Sarvan Kumar Asks, Do you Believe that everything mentioned in the Vedas is correct?

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Hi, my name is Arun Kumar, I'm working in your bank.

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I understood many Indonesian not only because most of the Indians doesn't know what with us this

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But do you agree all with our scriptures and whether our chapters everything is correct, then some section of the people in Hindu only learning that with us not many Hindus are learning they are not allowed to learn. But those religion leaders also not practicing the same what whether says, is it correct, then why they are doing neither? Please answer me. Thank you. That's a good question. First question what do I believe with everything what the way that say? Point number two, the Vedas. Only a selected few Hindus learned people they read others are prevented from reading why? Why number one? Do I believe in everything of the way the if you analyze, Allah says in the Quran in surah rod

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chapter 30, verse number 38. Allah says that we have sent revelation in every age Licola Nigerian Kitab in every age were sent to revelation by name only four are mentioned in the Quran, Torah, Cebu engine and the Quran.

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The Quran is the last and final revelation of Allah subhanaw taala which was revealed to the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. Now, the person who asked me in Bombay also that can I consider Vader to be the word of God, do I consider VEDA totally to be correct? See by name only four I mentioned Torah, Cebu engine and Quran. But there were many books revealed by Allah subhanaw taala. Now regarding VEDA cannot consider with the Word of God, since very they're not mentioned by name in the Quran, on the annual authentic hadith, I cannot say for sure that it is the word of God, I can say maybe it is, maybe it is, maybe, maybe not. But even if data was the Word of

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God, it was meant for those people and for that time. Today, we have to follow the last and final revelation. That is the Glorious Quran for the whole of humankind.

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Regarding a question Do I believe everything in the way that Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two verse number 79 For by Lulu seen as taboo look at Abbe de him, some Maya coluna has been in the LA later be someone in Kerala for a low la marca Tabata ad him, polo la maximun, go to those who write the book with their own hands and then say this from Allah to traffic routed for a miserable price, go to those for what they earn, go to do somebody right now we realize that all the previous scriptures of Almighty God by the passage of time they have got corrupted, they have been changed. Today we don't know the engine in the pure form, the Bible that we have, it

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is not the engine which was revealed to inside salaam, they have changed in passage of time. So even if VEDA was the Word of God today, it has not maintained its pure form. And all the new scholars they agreed.

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So ALLAH says in Surah huger chapter 15 Verse number nine that we have revealed the Quran and we shall guide from corruption. Quran is also called as the foregone the criteria to judge right from wrong so what I see that whatever is matching with the Quran, in the Vedas, I accept it to be true.

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What doesn't match, I leave it aside, because beta has been maintained is pure form according to scholars. So what I say whatever matches with Quran I say, I've got no objection. This part may be the word of God. But I don't agree everything of the Vedas, there are many unscientific points in the Veda, I can give a talk on that which I don't intend during

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I can give hundreds of unscientific three mentioned the Vedas. For what I say that this is the foregone criteria. You check with this if it matches with this, we agreed to be that part as to be true.