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AI: Summary © The Quran is designed to encourage people to practice and follow rules of Islam, including following the rules of Prophet's words and not wanting to be caught. The importance of honoring the commands of Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial to build a healthy life. The story of the cow's death is also discussed, and the importance of honoring the commands is emphasized. The segment emphasizes the importance of overestimating things and not overestimating one's parents' values, and mentions upcoming events like Islam q Ass Assess and Islam q Assassess.
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Hello Britain. And now it's time for reflections with shaky Abraham. And we're gonna be talking about the journey with

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a slow local shake. Yeah, how are you?

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I can't do thank you for having me once again on salaam, Britain

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it's always a pleasure to have you on the show that in that check we're going to continue with journey with the Quran. So please enlighten us further Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam Alaikum it was ending well that we've been traveling from the beginning of the Quran we kind of looked at certain Fatiha and the opening verses of Surah Tabata we've kind of understood that the message of sorts and Bukhara is that mankind is nee is in need of guidance. And that guidance that we all ask our Almighty Allah for it didn't necessarily stop him, will come in the form of Revelation. It is a communication that is sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala upon his final

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messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This final testament of the Quran therefore become something that is precious and important for us not just to read, but to put into practice. And one of the first lessons that we've learned in Surah Al Baqarah, is that there were nations who came before us who received the message but did not want to practice they became from those who are a lot do the Allah him. The ones we ask Allah to protect us from being like them, those who angered God, and the others are a ball lean those who know that there is a message but turn a blind eye to it. deaf ears do it, unwilling to engage with something that would give them relief and comfort, if they

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would just open their minds and their attitudes and their heart towards what was sent, even though it may contradict their base, carnal desires. Therefore, the Quran becomes this compass, this path, this map that you and I are meant to navigate and use. It's not meant to be something that we read and cast aside or carry upon our backs are memorizing our hearts, and have no attempt at putting it into practice. So Allah gives us the example early on in the Surah of the children of Israel in the children of Prophet Yaku, one of the names of Jaco Valley is salaam that Allah gives them in the Quran is Israel In Israel even comes from two important words, is Surah means to travel by night. An

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email comes from Edo home one of the names of Allah subhana wits, and that in the Semitic languages, you can kind of hear this in other names that are found within our tradition, Jabra eel or Gabriel or Gibreel, meaning the one who was given jackboot or strength by Elohim by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Ismail, the son of Ibrahim is the one who sent me from Elohim. The one who heard the commands of God and was obedient to them is Surah e l is Yaku, who was commanded to travel at night, to flee for the protection of himself, his faith, his family and his tradition. And thereafter his 12 sons, they became the children of Israel in Betania Surah eel are one of the most celebrated people in our

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scriptures and in the previous scriptures that were revealed.

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They are those who had a great covenant with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that if they maintained the faith, they would be honored above all the other men and women of humanity. And Subhan Allah, as time goes by, sometimes people begin to lose the practice of what it is that they have been taught. So one of the examples that Allah gives us is from the era of Moses Musa alayhis, salaam, Musa in his camp after they've crossed out of Egypt, there was a murder, the first murder that occurred amongst his people. There they are, for 40 years wandering the desert, Allah is teaching them the importance of patience, and servitude and worship of Allah, that the thing that you seek at the end

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the glory of entering into that pleasure of Allah and the kingdom of Allah subhana wa Tada must be worked for. And the first murder occurs amongst the camps of the people at night. When everybody wakes up, they rushed to the Prophet of Allah Musa Ali Salam and ask him, you communicate with God directly. Tell us ask Allah to tell us to notify you Who is this murderer amongst us so that we can hold them accountable and

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punish them. When Musa asks Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah simply answers, say to your people in Baku, Baqarah slaughter a cow. Now if they just simply complied, any cow any shape male or female, older, young, any cow, the answer would have been given Allah wanted them to make this sacrifice as an atonement, and then that the sharing of it amongst the poor would be reason for Allah subhanho wa Taala to see that there was tequila in their heart and a softness in their heart towards the weakest amongst them when they contradicted the word of Musa Pilu attack deputy do now whose work are you making fun of us? We asked you to ask God a simple question. What do you what why are you coming

