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AI: Summary © The importance of backbiting is discussed in Islam, where people say "backbiting," which refers to the behavior of people who say a thing without being understood or recognized. The speakers stress the importance of protecting one's human body and reputation, including the use of words like "has been drinking," "has been drinking" and "has been bouncing" to describe behavior. The importance of history and the prophets is also emphasized, as well as the need to be watchful of the culture of Islam. Backbiting is seen as a way to avoid evil behavior and is used to protect one's human body and reputation.
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show without having to do that Salaam Alaikum peace be on to you. I'm your host, you're watching the D show and this week on the D show, we're going to be talking about something that's very, very, very important. All the topics are important, but this one especially because we as those who have submitted ourselves entirely to the one God, the same God of Jesus, Abraham, Noah, Moses in the last five dimensions of problem and peace be upon the one create tour. We stay away from all evilness, all evil deeds, adultery, fornication,

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the pig, we won't even say that word sometimes, but will end up a lot of times slandering somebody, backbiting somebody. So we stay away from we do the prayers, we do the physical,

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many of the physical things that we need to do to spiritual things. And this is one of the things that are so heavy, so heavy on the scale, the DIA judgment, that it can land you by saying good words, it can land you in Paradise by saying evil words, it can land you in a hellfire. So we're going to be talking about this topic. And we come back with Shaykh. Ibrahim is a data type we brought back on a deep show. This is the theme.

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this is the

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Welcome back in town again.

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And I'm always glad that you take the time to visit us here at the studio.

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A lot of time is short, we'll Thank you very much.

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We're gonna be taught you see, when I open up the show I talked about now we as those Muslims Muslim is one who submits himself or herself entirely to the One God the Creator, not the son, not the moon out of man or woman, but the creator of all these things. And we pray five times a day. And these are the obligatory purpose. You can pray optional prayers. So we pray we fast. You know we give in charity, we avoid taking the life of an innocent soul. We avoid adultery, fornication, we avoid a lot of these major sins. But some people, they avoid all these sins. And they won't even say the word pig, some people because it's a filthy animal, but they'll end up slandering their brother,

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their sister, they'll back bite them and they don't understand the heaviness of this tongue and the evil that can cause so we want to define what is backbiting? Because some people say, you know what, I'll say it in their face. So what's the problem? If I say it if they're not there? Because this is the truth, even though it's causing a lot of corruption and disunity. So maybe let's start off with what Islam has to say about the definition of backbiting. Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. before seeing the definition of backbiting, it's very important to understand the status of one's tongue. We know that Eman goes to the basis of our religion, which is Eman faith, the

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belief. Belief is not just something in the heart, belief. It's something in the heart deeds done by the heart and things that we see with our mouth, and things that we do with the different parts of our bodies. If we relate what we say, to our belief that would make the Muslim realize that our words is our actions, actions, or words and words or actions. So we have to make sure that we see what pleases our last panel and stay away from what displeases the last panel down at the tongue is the only muscle in one's body that never gets tired. You can speak and talk the whole day. We don't get tired with our tongues. So how can we act according to the last panel on so much? There are

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things that we need to do that we are older than the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim to do and there are things that we need to stay away from one of which is backbiting of slandering, lying and so on and so forth. The definition of backbiting defined by the prophet sallallahu sallam, when he asked the companions of the Alon at the Drona milarepa He told them, do you know what el Riba means? And this is the Arabic word of backbiting. And Riba literally means something that is unseen from alive. That means you're saying something about someone without his presence. The Companions of the allow on whom they as the prophets of Salaam, whether it is the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said, Vic ruka Huckabee McCullough, that you mentioned your brothers

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by something that he dislikes, that's it, that's the definition of a bike. So it can be, it can actually be true. It this is actually what dog biting is that it's true, but he will dislike it. Like, let's say that you're not there. And there's two brothers or two sisters, and they're talking. But if that person was there, they would object to that they wouldn't like that. Right? Even if they have the ability to sit in front of their face. Still, it's considered to be like bite. So that's not justification. I would say it even if they were here, because that's the excuse. A lot of people use, say, the companions or the arm they as the prophets. What if what I'm saying isn't my brother,

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it's true, I'm not lying. He said, The prophets are seldom said, If what you say is true, that's real, that's backbiting. That's what is haram, that it was a major sin. But if you say in something that is not in him, this is the higher level of a sin, which is an amoeba or slendering, that she committed a worse sin. So you can say, or you can fall into the backbiting, by award saying so and so the short, the short, Danny short, or the tall, or the greedy, or the liar or whatever there is, to the extent of which, and many people do not know this. You don't have even to say a word. If you tell me For example, how was Brother Mohammed doing? And I do like this.

