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Remember when a start you know when to stop feel when a stock fuel went to LA he went over we let you in Shoreham foresee now women see at our Marina the level for them

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I mean good the further ahead the watershed one

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in law law who and who they're sharing

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a shadow and say that Mohammed Abdullah who was to your you have the Dean Taku why how to party? Harper to party he was moved

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to Missouri mostly mean yeah your handlers to Taco Bell combo lady Hanako Coleman left so

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hola Carmen has Oh my god 700 region and Kathy what is what couple 100 It has been Murphy was

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in LA again it roughly Yeah, you talk a lot for

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having to do the hill at the head and had a wonderful dinner. No doubt.

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appraising due to a lot was guided us to this path of Islam. We would not have been able to guide ourselves and not Allah infinity mercy chosen to guide us

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a long time I mentioned in the last verse of sort of that hedge

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immune issue on the on the smooth natural

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agenda here to learn how to

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watch the bear Amana, John on April 16. In heritage military comm Ibrahim, who was some of the most demeaning Papa was he had

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your phone Arasu Shahi then on day one with the telco who had the island

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European more solid white with catwalk Halsema will well know that nierman mo nierman elsley.

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So Allah mentions

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in the Quran,

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struggle in the way of Allah as should rightfully be the case. When I thought of Juma today's these verses then I thought I might have already discussed them but any verse in the Quran you could discuss a year worth of Coronavirus. So try to approach it from a different angle just in case I didn't mention these verses before. So a lot of times I mentioned what Jay who do filet Haqqani

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struggle in the way of Allah should rightfully be the case.

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Three meanings and a different in addition to the linguistic meaning which we just translated, and which means just strive in the way of Allah with everything you have with all of your mic because we'll never fulfill the rights that Allah has over us have 5g had

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the right that Allah has over us as to wait. So essentially, we're being told this to give it all you have.

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But three specific meanings are mentioned. Violin that one would J do fillet Apogee heading struggle at the end of Islam

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as those who preceded us struggle at the beginning.

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So sometimes we take it for granted that we're Muslim,

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born in a Muslim family or the circumstances that led us to convert and we take it for granted that this religion just came to us. I was a convert and I was searching for before I converted I was searching for religion and Hamdulillah I found this man. I was born in a Muslim family hamdulillah my parents were very devout and they gave me a good Muslim not bringing Masha Allah. But the fact that they had Islam and the fact that Islam is there for us, as converts such as my myself to convert to

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is the result of tremendous struggle

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is the result of generation of the generation starting with the very first generation of the companions, roughly Allah Landrum

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The Prophet himself symbolizes the center they engaged in a tremendous

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What did the Prophet suffer some Allah and he was setting up for us to have this.

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We know that

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he had to leave his home then he suffered exile. We know he suffered humiliation as happened on the day of thought as

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we know that he suffered to witness the loss of his male children.

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He suffered the loss of his wife Khadija, or the Allah Han Solo the law who said he suffered exile and blockade before an exile rather be boycotted and blockaded.

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He suffered seeing his most beloved come companions, many of them has family members being killed.

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And some of them tortured in the most brutal ways, such as some mania. And yes,

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how bad how bad that Allah and others

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some Allah All I needed was similar.

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He's he had all of the people in his vicinity, mobilizing against the Assad, when they descended on Medina.

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He suffered all of that, and more that can be affected by just what the prophet suffered, shall Allah and they will send him so that we could be Muslim so that we can have Islam

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and then the companions

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100,000 companions

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say what the hatchet and what that

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is in the terrible cold weather.

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How many of them died in Medina,

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how many died in North Africa? How many are buried in Shem? How many of them travel throughout the known world at that time

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to bring Islam to people

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who left their families, many of them they left their homeland, their homelands.

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So that we can have this nun

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and so on are the other one.

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He mentioned

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that we should struggle at the end as at the beginning. For us, we're really at the end who at the end of the line, if one can see the signs all around us. Then we need to take the blinders off of our eyes. The prophets of Allah by name was was send them and mention

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them in a yen to send them a yam or sabak. At the end of time, there will be days that will became because the days of patience, because the ministry challenges and struggles and difficulties and those days will require a person to be patient.

