Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – 40 Hadith of Two Words – 09 Hadith 7 – The return from a battle is an act as meritorious as fighting

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various narratives and their origins, including Jesus's story of being shot and killed by a coworker and the origin of Jesus's character. The speakers emphasize the need to be cautious with what is publicly discussed and the importance of finding one's own way to write "the bad" in a way that is the right way to write. The segment also touches on the importance of staying in prayer and maintaining a healthy mindset to avoid negative consequences. The NIA is discussed as a way to achieve reward and learning from the Hadith and LSM in understanding the attributes of Allah.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillahi nonmetal who when a stain or when a staff of Pharaoh when I will be lacking in surely fusina women see TR Molina May at the Lahore Philomel Bilello homing you will fella the Allah

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wa shadow Allah in long Allahu Allah as

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well as Shadow and Namo hum Medina do who were rasuluh

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Yeah Even levena Am and topple la haka to karate he went to move to LA and to Muslim on. Yeah yo Han NASA taco rub beaucoup levy Hello Takumi Neff sama ada. Were halacha min, huzzah. Jaha what? betheme in Houma redialing a theorem when he sat atop Allah levy DISA Luna be well Erhan in Allah con la cumbre peba yeah you're living in Amman with top law our puluh colon sadita Useless la comme la comm we have Phil la come the new back home will remain ut la hora Sula, who forgot the fires of Fosun

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Alima, Amma Bowden for now Halal Cayambe Cunnamulla Halal Houda who the rasool Allah He sang Allah when he was sending them or Sharon more Martha to have what column 13 with the attune what color B Dalton balada what color Galatia tymphany Now

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we're going to skip over the Hadith about them on their own and we'll go to the Hadith after that inshallah.

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And then after the winter conference in LA, when we make the stick knife of our heroes, we will make the shot of Harlequin maternal their own inshallah.

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So today's hadith is the one that's after it

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is the Hadith has been collected by Imam Abu Daud, who was from the focus of the realm of and Hadith, although his book is not on the level in terms of authenticity that you find Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the psyche Hain nonetheless, it's the third one in line. And as the top book of the quarter was sunnah, those four books, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he was a fapy.

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And Imam Abu Dhabi brought this hadith on the authority of Abdullah, even Omer even allowed us to live in an urban house is a distinguished companion, a hadith of Umatilla SNAM. Yeah, to love a little

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Abdullah, even ama revenue hours are of all of the companions, the lobby pleased with them, navigating a new majority of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but for different reasons. He was surprised by Abu Huraira Radi Allahu I know. And that's the kalam of Abu Huraira himself. He said, I'm delighted and honored, asked us to write the Hadith down and I bought out I did not memorize them. One of the reasons that I'm delighted I'm living Allah's King down below Abu Hurayrah in terms of his proficiency in the hadith is that he narrated a lot of Israeli yet those narrations that come from the Jews and the Christians that we don't know. Are they

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true? Are they not true? And I mentioned in that because during these days of so called Christmas and the celebration of the birth of a sibling Lomatium Salawat Allah He was sent Amma who I know he has a lot of horror fat that Muslims believe in. Or we believe in things that are not establish. And to be a person like that in the past, that will wreck your deen to a certain degree will cause you to come down if you are raw, we have a hadith. So if you were from those people who were like what

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they call the hot double lane, half double lane is the person who goes out and he collects wood in the dark. He doesn't know did he pick up a snake? Did he pick up a branch? Did he pick up some whatever? He not he's not making he's not discerning. So they used to criticize the Annamma Well, Hadith and Mohammed the theme, if they just took these extra liegt

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Adam son is Cain and Abel and we talk like that. Her name is Bill peace and we talk in Phatak

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We like that in the case of a Cebu, Miriam things that people believe that when isa comes back some Allah who it will send him he's going to get married and he's going to have children. We don't have any proof for that. We want to accept it. We don't reject it. We follow the men Hajj of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either had desert come and will keytab fly to San Diego home when I took VEBO home. If our Hadith I will keytab Jews and Christians say something to you. Adam went to the

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apple tree apple tree.

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If they tell you something, don't believe it and don't disbelieve it. Don't believe it and don't disbelieve it.