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This is backbiting because that what does that mean? Which means that he's not that good with your facial expressions with your body language, right? Because 65 they say 65% of communication is done, like physically so you're physically communicating that you know, and you add to this, if you ask me about a brother and I say May Allah Subhana Allah guide us all. That's like biting. I didn't say anything bad like I even made.

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supplication that Allah subhanaw taala guide him, right. What does it What's a beautiful statement? But I said it in a in a way, that means he's on something wrong. You're saying he's misguided, right? Because he needs the guidance. Yeah. So that by itself is backbiting unless there are certain exceptions to backbiting if I want you to help me and trying to fix a problem in him that's a it's a good thing. Yeah, but just to put down a brother to step on someone so that people are higher This is how the mentality of some people are Yeah, for you to be high you have to step on someone. Now it's so beautiful that you know if you testify what you believe that there's no god but the one God

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that we only want to worship Him alone, you know, and you testify that's one word that's heavy, so heavy on the scale. And that Allah is a troop can be, you know, pleased with you by saying these good words that you can have a reservation in general because it is good words, but talk to us. The flip side people don't understand. Isn't there this hadith that talks about the flip side that one word that evilness is it's like not restraining yourself from saying bad things. You can win yourself a seat in the Hellfire the prophets of Salaam certain authentic hadith in the lab, Dalai Lama will Kadima that a slave of Allah human being would say a word, just one word, just one, just

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one word means a healthy life, that bring the anger of Allah subhanaw taala, a sinful word, that he's not aware that it would reach that level of being a sin, it will make him fall into the Hellfire for 70 years. Wow, you know that we entered the fold of Islam with the word of mouth of course after the conviction of the heart, but in the outside appearance, once a person says La ilaha illAllah the witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and the Prophet Mohammed Salim is a final messenger, he became a Muslim with the word of tongue, I would have done can take the person outside the fold of Islam first and mark the religion, if a person curses or last panel

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on Ansible, or something like this. So we need to make sure that anything we say Allah subhanaw taala says my L field woman, Colin Illa, hiraki bonati. Nothing that a person would say, unless there is two angels are writing down what is being said. So it's either going to be in the balance of good deeds, on the balance of bad deeds. This life is about fulfilling the rights of a last panel down and fulfilling the rights of others. The honor and dignity of a human being of a Muslim is something that is so sacred, and to be protected, the same way that they don't have the freedom to punch someone to hurt someone physically or to take one's money. As important as this is to protect

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the honor and dignity of a human being. that once you say something bad about a human being, as if you are shedding the blood of this human being, as if you are taking his money, no laws on the face of Earth would allow this to happen. Yes. And the same thing in Islam. We're not allowed to take the honor and dignity of someone by putting them down. We're gonna take a break. And we'll continue on with this very, very important topic here on the deen show. Sit tight. We'll be right back. I started asking deeper questions. The question I want people to really asked themselves

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is when you come back from a night on the town, you've been drinking, you've been boozing. You've been dancing.

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Hanging out with girls, guys, whatever. Number one,

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did you improve yourself as a human being?

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Number two? Did you contribute anything to the betterment of humanity?

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The amazing thing is, is that the most advanced studies in psychology, about human happiness, show

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that these are the two key factors in making people profoundly happy. I take five minutes out of my day, and pray to the Creator, and none of the creations and I feel it, deep internal peace. And I still have my normal life.

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Back here on the deen show, Islam submission to the One God that's how you get the peace, that we're all looking for all the messages of God, they taught it, they brought it. And that's what we're continuing the legacy we're not following a new religion is the same way of life that all the messages of God including Jesus peace be upon they live this way of life, and how beautiful it is. That even these details aren't left out, protecting a human's honor and their dignity by making sure that you don't oppress someone, not just with your hands, but with the tongue. So let's continue on shake talking about please that isn't there we have the Quran the verbatim Word of God. And then we

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have the example of the last and final question is that the man kind of problem Mohammed his authentic sayings. So isn't there also a saying that, like in the morning, that that the body is pleading with the tongue to be up, right? Because Because of his tongue, you can end up actually getting killed by someone because arguments choral start, you can divide a family, you can really hurt your brother or sister, make them cry, make them shed tears, you know, or you can do something upright. And this is what Islam has encouraged you to be upright, can you take it from here and talk to us about that? Right? This is what you mentioned, is that the whole different parts of the body