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Before we go further, in the Hadith, we just want to remind all of the brothers and sisters Be patient. You see many people out of impatience than losing the cool.

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They're putting the very Dean in danger.

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We live

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our religion humanizes us,

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these scholars of whose role or the relate the principles of the religion.

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They say there are five great low costs and mocassin the Sharia and the cost of the shirt.

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On the cost of the Sharia. There are five Heffalump Deen one what HYAH Well, after the one lesson, what med but remember, Rafi the great Egyptian legal theorist he said whenever you added a sixth and ever so preserving religion, preserving life preserving intellect, preserving the family and preserving private wealth private property and Imam karate said and preserving honor COVELO Mussolini Island Muslim the Haram devil who a man who every Muslim has the sanctity and volatility concerning their fellow Muslim their life their property, their honor.

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In any case, yeah, those recently we

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Don't say the name of the scholar, one of the scholars said the preservation of life should be given priority over religion.

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And the rebuttal to that is, if we don't have religion, life doesn't work.

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Because we're just animals.

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We just read, we eat, we drink, we procreate.

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And then we've done thus an animal's life. They eat, they sleep, they procreate, and then they die. No higher purpose is Dean that gives us a higher purpose in our lives is thing that connects us to the very purpose of our existence. When the hauled off to dinner. When is the 11th hour boom, we've only created the jinn and the human that they worship Me, I have only created the gym and the human beings that they worship Me. So that's the purpose of our very existence.

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That's why it's number one, but we say that because these days religion is under assault from every conceivable angle, and the Prophet predicted it, there will be difficult days.

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There will be days called Days of patience. Well of course, we will see how Allah Dini he can pagi the algebra among holding on to the deen to the religion in that days, those days would be like one holding of burning coal of burning ember is not going to be easy.

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It's not going to be easy. And because it's not going to be easy.

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The prophets of Allah they will send them promising great reward.

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And he will put them in the Shakhtar.

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A principle in our religion is that the reward we get is commensurate to the struggle. And because at the end of time, it's going to be so difficult to hold on to the religion. What is the reward? Well, hobby goofy hat, Isla Dini, he can copy the eyelid jumper, well as you will army to fee hair can as you can educate, have seen around Julian and the reward of one who continues to practice and literally was as your army who

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was entering the army, the one who continues to practice the one who holds on to their religion, the one who doesn't compromise, the one who doesn't give up the one who doesn't quit. The one who doesn't turn the back on the pathetic heritage

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is like 50 Men, calm the Companions here in this they said men they're only men, there are 50 of us, or 50 of them, men 50, a few your reward of 50 companions.

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We have to struggle brothers and sisters. And that's what the struggle is difficult. But the reward is immense. As you encounter the various challenges of this day,

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whatever that challenge might be, and they come in so many different forms today, so many different layers in so many different levels.

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Just to remind yourself not of the difficulty of the struggle, but of the immensity of the reward for engaging this.

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the immensity of the reward will not give us tofield Jahai, Boo filet, Hakka Jihad struggling the way of Allah, as you rightfully be the case, struggle at the end of Islam as they struggled at the beginning. This is a religion of struggle. And the struggle again, it comes in various ways. It could be very personal, it could be communal, it could be OMA, why would you start with yourself? Start with yourself a struggle with those personal challenges that you find in your life. Another meaning would ya Hebrew filet hamburger head,

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one of the companions mentioned we're there to help phone along with Thailand.

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It means not to fear the criticism of the criticize.

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Many people are embarrassed away from their religion. This is embarrassing. Oh, this news for overseas you don't live overseas? Whatever it takes you was zero wisdom.

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And no bear burdens can bear the burden of another what happens overseas

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Is the affair between those people that ALLAH SubhanA wa

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oh the man in Santa Fe was murdering Muslims I thought it was some anti Muslim, pagan was a Muslim is so embarrassing

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that is between that and then on the last panel the time he has that answer to a lot not you

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his answer for what asked him you'll note the enmity Did you not hear My Prophet saying the puppet Moo Rajan and me in an album when de la he was aware that dunya to kill an innocent believer is graver with the law than the whole world being effaced.