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back with this response holla I will be learning Hola, hakuna manager Healy I seek refuge from God, the Lord Allah Almighty, from being amongst those who are ignorant, unwilling to follow a simple instruction. So when they deviated from the simple instruction, Allah made the conditions harder. And we find that symmetry as a parable in our life, that if you don't follow the simplest rules of Islam, the harder rules then become an have greater effect and will find themselves you will find yourself in recourse to them. If you simply did the simple things that Allah asks to wake up before the sunrise is a make your evolutions and stand before Him in prayer. If you stood and walked in the

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path of Allah, life will keep simple. But if you make it difficult, the life that you want it simplicity becomes harder because you didn't follow the simple guidelines that would make your path easier in life. So they began to ask what color is it? What shape is it? Who owns it? Is it a free animal or roaming in the in the countryside? Eventually, they identify one that Allah made difficult for them to find.

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That is the inner story of salted butter. Before we talk about whether they found out who the person was that murdered the man or not, what is the story of this cow? Why is it such an important story that the name of the longest chapter of the Quran, berries bears the name the cow. The story is narrated to us in the books of Tafseer. There was a young man who was raised up by an honored loving father and mother. His father owned nothing in the world, but a smallest state and a small cow. And as he was feeling the pangs of death soon upon him from illness, he said to his wife, tell my son not to sell this cow without your permission, and that I am going to set it into the countryside.

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And I make dua to Allah, that he is the only one who is able to subdue it, that it won't be overwhelmed or domesticated by anyone other than Him. He feared that if he left it with them, that the people have been in your sorrow in may take it off them, because they were entering into a little bit of savagery being out into the wilderness, his son was too young to protect it. So he set out this cow out into the wilderness and made a vow to Allah keep this inheritance for my son, oh Allah. years later, the people of Venezuela eel are now looking for a particular cow. And this young man who is now domesticated this cow, his mother says to him, we're in need of money, take it to the

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market, and see what price it will fetch, but sell it to no one. As he arrives there. People say we want to buy this cow, this is the cow we've been looking for. He said, I'm forbidden from disobeying my mother. They said, We'll give you this amount and this amount and this amount, exorbitant amount of gold for the cow. All of it. He refuses in obedience to the command of his mother.

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Finally, he returns home and he said, Mum, they have offered me so much money, but because of my oath to you and your order to me, I refuse to sell it. And she may do it for him that May Allah increase him in height.

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Finally, in the next morning, Musa Ali, his setup comes and says to this young man, we've been commanded by Allah to find this particular cow. What is it story? So the mother says that this was declared by his father as a way of giving him an inheritance that he couldn't protect for him, and then Allah would protect it and grow it for him. So Musa alayhis salam said, We will offer you the weight of this cow from the Go

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All that we brought from us from the people of Egypt Subhan Allah, the story of Surah Al Baqarah is about obedience to Allah. But it's also about the second most important people that we should have in our life, that our parents at times, even when it seems that their advice is not always telling, that there is baraka in navigating life, with the understanding that we are kind and generous and loving and obedient to our kith and kin and parents, where they are entitled to have a say, not when they are not entitled or when they treat with us with a toxic relationship. But where there is a positivity and something that is obligated to Allah, then only high yield comes from the prophets.

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Eliza Lim said for it rebula favorite on wedding day that you can see a loss contentment for you in your life, through the contentment your parents have for you. While Sahadi laugh is often validate, and your parents discontent is a sign that there is anger for you with Allah subhanaw taala to add, the people have been extra, Ill take the cow, they slaughter it. And they are then given the order of Allah to touch the body of the deceased with it. And once they, they strike his body with it, they touch it, he comes back to life, and lets them know that it was one of his nephews who took his life seeking to inherit as being his only hair, the rest of his estate. And then he returned back to

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his death and slumber. It's in this that we find a number of important beneficial lessons that we take, first and foremost, and I limit them just to three due to the shortness of time that the baraka of your parents and they're doing for you increases your risk, as narrated by Lima materiality and lmm and Nyssa. At the prophets iclm said the one who yelled Doyle who is content for their life to be expanded and the risk to grow. Let them keep the ties of kinship, meaning in particular, your mother first and all that is attached to it. Number two, we learned the importance of honoring the commands of Allah with the concept of Semia. And now we're talking about we hear and

