecutively.

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Two months

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234 fussy, I'm sorry, we've been fasting two months consecutive.

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So recently, one of the scholars

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that it is the, the objective of Allah subhanaw taala, here is facilitation. And we saw how the profits are some of someone came to him and he kept them, you know, saying that, you know, I can't, they can't, and he kept on giving him concession, after concession until he gave him data and he said, Good, take it, feed it to your family. After he came to me, he was, you know, shocked when he heard the expiation.

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Then, at the end of the story, the profits are sudden considering giving him an option one, option two, option three, at the end of the day, he walked away with dates to give to his family.

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But so one of the contemporary scholars that we have to really examine this, a lot did not mean to cause us furniture, but

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if there is no sleeve nowadays, don't jump right away into fasting two months.

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estimate the value of the slave which you could do by cross referencing because they estimated the values of slavery in the past by cross referencing further things, estimate the value of a slave and order this person to pay it and then we could use it for

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ransom the captive Springsteen's or for for many of them.

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that the Muslims were determined to be of great urgency like previously was something of great value and urgency.

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That is both as devious they have that is really examining the text within our within our context.

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And Islam does give us room to do this, and does allow us to do this has to be carried out by the scholars one found the novel, so that we stay in the middle between the extremes, the extreme of basically shunning guardian and thinking about the new deal that we are making.

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You know, so if you're, if you're a socialist to bring about your home, you put together your own values, if you're liberal, you put together your own values, if you're Western, you put together your own values and put it to Dean. And if you're Eastern, you put together your own values. And this is one extreme, and the other extreme is that people are limited so much, and prevent any progress, intellectual progress in this state very deep. It's the happy corba it's the heavy revival of the beam.

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We have been given the tools and our Dean has really shown us that we can do this nowadays, things are very complex, very complex, it is not expected of the scholars who know everything Kennedy should not really accurately do.

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Economics is this business that people specialize in you spend your life and study it, you go to college, master's degree, PhD and so on. So, monopoly in this case is something that has to be free examine, re examine.

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Like the, within this context, you have to have the experts with the Bara. Next, the scholars working hand in hand to basically re address the issue.

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Pre addressed the issue of monopolies. If we do this, they will be you know, we will you know that the secretaries in our countries were not there to tell us, you guys are so other thoughts, because that's what they say no, that some of them are the same that your backward, some of them are really not, not not Muslim. Some of them are Muslim.

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But they, they think that we're quite out of touch. And sometimes we allow them to think of it we're out of touch. So is by looking out of touch and acting like we're out of touch, we give them a reason to think this way, and that is called subbands a bit and that is turning people away from the past.

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In order for us not to keep people away from possible law, we should not look like

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so that is the re examination of these issues in light of our current circumstances. Just a couple use of when he and it wasn't about Bad. Bad is not good, right? Medina, not every building in Baghdad can be 144 you know, so it is getting condensed in so let us allow people to have the massage.

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You do the same

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