We should be able to Defend Islam against the Doubts Cast by the Christian Missionaries

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They are knocking at the doors of the Muslims all over the world, including Nigeria.

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They knock at the door and they tell you even did mention in your Quran.

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That Bible is the Word of God.

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And most of us Muslim who say yes, the Quran says I believe the Word of God, then why don't you follow the Bible? No reply.

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There the next question

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if you're a prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, if he

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is your Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him dead or alive. We have to agree. He's teaching their life but physically, he's made in Medina. They asked the next question is Prophet Jesus life? We have to agree. Prophet Jesus. The Quran says in Surah Nisa, Chapter Four was 158 Allah,

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he's alive. So who's greater?

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Your last Prophet Muhammad,

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Jesus Christ, peace be upon him was alive.

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They ask you the question

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and we Muslim can reply.

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Now they are getting their Quran. Allah says, Allah, God

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what are we doing?

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Now the next question,

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how many times is the name of your Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him mentioned in the Quran by name? How many times? If you don't know they will tell you five times for McMahon and

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then there's the next question. How many times is the name of Jesus Christ peace be upon him mentioned in the Quran

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they will tell you 25 times

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Jesus Christ peace be upon him isa Ali Salam in the Quran by name is mentioned printify time and our last and final lesson the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Quran and mentioned fight them, who is

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a person was mentioned 25 times is greater, or a person was mentioned by translator.

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Who's going to bring the family

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who is

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a person who's mentioned 20 vitae and my name in Quran is are a person who mentioned five times my name in the Quran is greater.

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I can't do it

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25 times or five times?

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fightings Ah, so Nigeria, five is more than 25?

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Five is more than 25. Nigeria? No, which is your 2525 years now yawns is getting 25 greater than five.

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And we mustn't reply.

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And when you go and ask our Sheikh what is the reply or shaitan Jadon? Don't listen to them. Don't talk to them.

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Allah says talk to them.

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Our Sheikh is telling don't talk to them.

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Who do listen to

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See our people?

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Proof What are you doing?

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They've got the proof the Bible, Christian missionaries throughout the world. They're knocking at the doors of the non Christian and during the Muslim and they're using a Muslim that doormats like punching bags, and began to open their mouth.

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We say we have the truth results. What is the reply?

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That's the next question.

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That your Prophet peace be upon him. Did he have mother and father? Yes, you had a mother and father? Did Prophet Jesus peace be upon her mother and father? No, no, no father. So who's a person who's born without

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a person who's born without a father?

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A person was born with a father

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or a person was born without a father

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the Christian missionaries they're coming and knocking at our doors and they're using our Quran Quran against us and we can't even open our mouth.

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They're using our Quran.

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I love last and final message against

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and we can't even open the mouth.

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You only smile? No.

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There's the next question.

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Did you Prophet Muhammad peace be upon?

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We have to agree. The Prophet did many miracles. But we don't know if any miracle in which Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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That's the next question. Did Jesus beat

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Good morning you've left to say yes. The Quran says Bismillah wake up in the name of Allah. The Quran says Jesus can give life upon him. So who's a person who can give life to the dead? Or a person who can't give life to the dead?

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Who's getting to a person who can give life to the net is greater or a person who cannot give life to the Creator?

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these Christian missionaries, they are using us Muslims like punching bags, like door match, and we can't even open your mouth.

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Oh doctors.

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Please be

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there punching us. They're using like don't match we can't even open our mouth. The Muslims are so afraid