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And that applies for innocent human being period as we know from the Quran with this specific Hadith, and then Allah Allah hardly Roger than movement in wallow be shuttling Kenema Yoko Allah Jana Jana TMac ToolBank vain i Lady de slumber Rahmatullah whoever assist

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in the killing of a believer will meet Allah on the day of, of resurrection written across his forehead or her forehead. I have despaired of Allah's mercy, a summa Rahmatullah.

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So worldly upon itself yourself.

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undertake your responsibilities. Understand you are going to stand before Allah not with someone or groups or organizations that claim to be Muslim, they're doing halfway around the world. Not some misguided, emotionally drained deranged person is doing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, while you are doing with your life, and the time Allah has given you

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so don't fear the criticism of the criticizing

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because it's someone who has abandoned religion, someone who in fact might have declared war on religion, generally and Islam specifically criticizes you it means you must be doing something right.

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must be doing something when

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or they'd be praising. Well, they have a phone number to learn Abdullah bin and Mubarak Rahim Allah, the great giant from amongst the set of the early generations. He says what yeah, he knew he had it. You had an NES whatever. The struggle against your soul and the wounds that come to you.

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Now we live in an age where one of the slogans of the age is surrender to your desires give them to your house

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given to your heroine anything suggested to you act on

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Hey, you look nice will purple hair go ahead and dye your hair purple don't think twice

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don't think twice

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oh you should vote to

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not supporting the Iranian government

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police brutality people being killed in and under a police or state custody is a crime protest against a crime

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what is burning the hijab come from

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and Allah was the law

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was our responsibility to Allah

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was our love for our for our deen and for the set at

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the very symbols of the religion

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this almost nothing is doing this what they're doing everyone's doing it I'm gonna do it to where am

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I Alma Rafi whenever I'm in in that janitor here as well as one who fears the time they will stand before they're going well I'm then hop on the Palma Rafi when then next time

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and denies the soul the whims and caprices and suggestions that it brings to them in agenda to heal.

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Gender Paradise will be their resting place.

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Don't surrender to your desire. Fight your desires instead of compatible with the teachings of religion.

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the Abrahamic legacy millet lb cookie Brahim, this comes later in the first but we're not going to get that far.

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I don't think we're gonna get past when Jackie can fillet hubco jihad. May Allah give us Tofik May Allah make us make us bless us to be proud.

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So why Magi liquid cinnamon Hara military people, Ibrahim, who was American Muslim in other words, he had that. So who are the some say Ibrahim Sunsail lava working today with Allah, the pronoun goes back to Allah that Allah has named you muslim. And in so doing, he has honored us and elevated us and distinguished us and as we know military could be Brahim who is a man common Muslim in a

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Muslim is not no Muslim simply means one who submits to the world of ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah Almighty God and submits to prophetic guidance. So in the time of Noah, those who follow Noah over the Muslims in the time of Abraham, those who find her follow Abraham, what were the Muslims? The time of, of the prophets that came to the bene slide, all of the professor's Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, well Hanuman Allah him the Sunnah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whoever submits to the Prophet guidance in his latest iteration there the Muslim so it's not as we know, it is simply the latest iteration of the snare. And we're simply the latest group of people following the product,

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the last half that we believe who will sit through viewmont manage where the latest edition if you will of Muslims,

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for those who follow Jesus as we said, what Muslims as we said no need to repeat So may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless each and every one of us to be proud of that name Muslim to be proud of this religion Islam as one of the

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early people I forget his name said and of course appointed Evan Islam then he she well when *

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Bill Casey what they mean were to mean that my father is the snow Evan is

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that a bad easy Well, let me see when I have no other father other than his

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even if others take pride and be from the tribe of

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Baca or Tommy

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may log he was so sick of Cuomo called the head stock rally what we said meaning the common stock photo on

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the left anatomy enough so that the cinema they see then we're sitting and saying

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well and he was talking to us, but even if they take pride in being from the tribe of ice or to me

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when Turtle Town pacing the FAC Oh tell me now give us bless us to be proud to be Muslims. Now Allah bless us understand that the weightiness of this name

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all of us Mina Mina, see me

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almost deny me be there.