Nadim Bashir – Tafseer of Surah Al Furqaan #18

Nadim Bashir
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi HMR and we are in the Tafseer suitor for Khan ayah number 48. Allah subhana wa Taala says, well who wouldn't be our Siddhartha? Yeah, Bush Ron beignet? rahmati Wanzer lamina, Sama EMA and por hora. Li You know he'll be here well that meeting will not be your home in hola Kona and Iman onesie, yeah cathedra while in number 50 Allah says Allah PATA Serafina who obeyed only at the Kuru Ferber extra bonus in la copertura in anime 51 What Oh shit. Natla birth now if equally potent, Nadira, I remember 52 Fallout total at

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caffeine, Ina wotja. Hey, don't be heat you heard and can be wrong. So these are the few iodine inshallah we will cover today. So let's begin with number 48. Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, Well, what did he also do? Yeah, Habersham Vania de rahmati. And it is He Who sends the winds ushering in His mercy and we send down pure rain from the sky. Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, as I mentioned in the previous segment, that Allah subhana wa that talks about his creation, but there's a very subtle point that Allah subhanaw taala is trying to really drive home and trying to send to the Prophet salallahu Salam, and in essence, he is trying to send this message to us also. So here

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the question is that what message is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala trying to send over here not only that, but Allah says continuing ones and lamina sama Imam Mahara that he has sent down puree from the sky. What is the purpose of that rain? Lino heavy belt at a meeting giving life to a lifeless land and providing water what is the homie Maha panna and I'm and when I see a cathedra in providing water for countless animals and humans of our own creation. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says Welaka Serafina Hubei No, sir, we certainly disperse it among them so that they may be mindful but most most people are still in a state of ungratefulness. Now, let's talk about the first two is Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is talking about sending down sending OSA via hub sending a wind. Now usually when people see a wind, they usually the signal it's a signifies and it's sort of symbolic for the fact that rain is around the corner or there's a thunderstorm that's about to take place when you see dark clouds and winds coming together. So Allah subhanho wa Taala now, we know that this wind is coming of course it brings rain but rain comes from where the rain comes from the top of it comes from the sky and what does that rain do? It provides and it gives lively no gap built at the meter. It provides live to a late to a lifeless land it provides water to a lifeless land and put in a

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pumps life into that that land that dead land was the only maca lacuna and as a result, then every other animal around it and the human beings they also benefit from that. Now what is the what is the what is this? What's what's symbolic here and what Allah subhanaw is trying to say, Allah Subhan Allah is trying to say that just like

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Allah sends down rain from the sky. Likewise this rain here in this sense means the Quran so the Quran comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala and just like water provides life to a barren land. Likewise the Quran when it comes down and a RE is revealed to a person who is dead inside in the heart, it usually provides life to this person. Now interesting what Allah subhanaw is trying to say is that what's the problem here is that these people who are receiving the Quran, they hear the Quran and inshallah we'll talk about this next, that how much they were affected by the Quran. But if rain and water can really bring life to a barren land, yet these people they understand that

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concept, yet they're not able to understand how the Quran can come, and why cannot change their life. And the fact that Allah Subhan Allah is also saying over here, that their hearts are more dry, and it's more, it's more dry, and it's more dead than a dead land. Because if rain can come and provide water to a lifeless land, but the Quran can come down and he cannot even create an electric shock of iman in your heart, then your heart must be even more than dead. So this is what Allah subhanaw taala is trying to say. And not only that, but Allah is saying also here that just like when rain comes, and it provides life to a bear man, it doesn't only do that

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but it benefits even the animals around and benefits to human beings around to likewise when the Quran comes, and the Quran is, is really take it in, and it is really taken by heart, then what happens in that kind of situation is that everyone around you they will also benefit from the, from the baraka of the Quran. And this is why Subhan Allah, if you think about it, why would the Prophet alayhi salam go after the leaders of the community, because if the leader of the community can really absorb the Quran in his heart, and they really come close to Islam, and they really convert to Islam, then this will not only just benefit them, but this will benefit everyone around. So this