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Because you may be believing something that's not true. Or you may be rejecting something that's not true. That is true. So with the Seminole, Merriam there are a lot of issues like that. Well, my Cthulhu who were masala boo where I can shoot be Hello, whom they didn't kill him know that they crucify him. But it was made to appear that way. So in the Christian theology, the one who was commonly accused of being the one who was crucified is Judas, the one who they said rabbit be simple

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to muddy him out, ate cheese and ratting them out. Allahu Allah. We don't believe in we don't disbelieve it. Was he the one that Allah gave the Toshi and he was symbol Isa, you can say that's been narrated, and remind me Ben Cuthbert in his book and it'd be dire when he hire. He bring a lot of those narrations. But he always brings them after what's authentic. And he's letting you know that these are from the Israel Iliad. So that book, colossal lnbf, the story of the prophets and the

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messengers, be careful, be careful, don't read everything in those books. And you just believe it. I was talking to a brother from America the other day two days ago, and I wanted to teach him this lesson. He was talking about a YouTube and he was speaking about a tube in fatik that I YouTube's wife was going to go and sell her hair to get some money in this and that. That's not a big deal to me. So head on somewhere here. But I knew that the narration sounded weird. So I said, where's that

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he looked for for two or three days, he came back so I don't find it. Be careful about what you read. And you take as the dean, some issues are more severe than others. Abdullah ibn Amma ribbon Alas, had more Hadith and Abu Huraira Abu Huraira said that but he used to narrate the Israeli yacht when he went to shine and he started mixing with annual keytab The other thing that's important about Abdullah being I'm gonna be the house is he's one of the companions with the name Abdullah.

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And they're known as the bad the bad and we should know who the bad the law are by now. So if I chose you right now and say who are the bad della, you're not going to get it wrong, you're not going to hesitate and you're not going to include Abdullah vindman screwed with them or the ally whom so they are Abdullah bin Ahmed, us, Abdullah, even Omar

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Abdullah, even our bass and Abdullah Abdullah Zubair Abdullah Abu Zubaydah is the one who people replace him with abdulai Bemis erode because of the knowledge of Abdullah bin was rude and that's not to take anything away from Abdullah at my school but the bad della when you hear those scholars of Hadith say that the ambassador narrated that it's one of those technical terms muscala hot and Al Islam and eliminate Hadith that we should know Abdullah even unlivable hours he along with his

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father when Muslims father was a tremendous personality in Ellison now it was not the time to talk about that but go back and read about his father

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Abdullah and I'm gonna be all said that the nebbia of Islam some love Why do you send them send in today's Hadith? A flood tone

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has with 10 Koffler tone can read cameras, what in the world does what? Which is war Jihad does what cat is, you know the cat it's like, so I'm gonna say it three more times. Because you have to write it down to memorize this one, this may be a new one for you. And if you see it, as the Prophet told us of Allah who it was setting the scene, it's not like hearing when Musa was told your people are worshiping the calf. And Allah told him that and Allahu Taala he tells the truth and Musa knows

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everything that Allah has said is truthful. But he didn't get upsetting that but when he came down and he saw with his own eyes what Benny Hill were doing, he threw the parchments out of anger and Asif

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So, being able to see the feet is not the same as just hearing him and being able to hear the word is not like seeing and hearing the Word. Cat Flintstone cat has wet tin

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Koffler tune with a cough cough flatten, cause wetting. Last time conflict on cars were 10 I say the new say Koffler tune cameras were 10

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and umiam Yong Yong Yong

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flood tune cameras were 10

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My main write the API and then we're going to be doing this for a time so I just choose one at a time my Somali brother with the beautiful smile mashallah May Allah give you some other kind of hate for that that smile right there. Got flattened that has within

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it Java brother Good job. Nora. Dino what hola Yama comfortable.

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As he Ali, Allah, Allah, Mozilla tick, Phil Jana.

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The job cuff platoon cudas within the means

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that flow means to come back to come back from the jihad. In this case, rememberable the old narrative this hadith and the chapters about Jihad and people who go overboard in Jihad and took fear and they want to argue about these issues and make tech fear and talk about how rude and this and that and fight and argue May Allah protect us in our Chabad you'll be hard pressed to find that they read the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim about the word of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, or these EdWeb of jihad in the Sunni level Imam Abu doet. This hadith is talking about the IDI the outcome of a jihad, the jihad that we don't apologize about. But it's a jihad that has his time as places people's comments I died, not the facade of these people and I don't have to name them because you know what I'm talking about Boko Haram and other than that Chabad chi either people were extreme. We don't apologize about our deen

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but we say there's a time and a place and understanding for everything.

