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The history and importance of Islam have been discussed, including the rise of Islam and the transition from Islam to Islam. The use of hater and cool glasses to cover up one's appearance and the importance of finding pride in one's appearance to attract others is emphasized. The struggles of the holy elite with their religion and the importance of learning to be a good person are also discussed. The use of hater and cool glasses to cover up one's appearance and the importance of finding pride in one's appearance to attract others is also mentioned.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam and welcome back to the theater of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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As we lift you off last time, we're amado de la norba became a Muslim country. That was an answered prayer from Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he said Oh Allah, Islam hatboro julaine ELeague Allah bless Islam with the more beloved one of the two men to meeting our quota and amnesia. We know that was Abuja, Allah even alignment step. And of course, we said that there's a major difference between the two when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Now we also talked about what happened after

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it became a Muslim. It's amazing. We now talked about also Hamza rajala, and how we became a Muslim and how Allah subhanho wa Taala in three days blessed Islam with Hamza as an Allah, that line of olanzapine Angela Viola and also the Ramadan Katara de la al Farooq. And you know the story behind them for Luke when he was asked, What happened? How did you get that nickname alpha rock? How will you dub that photo? It says the day that Hamza became a Muslim. Three days after that I became a Muslim. And then I went up to Prophet Mohammed asylums his address now that we're not following the truth is in our meter, meaning a life or death uses Yes, you are. You are following the truth is

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Allah nada adelia Kadena? Why do we feel inferior? And that's the day where we went outside as the story mentioned before, two lines, one line that had Hamza on the head of it and one line that had a look at the lava on the head of it. And Prophet Mohammed says Allah was in the middle. And this is what Omar al Farooq, he says that day, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that meet el Faro, he called me and follow the criterion

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to wallbottle the difference between truth and falsehood. When de la norba became a Muslim. He wanted to find out who was their most staunch enemy of Islam. He was told, surprisingly enough, was a Buddha. So he went up to him, and he knocked on his door and a virgin opened the door. He says, Do you know why I'm here? He says no. is I came here especially to tell you that, that I bear witness there's only one God as shadow La ilaha illAllah. I meant to be law will be Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I believe what what is revealed upon him meaning the Quran, which is this the reason you came today? He says, Yes, that's the reason I came today. I came through that and said,

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I'm a Muslim now. He just loves yom. He closed the door. And he says, We Allah curse you. There's that day and whatever you came with it Another innovation in his heart. He says that another man that is known to hit anyone that becomes a Muslim, or NGO gives them a hard time as soon as he finds out. That becomes anyone that becomes a Muslim. He goes after them right away. He doesn't wait. So he was told that terminal hombre de la was a Muslim. So if somebody opened the door for him, he closed the door and turned around and walked away into inside his home. He couldn't take you take armor or the law. It is among also the duration, the dominant cadabra dilemma and when he became a

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Quraysh did not know about it yet. So you wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it. So he asked, Who is the one that cannot keep a secret?

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He says the only one that doesn't keep a secret is a man called Jimmy l Jimmy. So he says, Let me go to him. So he knocked on the door. He says yeah, Jimmy, can I tell you a secret?

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is of course of course you can tell me the secret. You know how the guys that spread the rumors around. It's like It's like like ice cream to them. So he says yes, of course. You know, sir. Actually no beer. You know, whatever happens to me. Don't worry, man is in the vault. Fewer I got you covered. So he says, Have I not told you says Know what? He says I'm a Muslim now. I'm hot. Abra de la voz narrating this he says what la he I didn't even finish the sentence. He couldn't even wait for me to finish the sentence. He ran straight to the harem to the sacred Masjid. He says yeah, comb. Yeah, comb. Old people, old people. But Southern aroma. aroma is now Saba meaning halogen

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The word Saba means he came out or left the religion of their forefathers. He says a slimmed down let's talk about something here brothers. This is we just again we remember we learned about things and we change become better, you know, Muslims and Sharla from this era and learn inshallah, we learn something about the secrets we know the Prophet Mohammed

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sallallahu wasallam says if the man speaks to you, or woman speaks to you, and they lower their voice, it becomes an automatic secret of unity. So if I'm speaking to you, and all of a sudden see,