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is why when we talk about the Quran, the Quran does not only benefit you, but the Quran changes you in such a way that even if you're dead on the inside, if you are lifeless on the inside, you are going to a split spiritual crisis, then you really connect with the Quran and inshallah it will create life within you. And when it creates life within you, then a believer cannot just sit there and just enjoy this, they always feel the need to share what they know from the Quran with others and hence they pump life into everything around them. So this is what Allah subhanaw taala is trying to tell them. And this is how Allah is consoling the Prophet it has to know that these if rain can

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come and bring life to a barren land, yet the Quran comes down and it has not changed them at all, then there's a serious problem with them. And not only that, this is where Allah is talking to the Prophet. On the other hand, Allah subhanaw Quraysh that you understand this logic, you understand that how, how men are you, I mean, you understand that how man warms up terrain, which is which is an essential part of our physical life, but does not warm up to the Quran, which is a message from Allah subhanho wa taala. And not only that, but it gives you meaning of life and it gives life to your hearts in your souls. You don't understand that, but you can understand that now ALLAH SubhanA

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wa Taala says while others are rough now who may you know whom the the Kuru for her back through NAS Illa Quran, Allah says, then we certainly disperse it among them, so that they may be mindful but most people persist and ungratefulness once again, ALLAH is talking about the orange here in one way that Allah subhanaw taala saying that we send down the Quran and we disperse the Quran within them, yet we still find them in the state of heedlessness. And we find the same concept also in sutra, odd yet, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in in Santa, the ROB de la Knuth, that no matter how many blessings Allah gives a person and how many times Allah may remind us, Allah is telling us to that

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this human being he is constantly in the state of Knuth. And what that code means is that whatever you have, you don't see what you have, but you're always reflecting on what other people have. So here Allah subhanaw is saying that these people, they were just truly ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala one Oh, she shitting on the boss Nafi Culicoides under the law had We willed we could have easily sent a warner mean that a person who would warn people about the hereafter to every single society. Now here Allah subhanaw taala is telling the providing Islam that yes, we could have done this by you, oh prophet of Allah, we chose not to do this with you because you are the messenger who

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is sent to everyone else. Now here it is, as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is putting that pressure also on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the Prophet it son could also think to himself that, you know, I could have just done this, but Allah subhanaw taala is saying that there are some certain expectations from you too. And we find even I believe it's a sort of Nyssa Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have rasuluh been live mountain Zilla, they come Arabic, that oh prophet of Allah conveyed the message that has been given to you. And Allah says for any length of alpha love that he salata, if you do not do this, then you have not conveyed and you have not

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fulfilled your mission of, of really conveying the message. So here, by the way, the some of the alumni, they say that this idea is perhaps one of the most harshest I had sent to Allah subhanho wa taala, to the province from Allah subhanaw taala to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but nonetheless Allah is telling the Prophet alayhi salam, that we could have done this and we could have made this very easy, but once again, we want you or prophet of Allah, to be that a direct guiding force, and we want you we want you to be that example for them. And not only that, but if you send many prophets, then who knows which profit is fallen into which profit is rejected? We want

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to have only one person who will who will convey this message and then Allah subhanaw taala says phala tutorial caffine do not follow the caffeine or do not obey them wotja Hit the home big hadn't Kabira what does it mean for that tutorial? Catherine do not obey them mean that when the Quraysh will come to the Prophet SAW Salem and they will say that please just stop what you're doing. Just please just stop what you're doing. And a lot of times you know, we may come under some point

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hear from some people at times, we may be doing something good, somebody will may come to us say, please just stop what you're doing. And when there's a lot of pressure from a lot of people, than we usually we may just stop the good that we may be doing. Allah saying, fill out today carefully and do not ever do this do not ever stop, because they're telling you to do what Jenna hidden behind you hadn't come here Kabira now this can be taken a very long way. Because the translation of this idea is that and strive diligently against them with the Quran. Now, g here you see Jahai the home beat Jihad and Kabira this Jihad and Kabira here does not mean a great war, some people can very