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That flat tune has within it means when you're coming back from the jihad after finishing the jihad visa btw lat for the lab, the Kelim of Allah azza wa jal when you're coming back, he said coming back from the jihad is just like making jihad.

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Coming back from the jihad is just like the one who made the jihad meaning you're going to get rewarded for this very bad. So when you're going and you're preparing for jihad, and you have the knee and you preparing for Hajj, for Umrah come to the masjid giving sadaqa you're preparing for some kind of riba that's going to take some extended amount of time, the preparation that goes into it, and then go on to do it and then coming back from it. And it is a journey, and it is edger

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provided you do all with the correct knee yet, and provided you do it in the right way. That's the meaning of this hadith. There are other meanings that scholars gave his Shala I mean, mentioned some at the end, but I see them as being weak and we're not going to spend time doing that. We want to put emphasis on this, because it touches everybody here. The Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam again, he said

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Koffler tongue causes within you when he made Jihad and you got the reward, coming back from the jihad after the jihad is also rewards. And you people do the same thing all of us. There was a companion, as obey of a new car narrated this companion from the unsolved live far, far away from the masjid. And he said he lived further away than everybody else. And he didn't find it easy coming to the masjid but he will walk to the masjid and walk home and obey boo cop one of the rhythm of the

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Quran from the companions. He said, I don't think that man ever miss Jamar salon and Jamaat ever and yet his home was far far far away. So the companion suggested to him being the brother giving them advice to help him. They said why don't you buy a Shamar a donkey? They didn't say a big Arabian stallion because the man doesn't have money. Why don't you at least buy a humanoid so that you can write that he marked a criminal Kamala, and you can come when it's very hot, it'll help you out. And

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when it's very dark, you can avoid the man and the robber.

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Mark, you'll get your reward and it'd be easier for you. The man said, I don't want to I don't want to go through all of that. I don't want to go through all of that. He said, I'm hoping and I'm praying that Eliza Joe will reward me for my walking to the masjid, and my walking home from the Masjid. When the man said that in the Prophet heard it Salah love while he was setting them, he said in the authentic hadith, you will get what you intended, you will get that thing that you want. I

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want Allah to reward me for walking to the masjid, and for going back home. So when everybody knows when you come to the masjid, for every race that you get one has no written for every left step come in, you get a CD I taken off. And when you come to the masjid like this is reward. He says Allah Allah who I think he was starting to lag desilu.com For Salaat my damn at the salaat time Bessel who like I am now when young color better early he loves salah.

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One of you each and every one of you. You will be in prayer you are in prayer, you are praying. As long as the reason why you're waiting is to make this Allah as long as you're waiting for the prayer. You are in prayer with all you didn't pray yet. He said it's only the prayer that prevents you from going home to your family. And another Hadith similar to that. He said, If you come and you pray and you sit here and you stay in your position, and you keep making the thicket of Allah and

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you hold on to your wool, you're still in the prayer.

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And the mullah Erica, they're making dua, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allahu maramu. As long as you keep your widow making dua, you praise a lot and Aisha is done. The finish. Everybody got up, they left, but the students stayed. He has with the men that are making dua for him and he's still being written for him, that he is in his prayer. It's not just for jihad. He is in his prayer.

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So that he is an encouragement, Rasul allah sallallahu Sallam about that hadith, he said, he will get the reward, as long as he doesn't lose his will will. They said what is losing the widow, they wanted to be sure, he said, he passes when that you don't hear the noise, or he passes when that makes a loud noise, either this or that. So if it's easy for you to maintain and to hold on to and to preserve your will do and he shall not do that. But it's not Whadjuk cut Jama Allahu laka Vatika

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colo who the Prophet told that man sallallahu alayhi wa It was said that Allah has gathered all of that for you walking and going back and all of those rewards that's one of the meaning the Baghdad Ellis lamb that I like that that that a bad day and then let's name is not just I intend to do that thing and this over and we're gonna give you a lot of them. But we just want to give you one because there's some students from monk shoe I keep asking you a matter Yeah, full and meta flan Until when

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are you going to stay on married until when you're going to get married Brother, what's waiting what's making you wait so long? When I tell you to marry anybody, but from one of the best the bad dad for rewards is the bad the of getting married.