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that is an automatic secret. Or another narration says, if somebody is speaking to you and the look to the right, or look to the left, that becomes an automatic secret also. So Pamela, look at the beauty of Islam, I don't have to tell you it's a secret, the meaning that I was careful who was listening to me or who was watching me to say certain things, that is an automatic secret, and is narrated that the secret was like,

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the person that gives you a secret has to be treated like a person that goes into the grave. If somebody goes into the grave. Does he come back out? Yeah, and comes back out and chalon on the resurrection and judgment he, but not the following day. Imagine the rumors one of the comments says you don't want to I told you this and that nothing and all of a sudden I trust you with this man says Of course and all of a sudden you opened the TV set, the CBC, whatever you want to call it. The details are 11 You're all the news is already out there to help us so shall be careful lucky enough to with the secrets that we tell one another. So I'm gonna mahatama de la Mora. He's now known to

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people that what he is a Muslim. So they came up to him in one innovation said that a lot of people came after that time, when Jamil told everyone that

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he became a Muslim. They came in and he started to fight him. He's one law, he if you were even 30 men doesn't matter, do what you wish, will not leave Islam, and they start to fight trauma, and no more fights back.

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And he doesn't give up. And these were a lot of people around them. And of course it was if it happened, I don't know. Muslim who told you I'm a Muslim? You can you can have you Islam, document it, have some of it.

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You know, there's only I have one soul man, one spirit, of course, I'm going to like, we understand the chidiya. And because of the Sharia that gives you that understand that but the law, he fought everyone that fought him and do a lot of people. But he says to elect, I feel so tired. Now, as soon as I got tired, we don't want he did. He looked at the the crowd. And he he picked the one that was most honorable of the society to them. And he grabbed him and he took his fingers and placed it in his eyes. He says let them get away from me otherwise I will poke you in the eyes. He says leave alone, leaving alone. And what he did every time to the fight, leave him alone. And when he leaves

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that man alone, the people gather again on Omar and they start fighting with him and he starts fighting back. He says from sunrise to sunset, all day almost fighting. He says I was I was dead. I was so tired. And every time comes in it does it. Imagine at the end of the day. Somebody is coming to you and says you know what, if you become Muslim and kill you, that's it. And it happened. Abdullah Nirmala de la Mama, the son of Al Khattab. He said this in Hadith in Sahih Bukhari he says, One day I saw my father go into his woman, he was a bit concerned.

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And I asked him why he said, because I heard Ben Wilson sent me. They heard that if I become a Muslim, they will kill me.

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And it was that day

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that people came up to Ramallah Delano after his home. He says the value was full, the whole the whole everyone was was coming to get over. And a man comes up to him.

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That man was that head is that slave? semi man came up to him. He's the leader of the man who said, the tribe. He says, I've seen you changed. He says, Yes, I have is why is this I heard that your tribe wants to kill me but become a Muslim. He says Why are you concerned? He says yes. He says that.

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He said, don't worry about it. And then he turned around and he faced everyone out there. He says, What are you here for? Is what heard that I want to hottub rajala became a Muslim. It says that is true. He said we wanted he says less de la la la casa de la la. He says there is no way to him. There's no way to him that path is sealed. So how old is he? When you hear these things? Actually, the narration says that this is like a as if the people had a divider in the middle as if they came and they all disperse as nothing happened. Subhan Allah, why? Because in the Quran, you will hear the loss of Hannah dialysis in the La Jolla desert and the Latina Emmylou. I keep repeating this

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verse just for the same fact. That don't worry about it. Allah subhanaw taala will protect you alive, but you have to have the criteria of those who believe because Indeed Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, verily, indeed, I will protect Allah protects those who believe so find out when you hear the other answers Allah

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Whoever Do you mind Anybody else? Could it be integrated or not? Could anyone be a greater than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so have that firm steadfast that they have been the certainty that macabre dellavedova did that and all of us inshallah would be saved, but all we have to do is pay our dues. believe in Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah and that will be that criteria for Allah subhanaw taala to protect this and this man was not a Muslim, and Prophet Mohammed Salim says, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will protect this Deen Islam will only work with the good and bad. So as you see that he was full of this, this man. And also while he certainly was among the whole of the allies of that