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would plead with the tongue because the tongue is basically leads them to either their salvation and goodness or their own destruction. The tongue is like the spokes person for the heart. And see even there's so many things to be talked about, really. But when you look even at how Allah Subhana Allah treated us physically, you see how the tongue is created, that it's not out, makes the human being looks, you know, not very decent, but it's protected. You have the teeth, you have the mouth, you have the lips, so that it stays in this. Yeah, unless you think that there's a benefit of speaking. Then you start seeing how you can bring it out, right? Yeah, but not that it's just out like the

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eyes for example. No, it's something that has been protected and we should protect it. And we see in the Quran and the Sunnah, the way of the prophets of Salaam and the actions of the prophets or settlement, the action of the early generations of Islam, that basically comprises the religion, the Quran, when it talks about backbiting. It gave a very severe example. It says, I have a Yaqui llama made them forget this. Would you love that you would eat the flesh of your brother, that this is the example of someone backbiting someone is if you kill them, you're he's dead, and you're eating his flesh, that this is what the Creator of the heavens and earth is saying in the glorious cry,

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verbatim Word of God and the cold and does not exaggerate. This is not exaggeration. When you beg bite someone, exactly as if you are eating that flesh of that brother, that you're eating it. And that's why the prophets lie Selim, when two of the companions of the prophets are silent, they said something about the servant, the servant was sleeping. And when they asked for food, and they heard that the servant is sleeping, they said, one of them said, he sleeps too much.

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He sleeps too much, when they went to the prophets are silent to ask for food. The Prophet sallallaahu Selim said to the messenger that they sent, go tell them that I see the meat of your brother between your teeth. The prophets of Salaam also was not exaggerating. He was seen something that we cannot see. And when he went back and he told them that and they said How was that were the prophets of Salaam told them that you already ate? So they as the profits are stolen, how did we eat? He said, You ate the flesh of your brother, he is your brother. It doesn't mean that he is your servant, that you can just say things about him too, that he would dislike for you to say. To that

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extent, this beautiful religion of Islam, protected the honor of the human being the profits or settlement the farewell pilgrimage, he stood in front of all the Companions for one generation to the other to take these words is at Goodwill Muslim and Muslim hollow, all the Muslim and the Muslim is haram secret is protected his body, his wealth and his honor and dignity. This is something to be protected not for anybody to cause any harm to this. So this is our D This is our religion is to protect the human beings from the evil within their own.

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This is amazing, amazing. Now we as students who want to learn is knowledge. We hear the Quranic the ideas of the Quran, and the Hadith. And then we want to sit with scholars, people, such as yourself who can comment on these things just so we don't get it wrong. Now, there's another authentic narration for the last probably, the last farmer said that kind of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. And comment on this, where even the details of when is the most beneficial to speak, you know, he talked about, is it true, like inviting the good, or inviting someone to give in charity to,

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to give in charity or reconciling between two individuals. So besides this, you know, many of us they say psychologists that you know, men they speak like 12,000 words or something a day women speak like 25,000. So, now, if the Prophet peace be upon him is saying, this is where you're getting rewarded. So now you spending, let's say, two hours on the phone, or in a Hanukkah, in the coffee shop, and the mouth is just going off the meters running? What do we do? Do we have to like bite this tongue and not let it go? Because Are you going to definitely, from all these words, how much words are actually beneficial? And how many of them are just you're wasting time and you're

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accumulating sin, one of the leaders of this demon know you know, him, Allah, He said that there's three cases, before you speak, you need to understand them, three of them, three of them. If you know that you're going to speak about something evil, then definitely do not say anything. If you know for sure that you would say something that is good, then say it doesn't have to be something about the religion, I can tell you how you do it. The weather is nice, something like this to break the ice between people to make them feel comfortable. This is something absolutely good for a person to be safe to say. The third thing if you're not sure, whether what you're going to say is going to

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be good or not, it's going to bring to bring what is good or to bring what is evil. In that case you do not say anything. So out of three cases, you only speak in one case. So that means we are originally quiet till proven otherwise. It's not like we're talking till we prove to ourselves that we're saying something wrong. No, we don't talk till we see that there is some benefit in speaking. Okay, so now, let's give some practical examples. Some people more than others like to be on the phone. And you know, even though nowadays, you know, even a cell phone to tell us you know, is radio radiation is bad for you. Now, for the person who's used to being on the phone the whole day, let's

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say two, three hours a day or an hour. What advice should they be on the phone that long? Well, if there's a benefit, that's what you just said. If there is no benefit is just talk and talk the more the person talks without paying attention of what he's saying or she's seen, the more easier for the person to fall into this. It's very easy it's inevitable it's gonna it's shakedowns gonna come and he's gonna slip some men next thing you know, you're having a, you know, a bash you bashing someone, and now you're accumulating that decision. The devil is not is working very hard and diligently. Yeah. And he would just It feels good to beg. But this is it feels good. It makes you higher than