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The bad of getting married, because you get out of it more than just I got married. And I got my Shaohua is more than that is continuous rewards, constant rewards, getting married, putting food in the mouth of the wife having relationships because you did it at the right time in the right place with the right person. And so many issues, educating your kids, those guys praying memorizing the Quran, those guys make an F car. And then after all of that you finally died. And the Prophet

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mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith as models much hold everybody knows it. If the matter Ibnu Adam and cut on the low a lemon fellas, if one of the people dies, all of his rewards are finished his actions set one of three. One of them is he gave sadaqa jariya. He gave a continual sadaqa built a well made a school built a masjid number two, and MoonJune tougher will be he he left some knowledge like Imam Abu download. Like Abdullah bin Amma Lebanon as I mentioned in this in the

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Hadith that he narrated.

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There is a Hadith and number three and number three Walden, Saleh and lehle

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He has a righteous son, a daughter making dua for him. He got married. And His thing was, Oh Allah get me out of this prison of being a bachelor. That's what he wants to do. But all those other things came after and then he died. And then that young boy, young girl, his daughter, son makes dua for him, and he goes up and up and up. As it relates to getting knowledge. There's a hadith that says, Men Khadija fie tolerable can fill jihad. Oh Can ifisa BTW they had to get a job. Anybody who

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goes out to get knowledge, learn the Quran learn Arabic learning today we learn tafsir learning the two Hadith of the NABI SallAllahu I didn't send him whatever he went out to get knowledge whatever it was,

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he will be considered to be a Mujahid FISA Beadalon till he comes back. That hadith is not authentic. Some scholar says authentic, but it's not authentic. But the meaning should be considered that if you go out to get knowledge is more rewarding than just I'm going to get knowledge at greenlink masjid or whatever, this upcoming winter conference, inshallah there are some real, qualified, competent people who are going to be here to teach.

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So you have to let him make your face be up in the sauce to the best of your ability. And as the teacher, I guarantee you, but don't tell him anything management at Green Lane. If you guys want to come up in the private meetings, I let all of you come up. But don't tell green men when I said, that's just between you guys. So that you get an opportunity to sit with not do art. And people give more either. But people who know this religion, Fick and a solo fifth, I'm in a position to answer

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the issues that are concerning us golden opportunity. And don't be like those people who they want against connecting the community with people knowledge, especially those people competent and qualified for one reason or another. May Allah save us from being the Qatar total Kulu Amin. So as it relates to this issue of this hadith is a focus and an emphasis on the Baghdad that you do. Jihad, Amara, whatever the bad that is, you're just not doing that, when a bad day. Don't think of

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it like that. Don't look at it like that. There are a lot of rewards and app wires that are connected to that thing. And what the student of the knowledge really does is he tries to engage himself in those three Baghdad, that he gets the majority of the rewards. And

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that's why getting knowledge is more difficult than sitting. And just saying he said this, she said that he's on it. She's afraid that that can emphatic is easy. Anybody can do it ignorant, sincere, not sincere, intelligent, anybody can do that. But getting knowledge is something that requires more than that. So lob, in seriousness from the benefit of the hadith is 20. And there are many is the fact that shows the importance of the NIA that people have. They say that the NIA and Ellis lamb is

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a blood than the action itself. You're nearing your intention, it is more important, or it is more Yes, important. Above all, men will fail. There is a better word than I'm looking for. And me a beautiful men and women.

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It's more profound.

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Your knee it is more profound. Because if a person intends to do something, and he doesn't do it, because he was prevented from doing it, but He intended it, he'll still get the reward of it.

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He intended to give 100 pounds fee CBD law 100. But something came up, he had to give that 100 pound to his relative, he'll still get the reward of his knee and he'll get that reward of it. Now Had he given the 100 pounds, that 100 pounds would have went up to 700 pounds.

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He doesn't get the 700 because he didn't get it, but it gets a reward of what his knee at was, is a blood, then the action. And if a person intends to do evil, and he doesn't do the evil because he changed his mind, he'll get a reward. It's a hustler.