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mistakenly understand a great word. That's not what Allah Subhanallah saying here, Allah is saying that strive against them diligently. This Jihad noncompete all means do it very diligently, but spread and strive with the Quran. So here Allah subhanaw taala he's saying, and he's basically referring to the fact that how the Prophet salallahu out he was someone who would read the Quran, and how these people were affected by the Quran. Now, one is that you have the people of the place the leaders of the equation, they were truly and they were clearly influenced by the Quran, and they have admitted to this many times in their own private gatherings that we truly believe and this

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message of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a very mesmerizing, it is a very breathtaking colomba, Allah subhanho wa taala. And there has to be some validity to this, to this colomba law. However, what they had, what they realized is that if we do this, then we're gonna have to sacrifice many things in our life, may the comforts that we are experiencing, and the comfort, the comforts that we are enjoying the privileges that we have the leadership that we have, we may have to even sacrifice some of those. So we don't want to do that. And we don't want to give up those and accept the Shahada. So they simply just stayed away. But then they made a sincere effort to find ways to keep people away

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from listening to the Quran. Why? Because the Quran is such a powerful mechanism that anyone who truly listens to the Quran being recited anyone who has an open mind and open heart, and this is why I say open mind open heart because the people who are coming not from Makkah people who are coming from outside of Mecca, they do not know what is going on in Mecca, they may have heard some things are going some rumbles, some rumblings and some rumors and they have been circulating overall in Arabia. But when they come to Macau, and they have an open mind open heart and when they would hear the Quran for the very first time, it would just really capture their hearts. And this is why the

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Quran did not want people to listen to the Quran. And this is why we find and sort of firstly, that Allah says we'll call it lady Nica. ruleta smoly has a Quran that the Quraysh would say the people who did Cofer, they said that do not listen to the Quran. While ago fee Allah Allah can talk reborn, or just create a noise at that time or try to ignore it so that you may come out on top. In order for you to remain dominant. This is what you need to do. You need to stay away from listen to the Quran. And we see that so many stories like this where the Sahaba were people came open mind open heart who heard the Quran for the very first time And subhanAllah instantaneously, their hearts

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reverted or converted to Islam. And there was not much, much work on behalf of the Prophet saw a sudden because the Quran is that kind of guiding force. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying over here, that this is what you need to do. So this is it. These are a few Ayat once again, we started off with a number 48 Allah talking about winds, a lot of talking about rain, and how the rain is metaphorical for Quran and how rain gives life How could on also can give life how rain benefits everyone around how the Quran can also benefit everyone around. But then Allah subhanaw taala also says that most people are still ungrateful. And Allah says at the very end that continuously strive

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diligently with the Quran and the Subhanallah one thing before I finish, I will say that even when it comes to other people, people who are considered as Islamophobes people who were create confusion in Islam or confusion within the Muslims regarding Islam and so forth, well Allah He if you stick to the Quran, and if you really study the Quran, we will find how we will find tips of arguments and tips to overcome I will say these arguments for a better like better like a word I would say that tips to overcome these arguments. And now that but answers and solutions to many of their objections, but we truly have to go into the Quran and study the Quran. There is no need to go into

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very unique articles and so forth. There's nothing wrong reading. There are so many resources online Alhamdulillah and the more we are progressing into time, the more there's so much research and study that is being done about Islam, and especially combating the Islamophobia that is being presented by the Islamophobes. But nonetheless, Allah Subhan is telling us that every single time you

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phases opposition, which I hate to whom behead you hadn't Kabira strive diligently against these people with the use of the Quran, I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give all of us the ability to stick to the Quran May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the Allah Quran and especially in this bustling month of Ramadan May Allah Subhana Allah give us ability to really connect with the Quran and meuble Alameen is akmola Hey Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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swallow water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know no one wants to

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know more dunya

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mother Molina what Lavina you do? Me Nina Mina TV a while at MCC decibel found more than I do. Boom data

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