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immediately obey. And number three, that we recognize that Allah does not always give us what we want in the way we want it just because we ask, even if the one asking is the prophet of Allah Musa Alia said that there were conditions that needed to be met. May Allah allow us to meet the conditions of a righteous accepted dua with our penance and repentance and arriba an honor of Allah azza wa jal, and I look forward to journeying with you with the Quran again next week, as we meet every Wednesday in sha Allah 11am London time.

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That was

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my mind is doing somersaults right now, because I'm just thinking about all of what

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I just spoke to us about.

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You know, when they say the clues in the name, yes, I never got, I never got that understanding of that story of the car. You know, obviously, you know, we read the Quran and we read the story, there's so many stories is the biggest, the biggest surah in the Quran, Al Baqarah. So, you know, the amount of stories that's in that one surah you know, there's so many lessons. But that one story having that, you know, that understanding of it, it's like a light bulb just kind of switched on. Just that when,

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when you just spoke about that chick. And it's kind of like, it kind of just made me think I need to tell that tell my kids this, this understanding about just kind of going back to the parenting thing that we were talking about, you know, it's something that you want to pass on and share and teach. But obviously, for your, for me, myself, it kind of just, it just made so much sense when you told when you just gave us that understanding of that one story and linking it obviously linking it to the story of the mother and her son in him. Her given him that command. You know, that's another part of it. And now, currently, my children, see, this is why you need to listen to your parents.

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This is why you need to listen to your mother. Because this is the truth. This is why we need to listen to the commander of our boss. One of the sad realities in society today is the undermining of the family structure. And one of the greatest assault on humanity not just in Muslim Societies is that parents become the butt

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have old jokes that the parents are not the ones who are cool parents just don't understand that the ones who will care for you or you know, your friends or people you just met or people you hang out with. And parents are kind of cast aside as being these people who just, they just don't have your interest in heart and mind. And the organic paradigm, of course, always brings us back. Well, other other books are taboo, do it that way, Bill, where did they meet Santa, that you are commanded to worship none other than God, and to treat your parents with an exceptional excellence? May Allah make us worthy of that, abi?

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Check that for me, like, one of the biggest takeaways for me from from from this, you know, few moments was just kind of like, just obey Allah make it simple. Because I think, you know, we do complicate things. But actually, it's so simple, it's there. And all you need to do still. And the other one is, yeah, like the importance of your parents and like to go over kind of, like the overlook that they reach a certain age, and then that's it. We find ourselves really combative. You know, we're combative with each other. But that's really because we've begun to be combative. First with revelation that we know or that we claim to believe is from Allah. So when you're in a state of

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combat when you're in a state of alertness and vigilance, and you know what I don't why should I do this? And are you sure and should it be this way or that way? And we're always over assessing, over calculating over deliberating on issues that are really simple. And we kind of make complex, especially within the practice of Islam among Muslims. We try to over emphasize things that were not emphasized at the time of the prophets. I send them sometimes there's a hyper conservatism that you don't find in the tradition of the prophesy said everybody's, you know, you know, hyper conservative, or you find the hyper liberalisation that also wasn't found at the time of the

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prophesy. Salam. And then it brings us back to that verse which we will study in the coming weeks and sorbitol Bacara Jana mettam was subtle I destined you if you practice faith correctly, to be of the middle course the radical middle way which most people avoid unknowingly

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Wow. Absolutely.

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And I know we are we are shortly going to say goodbye to you until the next time but I just want to say thank you so much. I learned so much within those few minutes then we've been listening and unless we make you reach more shade, because me so so helpful to hear these just like my wife and I look forward to seeing you next week. I also have Islam q&a at the top of the hour at noon London time 8pm here in Perth, I hope you'll join me in about a half an hour inshallah.

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So yeah, the numbers will be it will be on screen when Islamic art comes in so don't don't miss shape.

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We are not off to a commercial break and we still have much more to come on Celebrity. Chef is up

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