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So the knee is important and this hadith shows that you go to jihad with the proper Nguyet you come back, you get reward for going you get reward for coming, Masjid going coming. Same thing. And again, the NIA in Al Islam is important. So we have to make jihad and Mujahidin as it relates to clarifying and correcting our near the Prophet was making Jihad Salam Allah what He was selling and he told his companions

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And Bill Medina Aquaman Aquaman How did you learn your Raju habits or habits in Medina, there are some people who were not able to go out for Jihad like you, you people making Jihad and we're traveling. He said those people were prevented from coming. Man had to take care of his mother. A man's wife was about to have a baby. A man didn't have a horse enough money. Another man was sick. Another man was handicapped. He has special needs. They couldn't they were prevented. Hi, but so

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home high based on they were held back Rasul Allah said, You people never climbed the mountain, you never walked through a violin, you never did anything, except that they're getting the same reward. And they're in Medina.

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They're in Medina. So that hadith that I was mentioning about whoever makes Jihad he goes out to get knowledge. And while he's out, he's written down as a Mujahid till he comes back divis week, but it's important that you make your near I want to go and study so that I can come and give down with Allah. I want to go and study so I can barely in my situation, I want to go and study so that I can bring height to the creation and so forth so on. So the one who comes in, he teases of people good,

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the reward of that he's given a yacht to the dean life to the dean and so forth and so on. So the Hadith shows the importance of the NIA and all of our actions number two, this hadith shows and LSM the fact that Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala is Jawad and Allah is Kadeem. Allah is Karim and he is GioI

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the Hadith seven Allah ha Jo od Well, you have Buju Allah is GioI generous, and he loves Jude. He loves generosity, and Corinne. He's Corinne, which also means curiosity, generosity, so there are certain names of Allah, they almost mean the same thing. And if you just took the time out to study the names of Allah Azza, juggling the attributes, that's why it is a shame that we see these people arguing against the way of the self. When it comes to Allah's names and attributes. Those companions

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may Allah be pleased with them, when they heard these attributes of Allah and these names of Allah. They didn't play games with it. They didn't learn from Aristotle and Plato and all of these people to learn about Ellis land. Christianity, as we have it today, this celebration of Christmas and all of this madness, a lot of that comes as a result of the role that the Greeks and the Romans played in, meshing their religion with $1 tree paganism. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you people let it be on soon, and the men can a couple of whom Chevron be shiver, whether I'd be the raw you people, this OMA, you're going to follow Allah keytab and everything that they did everything that they did.

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So what happened to Allah Rokita the religion of E seven, ammonium was changed by Greeks and the Romans.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:56

Jesus being born on the 25th day, there's nothing in their religion that says there's nothing in the book that says that, as a matter of fact, it appears not to be the case. In their own book, it said, when he was born in their own book, and you're saying what it says, and their own book is said that the shepherds were out grazing their sheep when he was born. They don't grazed your sheep in December is too cold. That's the own book. If you ask any of them, Where's the proof of that? No

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proof. What happened? Persians, Egyptians, all of these people in the past the nomadic people that these these people on the 25th these people used to believe

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that son had a God

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and they just introduced to the Christians, what they were doing Greeks and Romans, the same thing that happened to them happened to us and our key that Muslims want to learn about Allah's attributes in his names based upon the philosophy of those people. So Allahu Taala is mana Rahim. You have to know the difference between the two. Although both of them come from Rama but they're not the same. Allah Allah subhana wa Tada is GioI then Kadeem, both mean generous, but I want to ask the audience,

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what's the difference between the two? Allah is Kadeem and he's Jawad. What's the difference between the two?

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I think Jamil from Lithuania. botica ficam. What is the difference?

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is between Elijah Jawad and Katie what's the difference between the two?

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Both a generous was the difference

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last brother last person last person my brother was shunning

00:30:14 --> 00:30:16

I'm just sure Cor abicor

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United revert Are you were you from?

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Birmingham, not me. I mean I'm originally man.

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Kashmir, Kashmir, Pakistan,

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para Kashmir. I've just shut core find out a shortcode a name from the names of Allah Nixa, Marcia and Shalabh dosha Corp. What's the difference between KVM and GioI Habibie.

