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The host reminds viewers to take action and thanks them for sharing content, while also discussing a specific project where they will focus on one specificdrop. They stress the importance of learning words and avoiding drastic actions, and mention a woman who lost her husband due to a disaster and believes in a promise to change her marriage. The emotional toll of losing a loved one is also discussed, and hiring people to substitute for lost loved ones is emphasized. The segment ends with a reminder to subscribe to the YouTube channel and a link to a daily reminder.

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Welcome to the daily reminder network.

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Go revival by magic Mahmoud.

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Make dawn, be certain and take action.

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This is your brother magic Mahmood recording for the reminder, brothers and sisters at Crete to a loss of panel data that your funny benefit in these videos, I would like to personally thank everyone that is trying to share the beautiful content with their friends and family. Even if it was only verbally for a lot if it wasn't for a lot and people like you, then the project will only go so far, even though is the easiest task just to click Share. But the benefit from this is one of the most important things in order for this project to move forward. So once again, thank you very much for doing so. From now on, we'll focus on one specific drop in which we'll try to implement in our

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lives whenever there's an opportunity to do so. And Who in the world doesn't face an affliction a calamity in their life? And what shall we say when something very hard falls upon us and we seek a loss support whenever we face something like that. Are you ready Bismillahirrahmanirrahim brothers and sisters the family of Abu Salim or the Allahu anhu May Allah be pleased by them was a family full of love respect any man beautiful stories between the two spouses almost 70% of the time will not permit for us to go into detail. They were a family to be among the first ones to ever fulfill the commandment Allah subhana wa tada and must lie to them which was what to immigrate from Mecca,

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up north to Medina and they went there. One of the days of similar the lawn while in Medina he returns back home all excited or joyful. He tells his wife almost cinema Yahoo cinema, leopard similar to but also relates to a lot he was the limit calaman I have heard from the province excellent words that are more beloved to me than the most precious thing on the face of the earth the most expensive vehicle I would not take this over learning these few words a lot about waste trying to say if I was given the option take millions and millions and millions of wealth and dollars etc. I would rather learn these few words of

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wisdom it says one man who ever said what are these words that was enema? He says the following brothers and sisters pay attention the following headings now is being mentioned in Muslim you'll find it right there. But so life's little law it was Adam says And don't forget to say somebody was telling him he says nothing Muslim into Cebu Muslim another single Muslim, that whenever he or she is afflicted with an affliction or hardship a calamity and the same amount of Allah whatever Allah ordered me a new to say what is the three things in in LA we're in the La raggio to allow we belong to Allah We shall return number two, Salam Junichi Masuda to Allah reward me for that pain and

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affliction and facing leafly hydrometeor an exchange a lot the affliction of a face with something that is better Allah, The Prophet said, No one ever says these three things except that Allah will reward them for the pain they're experiencing. And number two, allow exchange it was something better than what we have been afflicted with a low bar. Brothers and sisters, almost a lot of their loved one have some time after hearing this from her husband. She was afflicted with something that is so major, there's so severe and I would not exaggerate if I say it is one of the most difficult tests a human being can ever face on the face of this earth, which is what the loss of a righteous

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spouse, a spouse full of righteousness and a man asked a lot to allow me and you to die upon a lot of Allah, she lost her husband. And she cried, and she was sad and she was devastated. She had so much love towards the end, the whole city of Medina knew how much love was between these two great people, but most of the law and that she remembered the commandment of Allah, which for me to say these three statements whenever I'm afflicted with a calamity and affliction and she went across a panel with dad and you can imagine maybe she's singing what she was crying and she can hardly breathe properly. She says in the delay we're in to Allah a belong to Allah We shall return. Then

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she said Allah June if you miss liberty, Allah, Allah reward me for the affliction for that calamity and facing Allah. And then she says to me, I was about to say the last part which was and substitute me in exchange knew something better than I have lost. But she says woman acid who's better in Abu Salah, who's better than such a great man, or what can almost ever give me in wealth or anything that can be better in substitution than the husband? I lost by Eman brothers and sisters was stronger than all of this hate men. It was so powerful. She believed in a lot of promise she was certain so she made she was certainly insincere take action. And he said, we're actively hiring me

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and substitute me next segment something better

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than afflictions. I have faced brothers and sisters not too long after that. Someone knocked on the door of the house of almost a model Ilana, Who's that man? why he's here. And he came on behalf of haematological Salah who sent him Why wait, the prophet sent him to tell her that he came on behalf of the Prophet for the Prophet is wanting to ask your hand in marriage. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. How do you think almost about the Lana? She looked at him and how she felt when she heard that news? Do you think she said me? Do I deserve for my husband to be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best man ever walked the earth. The man was so handsome, so beautiful, so

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generous, so kind, so respectful. The man who is sent as mercy to mankind is my husband. He came to ask me for marriage a lot. What do you think she said Alhamdulillah lady So Dr. nawada fake Praise be to Allah fulfill this promise of low alum but definitely she cried definitely. She was so emotional. And she says a lot about Allah subhanaw taala ability and who has substance use someone better than Abu Salah who was also a llama and he will send them brothers and sisters whenever you afflict in the affliction say in Manila when they lay Roger on a long journey to see Betty

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I personally have faced things like that and they said that statement and we've seen it and I'm sure many of you have already said it and many of you saw the consequences, but due to the time I will cannot say these stories but inshallah maybe in the future Please do your best to share this video will line ever know you might be means of being the ones who are means to lift the hajat from the many people in the amount by sharing this video. Go ahead and share it Bismillah Rahim May Allah reward you feel free to like the video Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. But what's most important what share the video may Allah reward you was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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