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When studying the Qur’an whether it would be for tajweed or the meanings, writing small notes becomes very useful. However, is it disrespectful to write in the Qur’an? Should the Qur’an not be written in?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains

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Can I write or make markings in my must have in my copy of the Quran as a student of Ted read or perhaps to add some of my reflections.

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It is permissible if you are learning to read you are learning how to read the Quran, or you are going through a study of the meanings of the Quran that you write and make markings in your personal copy of the hold on in your personal must have, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to do so in the copies of plans that are stacked in the shelves of the massage. But when you have your own personal copy that you keep with you wherever you go, you can make some markings in there so long as they're respectful