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that person. What it means when I say such a person is not good. That means I'm good. CMC. So it feels good for a person to beg by to put people down. Yeah, because this is how people would elevate themselves. Well, this is how they think. But when we see that our last panel, Darla protected us from this and we should not complete our Eman till we love for our brothers what we love for ourselves. And once we do that, then Allah subhanaw taala would elevate the level of a person that would control himself only for the sake of Allah span of time. So instead of being busy with this, there's so many good things to be busy with. We're living in a world where there's so much suffering

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in it. Yeah. And what's wrong with getting ourselves and time busy, to help those who are needy to to do what is right. There's nothing wrong with with giving ourselves time to joy and so on. But with the permissible acts not to do something that is wrong, brothers in some of these coffee shops, and they're, you know, they sitting around talking and yapping away, and what's that stuff that they call the smoking? It's not a it's not nicotine, but it's some kind of flavor. What is that you have these a lot of these restaurants, right? What is it called in Arabic unless you know what I'm talking about, right? And they sit in there talking drinking coffee, and you know, again, three,

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four hours, and sometimes even the salaah passes, because you so intrigued in this conversation, and then you got the sisters, even in some machines, they'll get together and they're having a Hanukkah complaining about their husbands. And these are the practical things that are going on. What advice do we have for both for the brothers and the sisters yapping away and you know what, it's of no benefit accumulation, it has no benefit that it will cause harm unless there is a need for such a thing. For example, if a woman is asking a question, what to do with her husband, is it permissible or not permissible is nothing wrong with that

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Going in a person going to the judge, for example, saying such and such took from me this he did this harm to me. This is not considered to be backbiting. If I if a person wants to get married, for example, or the father of his daughter, she wants to get married, and they're asking about that person. Should you just say the good things because you don't want to backbite? No, it's an Amana. It's a trust, that you have to say the evil things before the good things. Because now it's something that would affect this relationship. You see someone going into a business transaction with someone you know that he is a thief or he takes the money of the people, then you need to go

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advise him. This is all not backbiting. So whatever brings goodness, it's not considered to be backbiting but things just to kill the time and to enjoy oneself. And we have to make sure that Allah Subhana Allah knows what's in our hearts, and what's our intentions, when we say things. So we have to be watchful of Allah subhanaw taala. And control that tongue. And as a as we heard before, it's even with the body language, with a word that might sound very nice, but you said it in a context that would undermine this brother, then it becomes not permissible. And make the crater that heavens and earth protect us from all the evil and help us to do good. We'll be right back with

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more. I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative. But at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. Just hold on to the wolf of a law, everything in this universe rely a need for answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told us

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that the prophets are solid never ever start a war against anybody.

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Now, upon investigating the villages, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim, those who submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to God, your Creator.

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Back here on the deen show, with Shaykh Ibrahim sedan, and we're encouraging people to say good or Be quiet. Can we say that talk good, say good words, or just be quiet. I want to before we wrap things up, you know, the mother of the believers, we all make mistakes, you know, can you comment on when the Prophet peace be upon him even corrected his own wife, and what she said, and the significance of it just if this word would have been thrown in the sea, it would have darkened it just comment on this. Little delana when she said something about one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, she said just one word. And it's something to mean that she was short, just that

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told her, you said a word that if it's to be mixed with the ocean, it will contaminate it. So showing her that this one word is not an easy thing came out of the mouth. We don't think of what come out of our mouths, but it's written, and it attacked the honor and dignity of someone. And the profits are settled again and again. He does not exaggerate. So imagine something with contaminate all the oceans on the face of Earth, you know, the oil spill and what happened? Yeah, imagine that just one thing would contaminate the whole oceans, on the face of Earth. backbiting would do this, if it was something physical. So it's by the mercy of Allah, that

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it does not transform to something physical, otherwise we won't be able to live our lives because of how much evil there is being spread. So the prophets are settler correcting his wife in Jenna, eyeshadow, Joanna, we chose that we as human beings, we're not supposed to be perfect, sinless people. But when we fall into a mistake, we return with repentance and asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness. But repentance from backbiting is a bit difficult than repenting from a sin that has to do with the person alone. Because the last panatela you ask his forgiveness, plus, you need to ask forgiveness from that one person that you beg by it. But if you do that he might get very

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angry with you. It might even sever the relationship far worse. So in that case, the ultimate they say, Do not go to the one that you bet vited him. You don't go to me say I talked about you in front of whole bunch of people in a bad way. Instead, make supplication to Allah.