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the family or the tribe of armor in India, and that Islamic era, the ignorant era, and that's the reason he stood up for him. So panela look at the loyalty Effie. So how is our loyalty to each other brothers and sisters? How is our loyalty to Islam? How is our loyalty to Gran how's our loyalty to sooner and so on, you can understand that these even men have loyalty to one another. So it's becoming or befitting for us as Muslims to have loyalty to what is a priority for us inshallah. Now, when

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that time when hamdulillah was saved, and is continued on, and as mentioned before, that our beloved Masuda dilemma and he said one law he, we never prayed in the harem, till Rama became a Muslim panela you can imagine how the beauty of Islam our motto, that the turning point around this aroma, Raja lanova how Islam became strength in itself and the Muslims filled the strength by the by Islam of one man so Pamela by the prophet Mohammed Salah, and answer by the grace of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is Allah who couldn't pray in Harlem, less only when our became a Muslim, we were actually we had the strength to pray in Harlem. And that's why when people heard that Hamza, or dilla, Baba, and

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our hapa became Muslim, this is Christ get depressed. When they went out in those two lines, it was the first time that they actually said it out loud. This equation was depressed. And Muslims are hamdulillah. We're so happy. And so Eva Rumi rajala. And

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he says what law he, when Armando hottub became a Muslim. He says, We were very much in the safe mode. We got back to the people that actually will use to harm us. We believe that it was us it was time to retribution. And this is no one harmed us after that.

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And we used to actually go and make the tariff. Amazing. And we used to do that our journal. This was the first time with the dealt with the propagation. People talking about Islam out loud, publicly, nothing, nothing before that. And so he Buhari name is Rudra de la nueva. He says that will la he magazine Riza Mundo Islam Allah, by Allah, we were glory. We were honored by the Islam of Omar

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Omar himself in his written in his honor this statement by Mr. Bahari, he says Omar he says well I know komen of England, we were in humiliated, this honored tribe, but as an Allah Islam, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah give us what give us this is this honor and glory, the dignity with Islam, for men it is Islam, Allah Allah. So anyone looks for Islam looks for honor or glory or dignity in any other means other than Islam. Allah Subhana Allah will humiliate him

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so at the end of the day, where do you find you Laurie? Where do you find your honor? Where do you find this pride? by how big you houses? how big you quarries? How many zeros you have in your bank account? What kind of clothes you wear? The latest fashion of this you drink tea posh posh pinky up are you wearing the jetty results in the Georgia money and the cool glasses and all that stuff in the for the car topped out on a girl I'll help you with like, if this is what you feel that this is your honor. That's what you're boosting and that's the measuring stick of success. May Allah Subhana Allah guide me and guide you Jolla but this is what the Roman hottap says he says there is in Islam

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if you find reason any other means of glory or dignity other than Islam, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with this honor you so be careful.

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Be careful, come back to the path inshallah. Imagine then this is the only time that the honorable society in Christ felt that they were starting to get defeated. They were starting to do what they were starting to actually come back and negotiate with Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem Hello

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But before that these do all these things as wishing they don't, but now they they can't.

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They came up to Prophet Mohammed Salim was a man called urdhva ignacia.

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This man was called dubbed Eben Walid Movil. He stood up in the middle of the Kava, and he was talking to the people. And among them, of course, the Honorable society, the masters are the leaders of the tribes. He says, I see now that it is a must for us to go and talk to Muhammad, Allah in sort of Salaam and negotiate with him

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and discuss some issues, maybe we can convince him

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to come off this path, and come and join us and see what we can do. Maybe we can compensate somehow. He said, the people around him, he says, Go ahead, we'll back you up. Go talk to him. So

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he goes to a prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, and he says, yep, he started nicely.

