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Make Hendra then you are in sin you are committing haram

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How do they arrive at that? It is from the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah itself. It is not done like some people mistakenly think that how the scholar or the Mufti arrives at it is he has a bottle sitting on his desk. And inside of that bottle, he has

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pieces of paper, five pieces of paper. On one piece piece, it says, watch him. And another piece it says. So now, another piece, it says MOBA, another one, it says mcru and another one it says hi, Rob. So when people call him up, he takes the phone and they asked him for a fatwa, he puts his hand in the bottle, he pulls out a paper haram puts it back. Next call, put his hand in the booty out again. So now, next call. No, it's not done like this. It's not arbitrary. It is based on the text of the Quran and the Sunnah.

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So this text here, which tells us for those people, and these people who are themselves oppressed, these are oppressed people in the land, who had the opportunity to make hedra. And they didn't, they instead chose to stay where they were in disobedience to a law by not fulfilling a laws commands in a variety of different ways.

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So their consequence is hell, that is the punishment for that act.

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So that is telling us that the issue of hijra is a critical issue, it is not something we can deal with lightly. We have to look at it very seriously.

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And versus Of course, when we look at the verse of the crime, we have to look at them in a context. So going on through verses 98 and 99. Allah gives the exceptions because of course, Allah is merciful, he will not punish those who truly had no choice. So he said, except those really weak and oppressed men, women and children, who have no means in their power, nor can they find any escape. For them, there is hope, that the law will forgive. For a law erases sins and is forgiven, there is hope, hope for them, that Allah will forgive them. Then he goes on in the 100 verse to complete the thought,

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removing the doubts,

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where people will say, but if we make Hendra Where can we go?

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Is it really better than this situation or you know, all kinds of excuses people have for Hydra? Follow goes on to say, well, maybe your hajat FISA beenleigh whoever makes hedra for the sake of a law,

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yet did fill out of the morava man cave era he will find a variety of opportunities for him or her in the land.

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He will find them. This is matching the same verse, Romania tequila, your job Allahumma kraja. Whoever fears a law, a law will find a way open for them where the coup in Haifa lie and he will be provided for from where he didn't expect it.

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As a lost promise, once we make the NEA once we make that intention for hedra for the sake of a law, then the way will become clear. We will have the opportunity.

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Yeah, just fill out of the Moraga man kathira wasa Mahajan, Beatty he Mahajan in a la hora suli. So my mouth for cod waka juu Allah wa can Allahu wa fool run Russia.

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So whoever leaves his home,

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making his euro emigrating for the sake of Allah and His messenger

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and death catches him

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on the way

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then his reward is guaranteed by a law

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and forgiveness is his

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This is the promise of a law. So it is calling us to make an effort.

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That is what the law requires of us to make the intention for the sake of a law and then make the effort.

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we have a statement of the prophet SAW Selim in which he said

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la Hirata battle fat, while I can Jihad on wynia, that there is no hedra after the conquest of Mecca,

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and all that remains is Jihad on fighting struggling for the sake of Allah and Nia and having the correct intention in our

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So some people say okay, Hendra is finished and End of story. That command that YG Vidya which is wajib was the Hydra in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Reality, of course, is that Hydra is on different stages.

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The first hero the prophet SAW, solemn,

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his companions that is, was to Ethiopia,

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in the meccan period, to Ethiopia, some of his companions fled, they fled why, because of oppression, oppression, which was taking place in Makkah. So they fled for the sake of their religion.

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Those who were able did so those who could not remain. So at that point, it was a recommended hedra It wasn't an obligation, it was recommended for those who could

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then, of course, at that time, most people were too weak to do it. So the obligation was not placed on the community in that way. However, once Medina was established, because going to Mac are going to have a senior meant crossing the Red Sea.

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It wasn't an easy journey, it was a major journey. But once Medina was established, with the hidrive, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, then

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hey, dread to Medina became an absolute obligation.

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Everybody who could was supposed to go

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to not do so and be able was to be in sin. And this verse came as a reminder of that obligation to make hedra

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to Medina.

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Of course, there were still some in Mecca who couldn't, but they became the exception.

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The rest of the people have Medina left leaving their property behind because leaving property is not an excuse for not making hedra say if I make 100 then I'm going to lose out I bought the home I have to sell it prices of the

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you know property has dropped due to the financial crisis, etc. I'm not gonna get my money, my profits. No, if it is time for Hydra, then it is time for Hydra.

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This can't hold you this is not an excuse.

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So those of mech of Mecca left, they left their properties. The mccanns will not allow them to take their property with them. They just had to flee with whatever they could with the clothes on their backs.

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They left husbands left wives, wives left husbands and they went.

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once Mecca was conquered,

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then the obligation for Muslims in Mecca to make hedger to Medina was lifted.

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It was no longer an obligation to move to Medina

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because Mecca had now become a part of Dar Al Islam.

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People can drop