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both of them mean generosity but what's the difference between the two?

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Allah has cream and he's Jawad Jawad.

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That's right man Rahim. Allah Azza Rahim, merciful to the believers only. And Allah is a man. He's merciful to everybody in the dunya. But y'all know Kiyomi won't be merciful to non Muslims. He won't be Rahim to non Muslims. He is only Rahim to the believers. Yo mukaiyama And that's coming from what Allah said about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam build meaning or offer Rahim he said that the Nebby is Rahim to the believers. Some Allah why do you send them? He noted deen the same of

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Cameroon. Abu Adam. You got married? Um De La Salette clam was not applicable to you. Hum de la. And if you see no Dean's hat right there. That's in the case. He's a happy man. Right did that color. Nora Dean, Jawad And Kareem.

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The job good job.

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Good job. Kareem. A person whose Kadeem Allah's Kareem what a lie a lie through Allah. Karim is the one who when you ask him for something he gives to you. He's clean. And Allah He, Kadeem, yesterday he your fab to either your day for you to do Huma cifran attain. Allah is clean. He's alive. Eliza gel is shying away that befits His Majesty. He is shy, if his slave raises his hand up and ask him for something and Allah doesn't give it to him. So he's Kadeem, when his slave raises his hand and

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ask him, he wants to give to you.

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Jawad is the one that Allah gives without you asking.

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You didn't ask. We're sitting here right now. And as he mentioned in the Quran, we're in the dunya ama to Allah He latter Suha. What talcum men collimators ultimo who

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Allah has given you from everything that you asked him for? Wearing third diameter Allah He laughs Suha. And if you would account and enumerate the name of Allah upon you never be able to do it. So if I look at each and every one of you, you have a lot of namah Do you have everything you want? No. By having everything you want me be destructive. But you have a lot that you didn't ask for.

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That's the meaning of Jawad. I'm good luck not bad said that then be SallAllahu wasallam can edge with the NAS Rasul Allah was the most educated and acquainted we cannot we cannot emphasize enough the importance of a clock when it comes to the impact of our data on people. If we're rough and tough and nasty and argumentative, and always misbehaving, people won't want to listen to that. What is this? This is the dollar because these people, these crazy people, we could do this when we have

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this confusion without being in a religion, how many people they don't have much application of the deen. They don't practice that much from what you see. But the man is Kadeem, the man is July. He's given money and given sadaqa and his disease and he's helping and then there's the one who's practicing and he's been ill.

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He's but he'll, he doesn't want to come out of his pocket for anything. Anything. The one who is clean will have more impact upon the people that one who's cutting not just with his money with his time and other than that, so anyway, uh Cleany this issue of Allah's names and

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attribute is from the soul of our religion. And that's why I'm bringing this up. Leave these people who are arguing and fighting and all this can emphatic that's going on and learn about who Allah is and turn your attention to those books that talk about his names and attributes and what they mean. And also what the scholars of Islam wrote about those issues. And then Allah He made it to SM this hour to stream in the wider men I saw her Jana, Allah has 99 names 99 names, anyone who memorizes

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those names will go into Jannah not just memorizing. He knows those names he memorize, and he knows what they mean. Any practices those names

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he knows a memorize. He tries to memorize as many names as possible. Is Abdo suborn a sobo? Is that a name of Allah? Abdul Rashid Rashid, is that the name of Allah, a shortcode Is it a name of Allah?

00:36:10 --> 00:36:41

So we go and we find out these things. l mon am Abdul Monem? Is that the name of Allah? So Allah has 99 names, whoever memorizes them will go to Jana. Just memorize No, first of all, Allah has more than 99 names. And he has names that he never told anybody. What those names are no prophet, no messenger, no angel, no Jin, no human being. No Willie from the OD of Allah. Allah to Allah kept those names with himself.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:24

So again, memorize them, understands them, and works by them. We're going to stop here in sha Allah azza wa jal and we will not toughy behind the other side eating Allah subhanho wa Taala and you were flipping on we can be Cooley high. recording my Hebrew Yoruba. Ha that was so low suddenly robotic. I didn't know beginner. I knew he was having a dream. Subhana Kelowna were behind DECA well I shared the one La ilaha illa and a stock photo Tubu he Lake Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato

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