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He says, I've come to you to discuss some issues with you. He says, You have separated families, you have blasphemed are gods, you have destroyed our dreams. You have made us divisions. You have done a great injustice for us. Should I not tell you a few things? He says yeah, I will read

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a smart

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Look at the beautiful Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam efe couldn't be better. He says, Yeah, absolutely. The man is coming to talk to him on behalf of Quraysh. And of course, you'll see what he was going to offer him. So Pamela, but Prophet Mohammed Salim is teaching us in a way of communication. He didn't have to take a special course in how to communicate with people. And he didn't have to take a special course to say that, you know, your body language is this and you square and you icontact and you listen, and you don't interrupt and all that stuff. He says yeah, but what he couldn't asthma is the ability to go ahead, say what you have to say, I will listen. So everybody comes up to him. And

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he says, If you feel that this is an illness that you have, because you've come come with this new religion of yours, there's only one God and destroying all these forefathers and that religion that we had for years. If you think it's an illness, we will get you the best doctors, and we will spend our money. Don't worry about the bills on us, we'll pick up the bill.

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And he says, but if you feel it is some kind of magic or Voodoo, you know, we'll get you the best magicians to alleviate that. You know, this,

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whatever it is that you have. He says if it is something that you feel that you want money, if that's what you're after, we will give you all the money you want.

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But if you're after power, we will make you maligna carlina we will make your king if that's what you're after.

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If you want women take as many as you want. They said we'd give you whatever you want, but stop saying there's only one God go back to our forefathers. Let's come back. Can we just get along? Can we just hug and, you know, can we do say this Kumbaya thing you know, can we just be good to one another?

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So Prophet Mohammed Al Salam after he finished Of course all this was Abul at this vein toxin. Here's a of course it has absolutely no merits with Islam.

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So this is a forgot about Walid he says Are you finished about Walid he said yes. Have you ever actually done that once in a lifetime? Have you really let one person finish their sentence or complete their composition before you go but but but let me But no, that's not right. I'm freaking out I'm gonna show you

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once in your lifetime Can you just remember one man is telling you something without you interrupting him or her and going back and feeling and whatever pointing the finger to myself Allah He is supposedly have allowed that moment what I'm not saying that we're just learning inshallah, from the best Prophet Mohammed Salah is valid is Are you finished? Wi Fi? Is Nam? Yes, I finished this test now.

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I listen to you. So he says Phasma Listen to me now. What did you do? He did he give him the scientific markers on the karate to give him the signs of the time. And did you give him a board and all the rich and all that stuff? No. he recited from the Quran. And if you say to start and say, Hi, I mean these are to say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. I know that there are some of those houses. It's a bit

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because he didn't say that. Just say he started with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim is harming and he started reading facilite he did this book revealed the signs and the miracles in it until he came up to the sister. He came up to the sister and the prostrated Prophet Mohammed says Alan did that with him.

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Now I believe he was mesmerized. Another innovation in the jozi he says that Prophet Mohammed sauce alum read facilite up to when he says, For in vain out ado, this is the under to come now. Sorry cotton myth myth Lusaka Adam with a mood.

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He says to Liga to that he says I warn you about a Sarika about like for the people that the tribe of ad and the mood. So what would he reach that place urdhva a bit worried. He placed his hand over the mouth of Prophet Mohammed sauce lm he says when he

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when he Nicola hora him I asked him for the sake of Allah and the kinship between us Stop, stop, stop. Why was he afraid? Because he knows he is a prophet. And he knows if that's the warning, it will be stood upon them. And you know, we will come through the new what happened to Otaiba, his own brother. What happened to the line when the Prophet Mohammed says I love him, Matt. So literally he killed him in cleric Allah get a one of your dogs to get him. And that was what that the lion got the garden. So they were afraid. They were afraid. So he says Stop, please stop what he did. He turned around and walked away.

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But when the people saw him, they said what? This is what law he bullied came back to you with a different face than he went with. So Pamela, they are an affected about Waleed Raja, even though he was not a Muslim, and he did not become a Muslim. But the words are the beauty of the words of Allah again. They had that beautiful effect on earth. And he came back and you gave him a proposal. The proposal was very simple. He says leave him to be fair is to Horace sukham his honor will be your honor. And if anybody else goes out to kill him, he will be off your hand It will not be you he says what law he I hear these things and he will fella who schatten he will have a great honor. So let

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him be he's the one that we can glorify you to. He's from your own tribe. This is what la de la casa haka Muhammad, by Allah He did this magic upon you. And is what magic at the end of the it's only the magic of the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us a Mundo speech and follow the rest of it will have the luxury brand amin masala Mario Savio, terranes Aquila, Halo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.