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panatela for such a person, give charity on his behalf, do something good mentioned him in a good way in the same gathering if you can, so that this will be in the balance of his good deeds in the Day of Judgment, so that you don't even bring more harm in your relationship. So I'm just coming to a close and we want the best for everybody. And, you know, along with Islam, calling the human being to what the purpose of life is given them all the instructions on how to be successful in this life and the next, like no other way of life, the Quran, the verbatim Word of God, we invite people to read it. And it has everything from A to Z, how a human being needs to live. So you can be

00:25:35 --> 00:26:14

successful, as I said, not only this light, but definitely with Jenna paradise in the next, this detail, which is such a major detail, it's a major sin and breaks homes or makes homes with that tongue. So how could again, you know, the the individual that it just so used to, it makes them feel good, you know, it makes them kind of like, by putting the other person down, they just so addicted to it. And it's just that one person that jumps into the masjid, or you know, and they they get the whole crew going, and everybody starts going, how could the person that finds themselves, they don't like it, but then they end up getting into it by someone else starting it, what should that person

00:26:14 --> 00:26:50

do? Let's start with that person. This is a very good point, because the one that falls into the sin of backbiting is not just the one that has seen it. It's also the one that is hearing it, and not seen anything about it. And this is has an evidence at the time of the prophet SAW Selim. So the example that I mentioned earlier, the prophets are seldom said to both of them in which one only said something about the servant, the prophets have said to both of them, both of you have at the flesh of your brother, both both. So whether you are listening to backbiting or saying the backbiting it's the same, that means we are not to be in the same crowd where people are backbiting

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somebody backbite someone in front of us, we either we leave, we say something in a nice way, that this is not appropriate. If you see someone stealing money from someone or beating someone up, you won't just stay quiet. So the same thing when it comes to backbiting this religion, one thing I wanted to say that people need to look into the beauty of the religion of Islam, if people would recite the Quran, and see the way of the prophets or settlement, the life of the prophets of Allah, this is the perfect example to all humanity. That's why there is no need for another messenger to come. It's all there, people should see the miraculous words of Allah subhanaw taala, even in this

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manners, and the words of tongue and all of our actions, to fulfill the purpose of our life, and that is to worship Allah subhanaw taala it's amazing because when you worship the Creator, not that he needs it, you become upright, you become a better human being. And these things that we're talking about it just when you stay away from it, isn't it, you feel better. But when you fall into this, it doesn't it, it you accumulate those black starts spots on the heart, and you start to feel the evil effects of the sin. And it makes the person like intoxicated, and we need to be sober away from these things. By knowing exactly that we have a purpose in our life will not just living for no

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purpose, there's a purpose and how to fulfill this purpose by protecting our rights and the rights of others. And before all of that, the rights to worship our last panel, Danny, last closing comments and suggestions. We gave the advice for the person who's sitting with the person who's slandering or backbiting get away even mate what you know correct them, but the person who's initiating it that person who's addicted to it, you know what you penetrated their heart they heard the Quran and the vice when a prophet peace be upon them and you know, they got some fear in them and they don't want to do it, but they might fall back into what advice do you have for him she

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advice is that we need to feel a loss.

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And we need to be watchful of Allah Subhana Allah, and we need to compare this life to the left, we have certainty that we would leave this life and we have certainty that there is a hereafter which is an everlasting one. Compared between both, definitely we should choose the everlasting one doesn't mean that we would have misery on the face of Earth. But you need to live on the face of Earth in the ways that Allah subhanaw taala wants us it would never be misery. What is it? What is a bad thing for us to control the ways that we say things, the company one last thing is, who is your companion? Who's your friend, because the profits are so upset that Medallia Dini Hari, that you

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have the same religion as your friend. So if your friend is backbiting you would fall into the same sins. So we need to choose our friends. We need to be with those who would remind us of Allah subhanaw taala not the ones that would attack the honor and dignity of others. Thank you very much. Again, may God Almighty the creator Allah rewards you for being with us. Thank you so much.

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And thank you for sitting through another episode of the deen show as the last and final messenger sent to mankind said, he said, for those who believe in the Creator of the heavens and earth in the last day, say what is good or Be quiet, and you can't go wrong by just being quiet and watching that tongue. Because as we got to hear that tone can land you in paradise or

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Hellfire May God Almighty protect us from that hot, hot fire. And we do so much good. And maybe we worship the Creator of the heavens and earth serve him the way that he has told us to serve Him not according to our desires, but the way that has been revealed in the verbatim Word of God, the Qur'an and the authentic sinner the authentic sayings of the last photo message sent to mankind the problem, have a peace be upon them. And we'll see you next time here on the D show. Until then, peace be unto you.

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