Mohamad Baajour – Abu Hurairah, The Bowl Of Milk & An Amazing Lesson

Mohamad Baajour
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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a beautiful story in Bukhari Narrated by Abu Huraira, the Allah Han

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operator started narrating the story by saying

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by Allah Allah de la ilaha illa who he started the story by swearing by Allah azza wa jal and he said the hadith is too long to narrate in Arabic and then written English so I'll keep switching. So he said by Allah, I used to fall in the ground on my tummy out of hunger, and I used to wrap a stone around my belly out of hunger. So one day

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I sat down by the door where the Sahaba exit to go to their homes for more Abu Bakr

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Al to who I mean kita Billa when I sell to who in Lally, you should be Annie.

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I asked Abu Hurayrah Abu Bakr, about an area in the Quran, and I only asked him so he could tell me you know what, why don't you come over lunch. So we can discuss the A Sannomiya file will not do that from her Rama. First of all to have a binky tabula when I say to whom allele you should be earning. And I did the same thing with Omar and Omar Radi Allahu Allah and same thing he answered the question but he did not invite me over to his house for Maharajah Abul Qasim.

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Then Rasulullah Salam came out for another a few words he said if he looked at my face, and instantly, he knew what I'm going through Subhan Allah said yeah, about her.

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So the BKR Rasul Allah, even though any Abu Huraira is already a nickname, he made from the nickname and nickname he said, Yeah, but here

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abre he said, the baker, rasool Allah

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said, Follow me.

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Or Salah Salem went to his house.

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Then he permitted, he asked for permission for me to enter. And I entered. He said, Do we have anything to eat?

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So one of the wives brought him a bowl of milk. He said, Is this sadaqa or Hadia? Because if it was sadaqa Rasulillah Salam does not eat from the sadaqa. He gives all the silica away. And if it's a hadiya, if it's a gift, he eats from it, or he uses it, and then he shows it still with the poor. So they told him that her lack of food and it's a gift from so and so.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu said yeah, here to the baker Rasul Allah said, Go call elsaffar.

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Go and call Allah sofa.

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Now we're

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narrating the Hadith. He said, I looked at the boat.

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It's hardly enough for me and Iceland. And he's talking to himself. And he's asking me to go and call out Lucifer. 70 people.

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Sabine 70. People who are the poorest of the Sahaba lei Salam abna. Well, what am I well, they have no children, no family and no wealth.

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Then you said the very profound statement he said, When I can learn Buddha min pa Tila he was solid.

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But I have no choice but to obey Allah and His Prophet. So I went and they asked, I invited out of sofa. They all came. No one said the light. I'm okay. They all came for Genesis.

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So salam for them sit down. Yeah, but here, the baker rasool Allah, feed them.

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So I took, I took the cup, and I gave each one had Yoruba, he kept on drinking until he is full. Then I take it, and I give it to the other guy. And he drank until his form until all the 70 were full of milk.

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Then I came back with the cup to Rasulullah Salallahu. Salam.

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Salam said, Yeah, but here, Bucky to an hour and only me and you left abreast? I know it

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is he's starving. He can he was just telling us that he was on the floor. And imagine you're talking about 70 people feeding them and waiting because the sooner is to wait not to let the cup keep moving from one you serve them. So anyway,

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so I drank. I drank and I gave it to him. He said a shrub fishery, a shrub.

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shrub called too low. Well, let the the ethical Bill Huck.

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Learn as you'd Lahoma, slacker. By the one who sent you the truth. There's no more room in my stomach. For academic Neil cool, for Hamad Allah Hamad Allah for Musharraf. Then he took the cup from Me, he drank, and then he praised Allah. And then he drank alayhi salatu salam

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there's a lot of lessons in this but I have just one lesson Inshallah, there are a lot of filthy issues. That for example,

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when you are in need, you can hint it's better than to say immediately I need money, I need food he was hinting. The other thing is to sit down while you're eating. The other son is if you are the one serving you're supposed to be the last one who drinks the other son. Other lesson here is you have to take permission before you enter the house of anybody. Another sunnah is to ask if you see something in the house that you're not familiar with. You ask where did this come from? Many many lessons. But the lesson just one quick lesson is

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there is no

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choice but to obey Allah and His Prophet.

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Logically, when Herrera looked at the cup

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does not make any sense that this cup the small bowl of milk will be able to satisfy him Rasulullah insulin and 70 people did he say anything to Rasulullah Rasul Allah with all due respect

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what are we gonna do with this? Because remember, I told you this formula before anytime you hear somebody's telling you with all due respect whatever comes after that there's no respect in it

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maculata Rami the laughter that has no respect. So anyway abora Did not even complain. Did not even ask a question. He just took it and left and obeyed Rasul Allah says Hello, my dear brothers and sisters sometime

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pass by your sunnah that does not make any sense

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to you or to me. What is this? This does not make any sense which is in this case, it does not make any sense how is this gonna make sense? Subhan Allah subhana wa Aparna into to who that who? If you obey Allah says in the Quran if you obey Him, you will be guided

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not ask any question when you hear about a Sana semana Latina man, Rasool for who were mana How come I know Fanta? Who I should? Allah said, whatever the Prophet provides, or does you take it and whatever he told you stay away from stay away from it, logically doesn't make any sense to wipe on the hoof from the top. Does it make any sense?

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When you're wiping on your hoof on your socks on your shoes? Does it make any sense to wipe from the top logically to wipe from the bottom? The bottom part is the one that's getting dirty. Where do you wipe you wipe on the top right? Why? If you are really want to follow the logic once you fall away from the bottom.

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corners will last Isilon that's it. The hadith sahih hadith is 100% authentic, do not start using your intellect thinking that you know what, you know, maybe I can come up with something better, or this does not make sense. Or maybe there was a mistake and then you take a hadith that is 100% authentic and you know what, maybe it's weakened. Okay. When rasool Allah Islam orders us with orders with something, take it, follow it with certainty that you will be benefiting without any doubt.

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Without any doubt, some of us start putting the intellect and the logic to the level to the level that some of them might even leave the deen.

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Remember the Hadith of the fly if it falls in the soup? Right? Does that make any sense to you? Does that make any sense? Take the take the fly and dip it back again? No, we have to find we have to wait to find this color 20 years ago after 1400 years to say oh one wing has the disease and one wing has the cure. Then I O

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or Salah Salem was right?

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Take it Wallahi even if you does not make sense to you. Sooner or later you will find the benefit. May Allah make us from the people who listen and obey Allah subhanho wa Taala make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah and the Allah make our last deeds, our best deeds. Tonight is the night of Juma please make a lot of salad on Rasulullah Salallahu Salam and the best salad in the sight of Allah, the salah to figure of Juma in Jamar, so you're on Sharla at 530. Is that going to lock in Subhanak along with the ignition and dialer and stuff you're going to talk

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by the app let me know

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goon a levena woofie Asana de force your own well levena umani love we weren't born well levena Zeca define Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in now

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as Why do you

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get a man in whom will you marry me

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