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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rule of the Catholic church, including the rule of the holy holy holy holy holy holy. They emphasize the importance of giving money in cash to help people feel happy and avoid being considered transferable. They stress the need to pay in cash to avoid being considered payment method and to avoid cutting passengers early during events like the CEM celebration. They emphasize the importance of giving money in cash and avoiding giving it in the shower. They also emphasize the need to give money to charity organizations and individuals, including individuals before the end of a certain time frame.
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Bismillah Al Hamdulillah offers due to Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah we have been blessed by the month of Ramadan. And here we are now witnessing the last few days of Ramadan. And on this topic we would like to highlight the issue of sacchetto photo. What is a cancer filter and is a cattle photo is similar like the cattle man. Well, from the wording you will understand that the cattle photo, the word the photo is here and it's the cattle man the word man is using your man which means money. So, a person should pay zakat for his money. So we are not talking about the cattle man we are talking about the cattle football and you can link

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it with Adel football. So something related that was a cattle photo, which means this is coming before Ramadan. On this sha Allah Allah we will discuss with Sheikh Abdullah McAfee today he is with us and to know more about the ruling of the counter photo set up.

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Now, we would like to know that what is the ruling of the Catholic photo? And how should we pay for so we can go step by step Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah as the curtain fitter is taught as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made it clear in the Hadith, that he means the counterfeiter, forced upon every Muslim, whether they be free or a slave, or male or female or older, young, every single Muslim must pleases, pays the catheter, and the one who has to pay the catheter is the one who is in charge of the household. So the man if he's in charge of the household, he must pays the counterfeiter for himself, he must pay it for his wife, and all of his

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children, and even any of his other relatives who's responsible for so if he's responsible for his mother, his father, or his sister, also yesterday's accounting because it got to fit there for them as well. And what about the babies is just to like be the one who has not passed. It doesn't matter the age, their process since Kabira city, whether they're old or young, is a small baby, they still have fasting and fasting, they have to pace together with it. Even the baby in the womb, the self like Ruth Manuel de la, who and he used to be the counterfeiter for the baby in the womb. And the scholar said here, the winner of the four months of holder in the womb, then it's not fun here, but

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he says Mr. Habit, something praiseworthy that you should pay it. Even if the woman is pregnant, you pay it for the baby in the womb as well. Now, since you're saying that it's fun, it's compulsory. So is there any exceptions? What about the one who's really cool he does not have money or food to eat or even to give? So is there an exception? Yeah, if the scholars say the one has what his basic needs for any his his food and his housing and his transport revenue is basic daily needs for that day and that night that he has to pays the government but if someone's very poor, he doesn't have it then he he'll be exempted from the rule and he won't have to pay this ticket the fifth but if he has

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enough for that next coming day, and he's meaning he's gonna have income now that he has enough for that day of he's not going to have anything for next two weeks. He will also be exempt from the rule as well, but the one who he hears will have more money coming in, but he has enough just for his next day or two, then he has to inshallah pay zakat that is

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now also one of the important question, who do we pay to there any certain categories is is very important, because many people might understand because of the eight different categories that Allah mentioned and sort of the Tobin verse 60, that the sadakazu for our Messiah came to the end of the verse he mentioned eight, this is for the Catholic men. It's not for this government Federal Circuit de vivre. Some scholars say that goes to all eight of these as well but the correct opinion the stronger view in shallow Tana is that it only goes to the Quran Misaki meaning to the poor and the needy. So the other ones that will ever global whom, and the ones who are who are in debt and what

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have you, and not to cut off the travelers all of those they're not applicable for this the guy depicted as a counterfeiter is only for the poor and the needy and shallow

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and mashallah, since we are talking about this as a cattle photo, and it's obligatory upon every single person, then what is the wisdom that Allah Almighty made it compulsory and for for everyone, and there's several things that the scholars mentioned, two of them very clear Kim, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is to make up any shortcomings, or the ill speech or actions that might have happened from us during Ramadan. So to make up for that, and the other thing he mentioned in the Hadith, Ali salat wa salam was to give to the poor people in that day so you can so they won't have to ask. So they will give them what they need and they will also make them happy

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on it. They have a because sometimes you know, if you're happy you're going out you have the but they don't have even the basic food and necessities, but when they are given from their brothers on the day that makes them happy. And also one of the wisdoms that Scott has mentioned is that it also it shows the happiness of the fact that we were blessed to be able to finish the CEM we finished the month of Ramadan we finished the praying so as it came in the I will also touch on what Donna said it will come to school at the end of the verse

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We have to be thankful. So this is a way a sign of showing or being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala by giving this as a cut as a way of showing thanks and gratitude, and being happy that we were blessed to finish this blessing month. But

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now the question, since you mentioned that you have to pay for the poor and needy, and here's a very important question to pay to them as a food or cash. This is the question that comes in every year. Is it permissible for us to pay it in cash? Or do we have to pay it in food? And it's very important when we talk about this ruling, that we go back to what's mentioned in the text of the Quran and the Sunnah. And what's mentioned by our scholars, that when it comes to this, the correct opinion is that it's not permissible for us to give us a cutter in cash, and we have to give it and food. And this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars. It's the Maliki method, the chef a method and

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the humbly method, the Hadith have said it's permissible to give in cash. And many of the contemporary scholars of our times, they also say it's permissible, however, this view is not the strongest view and the stronger view is that you must be given in food. And why is that for several reasons that show us that this is the correct opinion, clearly, because the problem is, and this is what he ordered us to do in the Hadith, that he ordered them to give a sock, which is probably equivalent to about three kilos. Some of the scholars said some sets to like a quarter, but to be on the safe side, about three kilos. So to give us some of the food and he mentioned, Turman, the dates

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are shown here, or barley. And as the scholar said, whatever is the normal food of the people in that country, so we give that food as if it was committed by the processor. And as the sub as well, they used to say that they would give different types of food for this activity. So this is the command to the process, and it's what the Sahaba themselves used to do. And then something very important is that the caterpillar is in a bad so when it comes as an order as a command that we need to pay it in food, then we have to follow this command. We don't come and have HDFC Well, it's you could pay it because of this, because we will say maybe it's been more beneficial for the poor

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people to give them money, their more need of money, but the NOS the Hadith came and said food and that's why you might be Kodama Rahim, Allah Tala, he said it's not permissible, then he wouldn't be sufficient to give it as money. Because he said that goes against them on source it goes against what came in the text and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a cattle man as any as you mentioned earlier, the this kind of money it has its place. And many of the Muslims give this account of their money in Ramadan itself. So we've already given the money. Now this comes down for the food and Subhanallah show you one of the wisdoms, I remember, I met some poor pet families

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when I was living in Saudi Arabia, they told me that there's a caterpillar they get what's the main food, there's what rice and they said that the food they get in less than for the entire year. So this whole money is more important. A lot of times the poor people get the money, and they spend it all on the same day, they go for aid, they buy ice cream, and this and and they spend all the money don't benefit from it, when they have the flour, or rice or whatever it may be, you'll find that sometimes it benefits them for the entire year. Much I'm about to close. Now, what if a person would like to pay in cash to one of the charity organization or to the local masjid? And that's very

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important question because here, this is permissible has no problem to do that. But here becomes the job of those organizations, the charity organization or your local Masjid didn't they need to go out and look for the poor people and to give it to them and food that in cash, but if we give it to them in cash, then it becomes their responsibility their job? So it's permissible for us in this case to give them cash, but they have to go out and find the poor people in the shower. So what about if there's a family member and they're let's say, 235 family members? Do they have to give to one person or five different people? Both are permissible hamdulillah they wanted to give you all my

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family say we have five family members me and my wife and three children I can give it all to one poor person or I can five fine five individual poor, needy and give it to them both are correct no problem. Inshallah. Now, when do we have to pay the caterpillar? Is there a specific template? There's actually four times that we need to focus on when it comes to the timings of just got to fit first of all is when does it become fold? When is it come compulsory almost to pay. And that is as soon as it's the last day of Ramadan, when Maghrib comes the last day of Ramadan, that's when the third time starts. So that's the first time when the fourth time starts. The second time is when is

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it Mr. Hat, when is it praiseworthy to give the Zakat and there's the Sahaba said that they were commanded and they used to give it between before they would go off with a salad. So after you pray Fudger and before you go to the slot that you go to the poor person you give it to him during that time. So this is the time this must have however, this is a very tricky time. Because if you're late, then you're gonna fall into problems by not giving us a cut on time. So that takes us to the third time. You have the photo time the most of the time. And the third time is when is it permissible to give this a cut? Can we give it a little bit early? Can we give it from the beginning

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of the month of the time there's no we can give it towards the end.

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Ramadan as it came in, said Buhari that he'd been Oh Ma, for the Allahu Allahu Allah, He will give it a day or two before. So we come maybe on the 28th 29th, even maybe the 27th of Ramadan, that's no problem, we'll give it a few days before, and that might be better just to be on the safe side to make sure that you give it on time. So that's the third time. The fourth time is the time where it's not permissible to give. And that is after salatu lake, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded us to give us a Catherine Fittler before the E and he said whoever it gives it before they eat, it's a sub offense as a Catholic moolah that's accepted from Allah subhanaw taala. But if it's

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not given before the end is given after they eat, it's only gonna be a form of sadaqa. And it won't be correct, it won't be is a cut in total. So we have to pay attention to that in order for us to be accepted, it must be before selected aid and won't be accepted if we give it after selected aid. So as you mentioned that after selected aid, it's not considered as an acceptable photo. So what about if a person is having a valid reason? Or is there any valid reason for a person to delay it until after it any generally speaking? No, you have to give it before but if someone fell into a valid reason, when there's a good excuse, let's say for example, someone was traveling, and he was on his

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way home and he's on the plane. And Ramadan has announced this tomorrow and he thought was gonna be the day after and he didn't, wasn't able to give it on time. That would be a valid excuse. Or sometimes they say for example, you gave it to someone else to give food for you. And you said him that you gave us the counterfeiters forgot, so here wasn't your fault. So here when even if you give it late, it will be accepted? Because here there's a valid excuse because you didn't make the mistake. So something like that it would be accepted otherwise, if it's from negligence or or you're you're not paying attention, who's lazy or something like that, then it won't be accepted. But if

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you have a valid excuse, like we mentioned, one of those reasons, then shall be accepted in shallow Tana does that.

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And also brothers and sisters, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept or pass our salah. Our

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formula for Kamala Harris was set up alikoum office